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“Despite its name this is on the Hoveton side of the bridge, overlooking the Bure and the Broads Marina. The hire boats and day trippers are on the other side. It's quite pretentious on entering, do I have a booking etc. but once you are out on the terrace watching the boaters in action it's more relaxing. There are 4 beers on hand pump with one rotating guest and as this is the only meaningful game in town, pub wise, they don't have to try hard. It's worth a visit due to the above, if you ever have the misfortune to be in Hoveton, but don't raise your hopes too high, beer wise.“
imdownthepub 43 days ago
“Visited 14/8/2020. Wroxham/Hoveton is a lovely place to stop off for a few hours and Roys store is a nice place to wander round whilst there. Big department store on one side of the main road, and the food hall on the other. Lots of parking (free for 2 hours). There's a big area in the food hall for drinks but beers of interest are relatively small in number. Only got 3 or 4 I'd not had before which surprised me. So not worth a visit just for the beers I'd say, but as part of a longer visit to this lovely setting on the broads, worth a look.“
Grumbo 678 days ago
“We (me, Loz, Scott and Keith) visited here Saturday 8th December 2018.On the whole supermarkets rarely excite me when it comes to beer and for the greater part that was true of Roys as well with the usual suspects such as Leffe, Marston's, Wychwood in abundance. However what set this independent apart was a very healthy selection of local offerings from St Peters, Barsham, Wild Craft, Humpty Dumpty, Lacons and Woodfords, indeed there were more but these were the ones I recalled. These breweries were also represented by more than just one beer with three or four choices typical and in the case of St Peters at least 7-8. If you were to visit here then I think that you'd have about 40-50 local beers, and when I say local I have also included Adams in this figure but not Greene King as the likes of Abott and GK IPA are nationally available.

As with most supermarket the beer, wines and spirits aisles here are to found as the furthest aisles from the entrance and exit. Aside from the beers this is a good supermarket with a variety of other produce that you tend not to see that often in the nationals, in particular the meat section with wild mallard, venison, partridge, pheasant etc. One of thing of note is that Roy appears to own this town with Roys Supermarket, Garden Centre, Department Store, Garage, Toy Shop etc.“
Fin 1301 days ago
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