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74 /100 25535 SIERRA CENTER BLVD
“Easy parking. Newer location. Beer is on the left here. Good services. Huge selection of well organized singles. Good prices like the other locations.“
weihenweizen 135 days ago
62 /100 19223 DALE MABRY HWY
“a good place for hard to find brews, and close to cigar city brewpub.“
fluffy 2933 days ago
70 /100 3921 VAN DYKE ROAD
“another store that, from the outside, looks like your run of the mill strip mall liquor store(the "boos" spelling doesnt help). inside though, you find a small but quality selection of hard to find brands like Mikkeller, Dieu Du CIel, Prairie, De Molen and others. employee i talked to was knowledgeable and friendly. prices are decent, especially considering how hard it is to find some of this stuff in the area. i just wish i lived closer to it!“
fluffy 3059 days ago
70 /100
Publix - Apex (Grocery Store)
“It’s a grocery store so...Pretty good selection of microbrews. They just started selling more of the Lagunitas line which is huge for me! Make your own sixxer for 10 bucks is nice. Prices are about normal for a grocery store.“
oddaroma 3076 days ago
40 /100 19223 DALE MABRY HWY
“This place has most of the basic micr/macro brews. It really is a wine store with a halfway decent selection of beer. I can usually find something that apeals to me. Trying to get staff to put in a special order is like pulling teeth.“
oddaroma 3076 days ago
“Too bad it’s located in a deserted strip mall in the middle of nowhere. The concept is good.“
UncleMcHoppy 3150 days ago
“Under new Mgmt. Someone who cares about Great Craft Beer!“
simsbuzz 3301 days ago
“This is a pretty good place in the middle of a slightly under utilized shopping park. It is one of those areas that never got quite as developed as the developers had hoped. Its selection is quite good, and the atmosphere is not overly constrictive during the week. I just wish the staff knew more about their products beside the brew’s name.“
pari6819 3596 days ago
“Kind of hidden in a largely deserted shopping mall IBG can be hard to find. The atmosphere is kind of sterile for my taste and the draft selection while fairly large consisted of a lot of the more commercial craft brews ie Widmer, Red Hook etc, with a few empty taps. It’ not a bad place to get a beer, but it is kind of far from everywhere and unfortunately not worth the effort in my opinion.“
deadheadbill 3636 days ago
100 /100 3921 VAN DYKE ROAD
“great selection and growing!!. great prices and always getting new beers.“
madnismo 3953 days ago
“Went here on a Friday night. The place was packed and had a guy playing covers on acoustic guitar. Atmosphere was not bad but the high ceilings seem to amplify the crowd noise. Good selection of bottles but we also found as has been mentioned in other reviews that several taps were dry and some of the listed beers were unavailable. What we had was enjoyable and I would definitely go back.“
cclloyd 4155 days ago
“Huge selection of beer in tap & bottles, but I thought the atmosphere was a just a little "blah". One night they had a live band playing way too loud in a space that was way to small for it.“
AndyHasFins 4291 days ago
“Need more servers or bartenders. Went in tonight and waited for ever. Too many games on the bar...limits seating. great beers but 1/2 are "coming soon"...what about now. Love the pizza...needs to be availible late night till close!“
kasselrock 4408 days ago
“I’m always shocked by how quickly IBG changes their beer selection. Always out of multiple tap handles and you can never go there exptecting the same beers. With 30+ tap they should at least have a regular tap schedule for 2-3 months so you know what you are expecting. I went the other day looking for my favorite and it was gone a week after it had been put on tap. ? The pizza is delicious and so is the cheese plate but they are always understaffed. They question mark on the door regarding their closing time is also ridiculous...? Like the place but need some consistency.“
nolegirl 4408 days ago
“The place is a bit cold maybe due to the lake of customers when I was there draft a average priced but bottle a bite expensive. Food is simple but good.“
Mojo33543 4508 days ago
36 /100 3921 VAN DYKE ROAD
“Stopped in here looking for Jan’s #2. Not much going on here. Looks like they may serve beer? Didn’t stick around long as the selection was not very good. Nice girl working though. She helped me find heir other location.“
gkost 4582 days ago
52 /100 19223 DALE MABRY HWY
“Stopped in here while I was in the area. Decent small selection tucked away in the back. Friendly staff. More wine than beer, but I guess that’s in the name. I’d go back if I lived near it.“
gkost 4582 days ago
“Went with Steve for a couple of beers. Good selection decent pricing. Reminds me of a larger and less crowded version of WOB. Whats nice is that they give a discount to you when you take out.“
thejon375 4681 days ago
“This bar looks awesome! Hats off to Bethany the beer buyer and manager? She really tries to go all out with her selection. Dude, Jolly Pumpkin and Signature ale in the cooler at all times… my dreams. In any case, I have not gotten to spend as much time as I would like to have in this bar. I am due for a raging night of sour beers and a $75 taxi ride home. Ok, there is no way I’m spending $75 on a taxi ride. I’d rather spend that on more beer. My wife is going to have to pony up and drive my lush-self home.“
matta 4737 days ago
“Visited this new and welcome establishment to the greater Lutz/Land O Lakes area on opening night and then again within the last two weeks. On opening night this place was packed, which was a little surprising (but excting) given that the formal opening was not highly advertised. Even on opening night the servers were very attentive, and while many did not know beer, they were willing to learn. Visited again recently on a Friday afternoon at opening and found the bartender better educated on beer. The tap lists contain many usual suspects, but they are bringing in some harder to find beers as well. Nice bottle selection which supposedly will include harder to find items like Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast and the entire Rochefort line. When I asked the bartender about several of the rarer bottles, they were not on hand, but he indicated that the owner claims that everything listed on the bottle list will be available sometime in the near future. So, when in the area, check them out.“
kiefdog 4770 days ago
“A pleasant surprise in the Lutz and Land O Lakes area. I have been waiting for this place to open for quite some time. An extensive beer menu with roughly 30 taps and about 350 plus more in coolers. The bartenders were knowledgeable and polite and offered specialty brews including a Stone Black IPA that was certainly a treat. Definitely similar in interior to WOB, but the crowd is much more laid back. Reasonable prices and great pizza! They also have a resell license so you can take a brew home.“
BeerFanDan17 4776 days ago
“This place just opened up in the Lutz area, and it looks interesting. They open at 3pm sharp and they have interesting beers like Stone Black IPA on tap. $4 for a pint is very reasonable in this upscale-ish shopping plaza. The place is not usually very crowded. A few finds in the cooler, and the manager seems to know a thing or two about beer. Lots of TVs prove somewhat distracting, but they were not up too loud. Interior is reminiscent of WOB Tampa, but feel is cozier and drafts are a nice blend of Germans, Belgians, and American Micros.“
markwise 4783 days ago
70 /100 19223 DALE MABRY HWY
“The store is situated in a Publix lot, with a nice, hole in the wall feeling. The inside has a small 5 door cooler stocked with a better than normal (for Tampa) selection. Some excellent choices of Old Rasputin (the house favorite), Dogfish Black and Blue, 120, and soon to have Stone. On the other half of the store it is mainly a wine shop, however, there is a small full service liquor/piano bar, on tap is Old Rasputin, DFH 90, Sam Adams Seasonal, and Warsteiner. With Chris from Willow Bend just coming on board, there’s soon to be many new and interesting items in stock.“
Sandman2222 4802 days ago
64 /100 19223 DALE MABRY HWY
“Jan’s is a nice store for American micros and some rare beers. They had one bottle of Biere du Miel left when I went, and that was the biggest surprise. It’s good, prices are ok.“
markwise 4951 days ago
72 /100 19223 DALE MABRY HWY
“Visit this store on a regular basis for two reasons: they have a better selection of American Craft and Belgian beers than the other Jan’s store and they have a beer/wine bar as well. Many different types of beers here from Delirium Tremens to the occasional bottle of St. Bernardus Abt 12, Saxo Blond (only place around that carries it), Pranqster, Holy Mackaral, Chimay (all 3 at times), and many other beers. They typically have Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA and North Coast Old Rasputin on tap. On our latest trip, the daughter of the owners informed us that they were expanding their on-tap selection by 10 or 12 additional taps. We will have to continue visiting on a regular basis. . . .“
kiefdog 5012 days ago
38 /100 3921 VAN DYKE ROAD
“Been to this store a few times and have not seen anything exceptionally rare or interesting in the store. They have a much better selection than your typical liquor store stocking a few nice Belgians, American Craft, and German beers but the selection is far from transcendent. Saw some Wittekerke, Dogfish Head, Allagash,and Flying Dog on my latest trip. Finally broke down and purchased the Satan Red for $10 (three 11.2oz bottles) and really was not disappointed. Sales staff did not seem overly interested in selling me beer on all occasions I was in the shop. Willow Bend has a much better selection with people who like to talk up beer and they are only 10 minutes away.“
kiefdog 5012 days ago
88 /100 19223 DALE MABRY HWY
“It’s a package store with a small adjoining bar. The only place, besides Publix, in this area where you can buy something other then a macro brew. The staff is great. Take your woman with you on a weekend night, she can sample the 1000’s of wines, while you sample their approx 50 beers, I promise you’ll leave happy. Just go early, it’s short on space. Oh yeah they do have some food, ask for the cranberry cheese with crackers, good stuff!!!!“
Hopdup 5075 days ago
80 /100 19223 DALE MABRY HWY
“This is the closest "Belgian Retailer" to Land O Lakes. The drive into Tampa can be a long one, but Jan’s can satisfy my craving for a good microbrew or one of about 25 Belgians such as the Bernardus 12 or Abbaye de Rocs varieties. They also have a few rare imports on draft here. The staff is very friendly and helpful.“
BeerFanDan17 5438 days ago
68 /100 3921 VAN DYKE ROAD
“Nice room temperature shelf full of micros that stares you in the face as you walk in. Around the back in the coolers is the main selection: Penn, Avery, DGH, Boulder, Hennepin, Allagash, Brasserie des Rocs (Triple – always a good choice), Flying Dog (had the Weizenbock for $17.50+ which is a bit more than elsewhere).“
Ibrew2or3 5562 days ago
68 /100 19223 DALE MABRY HWY
“Selection a bit less than a place like Racetrack Liquor and Fine Wines. This place does have a much better singles selection though. They sell the usual suspects like: Avery, Boulder, Penn, Brasserie des Rocs, Hennepin, Allagash, Flying Dog, Bison, DFH, etc. A regular stop if I lived out here and to the north.“
Ibrew2or3 5562 days ago
72 /100 19223 DALE MABRY HWY
“As the other raters have said, there really isn’t much around in this area of Tampa/Lutz. This whole shopping center wasn’t here 2 years ago. But they had a decent selection - some Stoudt’s, some DFH (but high $ - $10.50 for Raison), Tommyknocker, a few bottles of The Beast. They had some bottles of Musette left, probably due to the fact that not many beer people go in there. Bought myself a bottle of Fantome Printemps for $10, a little cheaper than my usual digs has it.“
JMFG 5610 days ago
76 /100 19223 DALE MABRY HWY
“Very well appointed with a bar on one side and package on the other. Selection is very good as they have more than just the basics. I even saw Rogu Dad’s Little Helper there which I hadn’t seen anywhere else along with Allagash Mussette and a few other oddities. If you are in Lutz and need a good beer they have some.“
NYHarvey 5653 days ago
62 /100 19223 DALE MABRY HWY
“This is a place that I want to delete but can’t figure out how.“
nick76 5711 days ago
64 /100 3921 VAN DYKE ROAD
“This is a place that I want to delete but can’t figure out how.“
nick76 5713 days ago
80 /100 19223 DALE MABRY HWY
“Ok… You are really stuck in almost the middle of nowhere if you are up in this area of Lutz… Luckily, you have this Jan’s Wine & Boos to save you from wasting away into oblivion! This is not just a beer and wine shop… there is a little Bar with 6 beers on draft and a nice bottle selection! This store has probably saved hundreds of people from killing themselves from the sheer boredom of living up there! – my grandparents live up there… I wish they liked good beer!“
matta 5743 days ago
78 /100 3921 VAN DYKE ROAD
“For those of you that are stuck p on the North end of Tampa; Lutz… up there around Cheval… This is the store that you need to be doing your beer shopping! The selection is well assembled… as Lee, the beer and wine guy, has spent many hours diligently sampling and researching… This is a great local beer spot! “
matta 5743 days ago
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