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“Big restaurant with plenty of seating. A big tap list, but nothing hard to find anywhere else. Good service for slacked Friday night. The food was decent. Very loud if your looking for quiet evening of beers.“
Sledutah 19 hours ago
86 /100 2230 CURRY FORD RD
“Very small place, but a great hang out. Nice little patio area, and there is often a food truck outside. Complete 90's hip hop vibe. Great music. About 12 taps. Lots of new money beer, hazy IPAs, milkshake sours, etc. Tons of cans, and the selection is always changing. Great place.“
GodOfThunder 24 days ago
80 /100 4721 S. ORANGE AVE.
“Good brewery in a nice little food hall. Three separate food stands from the beer for pizza, poke, and burgers. Beers are all pretty damn good, service is great, and it is close to my house. Great local place.“
GodOfThunder 24 days ago
66 /100 8201 VINELAND AVE
“Easy parking. Same theme as the other locations. This place was super busy, 2 hr wait. Burgers are pretty good. Beer selection is better than Applebee’s and the like, half a dozen locals here. Service was good.“
weihenweizen 38 days ago
“Easy parking. Lots of singles like the others. Beer is on the left here. I left empty handed, but had been to several TW&M in the area.“
weihenweizen 38 days ago
74 /100 2712 E COLONIAL DR
“Large free dedicated parking lot. Beer is in the left. There is one row of singles mixed in the liquor. Most things available as a single. Big selection. Not better than most over TW&Ms.“
weihenweizen 42 days ago
70 /100 12975 S ORANGE BLOSSOM TRL
“Medium size liquor store. Beer is in the back on the right. Open coolers against the wall with some locals. Interesting shelves of European and other high end bottles. Many old selections. A few over priced bottles. I spend a fair amount of time going through the stock, but ultimately came out empty handed. Worth a look, but nothing that rare.“
weihenweizen 42 days ago
58 /100 2406 E WASHINGTON ST.
“Everyone says this had a great beer selection. But, meh. Sure they have about 50-60 different beers, but its a bunch of wheats, hazy IPAs, euro lagers, and just a small number of good beers but nothing that is uncommon. Bartender was friendly, good atmosphere, if small, for listening to the jazz-oriented band. Seemed like a good crowd. Outside area was OK, probably better when its not August in Florida. Its probably a good place for a date, but I wouldn't make it a regular spot.“
PhillyBeer2112 67 days ago
96 /100 210 N. BUMBY AVE. SUITE C
“Smallish tasting area, with barely any room inside, and a decent amount on the front porch. Food is really damn good for sandwiches. Beer is excellent. One of the best breweries in Orlando. Usually about 12 taps of their own beer, plus cans and bottles. Lots of special releases and all kinds of one-offs.“
GodOfThunder 77 days ago
42 /100
Café Tu Tu Tango (Restaurant)
“NOT a beer destination. Good food place, and a nice place for tourists to visit if you're in that area. But, this is not a place to go and find great beer. I don't want to trash the place, because there is nothing wrong with it. It just isn't a major beer destination like the ratings would suggest. They have a few decent beers, though.“
GodOfThunder 77 days ago
98 /100 12975 S ORANGE BLOSSOM TRL
“Easily the best selection of beer bottles in the Orlando area (Redlight being the best on top, followed by Big C Liquor for bottles in Winter Park). Incredible selection of Euro beers (Mikkeler, To Øl, De Molen, Põhjala) as well as North American (Dieu Du Ciel!, Jolly Pumpkin Jester King, Prairie - I counted 34 different Prairies). Was disappointed to not find any Cigar City stuff, but did score a 6 pack of Bell's Expedition Stout. One of the best selections of stouts and farmhouse I've seen.“
tightslice 117 days ago
74 /100 6300 HOLLYWOOD WAY
“8 or so Florida craft beers on tap. 8 or so craft beers in cans. Fairly pricy but so is the resort. Good food and nice service. So far the best place to get craft beer in orlando studios.“
Chudwick 184 days ago
38 /100
Three Broomsticks (Restaurant)
“Lol - 2 craft beers on draft. Rest are macro and in cans. Expensive. Why is this place here on ratebeer?“
Chudwick 184 days ago
66 /100 400 PITTMAN ST
“Thanks for whomever added this place. So it’s a contract brew operation for JDubs and Orange County Brewers and perhaps more in future. Nice location next to awesome new rock gym. Inside was standard fare nothing special. Has a grilled cheese restaurant in space which I didn’t try but looks good. The beers from both these Brewers are mediocre. To go selection left much to be desired. Staff friendly enough. But no music and was oddly quiet while I was there.“
Jow 364 days ago
74 /100 609 IRVINGTON AVE
“Great little place with a small bar area, and an outdoor seating area, and usually 5 different food trucks. About 10-12 draft taps, and a small bottle list, and rotates often and usually has great selections. Prices are decent, too. Gets a little hot in the summer time, and there are often LOTS of children running around.“
GodOfThunder 540 days ago
80 /100 2500 CURRY FORD RD STE 4
“Hourglass Brewery is over in Longwood, FL. This is their little outpost near downtown/Conway area. Nice building. Nice small outdoor area and a good pizza place next door. About 30 different Hourglass beers on draft and several more in bottles. Great selection of their own beers. Service is pretty good, but I've had a couple times where I wish it were better. Great place, overall.“
GodOfThunder 542 days ago
78 /100 2425 E SOUTH ST
“Decent little bottle shop/bar/coffee shop. Good selection of about 10 draft beers and a small cooler full of bottles and cans. Good selection, but small. If you're in the area, it is great for a stop.“
GodOfThunder 542 days ago
98 /100 531 VIRGINIA DR
“Amazing selection. Small, but a good bar and bottle shop. Prices are reasonable. People are very friendly and know their stuff. I love this place.“
GodOfThunder 542 days ago
“Visited late afternoon before a flight on a Friday. The place is split into two parts - an open restaurant setup with a bar and a separate bar area closer to the windows, both located in center of Terminal 2. The beer selection is 5 house beers, 2 Florida craft taps and a couple of craft cans. Available as full pours, or a 3 beer flight. Food is normal airport food. I really liked the open layout of both areas, not overcrowded, nice beers and food, certainly well above average airport beer experience. (Locals should check it out, visitors with extended time) I only use the total score, not the component parts.“
theisti 601 days ago
82 /100 210 N. BUMBY AVE. SUITE C
“Visited on a beer release so place was fairly busy. Plenty of parking (except during events), patio and inside seeting, Wi-Fi, good service. Normally, 5 ounces samplers available from 3 to 5$. Beers are original and solid. Well worth the drive. “
Lubiere 642 days ago
86 /100 9650 UNIVERSAL BLVD SUITE #143
“Pretty solid place close to the I Drive strip. Mostly a beer bar with one or two of their own. Good selection of American offerings. A tad pricy, 3 to 5$ per 4 ounce sample. Some bottles and can to go; buy the stuff at room temperature as refrigerated beers are marked up. Free wifi. Parking could be tricky on a busy night.“
Lubiere 644 days ago
76 /100 1300 ALDEN ROAD
“Cool little brewery with decent parking, patio, food truck, good vibes. Beers are OK to solid. 2 to 3$ a 4 ounce pour. Good wifi.“
Lubiere 644 days ago
74 /100 10 W ILLIANA ST
“GodofThunder took me here while I was touring Orlando's beer scene. Decent spaced taproom and homebrew store. Plenty of choices on taps and staff seemed decent if not a bit over tasted by the Friday crowd. There was a dumpster fire outside, which brought some added excitement to the visit. Fun spot!“
SHIG 651 days ago
72 /100 1300 ALDEN ROAD
“Stopped here with GodofThunder touring Orlando: Nice staff with great insight for the beers on tap. Location isn't far from Ten 10, so its convenient to visit both in short time. The taps had a decent selection to choose from. They also had beers to go. Why not give them a shout.“
SHIG 651 days ago
72 /100 1010 VIRGINIA DRIVE
“GodofThunder took me here while I was visiting Orlando. Pretty vast selection of beers and decent overall. Service was great and it didn't hurt J was very well connected. Definitely worth the stop.“
SHIG 671 days ago
74 /100 210 N. BUMBY AVE. SUITE C
“Went here with GodofThunder as he showed me around Orlando's newer breweries. Solid choice with great brews. Very busy, but helpful staff. Worth a visit for sure.“
SHIG 671 days ago
88 /100 6820 HOFFNER AVE.
“I'm not sure I have enough positive things to say about this. Let me start with the obvious: the beers here are tremendous. Possibly the best in all of central Florida, I'm not kidding. Best amber possibly in the US. Also, I appreciate the lack of fad beers, a brut IPA notwithinstanding. No pastry stouts, no milkshake IPAs, no kitchen sink beers. Just a nice range of classic beer styles, most with a german leaning twist, and absolutely brewed to perfection. Atmosphere is a tad weird, being a big roomy boxy warehouse type space in a strip mall, but then its also a church? Such a unique and strange thing, but the beers felt blessed. Interesting art. Immaculate bathrooms. Food trucks were out back. Very kid and dog friendly. Appears to be service at the bar only but they were responsive and nice. Free self-serve coffee bar. What? I can't even wait to go back.“
PhillyBeer2112 678 days ago
70 /100 4507 36TH ST, BLDG C
“Taproom located in a warehouse building in an industrial area of town. They have a small outside seating area. Inside is a tasting room connected t the brewery, where there was more seating and games. Cinder block building with conctrete floors. Beer was decent, but nothing really great. Styles leaned towards flavored stouts.“
BeerdedDave 708 days ago
34 /100 1012 W CHURCH ST
“I don't like to use the "racial" card to complain but the last two times I visited this place, the ambiance was hostile. First, the patrons complained about the sports channel being in Spanish. I can get that but still the tone of voice was one notch from beong uncofortable to a point one of them herself asked for cibility. Just now, I left the pub without being served. Me and my companion were purposedly ignored by the staff for several minutes despite being sitting at the bar in front of the three of them. Several locals who arrived after us were served. Some of them were even standing behind other patrons and got served. We were speaking our own language between us. I doubt I am.coming here again. It was all disrespectful and humiliating. A shame considering the beers are good.“
Nekronos 741 days ago
80 /100 210 N. BUMBY AVE. SUITE C
“Nice new place with more space for smokers than for non smokers. Great selection but a little pricy for the full pints although they give chances of getting smaller ones.“
Nekronos 742 days ago
80 /100 6820 HOFFNER AVE.
“Stopped in incredibly quick prior to picking up parents from airport. Beers are decent enough and it’s not just an ipa Factory which I appreciate. Space is cool, there is stage for music, food truck out back, few TVs. Staff friendly. Religious service on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights apparently. Interesting addition to Orlando scene“
Jow 801 days ago
“This should be affiliated with brewery and also listed as brewpub. Sleek new interior big pizza ovens and shiny new brewing equipment in back. Lots of tvs and garage doors in cool little new section of Lake Nona. The wood fired sesame chicken wings were excellent so will be back to try pizza. The two beers I had were solid as well. Music a touch loud. Service was friendly and fairly busy for lunch. Bring the kids. Recomend“
Jow 829 days ago
74 /100 1536 BUENA VISTA DRIVE
“Located in Disney Springs, we visited for lunch and dinner on the same day. Unexpectedly, very good BBQ. Everything we ordered (party of 7) was very good. The ribs are fall off the bone good. 10 taps, 7 Cask & Lauder beers but they do have, BL, Yuengling & 1 Cider. Fast and friendly service. The price were not bad considering the location. Full bar, specializing in Bourbon drinks.“
Sledutah 845 days ago
78 /100 1301 ATLANTA AVE
“A nice friendly place. A wide range of styles. The brewery dog took to my daughter and wouldn't leave her side. They were filming a commercial when we were there, so now I'm famous.....“
Sledutah 859 days ago
86 /100 210 N. BUMBY AVE. SUITE C
“Stopped in after work. Very handsome building and space with quite nice and booming patio. Standard sleak modern brewery look with window to brewery from bar. Food is small but tasty had roast beef sandwich with pimento cheese and horseradish quite nice. Beers are in all hip new styles but well done. Staff efficient and friendly despite being busy. No growler fills yet but cans to go. Dog friendly on deck.“
Jow 890 days ago
64 /100
Three Broomsticks (Restaurant)
“t's universal studios so the decor is good. they have good tap and taste like cask brews. authentic English ales I have not seen around like that. The butter beer is pretty good and drinkable. food not bad and prices not as high as they could be.“
CalumScotland 910 days ago
“love it great bar freindly staff pure paradise for men sports lots of good beer pretty staff great service best place to go on the i drive“
CalumScotland 915 days ago
“Visited several times over past 2 weeks. Chain bar but good selection and some rarer beers (Dogfish Head 120min IPA notable). large open room with centre bar, beer kegs visible above. Food excellent and open kitchen is nice to see. New place near the Orlando Eye. Advertises Sake, with 3 on the menu but had non in stock which was annoying as its a winner style !“
CalumScotland 915 days ago
90 /100 2810 CORRINE DR
“Surprisingly large space under what appears to be an air-conditioning store. They get food trucks and let you BYO food but no food there. Draft list is solid but the in-house beers left me unimpressed (got a Superstition draft I'd never had though). So that's all the mundane stuff. If you just look at the draft list this is a solid beer bar but not one of the top 50 places in the world, and their in-house stuff is at best unspectacular. The bottle list though is just amazing. I've seen a lot of beer traveling all over the US and Europe and they had variants (like a barrel-aged Aventius Eisbock Cuvee from like 2013) I didn't even know existed. And you can take these bottles to go. So as a bottle shop, this place is amazing amazing amazing. As a beer bar, it's quite good (and you can drink the bottles there). Best analogue is Bottleworks in Seattle. Bottleworks is better (better drafts, better geography for beer) but the breadth of the cellar is that impressive. Worth the visit to this desolate part of Orlando - this place is really excellent.“
WestCoastHawkeye 924 days ago
86 /100 10 W ILLIANA ST
“In soft opening phase went with John and Eugene. Cool lay out and I believe they will have food from next door available. Beers were solid and in a few different styles. Layout is sleek with garage door front and classy wood. Friendly staff it seemed. A brewery to keep eye on in Otown.“
Jow 980 days ago
82 /100 1301 ATLANTA AVE
“This is a great place to visit...the staff were really friendly and gave us a tour round the brewery“
Wirralbeerveg 991 days ago
78 /100 13526 VILLAGE PARK DR
“Located in a strip mall, this place has 48 taps and several rare local bottles. Selection is strong, rest is OK.“
GregMooreNH 1008 days ago
82 /100 1010 VIRGINIA DRIVE
“Stopped in for lunch and a flight. The beers I had were interesting and overall decent. Service was very friendly and I dug the music. The house made hot dog and stout braised chili with beer cheese was excellent. Ambiance is nothing special. Anyways was pleasantly surprised with this joint. N“
Jow 1029 days ago
92 /100 4507 36TH ST, BLDG C
“AMBIANCE: typical industrial brewery space, lots of parking. Smallish taproom and bar, but cozy and welcoming. Paint scheme is nice and warm. Good view of the brewing operation. SERVICE: It was EXCELLENT. I was one of only a half dozen people in on a quiet Sunday night, and the bartender and owner/head brewer were both extremely helpful and knowledgeable and loved to talk about their beers. Learned a lot about their processes and interests, which was educational and fun when you're working your way down the tap list. The owner even gave me a half pint of his brand new "brut-style" IPA, which hadn't been released yet, because he wanted to get some opinions (it was very, very good). SELECTION: Fine. About a dozen taps of their own stuff (including an alcoholic soda) and some cans to go. I appreciated that they had a variety of styles and creative offerings. It wasn't one porter and a dozen NE IPAs like the other local brewery I tried. FOOD: N/A, although they bring in food trucks. VALUE: A little on the pricey side for Orlando, but not at all prohibitive. If you want to try a dozen beers over a couple hours, it'll run you about 25 bucks. I'll take that any day. OVERALL: So far, my favorite brewery in Orlando. Really enjoyed my visit.“
JDBaker11058 1077 days ago
70 /100 7500 TPC BLVD #8
“Modern taproom and brewery, semi-industrial park area near the airport. Medium sized bar, open seating, plenty of board games. Service was unaccountably slow at first, given that they weren't busy. Sat in the middle of the bar and it took 10 minutes for first contact. After that, things sped up and everyone was very friendly. Selection was about 90% NEIPA, couple of porters, a pils, a cream ale, and a sour. So a bit of variety, but it's clear where the focus lies. I tried everything. Most were ok to good; lots of green onion in most of the NEIPAs, so perhaps some older hops were being used? The sour was very good. Flights available, always a plus. Seemed a titch on the expensive side for the area, but not unreasonable. Worth a stop, especially if you're a NEIPA fanboi.“
JDBaker11058 1093 days ago
“Thanks to new activity feed realized I needed to rate this place. This is our go to happy hour spot for work events which I enjoy since I can nab a few ticks. Big draft list but for the most part its rather boring. usually there is about 5 - 10 new rates available for me but nothing i'm jumping up and down for. the food (we usually get apps) is actually pretty good. friendly services and big rather handsome space. If your a tourist, and this is that part of town, you can swing by and nab all the florida standards of moment.“
Jow 1122 days ago
82 /100 1300 ALDEN ROAD
“Stopped in briefly while in area for more pressing issues. Cool spot in area that may be on verge of taking off hipster style. Decor is sleek new brewery standards of wood and concrete I dig. Outside covered seating and you can bring in outside food it appears. Nice music while I was there. AC always a plus round these parts. Selection only 4 of their own and 8 guest taps nothing super exciting. But whatever love that Orlando getting more and more breweries.“
Jow 1144 days ago
58 /100
Three Broomsticks (Restaurant)
“Okay, it's Barry Potter, so that's the redeeming feature. Only a couple of brews, but the Hog's Head Brew is a decent Scottish style ale. Food is expensive for what it is, but service is quick and efficient. Go once for the gimmick factor“
Mishnok 1163 days ago
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