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72 /100 3209 DODGER ROAD
“Industrial type building with tons and tons of space. Taps for days and barrel aged bottle beers to go. Staff was friendly, but definitely served the regulars that came in after I was already sitting at the bar waiting to order. Worth a stop if in Vero Beach area.“
SHIG 719 days ago
58 /100 5905 20TH ST
“Of the ABC stores visited this trip to Florida, this one had the best selection. Grabbed a few things I needed for a trade, but nothing jumped out to me. Worth a stop if you need some beers.“
SHIG 719 days ago
62 /100 1133 19TH PLACE
“Industrial building with a modern feel inside. Really nice spaciousness. Interesting staff, seemed young and inexperienced. Bought a bottle to go in the shop.“
SHIG 719 days ago
66 /100 1133 19TH PLACE
“Cool brick industrial building, inside is pretty dim with all the dark wood and black metal. Ample parking. Nice outdoor seating plus an outside lounge with sofas and a fire pit. Attentive and knowledgeable staff, Same old early 80s rock (Aerosmith, Bon Jovi. etc) playing too loud for comfort.We split several appetizers, which were all amazing. Sampled seven or eight beers, not bad but not good either. Too much caramel malts in the recipes for one thing. I would grade the beers at a C minus. But worth it for the food.“
maltdog 1022 days ago
88 /100 1937 OLD DIXIE HWY
“I love this place. Cozy bar with nice decor, some couches for seating along with traditional stools/chairs. Eccentric decor and attentive staff. Solid prices and they do some cool events like Beer School. The food is amazing, love their cheese steak sandwich and Heath bar fondue. Great place.“
ExpendableHero 1191 days ago
74 /100 1133 19TH PLACE
“This place is awesome. Great old building with great decor. Staff is attentive enough and the food is fantastic. I highly recommend their carnivore pizza. Nice selection of beers. I'll be coming back often.“
ExpendableHero 1212 days ago
64 /100 3209 DODGER ROAD
“Big airplane hangar transformed into a brewery. Open air set up with games for the kids and seating areas. About a dozen taps of a variety of beer styles, good prices too. Nice place.“
ExpendableHero 1212 days ago
76 /100 3209 DODGER ROAD
“It's all open air. No AC. Large facility with plenty of room for plenty of people. Lots of games to play, including corn hole and giant jenga. Limited seating, so on a crowded day/night, you may have to stand, but as stated, there's plenty of room for that. Solid lineup of beers. Always 12+ on tap. Food trucks on weekends. The owners are good, hard-working people. Very laid-back. They do have a couple large TVs for showing sports, etc. I don't visit as often as I should.“
hopscotch 1406 days ago
72 /100 1133 19TH PLACE
“Nice new place. Very spacious. Plenty of seating both inside and out. There are two levels inside. Plenty of parking as there is the main lot and then an overflow lot. Overall, the beer is good, but not great. Their imperial stout really stood out though. I was super-impressed with that. Their APA is good. Their IPA is also good, but drinks like an Imperial IPA. There are a few large televisions scattered about. I've only visited a couple times and am going off a small sample size, but so far, I haven't ordered any food that I didn't enjoy. It's nice to have another craft beer and food option in Vero Beach.“
hopscotch 1407 days ago
“Lots of pool tables. Some table tennis. Full bar. A small selection of craft beer. CIGARETTE SMOKING IS ALLOWED. I left smelling like an ashtray. If not for that, the place would be pretty cool. Just a few craft beers available. I’ll never go back if I can help it.“
hopscotch 1639 days ago
42 /100
The Patio (Restaurant)
1103 21ST STREET
“I’ve only visited once and it was extremely crowded and loud. They mostly had macro-brewed stuff on tap, but had a couple lines dedicated to Orchid Island Brewery, Walking Tree Brewery and Cigar City Brewing. It took forty minutes to get a glass of CCB Cow Boss for my wife and a glass of Orchid Island Star Ruby for me, so we decided to drink our beers and then go somewhere else for food. That said, The Patio has a good reputation and there was a large event going on the night I was there. They are in no way dedicated to craft beer, but there are a few choices available amidst all the BMC taps.“
hopscotch 1721 days ago
64 /100 500 21ST ST
“For someone from outside of Florida this was pretty good. All the Cigar City standards one could need and a nice variety of other Florida beers, along with other East Coast breweries. A little steep in prices if you don’t have their discount card, but worth a stop if in the area.“
rennat42 2194 days ago
84 /100 1937 OLD DIXIE HWY
“Very cool place with some very nice people inside, servers and patrons alike. Decor is best described as wacky, in a good way. Great tap and bottle selection, and plenty of other tasty beverages besides beer. Food is pretty good, though the classic fondue, which you have to ask for "off the menu", was not top notch. Other than that the rest of the stuff I tried was better than above average“
glennmastrange 2454 days ago
60 /100
Blue Agave (Restaurant)
1979 14TH AVENUE
“It’s a great place for Mexican food, Tequila and Rum. A decent place for wine. An adequate place for beer. 8 taps. 6 dedicated to craft beers. 2-4 local beers.“
hopscotch 2470 days ago
62 /100
Citrus Grillhouse (Restaurant)
“This place isn’t all about the beer. They have ten taps and around fifteen bottles on the menu. Most of the beers here are craft-brewed in Florida, but there’s Sierra Nevada, etc. offerings as well. The food is fantastic and the view of the sea is unbeatable. Laid-back, but dress appropriately. The food is fantastic and the service super-friendly. Only about one block from Orchid Island Brewery... a two minute walk:,+Ocean+Drive,+Vero+Beach,+FL/Citrus+Grillhouse,+1050+Easter+Lily+Ln,+Vero+Beach,+FL+32963/@27.6488345,-80.3573402,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x88de59306ccee5e5:0x413fa2b0b0895fdd!2m2!1d-80.355657!2d27.648376!1m5!1m1!1s0x88de593a83c15b5b:0x1af14da64f9bd031!2m2!1d-80.35441!2d27.649051“
hopscotch 2514 days ago
84 /100 1937 OLD DIXIE HWY
“Our hostess doubled as our waitress and did a great job. Very attentive, fairly knowledgeable about beer, extremely knowledgeable about wine and WOW! Total Eye Candy from head to foot!. Yes, sometimes this does matter. The food Is excellent, the service is great, the atmosphere is very laid-back with plenty of comfortable indoor and outdoor seating.Thorough beer selection both on draft and in bottles and, again, the clientele and staff are Silly-Hot. The chocolate-bacon fondue is to die for and just can’t be beaten when it comes to desserts.“
hopscotch 2767 days ago
100 /100 1937 OLD DIXIE HWY
“15 rotating taps with never any "Crap on Tap". 70 craft and import bottles and no Inbev! Food and live bands are great. Check them out!“
rnorry 3058 days ago
68 /100 5905 20TH ST
“This place was much more than I was expecting. It feels like a fairly new store with a very clean open layout. they have a small craft beer section but they have some Cigar city as well as some national craft. They also allow you to take a bottle from any six pack to create your own six which I’m a big fan of and they give you a 15 percent discount when you mix a six. The service was friendly in pointing out this deal to me. Very solid.“
DiarmaidBHK 3302 days ago
40 /100 500 21ST ST
“This store mainly caters to the spirits consumer, but they have a very good selection of wine and a decent selection of beer. They also sell premium cigars. They have all the macros and many craft beers and ciders. They seem to carry some craft beer brands that I’ve not seen anywhere else in Florida. They carry several Cigar City beers and it’s close to US-1, the Indian River Lagoon, Brewgrrs and the public beaches. That’s all I or any craft beer aficionados vacationing in Vero Beach really need to know.“
hopscotch 3579 days ago
40 /100 5905 20TH ST
“This store mainly caters to the spirits consumer, but they have a very good selection of wine and a decent selection of beer. They also sell premium cigars. All the macros and many craft beers and ciders. They seem to carry some craft beer brands that I’ve not seen anywhere else in Florida. They carry several Cigar City beers and it’s close to my home and to I-95. That’s all I or any craft beer aficionados passing by or vacationing in Vero Beach really need to know.“
hopscotch 3579 days ago
56 /100 1555 US HIGHWAY 1, SUITE 104
“As a beer place, this is pretty average. A bit pricey too. Service is always prompt for me, maybe because I come here for lunch. The wings are terrific, tons of sauces to pick from, and their shrimp dishes are solid. Decent ambiance, typical "beach/pier" ambiance. Come for the food.“
ExpendableHero 3678 days ago
90 /100 1555 US HIGHWAY 1, SUITE 104
“I had just recently discovered this place. The setting is typical of a sports bar, with several hi-def flat screens scattered throughout. The food is decent, typical for a sports bar. The craft beer selection is actually quite good and has enough variety to keep most folks satisfied. My weekend featured Harpoon Leviathan IPA, Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale and Victory Golden Monkey. $8 "smitchers" on Saturday night are hard to beat!“
RLiddell 3698 days ago
40 /100 1555 US HIGHWAY 1, SUITE 104
“Had high hopes of meeting Otakuden but alas she was off. Sadly this was one of our worst experiences touring Florida. Place was packed, no problem. Checked a good tap selection, grabbed a seat and then waited almost 15 minutes while employees looked at us and passed by. Not a word was said to us. We left.“
beernovice39 3729 days ago
86 /100 1555 US HIGHWAY 1, SUITE 104
“Out of the Hurricane franchises, this one has the best selection of craft beer. The selection is wide enough for all beer drinkers. Its a pretty solid wing place that serves burgers and seafood. They have about a half dozen TVs for sporting events. Its one of the few places in Vero Beach with a good selection of craft beer.“
biggsbowler 3761 days ago
72 /100 1555 US HIGHWAY 1, SUITE 104
“Not much to the place. It’s a wing joint with a Floridian motif. Indoor and outdoor seating. Several beers on tap, ranging from pretty bad to pretty damn good. Something for everyone, I guess. The food is terrific. It is what it is... a wing joint. A very good wing joint. A mind numbingly large and eclectic selection regarding wing sauces that can be ordered, ranging from MILD to lava-like, mouth blistering, sweat-like-a-pig HOT! Lots of uniquely spiced sauces too - offering more than just degrees of heat. Other than the wings, the food is good, not great. Huge flat screen behind the bar. Four or five other, smaller screens. The beer is uber-expensive, but everything else is reasonably priced. My wife and I like to hit the place once a month. A real asset to the fledgling Vero Beach beer scene!“
hopscotch 4725 days ago
82 /100 1555 US HIGHWAY 1, SUITE 104
“Forget impartiality with this review, I’m the manager and in charge of my draft lineup (14 beers) in this restaurant in this small town - so I’m a man on a mission..Look for constant seasonal changes, one-off kegs, and fresh local brews from this up-and-coming beer area. I’m dragging this town kicking and screaming into good beers one pint at a time...thanks Otakuden!“
mrnocrapontap 4803 days ago
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