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68 /100
The Tin Cow (Restaurant)
“Visited here for dinner on an early Saturday evening in late August '18. Located downtown among a slew of other restaurants and bars. Small bar area, but plenty of tables and seating outside as well. Odd beer arrangement, only four on tap - the one I tried and rejected was full of diacetyl - clean your taps folks!.Several dozen cans available, many local and regional craft, no bottles from what I could see. Burgers are the specialty here, you can customize all aspects from the bun to the toppings, t the cheese and meat but I dd not feel like thinking that much, so I just ordered a Greek burger and was happy. Friendly wait staff, prices fair. Overall decent.“
PorterPounder 1028 days ago
90 /100 50 E GARDEN ST
“Visited here on an early Saturday evening in late August '18. Great storefront location in downtown, plenty of room at the wraparound bar, lots of stables scattered about and tables outside as well. Lively, energetic crowd, a few kids running about, games available out front. A few big TVs for game watching, but not the focus, Have about 16 or so of their own on tap a couple of guest taps. Many varied styles - Old Ale? count me in! Available in flights, pints and growlers. Quick, attentive service. A recommended stop if in downtown Pensacola,“
PorterPounder 1028 days ago
78 /100 2811 COPTER RD
“Visited here in late August '18 on a Saturday for lunch. Located north of Pensacola in an industrial/warehouse type of area. Modest surroundings, appears to be an old mobile home that was added on to over the years - but don't let that deter you, Pub is in the back, Have about six of their own (Redneck Riviera) on tap and the two I had were pretty solid. Have a cooler full of local and regional craft. Pub grub menu, burgers, sandwiches gyros etc. I had a gyro and it was top notch. Friendly, talkative barkeep. A little off the beaten path, but worth the trek,“
PorterPounder 1029 days ago
78 /100 225 E ZARAGOZA ST
“Nice place very near the coast and downtown Pensacola. Comfortable patio outside, especially of use on a pleasant summer evening. Serviceable selection of about 15 taps, flights available. Unfortunately, the beers are decent at best with the Blackbeard Stout being the notable exception. Friendly service, prices are good. Though the beers were nothing special, we had a good time at this brewery.“
tricksta_p 1082 days ago
76 /100 10 PALAFOX PL
“Desperate for some food and beers after a long day, this place offered just what we needed. The first thing that makes an impression is the large wall of taps. Extensive selection with many interesting new ticks for a foreign traveller. Ambiance is okay but nothing special. Table service was friendly but hardly knowledgeable about beer, though I didn't talk to any bartenders. Pizza was simply good, thick and filling. They do happy hour as well. Centrally located in downtown Pensacola.“
tricksta_p 1082 days ago
76 /100 2811 COPTER RD
“If you truely want to enjoy a great beer and relaxing atmosphere this is the place. Good people, good times sit back relax and enjoy. The selection of beer is broad enough that is definitely something for everyone. Rats are a definite added benefit. Rough on the edges great on the inside.“
AlphaRecon13 1171 days ago
80 /100 2811 COPTER RD
“What a fantastic place. When you are in Pensacola you think there’s no hope to find a great craft beer bar. But how wrong I was when your cousin who you love who lives locally takes you here. Amazing board of home brews and craft beers sets the stage (and this is after all, right?). Thanks to the gang at Goat Lips!! What a night!“
billpowning1 1171 days ago
78 /100 121 PALAFOX PL
“Located in a small strip center, this new Meadery offers a variety of well-made Meads. The space is large and boasts a wall-length chalk board for you to leave your thoughts. We were guided through a 6-Mead tasting by someone who obviously knows Mead. Although a bit outside of town, still a worthy stop.“
BeerandBlues2 1214 days ago
74 /100 3541 W FAIRFIELD DR
“A bit outside of the main Pensacola revitalization is Spahr Brewing, though they are easy enough to find and get to. The place is large enough with TV's on the walls featuring sports games. The beers are clean, mostly German styles, which is a nice find anywhere in the States. The owner was pouring and provided great service. They have a few wines available, including some from Germany and Austria along with a few snack items.“
BeerandBlues2 1214 days ago
78 /100 50 E GARDEN ST
“We walked into one of Pensacola's newest (if not newest) breweries mid-afternoon on a pleasant January day. There was a vendor out front serving freshly smoked meat for those patrons desiring food. The interior is open with immediate access to the bar and brewing equipment - several beers were fermenting vigorously. The staff were pleasant and served us a few house beers. I grabbed a crowler of one to-go that I did not have a chance to taste during the visit. They offer full pours, crowlers and tasters. I really enjoyed their beers and look forward to future visits.“
BeerandBlues2 1214 days ago
80 /100 200 S PALAFOX ST
“This chain beer bar offers numerous craft beer taps and even more craft beer bottles/cans. While it gets crowded, the service seems consistent and moves patrons along. It is conveniently located around many other beverage establishments in what could be considered Pensacola’s "bar square". I found several new regional beer offerings to sate my thirst.“
BeerandBlues2 1861 days ago
70 /100 500 HEINBERG ST
“I visited Gulf Coast Brewery a few weeks ago while visiting family in nearby Mobile. They are just off one of the main streets downtown, just behind McGuire’s. The inside is half functioning brewery, half large bar (with a smoking room, complete with stained wood walls and leather chairs). The service was a bit slow at this peak time but efficient enough. They offered seven (7) or so house beers of good quality. The half with the brewing equipment also contained ping pong tables and led to a new deck.“
BeerandBlues2 1861 days ago
70 /100 2811 COPTER RD
“This is an interesting place in Pensacola. Housed in an old house this eatery began brewing about 13 months ago (March 2015) and are now expanding. The 1-barrel system cannot keep up with demand but they have several local and regional micros on tap and in bottles/cans if you desire something different. The snacks we ordered were good and served fast by a delightful waitress. The owner stopped by and talked to us for a bit as he made his way to all the tables. The beers are not great but I like the quaint and laid back aspect.“
BeerandBlues2 1884 days ago
22 /100 500 HEINBERG ST
“These folks don’t have brewing skills. I guess that is why they sell other peoples beer. If it weren’t for having PBB they would close shop. The so called coffee porter they serve smells and tastes like watered down vinegar mixed with a very poor porter.“
ericjjohnson 1942 days ago
82 /100 225 E ZARAGOZA ST
“Historic building near the older section of Pensacola. 8 seat bar and a few tables, as well as a front sidewalk patio. Friendly service, 15 beers on tap, flights available @ 4 for $5.50. Beers are good, not great. Nice place if you are in the area.“
rondphoto 1954 days ago
84 /100 500 HEINBERG ST
“This place is gorgeous! Good, friendly service. They ran out of their own beer during their soft opening three days ago! Several guest taps. Wine is also available. A cigar humidor is adjacent to the bar. A cigar room in the back that remains closed and has its own ventilation. Nice leather chairs and small tables in the cigar room. There’s a sitting room off to the right as you enter the bar. Leather couch and three leather chairs in there. Beautiful brick, granite bar top with barrel staves making up the support to the bar. Stone-tiled floor. A lot of dark-stained wood. The brewery can be easily viewed through seven different windows looking out from the bar. Three tables in the bar area. One six-top and two four-tops.“
DocJitsu 1954 days ago
68 /100 6895 N 9TH AVE, STE C
“Sort of bland and dingy liquor store with a decent selection of craft beers, particularly for Pensacola. I can usually find something I’ll like and visit more often than not during trips to my old hometown.“
italarican 2022 days ago
50 /100 225 E ZARAGOZA ST
“A fine place to come and enjoy a beer on a hot FL day/night. Nice indoor area, adding comfortable furniture would up the place.“
HuldgaardRJ 2052 days ago
60 /100 225 E ZARAGOZA ST
“Nice little place with some tables on the patio and more rooms inside. They do flights so you can do some tasting. Unfortunately the beers in below average. They do some decent pale ales and kölsch, but the darker beers were horrible. Still worth a visit though!“
ramboraffe 2143 days ago
64 /100 8084 N DAVIS HWY, #F-3
“Staff knows nothing about craft beer and just stays at the register (I ended up staying for 20 minutes to help other customers), but the beer selection was surprisingly good for the Pensacola area. It’s your typical liquor store with a decent beer selection in the rear.“
italarican 2144 days ago
72 /100 5906 N DAVIS HWY
“It took me a year and a half to finally make it over to this place. The commercialization aspect kept me away for that long. I’m pleased that I finally decided to visit though. The indoor dining it took me a year and a half to finally make it over to this place. The commercialization aspect kept me away for that long. I’m pleased that I finally decided to visit though. The indoor dining area is very large with a proportional bar centrally located. There is a bar outside in a seating area that is what I would consider "open air." That area The indoor dining area is very large with a proportional bar centrally located. There is a bar outside in a seating area that is what I would consider "open air." That area has a couple couches, a fire pit and a sizable bar. Then there is an outdoor patio with a few more tables for true outdoor seating. Domestics makeup the majority of the beers offered, but they do have a few good craft brews. The most notable were Lagunitas IPA and Dogfishead 60 Minute. I had the chicken nachos and my friend had the chicken tenders. Both were HUGE servings. Good, but not the best either of us had ever had. The place was as packed as it could be without actually having a wait at the door. And it was early evening on a Tuesday. I’ll be going back.“
DocJitsu 2183 days ago
28 /100
Paradise Liquors (Beer Store)
“I can’t recommend going here. I was a little concerned when I saw a seven month old bottle of Stone’s 18th Anniversary IPA on the shelf, but things got worse when I got home and opened a Grayton Pale Ale and found it was way too old. I called the brewery to let them know and they said, based on the labeling, the beer is at least two years old. That’s apalling.“
schnp 2247 days ago
70 /100 225 E ZARAGOZA ST
“Nice spot in the historic section of Pensacola. They had about 15 beers on tap. Luckily they did flights so I was able to try all of the ones that interested me, but unfortunately the beers were just average. But the nice atmosphere and friendly service made up for that and it was an enjoyable stop.“
jenray 2261 days ago
42 /100 225 E ZARAGOZA ST
“Cute place and, given the quality of its beer, strangely popular. Positioned in a convenient and good spot just adjacent to downtown Pensacola. As previously alluded to, the quality of the beer is substandard. Particularly when compared to other Gulfcoast breweries like Oyster City Brewing in Apalachicola and Fairhope Brewing in Fairhope, Alabama. That hasn’t seemed to stop their beers from appearing in all stores and several restaurants in Pensacola.“
DocJitsu 2397 days ago
70 /100 3808 N 12TH AVE
“Open everyday at 3:30 and doesn’t close til 3:00 am. Decent selection of varied craft brews on tap. A lot more in the bottle. Quaint dive off of 12th avenue. You literally have to meander through trees to find a spot to park. Good, friendly service. A small, but cozy and inviting patio out back. A good amount of patrons who frequent the bar. This place is circa 1935. Definitely a fun stop.“
DocJitsu 2578 days ago
70 /100 6895 N 9TH AVE, STE C
“Big box style, no service. Beer selection is varied with lots of old beers. Prices are average with something’s pretty low. If you are looking for old Stone, this is a good place.“
Ferris 2610 days ago
82 /100 225 E ZARAGOZA ST
“A cozy little tasting room that also has a nice patio. Bartender was really nice and accommodating. Just their beers, but enough to keep you drinking. Well priced and they do a big taster platter. Nice place that I would definitely recommend.“
Ferris 2611 days ago
74 /100 10 PALAFOX PL
“A large but unappealing kind of bar, something just not comfortable. Bartender knew his stuff and took care of me, unfortunately beer list although large isn’t that interesting. Food was pricey and mediocre with lofty goals. Overal OK, but not my thing.“
Ferris 2611 days ago
84 /100 6895 N 9TH AVE
“From the outside you question if this is the right place, but do enter. A deli and imported food grocery with a crap load of craft beer. Beer guy is freindly and knows his stuff, selection is very good. I managed to find some rarities and some stuff I have never tried before. They sell by the bottle as well, so you can make your own 6er. Prices are on par, but some things are a bit on the high side. A must in the city.“
Ferris 2611 days ago
74 /100
The Tin Cow (Restaurant)
“Two inside bars and street-side seating. A distinct dining area. Service is good to excellent. Attentiveness is a strong suit. Several beers available. Most are in cans or bottles. But, nearly all are craft. I’m updating my original review from March 29, 2014 due to having had the food here now approximately a dozen more times. The burger creation concept, while not novel, is still unique and can yield a ton of satisfying flavor. Top ingredients are used. Great burger place with excellent selection of beer.“
DocJitsu 2642 days ago
62 /100 22 PALAFOX PL
“Big inside. Nice elevated street-look patio for people watching and a chill time in the sun. Limited food menu. Probably 30+ beers, but the most "craft" of them all was Sweetwater IPA. Good, fun service.“
DocJitsu 2642 days ago
88 /100 6895 N 9TH AVE
“Very nice selection in a full-packed store. All is sold as singles, friendly and helpful staff. I can highly recommend this store! And their food is great! You even get offered lots of samples from it while standing in front of the beer.“
Erzengel 2652 days ago
74 /100 200 S PALAFOX ST
“Visited February 21, 2014.

Oh my. This was a pleasant surprise. What I mean by that is they have a ton of taps (some of which are good) but they also have a ton of bottles (more of which are good). The tap selection is fairly Yard House-like in that a high percentage of it isn’t very good but this is the only place in town that had Cigar City on tap during my visit, even if it was the Jai Alai that I don’t like. The bottle selection was more impressive than the tap list here. Chimay, St Bernardus, Rochefort, Rodenbach, Maredsous, and Orval all in bottles in addition to some non-Belgian stuff like Samichlaus, Unibroue, and a pile of German beers.

The building is very open. All the windows were wide open when I arrived which was great as you can enjoy the nice Florida weather while having a good beer. Didn’t even look at a food menu since I was fixated on the beer. Nice place even if it is owned by Anheuser.“
t0rin0 2676 days ago
74 /100
The Tin Cow (Restaurant)
“Visited February 21, 2014.

This is half way between Hopjack’s and World of Beer on Palafox St in downtown. They’re all on the same side of the street too which makes pub crawling here even easier. This is an interesting setup. They have about a hundred different cans of beer and only half a dozen taps. No glass bottles that I could find (at least not beer). I’d say having that many cans available in one place is pretty impressive, but then again some of them were obviously there for the sake of getting the count up (the very first thing on the menu is O’Douls...). I guess I don’t mind my beer coming in a can so long as I can pour it into a glass. The tap list wasn’t very impressive but the can list was.

The food is as you might expect by the name and the large (presumably tin) cow cutout above the front door focused on beef. Much like Hopjacks down the street does pizza only these guys do burgers only. They’ve got a dozen premade combos to pick from or you can build your own. In fact the menu is a large sheet of check boxes that you use to design your own. Pretty cool as I’m definitely a burger lover. Over all this is a bit of a novelty for me but a nice one at that. Next time I might stop here first for a bite and then go somewhere else for a beer.“
t0rin0 2676 days ago
78 /100 10 PALAFOX PL
“Visited February 21, 2014.

This is one of several rateable places on Palafox Pl in downtown Pensacola. It’s a nice little street with lots of shops and restaurants. This place is a pizza parlor that also serves a lot of beer. It was nice to see Southern Tier, Founders, Victory, and Dogfish Head on tap at the same time. They also had a bunch from the local brewery (Pensacola Bay) including their fruited Berlinerweisse. They’ll give you free tastes of something if you want to try it. I went with the Southern Tier Choklat and a slice of the Reese’s peanut butter cup pie. Awesome combination but over all very sweet. They also had some beers from a place called Swamp Head including a DIPA and a bitter. This isn’t beer paradise per se but with a hundred taps anyone can find something good to drink here. Complaints include the dank (it was such a nice day that it was a shame to sit at a dark bar to have a beer) and that many of the taps aren’t very interesting.

They also have a bunch of funny Star Wars posters and cut outs up around the building.“
t0rin0 2676 days ago
76 /100 600 E GREGORY ST
“Visited February 21, 2014.

If you’re going to rate this place on the beer alone it would probably score low. Half a dozen taps and none are very impressive. That said, I had a great time here. They have some pretty good food and the place is really interesting. They have over a million dollars in $1 bills stapled to the ceilings where people have donated those dollars and written their names on them. In some places they’re four or five layers thick. They also have a bunch of decorations around like a moose head and a hippopotamus head as well as a bunch of mugs and some pictures. Even the bathrooms are somehow interesting (irritating in this case) in that the women’s door has a sign on it that says men and it points to the right. To the right, the mens door has a sign that says womens and it points to the left. Also, this place is massive. There is a huge parking lot as well. All that and a tiny brewhouse (maybe 7 bbl).

The beers were what you might expect of an Irish place. Irish red and stout were of course on the menu but they also had an "Irish Pale Ale" (aka IPA) and a fruit beer among other things. The steak and mushroom meat pie was pretty good. It was a crock full of beef stew made with a wine sauce and had a fluffy pie crust on top, with a little Irish flag sticking out of it (naturally). It was really quite good.

If in Pensacola again I would probably stop back in for dinner but I didn’t particularly care for the beer.“
t0rin0 2676 days ago
78 /100 225 E ZARAGOZA ST
“Visited February 21, 2014.

This is in on Zaragoza St at the end of the historic Pensacola village. It’s a nice brick building on the corner and within spitting distance of the gulf. Inside is a small tasting room with some glass doors that allow you to see the smallish brewery in the back. They had 14 different beers on tap which I was a bit surprised by. They have the regular styles like pale ale, porter, and amber but they also had an imperial stout, a raspberry Berliner, and a whiskey barrel porter, a double IPA, and for some reason an Oktoberfest beer (I think a lot of the breweries do a maibock for mardi gras, so maybe this is like that?). They do flights of 8 but the server was nice enough to do a second flight of the remaining 6. Most of the beers were OK, but nothing special. Also, the taster glasses were almost all chipped and in some cases sharp enough to cut your lip on. $16.73 (I think) for 14 different samples. Can’t beat that.

Between the friendly atmosphere, the beautiful area, and the shear number of ticks I’d come back if in the area. That said it isn’t the greatest beer around so if you don’t care about trying new beers then this may not be the place for you.“
t0rin0 2676 days ago
82 /100 225 E ZARAGOZA ST
“I have always enjoyed my times going to P’cola Bay Brewery. The atmosphere is nice and also in a great location. There beer selection is pretty good and they always seem to have an amazing seasonals every time of the year. Recommended if you pass by the area.“
lcnjv8118 2702 days ago
40 /100 5046 BAYOU BLVD
“Small place with a small craft beer selection. More of a wine place. Old guy running the place when I was there was cordial, but not helpful.“
DocJitsu 2710 days ago
48 /100 200 S PALAFOX ST
“Same as every other WoB. Overpriced subpar selection. Service is a little bit better than the other locations I’ve been too. But not by much.“
suprchunk 2713 days ago
82 /100 10 PALAFOX PL
“Nice location. Great atmosphere. Awesome food. Service was good as was the selection and pricing. One of my regular stops when down in the old part of PCola.“
suprchunk 2713 days ago
58 /100 600 E GREGORY ST
“Busy joint that has worn wood floor to ceiling. Dollar bills are draped from the ceilings, walls, and bar awnings. Definitely has a local cult following. Better than average service. Food menu is decent for a dinner type place. Beers are good to, at times, exceptional.“
DocJitsu 2723 days ago
72 /100 5175 BAYOU BLVD
“Half dining area, half bar area. The bar side has several four-top high-top tables. Service is patient, friendly, and helpful. Good menu is varied, unique and loaded with good food. Tap list is generous, but nothing there you can’t find at the local liquor store.“
DocJitsu 2726 days ago
28 /100 8084 N DAVIS HWY, #F-3
“Typical strip mall liquor store with a slightly above average beer selection. Nothing special or out of the ordinary. Stop on only if you are shopping at the crappy grocery store next door. It's too hard to get to unless you are coming to the strip mall specifically.“
suprchunk 2747 days ago
74 /100 6895 N 9TH AVE
“The inside definitely has the charm of an old, sole proprietor specialty grocery store and deli. The deli really is top of the line. Their meats, cheeses, and such are all gourmet grade. Take out or eat there. They’ll even pop the top on a beer for you if you’re dining in. The service is magnificent. But, they are excellent salesman. Learn to say no before you visit. That said, I respect the level of knowledge and professionalism here. This is not just an after school job. They demonstrate an investment in and passion for their jobs. The beers are pretty numerous and varied. A lot of international beers. Some pretty obscure. They definitely have the best selection of rarer selections from common and not so common breweries. Easily a home base for craft beer. Muy expensive!“
DocJitsu 2754 days ago
62 /100 8084 N DAVIS HWY, #F-3
“Smaller place with floor space that gets tight when it gets more than a few customers at once. Beer, wine, and liquor are available. Beers are available in singles for hand picked six packs. A decent selection. Nothing extraordinary. The service is helpful if you ask, but not as friendly as one comes to expect in this area. Prices are comparable to other stores selling craft beer in Pensacola, which are pretty high, IMO.“
DocJitsu 2754 days ago
48 /100 6895 N 9TH AVE, STE C
“I am re-rating this place. My last rating indicated how poor the service had consistently been. Over the past year, service has improved significantly. It has become more friendly, neighborly, and appreciative. Prices have shown to be about average. No ambiance whatsoever. Variety is decent. Cigar City, Bell’s, Lagunitas, and a few other decent artisan brewery beers.“
DocJitsu 2772 days ago
84 /100 204 E NINE MILE RD
“Great place! I love that this place is no more than a mile from my new home. It has three distinct areas: roomy patio, dining/pub area, and bar. Service is amazing. Nice, attentive, happy, relatively informed. The food is magnificent, the beers are plentiful, and both are cheap. Half price pints on Sundays.“
DocJitsu 2781 days ago
72 /100
The Tin Cow (Restaurant)
“Cool burger joint on a popular street in Pensacola near World of Beer and other beer places. Service was good and helpful. A few decent taps, but more impressive was their pretty extensive can list. Burgers are their speciality and they are outstanding. Some may consider it a little pricey, but for the quality of the food, it’s well worth it. If you feel like a break from beer, I definitely recommend the’s amazing.“
sonnycheeba 2796 days ago