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80 /100 555 COLORADO AVE
“Easy to find place located just 5 mins walk from the town centre, there’s plenty of parking on site too. We found the place to be friendly, and the bar was impressively decorated with some large murals. A must for the craft beer fan as there’s loads to choose from. I had the superb ‘Ziko's Rage’. A powerful 8.2% Imperial Stout by 26 Degree Brewing. Give The Crafted Keg a try if you’re in the area.“
FACambridge 873 days ago
88 /100 301 SW ST LUCIE AVE
“Easy to find place located right in the town center at the end of the main street. We found the place to be friendly, if a tad cozy, It’s quite a small bar. Part of the decor has a few great pictures of old time Stuart adorning the walls (30’s-50’s?). The bar might be smallish but the craft beer selection is huge. A must visit for the craft beer fan. I had the excellent Founders Porter (from Grand Rapids, Michigan) and the more local IPA1A by 26 Degree Brewing of Pompano Beach FL. Give The Vine & Barley a try if you’re in the area.“
FACambridge 874 days ago
88 /100 555 COLORADO AVE
“Perfect beer joint for this area. The menu is extensive and complete with most styles, especially seasonal stuff. They're also good at selecting the right band for the occasion. Go here to drink some great beers and hang with cool people.“
glennmastrange 1279 days ago
74 /100 2550 NW FEDERAL HWY
“Stopped by here while in the area for business in mid-September 2015. Medium-sized, wide open Total Wine, slightly less spacious it seems than others I have been in, Decent sized selection of singles, which is what I am looking for when traveling. Lots of local brewers represented, all reasonably priced. Small, but interesting selection of rare bombers and 750 mls which was nice to see. Had a table of stuff that was going out of season and was priced quite nice - picked up a few from this table - lots of stuff I had not seen before. Slightly above par for a Total Wine - all of which are pretty decent.“
PorterPounder 2476 days ago
72 /100 2550 NW FEDERAL HWY
“Giant warehouse that is mostly wine and liquor. One plus long row of micros that seemed to be in a mostly random order (other than non-American crafts which were clumped together). Disappointing Cigar City collection as they had nothing out of the ordinary. People wanted to help, but weren’t very helpful. Nevertheless, one of the better places in the area. Pricing was decent enough“
ck1 2936 days ago
62 /100 2550 NW FEDERAL HWY
“It’s a typical warehouse set-up with the beer on the right side. This location had less floor space than other total wines for beer. They also had fewer offerings, the occasional Cascade Apricot notwithstanding, than you typically see. I only saw 5-6 Cigar City offerings and unlike other Total Wine locations they did a poor job of featuring Florida beer instead creating endcaps for Southern Tier, from Western New York, and Rogue, from Oregon, which were inexplicably on the other side of the store from their beer selection. At least they had singles.“
DiarmaidBHK 3192 days ago
14 /100 2550 NW FEDERAL HWY
“I must say this was probably the most horrible customer service I’ve ever received anywhere. On the phone they were unprofessional and the employees were uneducated about their product. In person was not much better. I don’t plan on ever going back. I love beer and will gladly drive to the Palm Beach location to make my purchases. They are much nicer and they get the good beer first.“
stoutcrazy 3232 days ago
76 /100 2550 NW FEDERAL HWY
“Nice to visit yet another TW&M. Big warehouse of booze with staff that is probably helpful if you ask them stuff. The selection is quite different from the other TW&Ms I frequent down south. Prices are what you would expect for the flashy stuff. If I’m in the area again I’ll definitely go back.“
ExpendableHero 3278 days ago
76 /100 2550 NW FEDERAL HWY
“Great store for alcohol, huge, staff very friendly and helpful.“
Flutterbyann 3647 days ago
82 /100 2550 NW FEDERAL HWY
“Your avg total wine... Stopped in for some Cigar City and found a lot to choose from... And also some Cascade Kriek! Nice store with tons of singles.“
HopsChalice8938 3737 days ago
86 /100 2550 NW FEDERAL HWY
“What you expect from most Total Wines, an insane selection of brews. They have a ton of Cigar City stuff in there. It’s almost criminal to have that much. My only gripe against them is the way the beer is laid out. I hate that it is by style instead of alphabetical. But is a great place to find beer at a good price.“
MikeMoriendi 3851 days ago
74 /100 2550 NW FEDERAL HWY
“Same as the other Total Wines everywhere in FL, but sometimes they have stuff here that they don’t in PBG. They all still have the problem of keeping up with what’s new, and I don’t understand why the Total Wines in south Florida don’t have every Cigar City beer that’s available in bottles.“
glennmastrange 3976 days ago
84 /100 2550 NW FEDERAL HWY
“Hopscotch pretty much described it to a point. The beer selection is solid and the Cigar City selection is the best Ive seen on the east coast. Its worth checking out. “
biggsbowler 3984 days ago
84 /100 2550 NW FEDERAL HWY
“In the Treasure Coast area, and was lured by Hopscotch’s description of "the most Cigar City in the area". It is a big warehouse. Really only 1 (very long) row of micros. Quite a good range of stuff though, including both some east coast and west coast stuff that I thought was only NY/Cal. Florida prices, so a bit higher than I was hoping. One entire section of singles. Somewhat hard to see racing south on 1; just south of the mall in a very busy area. Overall a nice place I expect to revisit.“
AWISLguy 4071 days ago
86 /100 2550 NW FEDERAL HWY
“This store works with different distributors than the Total Wine & More in Palm Beach Gardens. They carry hundreds (maybe thousands - I have no idea) of different American and imported craft beers, ciders and sakes. This Total Wine carries more Cigar City beers than others I have visited, with the exception of the one in Tampa. If you hit up the Total Wine in Palm Beach Gardens and can’t find what you’re looking for, It might be worth the trip to check this one out.“
hopscotch 4167 days ago
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