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70 /100 52 LARK LANE
“In the leafy attractive suburban area around Sefton Park at the southern end of the city, this is one of several pubs, eateries and niche shops all along the straight Lark Lane. This is probably your best option for both cask and keg ales in the area and there’s a decent selection of both available here, although you’ll find cask ales in some of the other pubs around here too. The bottle selection here is fairly extensive with a focus on a lot of world beers when it comes to the lager options, but there’s plenty of crafted ales here too. It has a modern styled Bohemian set-up with a couple of long wooden bench tables in front of the bar which is to the right after you walk in. Beyond this there’s more seating available and the atmosphere is chilled making it an appealing place to drink.“
ManVsBeer 2038 days ago
68 /100 32-34 LARK LANE
“Not a bad pub on Lark Lane, looks like an average boozer, has a mix of clientele“
undercurrent25 3291 days ago
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