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84 /100 302 3RD ST SW
“Was nearby for a hike today. Lovely building very clean and classy. Food truck outside and guitar player in corner. 15 of own brews in variety of styles most were decent. Staff was friendly as were fellow patrons. Dog and kid friendly. Crowlers and growlers available. Pleasant surprised would recommend.“
Jow 382 days ago
58 /100 302 3RD ST SW
“The building is nice and open. The bar offers a selection of their brews with the occasional "guest tap". Some bottled sodas. No food offered but they do a have guest food truck each evening.“
AllGrainMuse25 930 days ago
“Visited here in while in the area for business in late December ’16. Typical ABC store, nice wide aisles, bright, well lit, friendly employees, Has a wall-sized cooler full of six packs and a few bombers and imports. Have an aisle or three of warm six packs and a few shelf ends with pick your own six pack. All of your typical micros and macros can be found, a few regional selections. Picked up a six of new ticks with out even really trying. Worth a stop to pick up some ticks if passing through.“
PorterPounder 1494 days ago
“Old school ABC that could use some renovations. The craft beer section has doubled in the past few months though as they seem to be jumping on the bandwagon (finally!). Other than that they offer the same deals as other ABC stores and sometimes get a few unusual brews in that you can’t find anywhere in the immediate area. Edit: this place has remodeled and almost doubled their craft beer selection. They have a "beer guy" now that although isn’t the most knowledgeable yet, offers to help and order in special beers per customer request on top of being a genuinely nice dude to talk to. Beer and wine tastings are held sporadically at this location. Not a bad place to drive by after work and pick up a decent brew,“
OmegaX 2679 days ago
66 /100 1107 3RD ST SW
“Not a bad place to stop in. 50+ taps on board with plenty of games/pool tables for everyone to enjoy. Food is on its way and will help this place out a bit. A decent selection of brews ranging from your typical macro lagers to some nice craft/local micro brewery beers. Overall a very nice place considering the area. Will definitely hit this place up again.“
OmegaX 3167 days ago
62 /100 1107 3RD ST SW
“Not too shabby of a place, and the selection is massive. Some common brews, as well as uncommon (in the area). Just to name a few; Cigar City Maduro, Victory Golden Monkey, Ommegang Three Philosophers. They just opened and mainly got the beers up first (good call) but the potential here is intriguing. Being able to play pool, bowl or game arcade-style while drinking is a plus too :-).“
Chipalsa 3169 days ago
“I pop in here once in a while. It’s not necessarily ONLY a craft beer store - so good luck getting info on recent/upcoming brews. Every now and then they have and uncommon, but never anything really rare. Also watch for older bottles, I’ve gotten a few skunked or just terrible IPA’s and such. All in all a decent local place though.“
Chipalsa 3188 days ago
58 /100
Publix - Winter Haven (Grocery Store)
“The selection isn’t all that grand, but the rate of new arrivals is a rare find indeed. Good luck finding someone that can help with info on a beer though (this is after all, a supermarket). If you know what you’re looking for, this play may surprise you.“
Chipalsa 3348 days ago
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