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“Quite possibly the best pizza in Florida, with a great selection of beers.“
jeremytoni 1322 days ago
“Located in a strip mall off of I-295 near the Orange Park Mall. Typical strip mall bar and restaurant, perhaps a little on the beat up side of the spectrum. The bar is up front when you enter, dining tables throughout the rest of the room. Beer selection is 30 beers total, with 21 of them house beers and the remainder mostly Florida craft. Full pours or 4 house beer flight. Crowd was locally, and a little on the rough side. Service was slow, hard working, though obviously under staffed. Pizza was quite tasty.

70 = ★★½ (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time)

I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 1519 days ago
“Came here for lunch on a hot summer Saturday with my wife and daughter. Pretty chill place with mostly table seating, a small bar, and a small patio. Plenty of parking since it is located in a strip mall. Decent size tap list with mostly their own offerings but also a few guest taps from other local Brewers. Menu is mostly pizza, some sandwiches too. Our pizzas were all excellent. I had two IPAs and the wife had a triple. Both were pretty damn good. Service was good and the pricing was in line. Would defiantly return.“
UDBeernut 1742 days ago
“2-22-2013 RBWG. The service was good and attentive. Very good pizza in my opinion. A nice clean bar atmosphere. Twenty-four (24) beer taps total including guest beers. They have approximately 30 different bottled beers available. A place worth stopping at and a place that I would stop at again.“
hotstuff 1833 days ago
“Nice selection of their own beers and other florida-brewed beers. The pizza is outstanding. Those are really the only two things I care about. I’ll be back next time I’m in Jacksonville.“
hopscotch 2041 days ago
“With good pizza and sandwiches and exceptional beer, this small brewpub should be a prime destination for beer geeks in the JAX area. Away from dowtown, beach and other tourist areas, it still is fairly easy to get to being near I-295. 4-beer flights available, including both house and guest brews.“
chinchill 2221 days ago
“What an awesome spot! Great pizza, great beer selection, $2 sample sizes available. Love this place!“
BVery 2299 days ago
“A small pizzeria/brewpub in a strip mall. It is essentially a pizza joint with a solid draught list. They have 2-3 house beers on (Pinglehead), which are pretty tasty. I had a brown ale and APA. They have 30+ total taps, featuring Florida brewers such as Green Room, Bold City, Aardwolf, Engine 15, Intuition, Swamp Head, and Cigar City. And some other breweries such as Founders, Stone, Bells, Weyerbacher, etc. They also have a bunch of bottled beers. I didn’t try any of the pizza, but it looked decent. Overall, a chill place to enjoy a beer and maybe some pizza. Definitely recommended, especially if you’re not from the area and want to try a bunch of local breweries.“
LilBeerDoctor 2564 days ago
“Plenty of parking in the strip mall which I really appreciate. Lots of chalkboards. The logos of many other craft breweries have been artfully chalked by someone with talent. I tried the MindDrive Porter, which was pretty good. I also had their meatlovers pizza, which was a little too much like pizza hut for me. Thicker crust and the bacon was too much like bacon bits. Staff were friendly and responsive. I wouldn’t mind going back and trying some of their other offers, both beer and food.“
shadey 2828 days ago
“Came here during RBWG 2013. Great place, no pretense whatsoever. They have TONS of house beers on tap, and the quality level of their beers is generally high. The pizza is solid, really hearty stuff. Staff very efficient, friendly and accommodating.“
Leighton 2829 days ago
“Essentially the only game in town for Orange Park, this is nestled in a strip mall next door to some bizarre other stores. Interior is very typical family pizza diner, down scale, informal. I think you order beer and food at the counter and then get a number or they call your name and it comes to the table. Beer quality is all over the place with some really good stuff and some not so great stuff. Still in the beginning stages of brewing and finding their strengths and weaknesses. For now, it is an unassuming, fun family pizza place that happens to brew beer in the back. They also get small distribution around the Jacksonville area. Our buffalo chicken pizza was pretty solid and the service was fast. Prices low.“
GT 2968 days ago
“3rd stop of the RBWG bus tour. Nice selection of beer on tap and in the cooler. Good pizza and beer,friendly and helpful staff. More places should have a tv on the wall with a scrolling tap list, nice.“
Sledutah 2971 days ago
“Stopped here on the tour during the ratebeer Winter Gathering. A pizza brewpub. A varied selection of well crafted beers and reasonable prices. A wide selection of bottles in the cooler too. “
SpringsLicker 2972 days ago
“Odd location and feel to the place, looks like a comic book store in a strip mall. Service was great, very nice and seemed to at least know a good deal about their beer. Selection was great, about 10 of their own beers and a whole mess of other solid guest beers. Food was good, pizza but at least it was done right. Average prices for the area and food was pretty cheap. Great place if you’re in the area, a little ways away from most Jax stuff.“
jbruner 2972 days ago
“Visited during RBWG for Lunch. Beers were very good. Pizza was decent. Prices were very reasonable and the staff was awesome“
mlunger12 2973 days ago
“A bit out of the way in Jacksonville, but worth the trip. The pizza was good, but not great, but the beers were genuinely worth the trip across the county line. Several we’re incredible. All were good. Relatively small place in a strip mall. Don’t let the boring exterior deter you.“
aracauna 2973 days ago
“Next stop on RBWG. A good spot with solid beer and pizza. Worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
b3shine 2975 days ago
“An underated place, perhaps as its a little off the beaten track of JAX. Yes its a pizza place inside but the beer is above average, some very good guest beers. Staff were very good, Medium small bar. Try their red ales.“
Sammy 3012 days ago
“I stopped by for lunch. They have very nice pizza. This place is in a strip mall off the ring road. They had lots of beers on tap and on in bottles, including about 8 or 9 of the Pinglehead beers. I was the first person in the place for lunch so I got great service. The Pinglehead beers are available around town so a special trip for the beer isn’t necessary, but everything in Jax is pretty close together, and the pizza is good.“
jsquire 3022 days ago
“Have been here a couple of times now since I moved, and I dig it. Their beers are solid and they usually have a good selection of their beers and Florida beers (and some other solid craft beers) on tap. The pizza is tasty, and one of the only places in Florida where you can get thick pizza, it seems like. The cheese breadsticks we got were awesome and the highlight of the meal for sure. The management is really nice as well as the brewer, so I will certainly be finding myself back here often!“
drowland 3168 days ago
“Great pizza great selection of their beer and a nice selection of Florida beers and others as well. Great service and knowledgeable staff. Must stop for the area. Creative brewing result in very nice beers. My favorite place in Jax“
decaturstevo 3240 days ago
“Stopped by to try the beers on a Thursday night. Nice place about half full and looked like a nice sports bar with several taps of house beer. Waitress was friendly and got the brewer to answer my beer questions. Nice selection of taps, a blend of house, FL, and well-known beers. House beers are a nice variety of styles and choices. This place is in its infancy, and I am curious to see it grow.“
markwise 3389 days ago
“Stopped by here for dinner in late November 2011. Late Sunday afternoon but a good crowd was gathered. They have five of their own rotating on tap, plus at least 20 other taps of craft selections. The other brewers in town, Intuition and Bold City are represented - which is a nice touch. Also have some Cigar City and other East coast brewers - nice selection. Pizza was belly filling and flavorful, a tad on the greasy side...but we were starving so not a bother. I had three of their own beers and all were pretty solid. The decor is nothing to write home about - but not much you can do in a strip mall. I liked the beer mirror that had "Bud, Miller, Coors" with a big red diagonal line through it. A few TVs to watch football - nice local little place. If you find yourself on I-295 South of Jacksonville - make it a point to try this place out and support the local beer scene!“
PorterPounder 3428 days ago
“Attended the August CASK Homebrewers club meeting here. It was packed with the regular customers and the homebrew club, but they handled the madness as well as could be expected. The beers were very good and the pizza was even better. Started with a sampler platter of beers and had several after that. Really liked the Moon Dance Stout, and the Pinglehead IPA, both house brews. Their "Florida Smacker" pizza was great.“
yayforbeer 3475 days ago
“Pizza joint and brewpub. Great people here! Decent selection, sample trays and awesome pizza.“
beernovice39 3536 days ago
“With 26 taps of american craft beer, you will find something you like. I did, several times. I also liked the pizza very much. Need a bigger bar and better bar stools.“
MrMugs 3574 days ago
“This is a pizza joint with 25 taps. I marked them as a "brewpub" but they aren’t brewing yet. The brew house is set up and Michael, the Brewmaster, should be able to start brewing in January 2011. All 25 taps are currently devoted to American craft beer (no macros at all) and 4-6 will eventually be used for the house beers. There was a heavy emphasis on southern micros including Bold City, Swamphead, Cigar City, Terrapin, Atlanta Brewing, Abita and Lazy Magnolia but other favorites such as Stone, Ommegang, Rogue, Bells and Victory were represented as well. Prices ranged from $4-6/ pint but the majority were $4. Most are available to go in gallon growlers as well for $20. We had 2 different pizzas and the garlic cheese bread and all were fantastic! Service was great as we were the only ones in there on a Tuesday evening ~5.“
beernoevil 3761 days ago
62 /100 1571 COUNTY RD 220, STE 130
“All the Broudy’s locations in Jacksonville and Orange Park have been a great place for craft beer for many years. Best selection in the area other than Total Wine. Prices are reasonable, not the absolute lowest, but good. Its a decent place, clean and well lit. Each store has at least one person who is knowledgeable of craft beer, but there are a few clueless as well. I have shopped there for years and continue to. The Orange Park location is the closest real beer store to my home so I shop there on occasion. They have a few singles but wont usually break a six pack. Decent selection for the area but not quite as good as the Julington Creek or Beaches location.“
yayforbeer 3782 days ago
“A: its strip mall pizza joint with beer, wow original not. Q/S: well they had over 20 taps of the same stuff every place in town seems to have except for kickbacks. While I think its great we have BCB, their beers are just not the great IMHO So decent selection nothing better than any Euro street in town. Beers I had were ok. Mostly they had pa/IPA stuff sadly. Midnight oil was the best. Since the BEST bar in town has 84 taps well its all downhill from there, and heck its the new standard. Service: was ok, nothing great average in most respects, don’t know much about beer. F: its a pizza, its not bad. pricey Notes: its new and maybe it will get better with time, they fill growlers and will brew on site one day, but its not here yet. Well me and the wife, well mainly me wanted to visit the new places. I really should not be reviewing these places on one visit, but seeing as its new, and the fact I will not go back again, I might as well review it. orange park distance is the main reason I would NOT go back, if you love it and are nearby great, traffic sucks in that area. I try to be fair and honest and I want to be able to look someone in the eye and say yea its a great/fair/bad place. as with any place or beer go try it, If you love it great. I will NOT overrate a place just because it is in my town I live it, I feel that does a disservice to visitors. I bet this place will get better, their web lacks updating and info. When they update their web site and stat brewing I will go back and report on their progress.“
azorie 3877 days ago
52 /100 1571 COUNTY RD 220, STE 130
“Decent selection of beer, found a few bottles that were surprisingly old, like two to three years old. Some singles available but wouldn’t readily split sixes.“
lithy 4308 days ago
54 /100 1571 COUNTY RD 220, STE 130
“Stopped by in late June, 2009. A bit out of the way if you are in Jacksonville proper. Has a moderate selection of east coast micros and all are available as singles and they offer a 10% discount if you buy six. Lacking in any real foreign selection outside if the common Belgians, Brits and Germans. Not quite up to par with their Jacksonville Beach location which I have been to several times.“
PorterPounder 4317 days ago
38 /100 1571 COUNTY RD 220, STE 130
“Well, this may be my new local, or I just might drive a little further than I’d like to get beer. The selection wasn’t terrible, but not really great, just the best in the area. But the beer geek stuff (and theres some good stuff here) just doesn’t move, and much of it was old, some of the stuff I brought home was oxidized. I’ll stop here when I’m desperate and don’t feel like driving to Total Wines or the beach location.“
PhillyBeer2112 5070 days ago
8 /100 1571 COUNTY RD 220, STE 130
“This location closed several months ago.“
beernoevil 5225 days ago
68 /100 1571 COUNTY RD 220, STE 130
“Mixed feelings about this particular Broudy’s. Since this one is closest to home it is my regular stop. Considering we’re talking about the state of FL, the selection is fairly strong, but predominantly domestics. You’ll find most of the Avery’s, along with some Great Divide, Tommy Knocker, Rogue, Dogfish, North Coast, Flying Dog, Lost Coast. (The Broudy’s in Jax Beach has a much more extensive selection of Belgians). Prices tend to run a bit on the high side (i.e. $11.99 4 pk. North Coast Old Stock; $9.99 Avery sixers; $9.99 Dogfish 60 Minute). Beau the manager does a pretty good job getting new stuff in, but since the demand here for craft beer is so low he often seems indifferent about any requests or questions. Another plus about the Jax Beach store is that they will sell all their beers as singles, whereas this location has signs under all the better beers - "six packs only, no singles." What’s that all about?“
mike mcneil 5552 days ago
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