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“Last place on my tour with GodofThunder: Very spacious taproom with long bar and plenty of staff. Food places next door that you can eat on site. They have a ton of taps and it was well worth the time spent. I recommend it.“
SHIG 754 days ago
“Stopped in after rock climbing next door. Cool large space with interesting art everywhere. Staff very friendly and knowledgeable. Food is tacos from next door I didn’t try but looked fun. Awesome variety of styles brewed here and on tap gruit, kvass, bocks, and much more. For a style man like myself much appreciated. Everything was quite nice. I hope to be back many times.“
Jow 1104 days ago
66 /100
Petty’s Meat Market (Grocery Store)
2141 WEST SR 434
“The beer selection here is fair, with some variety but the problem is a lot of them are not very good choices. Last time I went, there was a lot of beer here that I just didn't want. I left buying only meat, no beer. But the meat is the reason to come here, after all. It's the best in town for that.“
PhillyBeer2112 1218 days ago
“Maybe one of my favorites. They always have a huge selection of beers and quite good. Staff only friendly and food available next door. They always are having events as amenities .“
Nekronos 1394 days ago
“I don't love the place, but I enjoy the beers. They are solid all around, maybe no world classics but no dogs either. Def spacious, friendly good staff. What I don't like has been twofold: a Saturday afternoon spent there was nice enough, but it's a bit of a cold feeling to the place. Once a few months ago though, I tried to come on a Saturday night but they had a band playing, and it was unreasonable loud. I know I sound old, but I've been to punk shows many times, this was one of the top 3 loudest shows I've heard - and that was really out of place in a bar that has so many beers - you couldn't even really communicate with anyone, even outside at the outdoor seating. So we left pretty quickly. Still it's worth stopping in during off-hours for the big selection. Reasonable prices.“
PhillyBeer2112 1547 days ago
“Large U shaped bar with Hourglass beers on one side and a large bottle selection from around the world on the other. Stage setup for live music though none were playing when I was there. Staff was friendly and helpful, but I was not impressed with the house beers.“
kathouse 2188 days ago
“Great Brewery with lots of selection. Their brewed on premises beers are fantastic as well as their selection of craft beers from around Florida and the world. If you are in Longwood, don’t forget to stop by!“
MattMCB 2302 days ago
“The new location is an amazing upgrade from the old place. Probably 40 seats at the bar, 25 taps which usually include 8-12 of Hourglass’ own beers. Tons of bottles from around the world make this more of a beer bar than just a brewery taproom. The servers here are friendly and knowledgeable and the brewmaster can be seen frequently among the patrons. Large glass windows provide viewing into the brewing facility. A bit on the pricey side but worth it. No food here, but Papa Bee’s and Wako Tako are conveniently next door and you’re welcome to bring outside food in to enjoy with your beer. Parking can be an issue at busy times because it is shared with other businesses in the strip and the lot isn’t quite as big as it needs to be. Not to be missed if you’re in the area.“
smaynard6000 2502 days ago
84 /100
Petty’s Meat Market (Grocery Store)
2141 WEST SR 434
“This is a great little local meat market. Free beer on tap while you shop, it’s always been Narragansett when I’ve been there. The beer selection is small, but it’s all good stuff. But the star here is the food- everything you can imagine you would want in a deli / meat market is here. The beer is just the icing on the cake. Nice people here and great service.“
smaynard6000 2723 days ago
“Ambiance is cozy at best, literally the size of my livingin room, maybe. Staff was friendly, selection was solid, but only had 3 of their own on tap, prices were pretty decent. Might go if I was in the area, but not going out of my way again to come here.“
Beerman6686 2870 days ago
“Tiny tasting room inside a small, white house. There are about 10 parking spaces out front and out back - combined. There is also a large dirt lot across the road that can be used. Nice selection of 7 house brews and 2 guest taps. Some guest bottles and sodas, but not much. There is plenty of outdoor seating and even a beer garden. Nothing fancy, but a nice place to sit outside on a warm day. No TVs. Outdoor bathrooms. Friendly staff. Probably the most quaint brewery I’ve visited since Lagniappe. The selection of house brews is fairly solid, but mostly bland and unexciting. Not at all offensive. It’s a nice little place. I’ll be back.“
hopscotch 3264 days ago
“Went on a quiet Friday afternoon before the storm of people came by and the food truck was there. Tiny place offering a few bar stools and some nice outdoor seating. Small brewhouse attached to a nice tasting room with a digital tap sign. A lot of variety and a lot of interesting and style-bending beers. I am very interested to see how this place grows, but every time I am in Longwood, I will be by here.“
markwise 3265 days ago
“Went during the day, the staff were friendly, the beer was very good and reasonably priced. I have been a couple of times now and plan on returning often. It is good to have a brewery close by. It is small inside but there is seating outside and adequate parking.“
Quietman 3417 days ago
“It was nice to see a new local brewery open up. The beers aren’t too crazy but fun to drink nonetheless. Seating is the only thing that concerns me - you’ll likely be outside drinking beer if it’s even sort of busy. The staff is very friendly and most people knew the brew they were pouring. There is some potential here!“
Chipalsa 3455 days ago
78 /100
Petty’s Meat Market (Grocery Store)
2141 WEST SR 434
“Went here with fellow ratebeerian dragonstout. Not gonna lie, we went for the food. AWESOME selection of fresh meats, seafood, and poultry. Nice wine selection, and two shelves and a cooler dedciated to beer. The beer selection was tiny, but there were some rare finds there, and the staff seemed willing to get things you wanted. Saw a few things I hadnt seen in ohio. NIce place. Would go back again for the very fresh food and friendly service.“
BeerVirgin72 4849 days ago
72 /100
Petty’s Meat Market (Grocery Store)
2141 WEST SR 434
“It’s not too far away and have been there for meat before but never noticed the beer.There isn’t a lot of space devoted to the beer,but they have a fairly good selection of things that you don’t see everywhere.Friendly staff.“
Quietman 5034 days ago
88 /100
Petty’s Meat Market (Grocery Store)
2141 WEST SR 434
“When walking in this place you noticed how small it is.Well they cram alot of gourmet food in this place.They have a huge butcher area where they specialize in raspberry meatballs.You will have to ask for them though.As you navigate to the back of the store you notice all the wines they have.Then you notice the kegerator with a sign that reads Free beer while you shop, bonus! Ok its Natty Light.But then once you get past that you notice the beer selection.A very small selection, but all craft brews. belgians, etc.No BMC.they do a good job bringing new stuff in and rotating out.There is only one guy that knows the beer, Scott.But do understand people go here for the food not the beer, thats just a bonus.“
DragonStout 5163 days ago
80 /100
Petty’s Meat Market (Grocery Store)
2141 WEST SR 434
“Nice Meat and gourmet shop, good selection and willing to try new beers“
palacebum 6326 days ago
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