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“As Mat said below, this isn't really a beery place so not sure it fits in on this website. I've been a few times for food, decent enough, but not really a bar. From memory i can't remember anything exciting worth drinking, just the usual, generic mass produced crap.“
AndyTF2 277 days ago
74 /100 6 THE SQUARE
“Endearing little bottle shop opposite the world famous Ironbridge. Great selection of spirits & beers, mainly local brewers from Shropshire, Staffordshire & Wales etc. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.“
AndyTF2 277 days ago
50 /100
Malthouse (Bar)
“One of several riverside pubs overlooking the river valley. Slightly modern interior but a decent sized front facing terrace makes this one good for the outdoor dining or drinking. Sadly the drinks selection is very dull here with a couple of often seen cask available.“
ManVsBeer 306 days ago
42 /100 10 WHARFAGE
“Living local to Ironbridge, I've visited this place a few times over the years, and i honestly can't remember anything about it, so take from hat what you will. All i do remember, is that i was pleasantly surprised to see a fridge full of Duvel.“
AndyTF2 312 days ago
44 /100
Malthouse (Bar)
“A bit of a young peoples cheap lager kind of place with live music. Perfectly fine if that's what you're into. Nice location on the river Severn.“
AndyTF2 312 days ago
68 /100 21 WHARFAGE
“Last visited December 2019. Totally unrelated but after my visit here i suffered with a bout of vertigo. That was exciting. Lovely location overlooking the river Severn. Nice outdoor drinking area with plenty of seats, obviously gets silly busy in the summer. Good selection of beers and delicious food.“
AndyTF2 312 days ago
74 /100 12 WELLINGTON RD
“Cosy locals pub located in a rather awkward spot directly on a somewhat busy roadside with steps leading up to the entrance from both the left and right side. Small parking area to the left for about 5 cars. If there's no space then good luck finding a spot anywhere nearby. But well, it is a locals pub. Seemed to be quite a few dogs here on our weekday visit, by quite a few I mean at least ten of all shapes and sizes. The bar greets you on entry, occupying much of the main room with up to eight locals sat around on stools sharing conversation. Good cask line-up, can't remember the exact amount, seven or eight maybe? I got a limited edition Salopian, which was nice and fresh. Some seating around the side and back, with a dart board. Great stained glass with the pub name in big letters. Lovely taste of old school Telford here.“
minutemat 559 days ago
94 /100 27 HIGH STREET
“A lovely micro pub in the picturesque town of Ironbridge. Two small rooms (becomes problematic on busy nights, I've seen people having to sand in the street before) with a large fridge with a variety of bottles and cans. Always a big selection of taps. We went for the Thornbridge takeover in January 2019 and managed 12 different beers from Thornbridge alone. They sell basic snacks, nuts, crisps etc, but they allow you to bring food in from the chip shop next door. Lovely people who work/own the place, very helpful and knowledgeable.“
AndyTF2 661 days ago
“Another pub that should not be on RateBeer. We entered from the river as thought it'd be nice to have a half in the beer garden which runs all the way down with picnic benches, as a few others were doing. On entering it seems like a typical food-led pub. One Marstons cask. The rest 'continental' English-brewed lagers with some rekorderlig in the fridge. There is something about having a drink in a beer garden underneath 3 power station cooling towers. But other than that there is no reason to come in here“
minutemat 836 days ago
30 /100
Malthouse (Bar)
“Another pub that shouldn't really be on RateBeer. Presented nice and neat, with the cheapest quality 3.6% ale selection you can imagine, accompanied by an assortment of Carlsberg / Somersby delights. Also serves food.“
minutemat 837 days ago
68 /100 6 THE SQUARE
“Finally managed to pay a visit to this shop which has, for its initial years, specialised in gin and CAMRA-friendly real ale. On my visit it seems more effort has been made to acquire more modern craft beer cans / bottles with a sizeable selection devoted to the likes of Stillwater, Wylam, Burnt Mill, Tempest & Mikkeller. There does seem to be a huge gap between real ale and craft prices, more so than normal - expect around £2.20 for a standard bottle, compared to £11 for a Wylam or Burnt Mill can IPA takeout. There are seats out front, though no beers are refrigerated. It seems plans are afoot to open til 10pm weekdays. Nice place to grab a few regional beers if in the area.“
minutemat 893 days ago
90 /100 27 HIGH STREET
“Visited on a busy Fathers Day, Sunday afternoon 17th June 2018. Very impressed. Two cramped rooms with a shared toilet (small) at the rear. A lovely addition to the beer scene in Telford/Ironbridge, having only opened two weeks ago. Couldn't really have a good nose around because it was packed, but the beer selection and quality means I will be back very soon. Staff knowledgeable and keen to chat, but the crowds prevented any long conversations between us. A free cheese board turned up mid-afternoon, nice touch.“
BlackHaddock 894 days ago
58 /100
Malthouse (Bar)
“Visited on 17th June 2018. Surprised to find four hand-pulls, all with new rates for me! This is a large, food orientated, which also has live bands some weekends. Outside drinking area, big oblong bar room and a food eating room. Staff friendly enough, beer quality not too great; this is a lager drinking place really. Better than I expected to be honest (not been in for over 6 years), only 7 miles from my house.“
BlackHaddock 894 days ago
42 /100 10 WHARFAGE
“Visited on 17th June 2018. An old traditional riverside pub that has been 'gentrified' into a smart, but soul less inn with a large restaurant one side and a cafe the other. Still has the big courtyard to the front but totally different inside bar to years ago. Not recommended at all. Used to be a decent pub, now a real tourist venue with prices to match. The staff were fine, three cask ales from the Marston's stables, usual keg lines.“
BlackHaddock 894 days ago
88 /100 27 HIGH STREET
“Great little micropub overlooking the historic Ironbridge. Just two small rooms but easily boasts the best selection of draft and bottled / canned beer in the wider Telford area. Clearly attention and thought has been given to variety and choice, with 5 cask lines and 8 keg covering the traditional & local bitters and ruby porters through to on the pulse high-boost craft with some excellent new-release IPAs and sours. Even a couple of box fruit ciders and one keg medium. All independent. Fridge selection takes some beating, with some choice Cantillion and Kriek De Ranke in the cellar. Prices are excellent. Pork pies made locally and even some dog treats on the counter. Few games on the shelf plus some beer books. Really hard to find fault with the place, i dare say ill be returning frequently.“
minutemat 903 days ago
68 /100 1 NEW BRIDGE RD
“This bar was packed yesterday when we went so it was difficult to see all the beers available round the bar. Chose Robinsons Overhang which was fine and tried to get seating in another room, but although it was full of mainly empty tables we were not allowed to sit in there just to drink.“
gillhalfpint 1041 days ago
86 /100 12 WELLINGTON RD
“Called into this friendly community pub with a good beer selection yesterday. Beers from Cross Bay, New Brew, Sarah Hughes, Hobsons and Wye Valley. Enjoyed our New Brew beer.“
gillhalfpint 1041 days ago
72 /100 6 THE SQUARE
“Visited for the first time October 2017. Nice selection of CAMRA type bottled beers mainly between 3.8 and 4.5 in strength. Naearlt all bottles with hardly any cans and no foreign beers at all. I picked up some from a new Welsh brewery to me and some from Shropshire that I haven't tried before. Prices were very good but if you are looking for a smoked barrell aged imperial stout this is not the place for you. However if you want a good selection of beers fairly local to the shop at excellent prices with friendly service this is the place for you. But beware as there doesn't seem to be much organsiastion to the way beers are put on the shelf but this adds to the fun as long as you are not in a rush. Parking is very limited but the very kind lady in the shop said if I bought my car around to the front and beeped she would bring my beers out to me. As an added bonus Ironbridge is a lovely place to visit.“
johndoughty 1129 days ago
80 /100 12 WELLINGTON RD
“Another pub I used to use often years ago (was CAMRA National Pub of the Year a long time ago). Re-visited on 1st Nov 2016 and it hasn’t changed one bit: still a lovely old pub serving good quality cask ales in great condition. It’s just a pain to get too, although there is a regular bus service to Telford town centre which is how we got home, via another bus.“
BlackHaddock 1485 days ago
“Visit this place about twice every year or so. Last went in on 1st Nov 2016: Usually only has Holden’s beers in cask form alongside the keg offerings everyone else offers: on this visit however they had a guest beer on a the bar from Saltaire. Anyway the pub has rooms above for B&B if you fancy visiting ironbridge. Pub wise it has plenty of outside seating, two distinct rooms and a couple of more private alcoves on the right as you enter. Foody during the tourist season, more a drinkers place in the quieter times. Always liked it, hence the semi-regular visits. If you’ve never had a Holdens beer it’s worth finding I suppose.“
BlackHaddock 1485 days ago
66 /100 1 NEW BRIDGE RD
“Visited on 23rd July 2016. Around a 10 min walk, uphill, from the river and the Iron Bridge gets you to this place. It’s a lovely old pub, all low beams, plenty of space inside and patios on both sides of the pub. Beer range is from regional breweries acorss the UK on our visit. Beer quality was decent, service and prices good. It’s a nice old pub, think the oldest in the area. Not really a beer destination but a nice spot for a pint away from the tourist hustle and bustle“
WingmanWillis 1578 days ago
62 /100 THE SQUARE
“Visited on 23rd July 2016. Large hotel/pub right opposite the first Iron Bridge. The large single roomed pub downstairs has seating out the front overlooking the river. 3 local beers on handpull when we visited and beers not seen elsewhere in Ironbridge. Beer quality was decent enough, service and prices decent. Not a bad venue.“
WingmanWillis 1578 days ago
64 /100 10 WHARFAGE
“Visited on 23rd July 2016. Large pub/hotel with a cafe attached and a shared patio area out the front. Nicely decorated inside but didn’t spend long as the weather was nice. Marstons beers dominate the selection with a mix of cask and keg offerings, nothing to get too excited about and probably the worst of the venues locally. Service and prices OK. Wouldn’t dash back but nice place for a pint in the sun in a tourist hotspot.“
WingmanWillis 1578 days ago
66 /100
Malthouse (Bar)
“Visited on 23rd July 2016. Just down the road from the Swan Taphouse, this is a boutique hotel and bar/lounge place. The decor is nicely done with deep red walls and nice furnishings, the place has low ceilings and is one huge room with the bar dividing it. Beers are from the Marston’s range, added a new Revisionist blonde stout which was on cask. Beer quality was decent, prices good and service good. It’s again a decent pub, not one I’d rush back to but it is solid enough.“
WingmanWillis 1584 days ago
64 /100 21 WHARFAGE
“Visited on 23rd July 2016. Large pub with a patio out front which overlooks the main road and the River Severn. 13 taps with Marston’s range cask beers including a couple of the Revisionist range, plus ciders and lagers. Sat outside on the patio and enjoyed the sunshine. A focus on food and tourists but beer was well looked after even if the range wasn’t the most inspiring. Nice enough pub, decent value and service was OK too. Not one to dash back to but serves a purpose in this touristy area.“
WingmanWillis 1584 days ago
74 /100 6 THE SQUARE
“Visited on 23rd July 2016. Bottle shop just up the road from the Ironbridge itself in the square. It’s got a whole side dedicated to beers which are arranged by style plus a whole section of Shropshire beers. The selection is pretty local with neighbouring counties making up the majority of the beer with a focus on real ale although a few local "craft" offerings are tucked away. The other half of the shop is given over to gins and spirits, plus a little cider. Staff friendly, prices good. Like the place and best bottle shop in Telford (although there isn’t any competition!)“
WingmanWillis 1585 days ago
72 /100 12 WELLINGTON RD
“Visited on 23rd July 2016. Lovely 2 roomed pub a 15 min walk from the river at Ironbridge. It’s quite an odd set up with steps up from the road, which is a single carriageway and the car park is small and causes traffic chaos when you stop. It’s a stone building, main room with bar has plenty of seating, toilets out the back and a small patio on the right hand side. Beer range focuses on local beers with Sarah Hughes, Salopian and others on tap. The owner has just taken over Woodlands brewery and an experimental bitter on tap for comments. (not the best, needs work!). Prices and service good. Beer condition good. A former CAMRA National pub of the year. Best pub in the Ironbridge area“
WingmanWillis 1585 days ago
“Visited on Sunday 31st January 2016. Popped in for a stop after Sunday lunch. The Holdens sign lured me in. 2 roomed pub, quite an odd crowd in and were playing old tunes on vinyl that was pretty loud and no-one seemed to really be listening too. 3 beers on tap plus the lager on keg. Beer was in good nick. Prices were pretty good. Nice pub but wouldn’t rush back, better Holdens pub that are easier to get to than this.“
WingmanWillis 1758 days ago
78 /100 6 THE SQUARE
“Gem of a beer shop located in Ironbridge with a view across to the famous bridge. Extensive range of local real ales and also a great selection of ciders. Reasonably priced with friendly service, now also has a website for online orders.“
danlo 1856 days ago
“Nice looking pub on the edge of Ironbridge town centre. It’s a Holdens pub with 5 cask beers on, all from Holdens. The mild I had was in excellent condition. They also served their own lager and a few macro lagers and ciders. There were also a couple of bottles of other Holdens beers in the fridge. The food was pretty basic, nothing special but it did the job. Better than the pubs in the town centre and no where near as full of tourists.“
SarkyNorthener 1947 days ago
80 /100 6 THE SQUARE
“Was astonished to find a specialist beer shop directly opposite the famous Iron Bridge itself; not what you expect in tourist central. Although admittedly I’d have been less surprised if I’d done my research beforehand properly and read the Bladdock’s review that was already here. Anyhow, it’s a small and modern-looking shop which was very busy when I arrived at 5pm on a wet weekday - no doubt the free roadside parking a short distance west helps (there are pay-and-display car parks nearby too). There’s a decent selection of Shropshire beers at the front left (maybe 30-40 different beers) and then the rest of the "beer" side of the shop is non-Shropshire beers - mainly from the midlands, but also Debs, Notts & Manchester (and maybe the odd one from further afield (no foreign beers though). There’s possibly 150-200 different beers in the shop in total. The vast majority of them are golden ales and bitters, but there is the odd surprise in there, and there’s a special section for dark beers at the back of the shop. There’s little sign of the craft beer revolution here, but at least that means that the beer prices are quite reasonable. However, if you want access to breweries from the region that you’ve not tried before (while having the excuse of taking your family to see a tourist attraction) then this is pretty much perfect. The shopkeeper seemed very friendly, although didn’t have as much time to chat as I’d have liked as it was so busy. Certainly a pleasant little place with a good choice, and I wish them every success - based on the number of people there when I visited they’re being quite successful.“
wheresthepath 2058 days ago
86 /100 6 THE SQUARE
“What a lovely surprise: delivered some bottles for Dickensian Brewery today and ended up buying six bottles of Welsh beers I have never seen before. I could have bought a host of other new brews to me also, but I was working and didn’t have enough time to really get stuck into the choices. Interesting collection/selection of Shropshire, connecting areas and further afield brewed beers: all from small producers. Another wall has ciders and the remaining one expensive and rare Malts. Impressed. Young lady fronting it is joint owner with her Father: I wish them well.“
BlackHaddock 2067 days ago
“Had to walk out of here as they just kept ignoring me at the bar: the wife wasn’t happy. PS. This is just a local food pub that tourists use, very few locals (like me) bother with it. I certainly will never set foot in it again.“
BlackHaddock 2928 days ago
“Situated in a slightly surreal environment - in the middle of a nice green area but overshadowed by a coal power station - cool, I think. Good food and this is a food-orientated bar. There are 6 taos which are repeated over. Two of these are for real ale, unfortunately most pumps are given up to continental lager. A good experience though. .“
AshtonMcCobb 3388 days ago