Leamington Spa Beer Guide

 bottle shop

Leamington Wine Company

Monday to Saturday: 9.30am - 6.30pm; Sunday: 11:00 - 4.30pm


White Horse

Monday to Wednesday: Noon - 11pm Thursday: Noon - Midnight Friday: Noon - 1am Saturday: 10.30am - 1am Sunday: 10.30am - 11pm


Fizzy Moon Brewhouse

11-Midnight Mon-Thu; 11-1am Fri & Sat; 11-Midnight Sun


Drawing Board

11-11 Mon-Fri; 10-11 Sat; 11-10.30 Sun


Woodland Tavern

12-midnight; 12-1am Fri & Sat; 12-11.30 Sun


Old Library

8am-Midnight Mon-Thu; 8am-1am Fri & Sat; 8am-Midnight Sun


Royal Pug

12-midnight; 12-11 Sun



11-11 Mon-Thu; 11-Midnight Fri & Sat; 11-11 Sun


Benjamin Satchwell (JDW)

Sun - Thu: 7am to 12am, Fri - Sat: 7am to 1am,

Now Out of Business