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50 /100 1128 E JOHN SIMS PKWY
“Looks like an old sports bar. Lots of TVs, and a dingy, dirty vibe. I was the only person at the bar, but the bartenders were still pretty slow, albeit friendly. Most of the standard Props beers, but with some interesting stuff. This is a mediocre brewery, and an uninspired location. It's cheap, at least.“
GTAEgeek 711 days ago
60 /100 1103-B E JOHN SIMS PKWY
“Nice building tucked away behind some shops and a little hard to spot. Lots of patio seating, and a quality bar. The bartender was friendly and quick. Only five of their beers, and some standard local guest taps. The food looked tasty, but I didn't have any. The prices were fair - $6 pints and $2 tasters. This is a fun place, and another nice addition for Niceville.“
GTAEgeek 1009 days ago
76 /100 1400 E JOHN SIMS PARKWAY
“Nice, newer building, with several seating areas, including a covered patio. The bartender was very friendly and helpful, and knew their beer, and beer in general. They had 23 of their beers on tap, with a good spread of styles, and 9 quality guest taps. They also have several wines, and some ciders and whatnot for the friends who get dragged to a brewery, which is considerate. The prices are set up in a 3 tier system, with the most reasonable prices for tasters and pints I've seen in the area. Their basic beers, in tier one, are only $5 for a pint, and their big beers in tier three are $8 at most. Tasters are $2 or $3 per 5 oz. serving. This place is a quality stop, and worth going out of your way to escape the pricey craft chains and crappy beer by the beach.“
GTAEgeek 1062 days ago
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