Storm&Anchor / Intercomestibles Schwarzfahrer 10.12/14/2018Rate 0
Storm&Anchor Abyss 6.94/4/2012Rate 3.174
Storm&Anchor Amarillo 7.37/1/2013Rate 3.236
Storm&Anchor Amarillo Pale 6.73/18/2014Rate 3.043
Storm&Anchor Beast (2012) 6.91/21/2012Rate 2.943
Storm&Anchor Beast (2013 - 2014) 8.14/28/2013Rate 3.454410
Storm&Anchor Black Beard 8.53/26/2013Rate 3.175
Storm&Anchor Black IPA 8.15/30/2013Rate 3.424514
Storm&Anchor Black Powder 7.76/17/2013Rate 3.38
Storm&Anchor BPA Belgian Pale Ale 7.912/12/2012Rate 2.964
Storm&Anchor Breakfast Porter (2012-2013) 7.410/12/2012Rate 3.444413
Storm&Anchor Breakfast Porter (2014) 6.14/14/2014Rate 2.912
Storm&Anchor Brown 5.19/1/2012Rate 2.91
Storm&Anchor Burned 8.77/28/2013Rate 3.699810
Storm&Anchor Cascade 7.310/1/2012Rate 3.024
Storm&Anchor Cedar 7.28/1/2013Rate 3.056
Storm&Anchor Centennial 7.37/28/2013Rate 3.035
Storm&Anchor Citra 'Till The End 6.95/11/2019Rate 3.111
Storm&Anchor Citra Saison 6.14/3/2014Rate 3.69117
Storm&Anchor Citra Saison B 6.18/1/2014Rate 2.971
Storm&Anchor Coconut Stout 6.58/1/2014Rate 3.036
Storm&Anchor Columbus 7.32/5/2013Rate 3.23419
Storm&Anchor D.I.Y Wet Hop Ale 7.310/28/2013Rate 34
Storm&Anchor Dark Saison 6.16/27/2014Rate 3.395
Storm&Anchor Dead Crow 8.19/22/2016Rate 3.131
Storm&Anchor Double Brown 7.62/26/2015Rate 2.641
Storm&Anchor Eight Hops 7.86/29/2014Rate 3.243
Storm&Anchor Fog 5.75/3/2012Rate 3.387
Storm&Anchor Galaxy 7.34/28/2013Rate 3.157
Storm&Anchor Gaswerk Blau 6.011/2/2016Rate 31
Storm&Anchor Haze Case: N.E. IPA IX 8.15/11/2019Rate 3.111
Storm&Anchor Haze Case: N.E. IPA XI -5/11/2019Rate 3.252
Storm&Anchor Hoppy Brown 6.53/5/2014Rate 3.215
Storm&Anchor IBA Imperial Brown Ale 7.111/30/2012Rate 3.237
Storm&Anchor Imperial Red (2014) 8.12/9/2014Rate 3.155
Storm&Anchor In A Galaxy Far, Far Away 6.64/27/2014Rate 3.427
Storm&Anchor India Ice Bock 205/10/2012Rate 3.343
Storm&Anchor India Red Ale 6.68/1/2014Rate 2.931
Storm&Anchor IPA (2012-2014) 6.31/21/2012Rate 3.16326
Storm&Anchor ISA India Session Ale 5.09/22/2013Rate 2.933
Storm&Anchor Kodiak 8.51/21/2012Rate 3.443221
Storm&Anchor Kodiak - Bourbon Barrel 8.26/25/2013Rate 3.18811
Storm&Anchor Mosaic El Dorado IPA 6.512/24/2018Rate 3.283
Storm&Anchor Motueka 7.412/12/2012Rate 3.064
Storm&Anchor Nelson 8.15/10/2012Rate 3.154
Storm&Anchor No Haze No Problem 8.910/2/2017Rate 3.269
Storm&Anchor Oak Dark Ale 5.71/21/2012Rate 2.791
Storm&Anchor Oat 7.14/16/2013Rate 3.245
Storm&Anchor Pacific Jade 7.311/30/2012Rate 3.278
Storm&Anchor Pale Galaxy DDH Pale Ale 6.13/15/2019Rate 0
Storm&Anchor Red 9.56/29/2013Rate 3.123
Storm&Anchor Robust Porter 6.09/22/2013Rate 3.053
Storm&Anchor Ryepa 7.14/16/2013Rate 3.187
Storm&Anchor Sailor Grave 121/24/2013Rate 3.65
Storm&Anchor Sailor Grave (Bunnahabhain Barred Aged) 104/27/2014Rate 3.554318
Storm&Anchor Sailor Grave Oaked 124/13/2013Rate 3.122
Storm&Anchor Saison 7.92/18/2013Rate 3.11199
Storm&Anchor Simcoe 7.36/16/2013Rate 3.183410
Storm&Anchor Siren (2013) 10.21/24/2013Rate 3.166
Storm&Anchor Siren (2014) 1312/21/2014Rate 33
Storm&Anchor Sorachi Ace 6.74/27/2014Rate 2.962
Storm&Anchor Southern Cross 7.93/4/2014Rate 3.256
Storm&Anchor White IPA (2013-2014) 7.56/19/2013Rate 3.294714
Storm&Anchor Yuzu Pale Ale 5.79/29/2018Rate 3.192
Storm&Anchor Belgian 2IPA 8.14/26/2015Rate 3.368
Storm&Anchor Göteborg Syndrome India Pale 7.612/22/2015Rate 3.092
Storm&Anchor Imperial Red (2015) 7.64/17/2015Rate 3.316
Storm&Anchor IPA (2015) 6.83/6/2015Rate 3.477610
Storm&Anchor Mosaic Brown 7.27/21/2015Rate 3.185310
Storm&Anchor Ryeot IPA 7.67/21/2015Rate 3.41899
Storm&Anchor Saison Rouge 7.99/7/2015Rate 3.218
Storm&Anchor Sweet Amarillo Wheat 7.27/31/2015Rate 3.386
Storm&Anchor Beast (2015- ) 9.59/7/2015Rate 3.494616
Storm&Anchor Citra Comet IPA 6.59/29/2018Rate 3.146
Storm&Anchor Down Range IPA 7.311/14/2015Rate 3.456722
Storm&Anchor Green Knuckles 8.55/9/2018Rate 3.57569
Storm&Anchor In A Galaxy Far, Far Away (2016) 7.511/10/2016Rate 3.28409
Storm&Anchor Little Monster Double IPA 8.112/18/2015Rate 3.14
Storm&Anchor Lost in the Pines 7.63/30/2016Rate 3.375014
Storm&Anchor Merry Citra 8.510/13/2016Rate 3.513
Storm&Anchor Milk Shout 8.19/17/2016Rate 3.452210
Storm&Anchor No Country for Old Grain 6.65/9/2016Rate 3.369213
Storm&Anchor No Wheat White 7.53/28/2017Rate 3.264
Storm&Anchor Silly Nelson 7.23/27/2017Rate 3.276
Storm&Anchor Skinny Dipper 6.17/29/2016Rate 3.253811
Storm&Anchor Splash! 6.29/24/2017Rate 3.283
Storm&Anchor There's Always A Juice 7.22/9/2019Rate 3.183
Storm&Anchor Too Easy 5.83/23/2019Rate 3.151
Storm&Anchor Vanilla Sky 8.45/9/2018Rate 3.273
Storm&Anchor White IPA (2016) 6.66/9/2016Rate 3.273914
Storm&Anchor / 523 Victoria's 2nd Secret
Brewed at Stadtguet
6.69/17/2017Rate 3.364910
Storm&Anchor / 523 Victorias Secret
Brewed at Stadtguet
6.110/26/2014Rate 3.514
Storm&Anchor Citra Szechuan
Brewed at Stadtguet
6.63/5/2017Rate 3.224
Storm&Anchor Crow
Brewed at Stadtguet
102/18/2018Rate 3.171
Storm&Anchor Easy Like Sunday Morning
Brewed at Stadtguet
7.010/29/2017Rate 3.182
Storm&Anchor Grizzly Pear Dave
Brewed at Stadtguet
7.310/26/2015Rate 3.071215
Storm&Anchor Grizzly Pear Dave (2016) (alias)
Brewed at Stadtguet
Storm&Anchor Grizzly Pear Sour
Brewed at Stadtguet
8.13/3/2017Rate 3.252
Storm&Anchor Haze Case: N.E. IPA 3
Brewed at Stadtguet
6.36/7/2018Rate 3.171
Storm&Anchor Haze Case: N.E. IPA I
Brewed at Stadtguet
7.24/24/2018Rate 3.232
Storm&Anchor Haze Case: N.E. IPA II
Brewed at Stadtguet
7.24/27/2018Rate 3.212
Storm&Anchor Haze Case: N.E. IPA IV
Brewed at Stadtguet
6.78/9/2018Rate 3.182
Storm&Anchor Haze Case: N.E. IPA V
Brewed at Stadtguet
7.010/21/2018Rate 3.131
Storm&Anchor Haze Case: N.E. IPA VI
Brewed at Stadtguet
8.09/29/2018Rate 3.061
Storm&Anchor Haze Case: N.E. IPA VII
Brewed at Stadtguet
6.911/18/2018Rate 3.262
Storm&Anchor Honey Saison
Brewed at Stadtguet
6.76/28/2016Rate 2.85311
Storm&Anchor Moe's Saison
Brewed at Stadtguet
6.53/5/2016Rate 3.153
Storm&Anchor Sailor Grave (2016)
Brewed at Stadtguet
8.65/18/2016Rate 3.533618
Storm&Anchor Sailor Grave (2017)
Brewed at Stadtguet
10.67/5/2017Rate 3.442311
Storm&Anchor Sailor Grave (2018)
Brewed at Stadtguet
112/18/2018Rate 3.061

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