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38 /100
Grassington House (Restaurant)
“Reviewed under Lockdown release phase 2, indoors with social distancing. This is more restaurant than pub, it's quite grand inside but every table was required for diners and raining outside. Managed to get a beer but felt out of place. Least welcoming of the 4 places in Grassington for me.“
imdownthepub 861 days ago
58 /100 GARRS LANE
“Reviewed during Lockdown release phase 2, indoors with social distancing. Another hotel in the small village of Grassington, just off the main Market Square. This does have the feel of being a hotel but the bar area is busy enough with a little ambiance. Warm fireplace, the barkeep was in training so a tricky question wasn't what he needed but this is mostly Greene King, including the 'made for the pub' beer, which I almost made the mistake of buying, however, on a difficult day for a beer hunter they had 2 Dark Horse beers on, both of which were new to me, hallelujah. Apart from the Wine shop this is the most likely place to pick up a rating.“
imdownthepub 861 days ago
52 /100 20 MAIN STREET
“Reviewed during Lockdown release phase 2, indoors with social distancing. Largish, single roomed pub just off the main Market Square, a little up the hill. Perhaps a little more basic and lived in than the other pubs in the village, has the feel of a locals pub. It has been in the hands of the same family since the 60's. Friendly and inviting, chatty sort of place. The beer range whilst being Yorkshire in theory mostly brewed in Northampton now. Part of the Grassington tour.“
imdownthepub 861 days ago
50 /100 13 MAIN STREET
“Small wine shop on the Market Square in Grassington, close to the Devonshire Hotel. Predominantly wine and spirits in here but there is a small range of locally produced beers and just a few Belgians. Visitors to the area may find a decent stash but on my quick perusal could only find a couple. Worth a visit if visiting the village and doing the run of pubs.“
imdownthepub 861 days ago
56 /100 25 MAIN STREET
“Reviewed during Lockdown release phase 2, indoors with social distancing. This is a Timothy Taylors pub right on the Market Square, within spitting distance of 3 other pubs. This is the pub that was used in the filming of the new series of All Creatures Great and Small on Channel 5 as The Drovers. Family run foodie pub with a decent range of TT beers. Lacks some atmosphere really, quiet hotel lobby type place, it is a Hotel I suppose.“
imdownthepub 861 days ago
58 /100 13 MAIN STREET
“Cosey, small store. Some local beers, some not too interesting Belgians, mostly wines. Prices are very reasonable. Service is friendly and helpful but my imprsion was not too knowledgeable about beer. Dunno how that works out for wine.“
skortila 3062 days ago
64 /100 13 MAIN STREET
“A small shop in the market square that has plenty of wine but enough real ales in bottles to warrant a visit for beer lovers. The selection is very familiar for the most part, with some local brewers prominent bottles being sold as well as national ones that are readily available in plenty of places, however there are a several brews that will be of interest to those who are not in the area too often.“
ManVsBeer 3718 days ago
58 /100 20 MAIN STREET
“One of several pubs or drinking holes located within 50 yards of each other, although Grassington itself is a small village so it is not unusual. The picturesque central market area gets plenty of tourists and visitors and most things have an inflated price to them, the beer is no exception, however there is a decent enough selection in the village and The Foresters carries several ales including a couple from Black Sheep at any one time. It’s not the most fascinating of places to enjoy and the decor is quite ordinary, and its tartan carpet gives it an odd feel. Children are kept busy by a pool table in one corner and you can bring your dog in here too. Food is served and seems popular.“
ManVsBeer 3718 days ago
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