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76 /100 2290 TOWN CENTER AVE, STE 119
“The patio bar is a great place to sit on a summer night. Nice decor inside. Solid draft selection and a helpful bartender with pretty good prices.“
desurfer 2679 days ago
80 /100 2290 TOWN CENTER AVE, STE 119
“I like this place, the beer selection is good for tap and excellent for bottles, the bar staff are knowledgeable and friendly as are the clients sat around the bar, highly recommended to the visiting craft beer enthusiast, I haven’t been when music acts are on!“
Bammers54 2699 days ago
82 /100 2290 TOWN CENTER AVE, STE 119
“Another WOB, no differences in ambiance or even really selection to the others I have been to in Florida. Only real difference is this staff seems to know a bit more about beer.“
jbruner 2986 days ago
78 /100 2290 TOWN CENTER AVE, STE 119
“Very good selection. Service can be slow sometimes. Bartenders are pretty knowledgeable.“
GRainwater 3223 days ago
38 /100 2290 TOWN CENTER AVE, STE 119
“Nice beer selection, but the music was cranked up so LOUD we had to scream at the waitress to be understood over the noise. The high stools were not comfortable to sit on and there was little other seating available. After one beer, we had to leave because we could not have a conversation with our group. We tried shouting at each other but soon gave up. The high noise level and pounding music forced us out. It’s too bad, we had money to spend.“
912er 4329 days ago
74 /100 2290 TOWN CENTER AVE, STE 119
“Just opened in The Avenue Viera. Looks to be a standard World of Beer with a similiar setup to the other World of Beer. Still, it’s something needed in Brevard County. Clean, with a near pub feeling, though the music was playing too loud and made conversation tough, even to the bartenders. Service was spotty, but that might smooth out once the bar hits its stride. No food available, though you can order and food delivered from other restaurants. Large selection of beers, nothing so rare that you can’t find in a well stocked beer store, but the 40 taps is refreshing.“
jhliesen 4330 days ago
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