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80 /100 278 E STATE RD 434
“Drove by this old dying plaza a couple of weeks ago and noticed some new stores going in, including this one, and made a mental note to stop in the next chance I had. I'm quite pleased! The selection isn't huge, but its enough, a focus on craft, mostly the decorated can variety. Mostly Florida craft, but not exclusively. They're serious about good beer here and are clearly labeling shelves, prices, and appear to be rotating dates (though they seem so new that nothing would be old - I just mention this because many of the other beer stores in the area have terrible shelf labeling, prices are a mysterious and most beers are old and stale, Pats I'm looking at you). This is a little out of the way for me but I'm damned sure going back. Plus they have a little bar with a few taps so you can drink 1 or 2 before buying some to take home. Nice spacious clean layout. Dude working the bar and checking me out seemed knowledgeable and passionate about good beer. These are all good signs.“
PhillyBeer2112 223 days ago
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