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“Whilst the appearance of the taproom/restaurant is not fancy, (more function over form) and is set back from the road in a dreary shopping precinct, this is the place to go in Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks for a craft beer. There is plenty of seating both inside and out, the staff were welcoming and friendly. They have a large selection on tap covering a wide variety of styles. (I had the ‘Peanut Butter Blonde’ by Dunedin House of Beer, Dunedin, FL). A laid back casual bar popular with locals and tourists, give it a try.“
FACambridge 624 days ago
74 /100 21 N SAFFORD AVE
“Tarpon Springs town center is lucky with at least half a dozen bars where great craft beer is available. Chose the Tarpon Tavern for a few reasons:- the cool old world look of the place; the outside seating on the terrace; and them having a decent car park. They have a good selection of craft beers in a wide variety of styles (I had a ‘Bell Cow Milk Chocolate Porter’ by JDubs of Sarasota). A neat place to chill for a while with a couple of good beers.“
FACambridge 624 days ago
86 /100 41522 US HIGHWAY 19 NORTH
“You can tell that the beer buyer had fun building the stores up in here. Cavernous store that does not look like much from the outside. This one has the back fourth of the store devoted to beer. There are the standard macros, but the have a section for imports, section for Belgians/ Danes/ Italians/ Mikkellers, four or more refrigerated doors for craft and a beer cave on top of it. There are aisles upon aisles of craft with meads, craft liquors, and wines as well. One of the best Liquor stores in Tampa Bay and a bit under-shopped, so if there is a popular beer that has been bought out everywhere else, this one will have it for a few hours more than other stores. Well worth the stop if you are anywhere near this place.“
markwise 1914 days ago
40 /100 43380 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“Weird building with a couple of dusty gems in the back. Not worth going out of your way for though.“
fluffy 2106 days ago
52 /100 115 S. RING AVE
“Was here for an Occupy so not sure what it's like any other time. Great beers, typical warehouse space. Looking forward to seeing it's new location when it's done being built.“
fluffy 2106 days ago
48 /100 325 E LEMON STREET
“A neat little place based on fishing, owner is very nice. Selection is small and beers are ok, nothing special. But I imagine if I lived in Tarpon id be here on a regular basis.“
fluffy 2106 days ago
96 /100 115 S. RING AVE
“If you love a good saison stop in on Thursday or Friday 6pm to 8pm. You’ll be glad you did.“
RickFitz 2745 days ago
100 /100 115 S. RING AVE
“Best saison in twon by far!!!“
Flaeutia 2745 days ago
70 /100 115 S. RING AVE
“Visited on January 23, 2014.
Sort of difficult to find, out on some dark roads and into a storage area or such.
Once there is a little office and the brewing equipment. A propane heater was running since it was a cold evening.
Bob was away for the Jupiter Beer Week, but Ryan was there to greet us. A "tour" cost $10 and included a SS tasting glass plus three tickets for beer. Three beers available on tap. A couple of different people in there, easy bunch to talk to. No problem getting answers on the brewing equipment and such. A nice place to visit, though not a bar in any sense, more a place to come and check out the place and get a few tasters.“
gnoff 2830 days ago
78 /100 21 N SAFFORD AVE
“Visited on January 20, 2014.
Drove there and parked just outside. Plenty of beers to choose from on tap, both domestic craft and a selection of international. Never counted the bottles, but were a bunch available and that selection looked decent too. Did a 4 beer flight. Ate a bowl of chili that was nice, my friend had a salad with chicken that she said was very nice too. Fast, attentive, knowledgeable service. Fairly large bar with plenty of seating, patio just outside. Only downside for me was no WiFi since I’m a tourist and can’t use my phone without getting ruined. Nice place though, I’d go back if I lived around these parts.“
gnoff 2833 days ago
86 /100 115 S. RING AVE
“A brewery that sticks to their guns and brews the beers they want to brew. Bob has been brewing these Belgian inspired saisons. Basically a industrial complex but still very worth the visit, they open up on a Thursday and Friday evening for a tour and a taste or two!“
PaulUnwin 3012 days ago
98 /100
Liquors of Tarpon (Beer Store)
“This place is awesome. The new owners have brought in so many more craft beers. They have possible the larges cold craft selection in Tampa. Gourmet Jerky too. What a find.“
Scalco 3259 days ago
100 /100 115 S. RING AVE
“The original hardworking family that kept sacrificing and working their aces off to reach the goal of providing in depth Belgian style beers with a touch of Florida in every bottle or keg. Laid back and genuine. The brewery has come a long way in the last few years of driving 2.5 hours one way to visit. Can’t wait til my next visit.“
mermaidjuice 3449 days ago
94 /100 115 S. RING AVE
“Fun. $10 gets three fills and a glass you can bring home. The place is frequented by true beer lovers, and Bob is always there ready to talk about beer. The beer is beautifully crafted, normally he has 4-5 on tap. Pay a visit, have a beer and enjoy the best kept secret in Tarpon Springs!“
BigSound 3498 days ago
72 /100 43380 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“They have a nice wall of larger craft bottles. They also have a few rows of beer offerings. Some decent items are found in this store. Pretty good Ommegang selection. Probably the best I have seen in this area.“
pari6819 3505 days ago
90 /100 115 S. RING AVE
“Gotta love going to an industrial complex and drinking great beer. St. Somewhere makes classical Belgian beers and does it well. Always using traditional brewing techniques and local ingredients. The owner is friendly and always willing to discuss beers(or music or politics for that matter) :) The 3 main beers plus a one-off are usually available. Great place.“
deadheadbill 3545 days ago
100 /100 115 S. RING AVE
“How did I live in FL for so long and never paid tribute to the Bob? In Belgium being the Bob means the responsible driver, in Tarpon Springs, it definitely has a more beery connotation. In any event, Bob Sylverster IS the FL craft beer pioneer. No headache to have ever changing list of beers, special collaborations, etc, etc. Nicely well crafted beers, Belgian inspired from the ingredients to the labels. Visiting the brewery, well, a small hangar with brewing equipment, my guess, is one would be more interested in chatting with Bob himself or the numerous beer lovers that are present on sites, a small trip to Tarpon Springs down the road is also nice. Not sure, what else to say, great beers, great people who love what they do. Go there and try it for yourself. Prices more than fair for the quality of the product, limited selection, but again, why bother with more when what you have is outstanding. “
sebletitje 3559 days ago
78 /100 43380 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“i noticed the reviews for this place seemed to be a little old so i wanted to add my experience. I visit regularly as their selection is very decent (at least for this area). a good selection of 750ml bottles, ales, belgians, abbys, lambics, etc. Then a very decent selection of craft multi packs. including local stuff like cigar city, swamphead, florida ave, etc. there is also a good selction of germans/euro multi packs. just make sure to look around, as they like to hide stuff (growing pains i assume). the place is still big on wine & liquor, but it really seems as if they have been getting better the past few years in regards to beer as i can’t relate to any of the previous reviews i’ve read. i think it’s great for the area.“
zerolux 3589 days ago
80 /100 115 S. RING AVE
“Like so many things having to do with Saint Somewhere, the ratings for this seem a bit off. This is a top-notch experience; one-on-one with the brewmaster since he started doing tours. The place is certainly off of the UNbeaten path, but viewing the facility and drinking and chatting up Bob is well worth the $10 price tag, and the 3 drafts and free glass don’t hurt either. It is a small warehouse, and all three Saint Somewhere core beers as well as some newbies are available to drink but not buy. This is an awesome place, great beer, and a great experience.“
markwise 3603 days ago
76 /100
Liquors of Tarpon (Beer Store)
“Nice little ‘quicky mart’ like place, much like Beer World of Largo. This place has a smaller selection but they do a great job at organizing the beer (International, Domestic and assorted singles both cold and shelved all segregated and cleanly displayed). They have all the usual suspects here including just about every readily available Belgian beer you could want (if they don’t have the Belgian beer you want you’ll need to go to Knightly for it). They didn’t have anything uber rare here but the line-up of domestic craft beer was pretty solid. Very helpful and friendly staff.“
Ibrew2or3 3902 days ago
74 /100 115 S. RING AVE
“bob told me he was looking for volunteers. i met up with him before dawn and put in a 10 hour+ day and i never had such a good beer experience before, and it will be tough to top. what you see is what you get at this place, neither bob nor his beers are attempting to be hip or trendy, they are classic global styles which have been rendered down to their pure essence, and if you dont enjoy them or your time here, you likely do not enjoy beer. thank you bob!“
satan165 4050 days ago
80 /100
Liquors of Tarpon (Beer Store)
“This place used to be a "brown bag" type liquor store. The new owners have gutted the place, remodeled and have made a point of being "the place to go" for craft beer in the area. Great selection, great staff and very inviting to shop, if you can find a parking spot!“
flabeer 4126 days ago
74 /100 43380 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“a little overwarming by the size a good selection nut not as good as Lueken;s“
Mojo33543 4416 days ago
58 /100 43380 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“Pretty big place that seems almost the size of Lueken’s. The beer selection is smaller but you’ll likely find something here not available elsewhere. They have a decent array of Belgian fruit lambic, Goose and the like. It seems it gets picked over regularly now. No longer are the rumors true that you’ll find a dusty old barleywine aged to perfection. I couldn’t find anything to buy. Ask at the counter for styro shippers.“
Ibrew2or3 4431 days ago
98 /100 115 S. RING AVE
“the beer is fantastic! and if you ever get a chance to meet Bob Sylvester do it - Bob is top notch! tours on thurs and fri“
BobLorb 4560 days ago
40 /100 43380 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“This place looks like crap. lots of beers, hardly any cold. no rare beers. beer section is shoved in a corner like they dont care about it.“
jimbo29 4626 days ago
82 /100 115 S. RING AVE
“I love this beer and bob is the man.“
jimbo29 4626 days ago
74 /100 115 S. RING AVE
“Bob Sylvester is a cool cat and runs a small laid-back brewery in a cute town. Well worth the visit, if you wanna sip a few of SS’s side projects and chat with a guy who’s doing what he loves and loves what he’s doing. Call ahead, and make time for a stroll around town too.“
Beershine 4629 days ago
72 /100 115 S. RING AVE
“Bob’s cool. There isn’t a tour to speak of because the place is tiny. But we tried two barrels-in-progress and a couple of other beers as not yet released so it was well worth it, just to get a sense of what goes on behind the scenes.“
Oakes 4653 days ago
80 /100 43380 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“Primarily a wine store but with extensive beer by the bottle...They deliver to the Tampa Bay / Orlando area... The place looks kind of like a dump, but then you walk inside and its an old fashioned pack house with the best selection in Tampa“
exquicorp 4784 days ago
64 /100 43380 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“This is just down the road from me, so i go here when i want some stuff and dont feel like driving. Decent selection, better then most liquor stores, but nothing special. They have alot of overseas stuff and some lambics. Not a great craft selection, although they always seem to have a bunch of DFH. Not bad to go pick up a bottle or two. Wouldnt drive very far to come here though.“
BigMilly8 5014 days ago
60 /100 43380 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“One word describes the look of this place from the outside: S-K-E-T-C-H-Y. Once you get inside, it pretty much looks like any other liquor store. Tons of wines and various liquors if you are into that sort of stuff. The beer selection is good, but they are missing some things that make other places stand out, especially a lot of harder to find stuff. What they do have is very well priced. 750ml of Duvel for $7.99 cannot be beaten. Too far away for me to go often, and they don’t have anything special that no other place has, but it was worth the one trip.“
Quake1028 5069 days ago
66 /100 43380 US HIGHWAY 19 N
“I wanted to run out here and see if they’d had anything in the year+ since I’d been here and was shocked to see it not in the database. I assumed it was. It’s a decent sized place with a much larger than normal beer selection. Nothing uber rare, but much more than the basics. Since I was there I picked up two different bottles of Moinette, 1 Liefman’s Krike, 2 different Oud Beersel and 2 Saint Somewhere...all at very solid prices. Easily the best place in the area and it has a staggering wine selection if you are into wines.“
NYHarvey 5073 days ago