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72 /100 8539 COOPER CREEK BLVD
“Very good beer selection for a liquor store. Has a nice selection of nationally and internationally distributed singles and quite a few Florida beers as well.“
ads135 1484 days ago
78 /100 8539 COOPER CREEK BLVD
“Visited here in late August ’16 while in the area for business. About on par with other Total Wines I have been to across the state. At least four aisles of beer to choose from. Like most TWs a whole aisle full of craft singles on one side and common imports on the other. Solid selection of nothing but seasonals which was nice. Overall, several hundred singles - which is what I am looking for when on the road. have a growler station as well with about a half dozen local oferings. Solid retailer, decent prices, nice friendly service“
PorterPounder 2138 days ago
86 /100 8539 COOPER CREEK BLVD
“This is a very new Total Wine & More in Sarasota. Plenty of selection and service was actually pretty good. A little bigger store than the Tampa location, and seemed cleaner and brighter inside.“
TXBadger 2670 days ago
78 /100 8539 COOPER CREEK BLVD
“Similar to the one in Tampa. Plenty of parking right in front, across the street from Fish Bone. Beer is the last three aisles on the right. Selection might be slightly better than Tampa location. Wide selection, nothing very rare.“
weihenweizen 3105 days ago
88 /100 8539 COOPER CREEK BLVD
“Walmart of liquor stores. Great selection good prices but a bit sterile.“
AndyW68 3277 days ago
78 /100 8539 COOPER CREEK BLVD
“A HUGE wine store...but I didn’t come for the wine. That said, they had a decent selection (although nothing super-limited). Still, worth a stop if you’re in the area.“
b3shine 3507 days ago
74 /100 8539 COOPER CREEK BLVD
“New store in east Sarasota. Parking lot. Package warehouse store. Selection is large to two open coolers of lots of singles but mostly six packs and cases. Good place to get a few brews.“
Tmoney99 3515 days ago
76 /100 8539 COOPER CREEK BLVD
“Great selection. Reasonable prices.“
Limby 3688 days ago
76 /100 8539 COOPER CREEK BLVD
“The best Total Wine I have been in. Clean, bright, good service and selection.“
beernovice39 3976 days ago
86 /100 8539 COOPER CREEK BLVD
“This place is awesome. This is the super wal-mart of liquor stores. The wine selection is INSANE! But of course, that’s not were interested in. The beer selection is equally insane. 5 supermarket style rows FULL of beers. Singles, fours, sixes, domestic, import, cases, glassware, Build your own sixes. You name it, they got it. Awesome selection. Incredibly clean and modern. No dingy liquor store ambiance here. The staff was quite helpful to neighboring customers that were looking for certain styles of beer, though I didn’t ask for help, a few clerks came to me asking if I needed assistance. The prices are incredibly fair as well. Great place, I wish there was one closer to me.“
OmegaX 4064 days ago