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32 /100 SHIP LANE
“Large and rangy pub with multiple rooms looking over the salt marshes at Thornham. Large car park area and a tented village type arrangement acting as their Covid 19 solution which is on the other side of the road to the pub, the whole of which was fully booked up by seemingly a wedding type party. On arrival you are given your instructions on how to go about things. There is a long queue for the bar which leaves the bar area and across the road. As you near the front of the queue you begin to understand the hold up, people are confronted by what must be the world's grumpiest, most obnoxious Landlord serving on a small bar. He imparts as little information as he can get away with as to what is available, getting what Real Ales he had on was like extracting teeth. When you do happen to come across something you fancy it is served up in a squidgy plastic beaker that is virtually impossible to carry distances without losing liquid, which of course is what you have to do as you have to cross the road with several of these. Non of the pub itself is open to anyone other than staff. I could possibly go on for a long time with what is wrong with this set up, but obviously it is very popular and my opinions count for little. However I will never return until I hear that this particular individual has left.“
imdownthepub 723 days ago
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