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Anchor Inn

10-11 Mon-Thu; 10-Midnight Fri&Sat; 10-11 Sun


Swan Inn (Youngs)

Mon-Sat, 11am-11pm; Sun, Midday-11pm



11-Midnight Mon-Sat; 12-Midnight Sun

Now Out of Business

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Latest Beer In Sidmouth

North Curry Level Headed
Sidmouth Wines114 days ago
Red Rock Back Beach
Sidmouth Wines302 days ago
Teignworthy Old Moggie
Sidmouth Wines306 days ago
North Curry The Withyman
Sidmouth Wines309 days ago
Red Rock Capstan
Sidmouth Wines317 days ago
Teignworthy Cor’ Bugga!
Sidmouth Wines318 days ago
Red Rock Lighthouse
Sidmouth Wines320 days ago
North Curry Alfred’s Stout
Sidmouth Wines324 days ago
Cotleigh Peregrine
Sidmouth Wines325 days ago
North Curry Howzat
Sidmouth Wines326 days ago
Red Rock Rushy Mede
Sidmouth Wines331 days ago
Clearwater Devon Darter
Sidmouth Wines348 days ago