Barley's / Seventh Son Tobias 10.94/9/2014Rate 2.931
Barley's 1516 Dunkel (alias) 5.84/23/2009
Barley's 2001: A Haze Odyssey 6.56/16/2020Rate 3.021
Barley's Abbey Normal 8.610/31/2010Rate 3.27
Barley's Alexander's Russian Imperial Stout 7.62/10/2002Rate 3.7471104
Barley's Alexander's Russian Imperial Stout - Oatmeal & Watershed Bourbon Oak 7.65/27/2017Rate 3.021
Barley's Alexander's Russian Imperial Stout On Cacao Nibs And Vanilla Beans 7.610/12/2012Rate 3.444
Barley's Ali Ali Ale (alias) 6.810/4/2009
Barley's Anastasia Russian Imperial Stout -6/18/2004Rate 3.386
Barley's Angelo's Crooked Sky Rye -4/7/2002Rate 3.379221
Barley's Auld Curiosity Ale 7.62/10/2002Rate 3.587626
Barley's Auric Ale (alias) 6.710/4/2009
Barley's Bambino Signorino Stout -6/19/2002Rate 3.68710
Barley's Banshee (alias) 7.811/8/2013
Barley's Barley Wine 1111/22/2002Rate 3.779446
Barley's Barrel Aged Dark Abbey 9.98/6/2019Rate 3.111
Barley's Barrel Aged Ulysses Imperial Red Ale 9.66/12/2015Rate 3.091
Barley's Barrel-Conditioned Barley Wine 1112/28/2011Rate 3.123
Barley's Barrel-Conditioned Centennial IPA 7.66/4/2013Rate 2.982
Barley's Barrel-Conditioned GlenLenny's Scotch Ale 7.63/18/2012Rate 3.062
Barley's Barrel-Conditioned J. Scott Francis ESB 6.85/5/2012Rate 3.123
Barley's Barrel-Conditioned J. Scott Francis ESB With Peaches 6.86/11/2012Rate 2.871
Barley's Barrel-Conditioned Robert Burns Scottish Export Ale (alias) 9.72/14/2008
Barley's Barrel-Conditioned Saint Joan's Revenge (alias) 11.74/18/2010
Barley's Basin Street Wheat (alias) 7.58/28/2014
Barley's Bavarian Wheat -2/10/2002Rate 3.374
Barley's Beastie Boysenberry 7.68/6/2013Rate 3.182
Barley's Bee's Wing Honey Wheat 5.24/7/2002Rate 3.017
Barley's Behjun Noel 7.512/28/2011Rate 2.922
Barley's Beyond 8.49/25/2012Rate 2.962
Barley's Bicentennial IIPA 8.55/5/2012Rate 3.545
Barley's Bitter Dan Extreme IPA (alias) 7.94/23/2009
Barley's Black Bike Bier 6.76/11/2009Rate 3.215
Barley's Black Vibranium 8.04/10/2014Rate 2.911
Barley's Blood Thirst Wheat 5.03/20/2011Rate 3.499925
Barley's Blueberry Ale (alias) -9/17/2005
Barley's Blurry Bike IPA 5.83/30/2010Rate 3.354818
Barley's Bombshell Blonde (alias) 4.54/25/2008
Barley's Bourbon Auld Curiosity 8.05/24/2016Rate 3.091
Barley's Bourbon Barrel Breakfast of Conquerors 8.36/3/2017Rate 3.373
Barley's Bourbon Meyer Buckeye Stout 8.69/17/2014Rate 3.487
Barley's Bourbon Street Wheat (alias) 7.56/16/2014
Barley's Brown Lion Ale -2/10/2002Rate 3.393
Barley's Brown Ox Ale (alias) -7/28/2002
Barley's Carnaby Street Wheat (alias) 7.52/8/2014
Barley's Centennial India Pale Ale 7.62/10/2002Rate 3.538570
Barley's Centennial IPA With Vanilla 7.69/8/2013Rate 2.861
Barley's Cherry Porter (alias) 6.02/10/2002
Barley's Cherry Zoltar (alias) 7.55/10/2013
Barley's Chocolate Cherry Zoltar (alias) 7.57/20/2013
Barley's Chocolate Ol' Ron's Surly Oatmeal Stout 5.65/22/2010Rate 3.032
Barley's Christmas Ale 6.62/10/2002Rate 3.59730
Barley's Citrajectory Saison 5.08/20/2015Rate 3.061
Barley's Conquerer 8.35/20/2017Rate 3.253
Barley's Dan's Double Chocolate Stout -8/19/2005Rate 3.181
Barley's Dark Abbey 7.912/28/2019Rate 3.091
Barley's Devil's Moon Weizenbock -6/13/2002Rate 3.284
Barley's Double Dog Dare IPA (alias) 8.07/28/2006
Barley's Draggin' Ass Stout (alias) 4.26/18/2008
Barley's Droughtfire IPA (alias) 7.01/18/2008
Barley's Dunkel Weizen -5/2/2003Rate 3.066
Barley's E=IPA² -6/28/2008Rate 3.566
Barley's Fate 25th Anniversary Barley Wine 13.51/15/2018Rate 3.151
Barley's FHA IPA 6.812/4/2014Rate 3.197
Barley's Fluffer Nutter 7.65/29/2019Rate 3.041
Barley's Foolish Mortal 6.08/28/2018Rate 3.061
Barley's Fortune Teller (alias) 7.510/31/2011
Barley's Fortune Teller On Vanilla (alias) 7.56/7/2013
Barley's Four Seas Imperial IPA 8.05/13/2005Rate 3.829537
Barley's Frambwha?! 11.56/5/2008Rate 3.414315
Barley's Full Moon Ale -7/4/2002Rate 3.162
Barley's Gabriel's Chupacabra 7.64/28/2014Rate 3.375
Barley's Galaxy 500 Belgian IPA (alias) 7.58/3/2011
Barley's GlenLenny's Scotch Ale 7.64/8/2002Rate 3.468131
Barley's Haze Odyssey IPA 6.011/2/2019Rate 3.091
Barley's Heavy Horses Strong Olde Ale 8.06/9/2006Rate 3.193
Barley's Hefe Weiss -4/21/2002Rate 2.945
Barley's Hobgoblin Pale Ale -10/29/2003Rate 3.58
Barley's Honey Wheat Ale (alias) -9/17/2009
Barley's Hop Envy IPA 6.011/30/2007Rate 3.578220
Barley's Hopiate IPA (alias) 8.65/22/2013
Barley's Hoptic Nerve Eye-P.A. 6.86/5/2012Rate 3.213
Barley's Hoptoberfest 6.010/5/2014Rate 3.245
Barley's Hoptopus (alias) -4/14/2007
Barley's Hot Spot Ale -8/4/2008Rate 2.74
Barley's House Pale Ale 5.63/18/2008Rate 3.025
Barley's Indie Pale Ale (alias) 7.44/14/2013
Barley's Infinity Grand Cru 9.27/31/2011Rate 3.427110
Barley's Irish Rogue 4.23/7/2002Rate 3.359823
Barley's Ivan Porter 6.04/7/2002Rate 3.489139
Barley's Ivanilla Porter 6.02/10/2006Rate 3.125
Barley's J. Scott Francis ESB 6.82/10/2002Rate 3.539933
Barley's Jack D. Frost Winter Warmer 121/1/2005Rate 3.332212
Barley's Jay's Ain't Just Blowin' Smoke Porter -6/18/2005Rate 3.244
Barley's Katie's Summer Dream (alias) 3.28/8/2013
Barley's Katie's Summer Wheat (alias) 3.26/30/2010
Barley's Katie's Summer Wheat With Michigan Cherries (alias) 3.29/2/2014
Barley's Kiss My Bitter Ass IPA (alias) -3/3/2003
Barley's Kona Coffee Stout 6.07/7/2004Rate 3.22428
Barley's Lame Duck Imperial Pilsner (alias) 6.99/12/2008
Barley's Le Goodale (Pond) Monstre 7.06/19/2012Rate 3.114
Barley's Left Coast Indie Pale Ale (alias) 7.45/22/2011
Barley's Left Coast Pale Ale (alias) 5.15/1/2007
Barley's MacLenny's Scottish Ale 6.62/10/2002Rate 3.26872
Barley's Massive Attack 7.68/20/2013Rate 2.861
Barley's Matt's American Pale Ale -6/29/2003Rate 2.975
Barley's Meister Eckhart Spark Of The Divine -6/13/2007Rate 3.716821
Barley's Mild Child 3.65/30/2010Rate 2.791
Barley's Mindola's Granola Oatmeal Stout (alias) -2/10/2002
Barley's Mother Earth Fifteenth Anniversary Ale 7.511/15/2007Rate 3.777911
Barley's Oaked MacLenny's Scottish Ale 6.67/12/2014Rate 2.831
Barley's Oatmeal Stout (alias) 5.64/29/2016
Barley's Oktoberfest (alias) 6.010/3/2007
Barley's Ol' 33 Tavern Ale (alias) -2/10/2002
Barley's Ol' Ron's Surly Oatmeal Stout 5.64/7/2002Rate 3.58038
Barley's Old Oscar's Brown Sugar (alias) -4/20/2002
Barley's One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer 116/13/2015Rate 3.171
Barley's Pale Ale 5.62/10/2002Rate 3.359870
Barley's Parzival Pale Ale 5.612/3/2018Rate 3.041
Barley's Pilsner 4.82/10/2002Rate 37554
Barley's Pilsner - Pineapple 4.85/3/2018Rate 3.061
Barley's Pint O Joe (alias) 5.010/24/2004
Barley's Pipe Buster Brown 6.09/18/2003Rate 3.253
Barley's Platinum Blonde Kolsch (alias) 4.88/16/2011
Barley's Point Of Origin 7.66/5/2012Rate 3.278
Barley's Punkt (alias) 7.811/8/2013
Barley's Queen Ann Stout -2/10/2002Rate 0
Barley's Radioactive Windmill 6.51/29/2020Rate 3.171
Barley's Raspberry Wheat 5.27/25/2002Rate 3.058426
Barley's Red Molly (2009-2014) (alias) 5.17/12/2009
Barley's Red Molly Imp (alias) 7.88/13/2012
Barley's Red Star 7.62/13/2009Rate 3.151
Barley's Rising Sun JPA -4/21/2007Rate 3.078
Barley's Robert Burns Scottish Export Ale (2000-2002) (alias) 6.02/10/2002
Barley's Robert Burns Scottish Export Ale (2003-) (alias) 9.71/26/2003
Barley's Roggen Cascade (alias) 5.42/23/2012
Barley's Rubus Idaeus (alias) 5.510/29/2008
Barley's Ruby Fresh 5.85/19/2016Rate 3.111
Barley's Rye IPA 5.910/25/2004Rate 3.79729
Barley's Saint Joan's Cherry Revenge Imperial Stout (alias) 11.72/24/2009
Barley's Saint Joan's Revenge Farmhouse Ale (alias) 11.74/25/2011
Barley's Saint Joan's Revenge Imperial Stout (alias) 11.710/10/2005
Barley's Saint Joan's Revenge On Cacao Nibs (alias) 11.73/13/2013
Barley's Saint Joan's Revenge On Vanilla Beans (alias) 11.73/13/2013
Barley's Saint Nick's Deep Wood Reserve (alias) 123/12/2011
Barley's Saint Nick's Winter Warmer (alias) 11.411/28/2002
Barley's Saison Brut 5.27/19/2017Rate 3.092
Barley's Seance IPA 4.37/30/2013Rate 2.972
Barley's Seth Draeger's Moscow Midnight 11.856/2/2016Rate 3.183
Barley's Sex Panther -12/18/2013Rate 2.91
Barley's Sexy Sadie Sixty Season Saison (alias) 7.08/8/2013
Barley's SMaSH 2K 5.17/30/2018Rate 3.091
Barley's Smirking Emperor Imperial Pilsner 7.510/24/2007Rate 3.258
Barley's Smoke Teller (alias) 7.58/8/2013
Barley's Strawberry Wheat (alias) 3.24/28/2006
Barley's The Highland Hammer (alias) 7.53/2/2007
Barley's Tour De Hops #1: Joosy Loosy 8.74/5/2017Rate 3.282
Barley's Tour De Hops #10 8.77/25/2019Rate 3.091
Barley's Tour De Hops #3 8.76/11/2017Rate 3.091
Barley's Tour De Hops #6 8.73/12/2018Rate 3.061
Barley's Tuck's Fury Old Ale (alias) 7.33/15/2011
Barley's Twisted Christmas -12/25/2017Rate 3.091
Barley's Twisted Ivan Double Porter 112/20/2009Rate 3.655612
Barley's Two Tones IPA 7.27/12/2014Rate 3.063
Barley's Ulysses Imperial Red Ale 7.56/3/2015Rate 3.192
Barley's Uncle Stewart Super Saison 8.112/11/2018Rate 3.021
Barley's VS ESB (alias) 8.210/20/2010
Barley's Walkabout ESB 7.26/21/2017Rate 3.041
Barley's Weizenbock 8.010/2/2003Rate 3.04289
Barley's Wheat Ale 3.810/28/2005Rate 2.94548
Barley's White Dragon 8.07/30/2013Rate 2.962
Barley's Whitman Pale Ale (alias) 4.01/9/2008
Barley's Woodsman American Pale Ale 4.86/12/2015Rate 31
Barley's Woody Haze (alias) 9.72/24/2013
Barley's Yankee Wheat (alias) 3.86/3/2007
Barley's ZIPA (alias) 6.08/3/2012
Barley's Zoltar (alias) 7.512/3/2011

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