Beer Here / Flying Couch Cykel Tyv 4.812/8/2019Rate 3.165
Beer Here / Ghost Black Luck (Sort Uheld) 105/20/2016Rate 3.785831
Beer Here / Kadeau Kölsj 4.511/14/2020Rate 3.084
Beer Here / People Like Us Funky Hops 5.85/17/2021Rate 3.223
Beer Here 500 Hour IPA 4.55/24/2017Rate 3.498815
Beer Here Aakirkeby Blonde 4.712/18/2016Rate 2.977
Beer Here Abricot Barleyswine 105/8/2018Rate 3.234
Beer Here Ale is Dream 5.511/3/2016Rate 3.184110
Beer Here Alsatian Blonde 4.75/1/2016Rate 3.249123
Beer Here Amber Hops 5.54/12/2016Rate 3.419515
Beer Here Ammestout 6.53/5/2010Rate 3.6685291
Beer Here Angry Hops 8.09/29/2013Rate 3.6382178
Beer Here Angus Smoked Porter 5.03/4/2017Rate 3.58726
Beer Here Aurora Porter 4.52/8/2016Rate 3.345812
Beer Here Bad Boy 126/6/2018Rate 0
Beer Here Barley Legal 119/18/2018Rate 3.212
Beer Here Beastiality 7.09/22/2021Rate 3.021
Beer Here Beestiality 7.012/6/2021Rate 3.162
Beer Here Biere de Garde 5.54/11/2016Rate 3.287610
Beer Here Bitter Defeat 5.54/26/2016Rate 3.279417
Beer Here Braggot (Dry Hopped) 9.011/7/2015Rate 3.022
Beer Here Breakfast Juice 5.83/21/2018Rate 3.061
Beer Here Brun Sovs 4.811/18/2019Rate 3.124534
Beer Here Chateau D’Flor 5.52/13/2019Rate 0
Beer Here Cleveland Steamer 4.68/3/2019Rate 3.021
Beer Here Coffee Karma Citra 6.04/1/2018Rate 3.419124
Beer Here Columbus IPA 6.71/12/2018Rate 3.358
Beer Here Dancing Dino 9.54/5/2016Rate 3.65517
Beer Here Dark Hops 8.54/6/2009Rate 3.8799609
Beer Here Dead Cat 4.74/19/2012Rate 3.4998196
Beer Here Delfin Lager 5.010/13/2021Rate 3.033
Beer Here Dirty Kitty 4.710/6/2015Rate 3.164925
Beer Here Dream Cream 6.54/27/2021Rate 3.021
Beer Here E.S.B. Australian Style (The Convict) 4.84/11/2016Rate 3.238321
Beer Here Essentia Bina 165/3/2009Rate 3.7283121
Beer Here Executioner IPA 7.09/3/2011Rate 3.693266
Beer Here Extra Blonde 5.09/6/2019Rate 31
Beer Here Forrest Walker 9.03/19/2016Rate 3.438418
Beer Here Glupulus 4.712/18/2015Rate 3.4687239
Beer Here Gregs Lazy Blonde (alias) 7.53/18/2017
Beer Here Grev Vladimir 135/29/2017Rate 3.627
Beer Here Harvest Ale 6.810/2/2015Rate 3.334811
Beer Here Hazy Hops 7.04/26/2016Rate 3.288714
Beer Here Himonussija 8.08/27/2017Rate 3.628125
Beer Here Hippy Juice Pale 5.54/5/2016Rate 3.265069
Beer Here Hop Punch 7.78/30/2019Rate 3.092
Beer Here Hop Slap! 7.58/27/2020Rate 3.276
Beer Here Hopfix 6.56/29/2009Rate 3.7398374
Beer Here Hopsap 4.24/1/2018Rate 3.336021
Beer Here Hoptilicus 9.04/9/2010Rate 3.6282235
Beer Here Hyggehumle 8.012/26/2019Rate 3.243
Beer Here Hymne til Ninkasi 5.05/18/2009Rate 3.245923
Beer Here Irish Red 4.53/13/2017Rate 3.116
Beer Here Jah Isakaya 4.49/23/2017Rate 3.19859
Beer Here Jesus Jizz 6.510/31/2019Rate 3.155
Beer Here John's Pils 4.612/1/2017Rate 3.125
Beer Here Jule IPA 7.011/28/2008Rate 3.6194222
Beer Here Kadeau 5.29/23/2017Rate 3.243
Beer Here Kama Citra 6.01/23/2011Rate 3.6699244
Beer Here Kaptajn Vladimer 1412/5/2019Rate 3.061
Beer Here KIHOSKH Antipa 6.010/26/2019Rate 3.176
Beer Here KIHOSKH New Wave 7.03/9/2020Rate 3.0829
Beer Here KIHOSKH Papa 5.010/26/2019Rate 3.16389
Beer Here KIHOSKH Witchcraft 4.512/17/2019Rate 2.974011
Beer Here Kriekselikroxen 112/4/2009Rate 3.5965122
Beer Here Lazy Blonde 7.53/3/2017Rate 3.349521
Beer Here Lazy Hops (alias) 7.36/25/2017
Beer Here Lisette, Den Frække Grisette 4.04/12/2016Rate 3.274027
Beer Here London Porter 4.52/8/2016Rate 3.458014
Beer Here Malus Pater Egetræslagret Bourbon & Rom 1010/8/2021Rate 3.343
Beer Here Man In The Moon (Månens Citrus Weisse) 4.46/14/2016Rate 2.964
Beer Here Master Haze 5.812/8/2017Rate 3.243415
Beer Here McSnout 5.59/17/2015Rate 3.258321
Beer Here Mild Mitch 5.05/23/2017Rate 3.389411
Beer Here Mitch The Porter 7.59/17/2015Rate 3.529017
Beer Here Myrendal 8.25/24/2021Rate 3.274
Beer Here New World Lager 4.63/21/2018Rate 3.041
Beer Here One Day Vacation 5.08/27/2019Rate 3.263813
Beer Here Rbabarrab Pale Ale 5.02/10/2017Rate 3.338711
Beer Here Rhubarbie 5.68/10/2020Rate 3.234
Beer Here Rugbrød 4.66/2/2021Rate 3.186
Beer Here Saison 5.511/9/2015Rate 3.197
Beer Here Simcoe IPA 7.23/14/2017Rate 3.344710
Beer Here Skipper Pils 4.55/7/2022Rate 3.091
Beer Here Slettegaard #1 5.04/26/2016Rate 3.172512
Beer Here SoD 7.56/15/2012Rate 3.7590250
Beer Here Specific 4.45/2/2022Rate 3.041
Beer Here Summer Ale 4.27/12/2016Rate 3.021
Beer Here Summer Saison 5.57/12/2016Rate 3.395417
Beer Here Summit Pale Ale 5.012/1/2018Rate 3.014
Beer Here Svalebajer 4.610/21/2019Rate 3.127711
Beer Here Svendeøl 4.55/7/2022Rate 3.182
Beer Here Target Practice 6.01/18/2016Rate 3.289414
Beer Here Theo 9.012/29/2018Rate 3.397
Beer Here Underphil 6.87/25/2017Rate 3.064814
Beer Here Wicked Wheat 4.76/10/2012Rate 3.4496118
Beer Here XPA 6.96/29/2018Rate 3.126
Beer Here Yeastiality 7.010/13/2017Rate 3.16
Beer Here / Raasted Bukkake
Brewed at Bies Bryghus
8.03/17/2011Rate 3.386860
Beer Here hTAS2R38
Brewed at BrewDog
8.510/6/2009Rate 3.231010
Beer Here Pale Hops
Brewed at Brewfist
5.53/20/2013Rate 3.5695133
Beer Here Autumnic Fallout 6.09/27/2012Rate 3.629957
Beer Here Farligwine 115/25/2011Rate 3.668152
Beer Here Harvest IPA (alias) 7.011/21/2012
Beer Here Harwood Brown Porter 8.05/10/2013Rate 3.7283172
Beer Here Jagtøl 2014 5.58/20/2014Rate 3.469037
Beer Here Kihoskh Pale Ale 5.52/22/2014Rate 3.367158
Beer Here Kremlin Crude 116/15/2012Rate 3.7884226
Beer Here Red Hops 7.55/27/2013Rate 3.579999
Beer Here Rocketfuel 6.02/18/2014Rate 3.436877
Beer Here Ryehopper IPA (alias) 6.51/28/2013
Beer Here Sorte Henrik 6.58/26/2012Rate 3.242411
Beer Here Vinter Ale 8.012/28/2012Rate 3.599872
Beer Here Birra da Mare
Brewed at Fanø Bryghus
8.06/15/2011Rate 3.525941
Beer Here Beelzebub
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
8.51/16/2009Rate 3.639759
Beer Here Erebus
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
8.01/16/2009Rate 3.47158
Beer Here Fat Cat
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
4.73/9/2009Rate 3.5399261
Beer Here Påske
Brewed at Herslev Bryghus
7.02/15/2009Rate 3.5597129
Beer Here / Ugly Duck Helmuth Kellerbier 4.64/22/2013Rate 3.2792178
Beer Here Bitter Blonde 5.59/3/2014Rate 3.288116
Beer Here Dead Cat Extra 4.79/3/2014Rate 3.459714
Beer Here Evil Yellow Star 4.45/24/2014Rate 3.274433
Beer Here Høst IPA 5.09/3/2014Rate 3.224114
Beer Here Mørke Pumpernickel Porter 7.54/6/2009Rate 3.8499510
Beer Here Nordic Rye 8.04/29/2011Rate 3.5797235
Beer Here / Okkara Rynkedyr
Brewed at Okkara
10.44/26/2017Rate 3.524554
Beer Here This is not the greatest beer in the world - it's a tribute (alias)
Brewed at Okkara
Beer Here Black Cat 4.77/28/2010Rate 3.5678118
Beer Here Henrik Kaffesort 6.59/6/2013Rate 3.569411
Beer Here Holy Moose 6.03/7/2012Rate 3.125723
Beer Here Honning & Lavendel Pilsner 4.64/1/2015Rate 3.148920
Beer Here Hop Cat 4.71/19/2012Rate 3.469831
Beer Here Høst Citra (alias) 7.09/3/2011
Beer Here Høst Stout (alias) 6.59/3/2011
Beer Here Infant Øl 2.83/18/2011Rate 3.19863
Beer Here Kiss Me Hardy 6.04/5/2012Rate 3.155014
Beer Here Lupulus (alias) 4.75/3/2009
Beer Here Malus Pater 106/17/2010Rate 3.6476142
Beer Here Man in the Moon Eclipse Pils 4.63/13/2014Rate 3.148720
Beer Here Mørke Henrik 7.04/10/2014Rate 3.358
Beer Here Mosaic Vinterpils 4.62/22/2015Rate 3.128018
Beer Here Rå Urt 7.54/29/2011Rate 3.455246
Beer Here Smokestack Porter 6.03/18/2011Rate 3.559596
Beer Here Tia Loca 4.54/28/2009Rate 3.1875170
Beer Here Vår Wit (alias) 4.51/14/2011
Beer Here Vinter Fat Cat 5.812/19/2014Rate 3.147516
Beer Here Vinter IPA (2010) 5.01/23/2010Rate 3.569124
Beer Here Vinter IPA (2011) 5.02/11/2011Rate 3.365914
Beer Here Weed 5.53/18/2011Rate 2.74680
Beer Here Whining Blonde 103/2/2012Rate 3.467568
Beer Here White Cat 4.79/5/2010Rate 3.39087
Beer Here Yule Wine 1112/24/2010Rate 3.484773
Beer Here Panic Pale Ale
Brewed at Svaneke Bryghus
5.55/16/2015Rate 3.062914
Ghost Black Beast BA Peated Whisky
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
11.14/21/2015Rate 3.828833
Ghost Black Beast BA Rum
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
11.14/21/2015Rate 3.838945
Ghost Black Beast BA Rye Whisky
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
11.14/21/2015Rate 3.858945
Ghost Black Beast BA Traditional Whisky
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
11.14/21/2015Rate 3.838938
Ghost Black Beast BA Whisky / Sherry
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
11.14/21/2015Rate 3.838840
Ghost Lord of Darkness
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
104/4/2016Rate 3.716539
Ghost Lord of Darkness BA Bourbon Whisky
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
124/4/2016Rate 3.828335
Ghost Lord of Darkness BA Cognac
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
124/4/2016Rate 3.747133
Ghost Purple Moon
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
9.22/14/2014Rate 3.614635
Ghost Purple Moon BA Bourbon Whisky
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
11.28/23/2016Rate 3.487
Ghost Purple Moon BA Cognac
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
11.28/23/2016Rate 3.151
Ghost Smoking Skull BA Speyside Whisky
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
9.512/18/2017Rate 3.514416
Ghost Wicked Wolf
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
11.56/16/2016Rate 3.375
Ghost Wicked Wolf BA Bourbon Whisky
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
1312/18/2017Rate 3.413914
Ghost Wicked Wolf BA Peated / Rye Whisky
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
1312/18/2017Rate 3.525113
Ghost Wild Vanilla Scream
Brewed by/for Ghost Brewing
10.36/16/2016Rate 3.544016

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