ICA Selection Ale (Nils Oscar) 3.59/14/2014Rate 2.59264
ICA Selection Stout (Nils Oscar) 3.59/14/2014Rate 2.85766
Lundgrens Lager 4.912/12/2000Rate 3.4274100
Nils Oscar / Beerbliotek Brewers In Arms II 5.53/25/2018Rate 3.198542
Nils Oscar / Cigar City Nypon Lingon Stout 8.09/8/2017Rate 3.442646
Nils Oscar / ICA Maxi Katrineholm Vårt Egna 0.47/20/2021Rate 2.73
Nils Oscar / Varvar Solidarity Stout 9.01/12/2023Rate 3.36
Nils Oscar A.P.A 5.03/12/2014Rate 3.093910
Nils Oscar Alkoholfri 0.411/29/2015Rate 2.375749
Nils Oscar Alkoholfri Julöl 0.410/22/2016Rate 2.285018
Nils Oscar Alkoholfri Lager 0.42/7/2020Rate 2.88
Nils Oscar Alkoholfri Pale Ale 0.410/18/2021Rate 2.694
Nils Oscar Amber Lager 5.21/8/2019Rate 3.171
Nils Oscar Anananananas 4.56/29/2021Rate 2.93
Nils Oscar Baltic Porter 7.511/3/2020Rate 3.54819
Nils Oscar Barley Wine (-2010) 9.512/12/2000Rate 3.548440
Nils Oscar Barley Wine 2011- 10.49/30/2011Rate 3.515299
Nils Oscar Barley Wine 25-årsjubileum 10.42/15/2022Rate 3.514811
Nils Oscar Belgo Pale Ale 4.46/3/2014Rate 2.9530145
Nils Oscar Biére de Påsk 6.84/3/2021Rate 3.184
Nils Oscar Bishops Arms 1NZ 6.410/5/2013Rate 3.074
Nils Oscar Bock To Basics 7.52/20/2021Rate 3.47421
Nils Oscar Bordslager 3.54/13/2014Rate 2.594578
Nils Oscar Bordsöl 2.73/19/2012Rate 2.678597
Nils Oscar Bourbon Vanilla Stout 7.23/14/2015Rate 3.19611
Nils Oscar Brown Ale 4.68/23/2010Rate 3.236391
Nils Oscar Brown Ale Alkoholfri 0.49/30/2017Rate 2.355911
Nils Oscar Brut IPA 6.85/13/2019Rate 2.937
Nils Oscar Celebration 9.99/27/2012Rate 3.535293
Nils Oscar Coffee Stout 6.49/22/2008Rate 3.5491262
Nils Oscar Ctrl Alt Delete 4.56/16/2015Rate 3.196139
Nils Oscar Dubbel IPA 8.23/5/2016Rate 3.241526
Nils Oscar Easter Ale 4.24/5/2019Rate 3.086
Nils Oscar Ekologisk Lager 4.211/29/2015Rate 3.017812
Nils Oscar En Mörk Öl 5.93/13/2013Rate 2.841
Nils Oscar Equinox 5.06/6/2016Rate 3.021
Nils Oscar Everyday Pils 4.23/28/2017Rate 2.915311
Nils Oscar F12 Lager 4.79/26/2013Rate 3.119113
Nils Oscar Farm Ale 4.212/12/2000Rate 3.0977129
Nils Oscar Farm Ale Fuggles Edition 4.21/29/2009Rate 3.057
Nils Oscar FLKTGT 5.36/1/2016Rate 2.858
Nils Oscar Frequency (St)out of the Cellar (Glenfarclas) 8.958/31/2012Rate 3.211011
Nils Oscar Frequency (St)out of The Cellar (Mackmyra) 8.258/31/2012Rate 3.095
Nils Oscar FrEQuency A Darker Shade of Ale 6.09/26/2012Rate 3.151012
Nils Oscar FrEQuency Bohemian Hopsody 8.34/5/2013Rate 3.342837
Nils Oscar FrEQuency Censocillicaphobia 7.011/6/2014Rate 2.842
Nils Oscar Frequency Crossroads 6.24/26/2015Rate 3.252214
Nils Oscar FrEQuency Double Dark IPA 6.59/29/2014Rate 3.055
Nils Oscar FrEQuency Muddy Water 7.79/26/2014Rate 3.49038
Nils Oscar FrEQuency Nitar och fläder 4.99/27/2013Rate 2.994612
Nils Oscar FrEQuency No sleep in October 5.09/4/2012Rate 2.944561
Nils Oscar FrEQuency Oatmeal Porter AKA Cacaowork Orange 6.13/7/2016Rate 3.254437
Nils Oscar FrEQuency Sambucus Pale Ale 5.44/13/2014Rate 2.985113
Nils Oscar FrEQuency Wavelengths 4.09/26/2015Rate 2.913
Nils Oscar Fyra Årstider Höst 7.29/22/2012Rate 3.34360
Nils Oscar God Ale 4.79/24/2009Rate 2.975023
Nils Oscar God Lager 5.31/22/2002Rate 3.1286362
Nils Oscar God Lager Ekologisk Alkohofri 0.49/25/2022Rate 2.632
Nils Oscar God Lager Ekologisk Ofiltrerad (alias) 5.312/13/2021
Nils Oscar God Lager Ofiltrerad 5.32/17/2017Rate 3.419850
Nils Oscar Grale 6.6612/4/2014Rate 3.375022
Nils Oscar Grale Lincopia 6.666/2/2015Rate 3.142239
Nils Oscar Granat 5.13/3/2018Rate 3.269138
Nils Oscar Granat Ofiltrerad 5.62/9/2018Rate 3.092
Nils Oscar Happy Hop Akkurat Special Blend 4.710/29/2015Rate 3.092
Nils Oscar Harvest Ale 5.58/2/2010Rate 3.229055
Nils Oscar Hazy IPA 6.45/12/2019Rate 3.03214
Nils Oscar Hefeweizen 5.64/26/2017Rate 3.279233
Nils Oscar Helles 4.210/9/2021Rate 3.216
Nils Oscar Hi-FrEQuency Lager 6.09/30/2011Rate 2.938225
Nils Oscar Hop Yard DIPA (alias) 7.37/24/2015
Nils Oscar Hop Yard IPA 7.39/24/2009Rate 3.5487306
Nils Oscar Hopfenmärzen 5.53/14/2015Rate 3.158419
Nils Oscar Husäjl 4.79/29/2013Rate 3.17527
Nils Oscar Imperial Stout 7.09/22/2001Rate 3.7496687
Nils Oscar Imperial Stout Ekad 7.05/11/2013Rate 2.911
Nils Oscar Imperial Stout Glenfarclas 8.012/4/2015Rate 3.375
Nils Oscar India Ale 5.39/14/2005Rate 3.2841469
Nils Oscar Jubileum 15 7.48/20/2011Rate 3.334559
Nils Oscar Julmörker 5.011/15/2019Rate 3.259212
Nils Oscar Julöl 1999 (alias) 7.212/12/2000
Nils Oscar Julöl 2000 8.112/12/2000Rate 3.447523
Nils Oscar Julöl 2001 & 2002 7.012/17/2001Rate 3.467551
Nils Oscar Julöl 2003 7.09/19/2003Rate 3.459452
Nils Oscar Julöl 2004 7.09/24/2004Rate 3.436251
Nils Oscar Julöl 2005 7.09/30/2005Rate 3.397165
Nils Oscar Julöl 2006 7.09/30/2006Rate 3.398752
Nils Oscar Julöl 2007 8.09/28/2007Rate 3.345696
Nils Oscar Julöl 2008 7.79/24/2008Rate 3.538774
Nils Oscar Julöl 2009 - 7.79/24/2009Rate 3.4262120
Nils Oscar KaffeCasken 6.56/4/2007Rate 3.537
Nils Oscar Kalasjulöl 5.212/16/2001Rate 3.2295217
Nils Oscar Kalasöl 5.212/12/2000Rate 3.3498353
Nils Oscar Kalasöl Ofiltrerad 5.25/3/2016Rate 3.283
Nils Oscar Kalasöl Oktober 5.212/12/2000Rate 3.063
Nils Oscar Kalaspåsköl (-2008) 5.23/6/2002Rate 3.389987
Nils Oscar Kalaspåsköl 2009 5.63/5/2009Rate 3.228837
Nils Oscar Kalaspåsköl 2010- 5.63/23/2010Rate 3.1580115
Nils Oscar Källaröl 5.03/5/2022Rate 3.218316
Nils Oscar Kapten Balder (alias) 5.15/4/2019
Nils Oscar Kellerbier (2017) 5.26/28/2014Rate 3.329615
Nils Oscar Kellerbier (2018) 5.19/7/2018Rate 3.228448
Nils Oscar Kellermärzen 5.53/14/2015Rate 3.03629
Nils Oscar Mackans Belgo 7.99/28/2013Rate 2.963
Nils Oscar Mango Saison 5.93/21/2016Rate 3.192734
Nils Oscar Märzen (alias) 5.54/16/2014
Nils Oscar Mellanöl 4.212/12/2000Rate 2.933
Nils Oscar Mild Winter Ale 4.211/9/2018Rate 3.26616
Nils Oscar Modern Lager Ofiltrerad 4.711/29/2015Rate 3.072
Nils Oscar Motörhead Imperial Pale Lager 6.211/23/2015Rate 3.158
Nils Oscar Oaked Imperial Rye Fig Ale 115/20/2013Rate 3.26
Nils Oscar Oktoberfest 5.58/28/2012Rate 3.116973
Nils Oscar Oktoberfest Ofiltrerad 5.59/17/2017Rate 31
Nils Oscar Östersjöns Guld 4.78/17/2016Rate 3.093217
Nils Oscar Pale Ale 6.74/23/2015Rate 2.961730
Nils Oscar Pale Ale (5.5%) 5.56/14/2021Rate 3.175
Nils Oscar Pallator 7.99/26/2013Rate 3.115
Nils Oscar Pandemonium 7.29/27/2014Rate 3.294180
Nils Oscar Påsk-Ale 7.23/17/2008Rate 3.173
Nils Oscar Påsköl 5.24/6/2021Rate 3.155
Nils Oscar Påsköl Alkoholfri 0.44/3/2017Rate 2.456411
Nils Oscar Pils 5.03/11/2007Rate 3.1479102
Nils Oscar President's Bitter 5.65/12/2020Rate 3.299724
Nils Oscar Rauchbier 5.110/6/2018Rate 3.59120
Nils Oscar Rökporter 5.99/24/2007Rate 3.5463376
Nils Oscar Running Free 0.45/15/2022Rate 2.626
Nils Oscar Saison 6.65/27/2009Rate 3.334762
Nils Oscar Scotch Ale 8.211/30/2016Rate 3.69152
Nils Oscar Scotch Ale - Brewskival edition 8.210/20/2019Rate 3.232
Nils Oscar Session IPA 4.24/1/2016Rate 31413
Nils Oscar Slayer 666 Red Ale 6.55/5/2015Rate 3.288749
Nils Oscar SMÖF Jubelöl 5.29/25/2013Rate 3.184062
Nils Oscar Södermalms Pilsner 5.012/4/2015Rate 3.459881
Nils Oscar Solsting (alias) 5.65/15/2013
Nils Oscar Sommar Ale (alias) 5.67/11/2011
Nils Oscar Sommarbrygd (2015) 3.55/17/2015Rate 2.68117
Nils Oscar Sommarbrygd (2016) 3.55/18/2016Rate 2.79214
Nils Oscar Sommarbrygd Ofiltrerad 4.14/26/2015Rate 3.092
Nils Oscar Sommarsaison 5.05/17/2020Rate 3.077
Nils Oscar Sorachi Blond 6.95/27/2010Rate 3.287965
Nils Oscar Specialporter 6.24/5/2016Rate 3.163
Nils Oscar Svantes Kullager 4.510/8/2013Rate 2.792
Nils Oscar Trippel (-2010) 8.08/9/2007Rate 2.43141
Nils Oscar Trippel (2021-) 9.610/30/2021Rate 3.091
Nils Oscar Trooper 5.04/16/2022Rate 3.238
Nils Oscar ÜbergOTt 5.65/20/2013Rate 3.119214
Nils Oscar Våröl (alias) 5.63/13/2013
Nils Oscar Vinjak Barrel Old Ale 8.29/9/2016Rate 3.436152
Nils Oscar Vinterbrygd 3.59/27/2014Rate 2.963931
Nils Oscar Wedding Beer (alias) 5.66/16/2010
Nils Oscar Wee Heavy 8.03/12/2022Rate 3.358
Nils Oscar West Coast IPA 6.011/20/2022Rate 3.022
Nils Oscar Winter Edition 2013- 8.411/26/2013Rate 3.487182
Svinninge Bullet 5.07/4/2015Rate 2.8716
Svinninge EKG 4.96/27/2016Rate 3.018
Ölfabriken Ljus Lager
Brewed by/for Ölfabriken
5.38/20/2017Rate 2.831

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