Base Camp Brewing Company

930 SE Oak Street, Portland, Oregon, USA 97214
Sun thru Wed: 11:30 am to 9 pm
Thur thru Sat: 11 am to 12 midnight

Associated place: Base Camp Brewing

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Base Camp / Aslan Night Riders 6.75/5/2015Rate 2.996
Base Camp / Icicle Brewing COLAB Belgian Triple 9.34/24/2016Rate 3.193
Base Camp / Rooie Dop / RUIG First Revolution 9.011/2/2015Rate 3.434118
Base Camp 2nd Anniversary Bière de Garde 7.44/28/2015Rate 3.183
Base Camp 3rd Anniversary Belgian Dark Strong 11.511/9/2015Rate 3.417511
Base Camp 4th Anniversary Barrel-Aged Imperial Saison 10.511/5/2016Rate 3.437
Base Camp 5th Anniversary Blended Olde Stock Ale 7.93/4/2018Rate 3.187
Base Camp Acclimator Dopplebock 7.61/23/2013Rate 36
Base Camp Afternoon Delight 6.12/8/2015Rate 3.277
Base Camp Alpenglow Session Ale 4.41/19/2014Rate 2.867
Base Camp Barrel Aged Imperial S'more Stout 11.112/1/2017Rate 3.243
Base Camp Belgian Session Ale 4.912/12/2012Rate 2.831
Base Camp Bière de Mars 6.64/23/2017Rate 3.072
Base Camp Bohemian Rip City IPA 6.98/8/2014Rate 2.711
Base Camp Bourbonator Triplebock 9.51/29/2016Rate 3.131
Base Camp Bretta Livin' 4.57/16/2016Rate 3.185
Base Camp Bretta Livin' Cranberry 4.86/27/2017Rate 3.212
Base Camp Bretta Livin' Plum 4.86/27/2017Rate 3.253
Base Camp Bretta Livin’ Peach 4.43/4/2018Rate 3.252
Base Camp Bridge Builder Bock 6.02/1/2015Rate 3.116
Base Camp Brutally Fresh Hop IPA 6.09/8/2018Rate 2.961
Base Camp Camp George 6.02/8/2015Rate 2.871
Base Camp Carabiner Cream Ale 5.36/11/2013Rate 3.215
Base Camp Celestial Meridian Cascadian Dark Lager 5.12/16/2014Rate 3.589378
Base Camp Coffee Then Bikes Then Beer 7.73/16/2017Rate 3.162
Base Camp Cooper Spur Imperial Red 8.111/9/2015Rate 2.882
Base Camp Cross Channel Mild 3.36/11/2013Rate 2.993
Base Camp Crusher 4.14/24/2016Rate 2.952
Base Camp CTRL (ALT) DEL 8.12/16/2014Rate 3.166812
Base Camp Dark Times Imperial Stout 10.43/16/2017Rate 3.264
Base Camp Dr. Wig 8.82/8/2015Rate 3.157
Base Camp Eagle Cap Lager 6.22/8/2015Rate 3.237
Base Camp F#ck Yeah! 8.98/16/2014Rate 2.791
Base Camp Four Petal 6.64/23/2017Rate 0
Base Camp Fresh Hop Century Farmhouse Ale 4.910/26/2015Rate 3.041
Base Camp Fresh Hop Harvest Saison 6.012/19/2016Rate 3.372
Base Camp Gold Rush India Oat Common 7.44/26/2014Rate 3.249212
Base Camp Golden Hopportunity Fresh Hop Belgian IPA 10.110/28/2013Rate 2.811
Base Camp Grisette 5.08/26/2018Rate 3.021
Base Camp Haube Shatten 5.397/11/2017Rate 3.041
Base Camp Heritage Tree IPL 6.49/8/2015Rate 3.416
Base Camp Hop Hurricane 6.67/11/2017Rate 3.142
Base Camp Hop in the 'Pool Late Hop Helles 4.95/18/2014Rate 3.319654
Base Camp Hoptastic Voyage 6.210/26/2012Rate 2.811
Base Camp Hopularity Contest Fresh Hop Pale Ale 5.310/28/2013Rate 2.972
Base Camp Imperial Portland Bourbon Barrel Aged Mushroom Dunkelrauchweizenbock 8.810/5/2015Rate 3.112
Base Camp In 2 Tents IPL 8.610/28/2013Rate 3.475513
Base Camp In-Tents India Pale Lager 6.810/5/2011Rate 3.4575128
Base Camp Intrepid 6.57/5/2013Rate 0
Base Camp Keller Road 4.46/9/2014Rate 2.92
Base Camp License To Keller 4.97/11/2017Rate 3.111
Base Camp Li'l Funky 5.310/7/2016Rate 3.061
Base Camp Li'l Grom Hazy Pale 5.05/20/2018Rate 3.091
Base Camp Lost Meridian Wit 5.04/30/2014Rate 3.369366
Base Camp Magnetic Meridian IPA 7.53/20/2013Rate 2.934
Base Camp Mango Helles -8/19/2016Rate 3.021
Base Camp Meridiwit (alias) 5.010/28/2013
Base Camp Midnight in Wallonia Dark Saison 6.98/22/2013Rate 3.217
Base Camp Moon Dog 4.67/11/2017Rate 3.123
Base Camp New Wave Amber 5.66/21/2015Rate 3.168
Base Camp Nieuw Bruin 9.03/4/2018Rate 2.981
Base Camp Nomadic 9.04/23/2016Rate 3.312120
Base Camp Nomadic - Barrel Aged Brett Blood Orange 9.53/4/2018Rate 3.162
Base Camp Nomadic - Cherry Brett 9.07/11/2017Rate 3.373
Base Camp Northwest Fest 5.612/10/2012Rate 3.198749
Base Camp Oak Juice IPL 6.810/28/2013Rate 3.064
Base Camp Out-of-Bounds Brown 6.211/6/2012Rate 2.864
Base Camp Owyhee Canyonlands Wild Ale 5.69/7/2016Rate 3.212
Base Camp Paölshienbier 5.811/6/2012Rate 2.894
Base Camp Path of Totality 9.06/27/2017Rate 3.164
Base Camp Pilgrimage Saison 7.13/6/2015Rate 3.213041
Base Camp Pilot Beer - IPA 6.56/27/2017Rate 2.961
Base Camp Pow Pow Cherry Porter 5.73/4/2018Rate 32
Base Camp Prime Meridian IPA 6.712/14/2012Rate 2.831
Base Camp Protohop Beer 4.98/2/2014Rate 3.015
Base Camp R.C.T.I.D. Imperial Belgian Milk Stout 7.54/24/2016Rate 3.265
Base Camp Rauch the Boat 5.16/11/2013Rate 3.125
Base Camp Red & Wit 5.05/17/2015Rate 3.034
Base Camp Reuben Rye Pils 5.76/24/2016Rate 2.941
Base Camp Ripstop Rye Pilsner 5.712/12/2012Rate 3.379678
Base Camp Rye Saison 7.511/4/2017Rate 3.273
Base Camp Saison Ambree 8.51/17/2017Rate 2.921
Base Camp Saison de Chetco 6.86/9/2014Rate 3.324425
Base Camp Salmonberry River Dunkel 6.44/16/2015Rate 3.326
Base Camp Send It IPA 7.03/4/2018Rate 3.324610
Base Camp Shroomin' S'more Stout 8.211/29/2016Rate 3.142
Base Camp Smoke on the Weissbier 6.75/7/2014Rate 3.095
Base Camp Smooth Hoperator 6.74/23/2017Rate 3.274
Base Camp S'more Stout 7.711/6/2012Rate 3.4876140
Base Camp Solstice IRL 4.27/5/2015Rate 2.961
Base Camp Splitter Pilsner 4.66/24/2018Rate 31
Base Camp Steamin' Streets Common 5.74/24/2016Rate 3.192
Base Camp Stephen's Dark Wit 5.66/8/2014Rate 3.186
Base Camp Summer of St. Martin 8.212/19/2013Rate 3.065
Base Camp Super Stoker Pilsner 4.63/4/2018Rate 3.061
Base Camp Table Biere de Garde 5.08/28/2016Rate 3.091
Base Camp The Incredible Baltor 6.91/25/2014Rate 3.297
Base Camp Trailside ESB 5.610/17/2015Rate 3.228217
Base Camp Ultra Gnar Gnar IPA 6.711/30/2013Rate 3.416086
Base Camp Uncommon Ground Dunkel 4.18/29/2013Rate 3.033
Base Camp White Squall 10.712/7/2013Rate 3.066
Base Camp X331 session black 4.64/23/2017Rate 0

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