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70 /100 11221 LEGACY AVE
“Visited here in mid November ’16 while in the area for business. Slightly below par with other Total Wines I have been to across the state. One full aisle of beer to choose from. Like most TWs a whole aisle full of craft singles on one side and common imports on the other. Decent selection of nothing but seasonals which was nice. Overall, several hundred singles - which is what I am looking for when on the road. have a growler station as well with about a half dozen local oferings. Solid retailer, decent prices, nice friendly service“
PorterPounder 2090 days ago
82 /100 2000 PGA BLVD
“Visited here in mid-November ’16 while in the area for business. Located in a suburban upper end strip mall, not your garden variety warehouse/storage type locations that many tap rooms seem to be located in nowadays. Dark interior with subdued lighting, lots of metal and polished wood and plenty of beautiful people all around enjoying and serving beer. Very loud music - glad it was music I liked (’90s alternative) or would have been distracting. Have a good selection of their own with about a dozen to choose from, wide range of styles. All I had were pretty solid. Decent prices considering the area, friendly barkeep, enjoyed the conversation. Worth a stop.“
PorterPounder 2092 days ago
“Visited here in mid December ’15 while in the area for work. Very similar to other Whole Foods I have visited although this one did not appear to have bar with taps that some of the newer ones seem to have. Have two different areas for beer. One is a cooler full of singles, lots of south Florida brewers represented. The other area has a wall full of six packs and bombers. Lots of different California brewers represented that do not get distributed in north Florida. Served my needs well, just looking for a few singles for the hotel for a few nights.“
PorterPounder 2433 days ago
“Visited here in mid December ’15 while in town for work. Upscale beer oriented restaurant with well over 100 taps. Plenty of common crafts, major imports, regionals and seasonals. Nothing too exciting - hard to even find a tick - had to peruse the menu for good five minutes. Prices are on the high side, but was in late enough to catch the second happy hour. Food seems pretty solid - had swordfish tacos and the service was attentive and beer knowledgeable for the most part. Not a beer geek destination, but not bad by any means. Their slogan is "the world’s largest draft beer selection" - not quite. Still a decent lively place to watch a game and enjoy a few cold ones.“
PorterPounder 2433 days ago
80 /100 2000 PGA BLVD
“At least 6 led TVs. The floor is wood-like laminate. Long ~60’ wood and granite bar with the 20 barrel brewhouse located directly behind it and bathed in glowing green light by strategically placed led lamps. Eight of their own beers on tap. Looks like 4 guest taps. Lots of space with at least 10 tables indoors and 10 tables outdoors. A small living room-type space in the back corner with a wooden coffee table, a wooden end table, two leather-like couches and five chairs. Large, metallic, banyan tree-like logo (backlit with green led light) is located on a brick wall about 20’ beyond the eastern end of the bar. The men’s bathroom is cool too. They had the urinals constructed using half barrel-sized kegs cut. Lots of metal in the bathroom. Cool, deck-mounted, brushed metal faucets that look like they were designed by Davide Vercelli. Very nice experience.“
hopscotch 2618 days ago
72 /100 2000 PGA BLVD
“This place is So freakin’ crowded. It’s in a strip center. Interesting decor. Almost friendly staff.“
50belair 2725 days ago
76 /100 11221 LEGACY AVE
“It is a Total Wine, through and through, just arranged different from my local one. Nice selection of locals, though I found only one (1) Cigar City. I did come away with two new country ticks, so that was a bonus.“
BeerandBlues2 3245 days ago
“This is pretty similar to the other Yard Houses I have visited. They had a lot of beers, including a few good ones, though it is mostly a quantity over quality selection. I still had a good visit though. You can’t go wrong with Jai Alai on draft by the yard!“
ben4321 3298 days ago
“Visited in January 2013 with a large group. Was a great place. Love the beer and food selection.“
mnurda 3375 days ago
62 /100 11221 LEGACY AVE
“Nice, clean, well stocked store. The service is absent. The selection is great, and well laid out. The prices are very good. This is a good place to find beer, but it lacks character.“
GTAEgeek 3727 days ago
“Lot’s of beers on tap. They used to not rotate at all but are actually starting to do so. Jason over there is doing a great job letting them know what they should get. Food is good but a little more expensive than I think it should be. Service is pretty spot on. It can get really crowded in there, especially for games.“
MikeMoriendi 3897 days ago
“Like almost all whole foods, this will do in a pinch, but won’t fulfill all of your wildest dreams. A few decent FL locals... Cigar City and whatnot. Fair pricing.“
MrBunn 4096 days ago
70 /100 11221 LEGACY AVE
“Stopped in a couple of times during a recent trip to FL. First, this place is simply huge! If you want booze, this is where to go. The wine selection looks staggering and I wouldn’t even know where to begin. The beer selection is pretty good, too. Lots of locals and imports, a great selection of singles and decent pricing. I don’t think you’ll find anything particularly rare here, but you’ll be able to fill up your weekend lineup fairly nicely. *** update: So while this place is huge, it simply doesn’t have much in the lines of "special" finds. Four trips, four strikes.“
MrBunn 4096 days ago
“I love Whole Foods. This one is nice. There is artisanal, organic, fresh, ready to eat, specialty and packaged food aplenty. However, other than having a very decent selection of Cigar City beers, their selection is relatively small and hit or miss.“
hopscotch 4212 days ago
“Nice sports bar with 80 plus taps. The only problem was they were all pretty common. They had Dogfish Head 90 on tap which I had above the others. They had a ton of macros making the selection somewhat thin. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly and they have a great happy hour. The food I had was from the half price happy hour menu and it was quite tasty and very cheap. You can find good beers here just don’t expect anything out of the ordinary. They had virtually no local beers on hand. In my roughly three mile radius, this was easily the best place around. Stop in for the happy hour specials and watch the game and you’ll have a good time.“
keepersj12 4319 days ago
“it’s whole foods, what can i say. The beer selection is not nearly what they have in Tampa or Austin..“
50belair 4377 days ago
84 /100 11221 LEGACY AVE
“This score is relative to the fact that this store is in south florida....“
50belair 4405 days ago
“A good selection of draft only beers for South Florida. Can get really crowded, but a good place to watch football and drink some decent brew..“
50belair 4451 days ago
“This is a fancy grocery store that has some good beers in the back. They don’t have a ton of beers but they do have high quality ones. Prices can be a bit high, just like the rest of the store.“
cirtap 4506 days ago
50 /100 4155 NORTHLAKE BLVD
“Decent selection, nothing too great. Prices are not the best, but service is pretty good. If you are in a hurry you could do worse than going to this ABC.“
cirtap 4506 days ago
78 /100 11221 LEGACY AVE
“An alcohol superstore, Total Wine has the best beer selection in Palm Beach Gardens. Their prices are very good too, especially for liquor. The only thing I could complain about is they don’t carry more rare and very high-end beers. They do have a great selection, and you can build your own 6 pack. Service is good too with a very knowledgeable staff.“
cirtap 4506 days ago
“First of all you have to come here during happy hour. Half price appetizers and most beers are about $4. With Chimay, St. Bernardus, and other top notch beers on tap that is not a bad deal. The service is good and all of their beers are on tap, which is a plus.“
cirtap 4506 days ago
78 /100 11221 LEGACY AVE
“Typical Total Wine. You can get more of the beers available north of Palm Beach here. Otherwise, its the same as most of the TW in S Fla.“
daknole 4544 days ago
“Bad ass Whole Foods. Proabably the nicest one in S Fla if not all of Fl. Really good beer selection. Great store overall.“
daknole 4544 days ago
62 /100 4155 NORTHLAKE BLVD
“Selction is ok. Service is adequate. Not often would I stop here when Total Wine and a great Whole Foods are close by.“
daknole 4544 days ago
70 /100 11221 LEGACY AVE
“A pretty typical Total Wine and More. Decent selection of American craft beer and imports. Most noteworthy--I found 3 bottles of Brooklyn Black Ops! That was a completely unexpected bonus! I would have bought more, but that was all they had.“
allfreej 4584 days ago
60 /100 11221 LEGACY AVE
“Great place for craft brews that are not hard to find. The person I talked to was not into beer, and aside from checking the PDF on their website, could not tell me anything about beer. I did find what I needed there, I just didn’t have the help I wanted.“
JBVatkeens 4639 days ago
62 /100 11221 LEGACY AVE
“Fairly good beer selection. You could spend a lot of time there browsing. However, no matter the length of time I spend there I always leave with about three beers total (usually, at other stores, it’s about 10 and I’m dying to come back for more). I should leave with more beers, way more... considering that every time I try to check out the manager has to be called to personally check my out-of-state I.D. Then both staff members (the cashier and the manager) will examine an out-of-date Driver’s License picture book only to take five more minutes to decide whether they should let me check out or decline my proof of age. The whole process takes about seven minutes, which is tortureous. Bonus points for selling lots of individual 12oz. bottles, though. #18 on 25102009, DG.“
DeadGirl 4676 days ago
“They have a large selection on beers on tap, but whenever I make it out there I only want to try about two. How can this chain be proud of their "beer culture" when they have almost all of the American macros on tap? It’s an overcrowded, happy hour bar where everybody’s drinking a mixed drink or Miller Light, but nobody notices the 120 beers on tap. But it’s a chain and so I just deal with it. #9 DG.“
DeadGirl 4690 days ago
“Just moved to the area and was convinced there wasn’t a place to buy quality beers for a "cheaper" price than from a bar. Then I stumbled into Whole Foods. Everytime I make it out here I drop over $45 easily on just beer. They do tastings on occasion and have a range of [quality] styles and brewers, for example: Ommegang, Avery, Dogfish Head, Unibroue, Shipyard, Rogue, Jolly Pumpkin, Chimay, and St. Bernardus just to name a few. Wish they had Southern Tier and carried variety packs. You can make your own 6-pack from a small, select few they sell on the side. New selections get rotated often. Also, the beers are located in the corner of the Supermarket away from the crowds so you can linger and take your time selecting craft brews. But a staff member will always come and ask if you would like any suggestions. #8 on 11102009 DG.“
DeadGirl 4690 days ago
“Great selection. Server was really adept at matching beers with dishes and making suggestions. I think we got lucky though by the way I heard other servers talk about beer. Food was good, really enjoyed the tuna steak sandwich.“
quiquesan 4732 days ago
62 /100 4155 NORTHLAKE BLVD
“Lots of Belgians and American craft beer. Plenty of Macros. They will absolutely, positively allow you to break six packs... except cans. The staff is fairly friendly, but in no way knowledgeable regarding beer. IPAs are not always fresh. Lots of junk beer, but some real diamonds among the rough.“
hopscotch 4861 days ago
54 /100 11221 LEGACY AVE
“Its the same as any other Total Wine Ive evr been too. Huge warehouse full of alcohol. The staff knows a few basics about beer, but if you asked about most of the individual bottles they’ll just make it up half the time. They definitely carry a big selection althugh more than half is shite. Nothing really rare or tough to find, but if your looking to go get a six pack of old favorites, its a decent place to go.“
mgumby10 4894 days ago
“Big corporate joint. Service was attentive, even when a giant group sat next door we weren’t ignored. Food wasn’t my thing - too timid and uninventive. The beer list guarantees 15-20 beer you’ll enjoy, even if you’ve had most of them before. Although there’s room for improvement on the creativity side of things, I didn’t have a bad time here at all.“
Oakes 5212 days ago
“Well tihs place is fun just to see 120 beers on tap. The food is ok and the service is great some nights and just ok on other nights. It is a fun place to go, but I would recommend going sun-thurs as the weekend crowds can leave you waiting an hour for a table.“
daknole 5259 days ago
“I’ve been a large number of world-class beer bars, and other than the uncomfortably snobby atmosphere at this particular Yard House, this place is Top notch! The selection was well chosen, and of the 6 different beers I sampled, they were all in wonderful condition which says a lot about the attention to cleanliness.“
matta 5274 days ago
“Great selection but no beer knowledge, no proper glassware, and overpriced everything except during happy hour.“
slimchill 5339 days ago
“Not a huge selection but a wonderful selection. Really nice bomber and 750 offerings.“
slimchill 5339 days ago
“They have a pretty good selection of beers (all refridgerated), a few you won’t find across the street at Total Wine, but the prices are noticably higher. Overall a decent store to shop for specialty items, cheese, produce, cuts of meat, fish and grains especially, but plan to add 10% to your average grocery bill.“
glennmastrange 5405 days ago
82 /100 11221 LEGACY AVE
“Second best selection of beer in Florida. I like the store. It’s big, but well-kept and organized. The personnel know far more about wine and liquor than beer, but I really have no questions. Most beers available in the singles isle or the singles cooler, but they’ll allow you to break absolutely any six or four pack. Lots of Belgians, Western European ales and Eastern European lagers. A good selection of American craft beer, relatively speaking. Good cigar selection. It’s cool to be able to pick up a bottle of Orval or a sixer of Kalamazoo Stout only two miles from work.“
hopscotch 5407 days ago
“When I arrive in hell, I now know I’ll recognize it, because I’ve been to the Yard House. My friend BeerBelcher and I have recently been discussing the importance of a place’s appreciation of beer culture, which has nothing to do with the number of great beers a place has. The Yard House has 120 taps surrounding a long, two-sided back bar. (I would’ve told you any place that has DFH 90 Minute on tap couldn’t suck. I would’ve been wrong.) Everything else about this place is designed for the crowd that has more money than brains. It was like a circa 1983 meat market, with everyone there trying to impress everyone else with how much money they have -- and no-one in the huge crowd was drinking beer! This place is totally ignorant of beer culture. It would actually be better without the great beer selection -- then at least it would know what it is, and when I’m in the mood for a martini, I could go there knowing that the mood of the place wasn’t totally wrong for what I’d be drinking. BTW, for having 120 taps, nothing genuinely unusual was there, so that’s even a knock againt the selection in my mind.“
Flyer 5489 days ago
“They Claim Worldest largest selection of draft beers. i have know idea if this is true but i took a copy of the draft list and theres over 120 on tap. service was sooooo slow sitting outside on the couchs. maybe the bar would have been fster but i wanted to smoke so ehh. anyways i picked up some decent IPAs off the menu such as Avery IPA and Stoudts double IPA. hell i ordered a 32 once Dogfish IPA just to push me over the edge to touch the bill. about 30$ for 4 IPAs one being the gaint 32. worth the trip.“
fattibobatti 5576 days ago
44 /100 11221 LEGACY AVE
“Ambiance, what can i say its the walmart of alcohol. Service, the girl who rang us up was incredibley rude to us and those behind us (it was quiting time and we were in the way). Selection is large but no rare beers.“
redlight 5585 days ago
“It’s only four miles from my place of employment, if that far. Mall parking on a Friday evening. I was forced to park about 300 yards away. It was loud with lots of chatter and white noise, otherwise, the place is a really nice experience. The edamame, seared ahi and linguine with red clam sauce were all good... it’s gotta be hard to fuck up edamame though. No Smoking, which works for me. The place gets pretty dark once the sun goes down, but ceiling lamps are strategically placed to light up the things that need to be lit. Good looking, young crowd... hotties galore... tons of talent! I drank two Old Chubs and an Old Rasputin on Nitro... nice choice of gases on their part. The nitro didn’t detract from the Old Chub at all and it smoothed out any rough edges from the Old Rasputin. Fortunately, my St. Bernardus Abt 12 was served conventionally. There are at least fifteen large plasma televisions mounted around the place and they can pick up pretty much any game you want“
hopscotch 5601 days ago
“Ambiance, sports bar, chain resteraunt. I’ve been here a few times, once the bartender was very helpful and knew his beer, other times the employees didn’t know much. Selection is pretty good, a lot of macros and big imports, but Gonzo on draft was nice to see. And the food is top notch! best turkey burger i’ve ever had!“
redlight 5648 days ago
72 /100 11221 LEGACY AVE
“Go there for the selection and the prices. As far as the beer, I’ve seen better selection in smaller places in NY and CT, but still way better than anything else near by. Tequila, scotch, rum and bourbon selections are good, not great, and wine selection is fantastic. Why isn’t there a better selection of Cigar City beers here?“
glennmastrange 5654 days ago
“This place had much better food the first couple of times I was there, but the last time out, in a party of four it wasn’t so great. I think they should stick to the basics. The beer on the other hand is quite good for south east Florida. They tout over a hundred beers on tap but they were out of a few each time I visited, and a good portion of their menu includes macro crap. BTW, don’t bring anybody there who only drinks macro garbage out of a bottle, they don’t have any.Table service is good, but night time bar service is pretty weak.“
glennmastrange 5660 days ago
84 /100 11221 LEGACY AVE
“Really impressive selection, including good Belgian style beers made exclusively for Total Wine (e.g. Cuvee Euphorique, Cuvee Mystique, Cuvee Diabolique) by de Proef. I think the Boomgarde fruity beers are also made by Liefman’s just for them. Good selection of Rogues, Left Hands, Great Divides, St. Bernardus, Val-Dieu, Ommegangs, DFH (including WWS and d’Extra), Flying Dog, Mendicino, Avery (including the Grand Cru and the Beast), Boon, d’Achouffe, Kwak, des Rocs, British and German beers. The website claims around 1000 beers...I’m not sure, but there was more than enough to keep most beer geeks happy! Mostly warm on shelves, but several coolers also. Big store with decent prices - significantly better than ABC Store or Whole Foods nearby.“
DenverLogan 5674 days ago
“I went to this one after I went to the one in California. Pretty much the same, but I went there with friends who had no idea about good beer so I was doing the ordering for the night and for the most part they all liked what they drank. I was pretty happy with their reactions. Virtually had the same stuff as the other but they could do SOOO much better with what they have.“
mgumby10 5679 days ago
“This place was actually suggested by one of my non-drinking/non-beer lover friends. Huge open restaurant and bar floor plan. They claim the most beers on tap in the world (120) but 50% or more are macros or low grade micros. They did have some decent selections including St. Bernardus Abt 12. The waiter was very knowledgeable and willing to help with the selections. Awesome food and decent pint prices!“
BeerHawk 5688 days ago
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