Big Muddy Czech Pils 4.81/24/2015Rate 3.188315
Black Mesa Alexander Supertramp 107/11/2014Rate 3.246
Black Mesa Double ESB 9.612/30/2013Rate 3.579712
Black Mesa Endless Skyway Bitter (ESB) 6.02/16/2013Rate 3.248417
Black Mesa Red Badger Stout 8.02/14/2014Rate 3.537
Baileys Chocolate Bar Chocolate Ale -3/3/2009Rate 2.83319
Fitz's Hard Key Lime 5.08/6/2017Rate 3.042
Fitz's Hard Root Beer 5.010/26/2016Rate 2.913
Lemp Jurassic Dark -8/7/2005Rate 2.962819
O’Fallon Dunkel Down 5.112/13/2017Rate 3.124
O'Fallon Czech Yo Self 6.03/15/2016Rate 3.092
O'Fallon / Still630 Gin Gose 6.09/3/2018Rate 3.061
O'Fallon 10-Day IPA 9.010/18/2013Rate 3.394015
O'Fallon 15th Anniversary Barrel Aged The Party 102/7/2016Rate 3.151
O'Fallon 15th Anniversary The Party 102/7/2016Rate 3.061
O'Fallon 5-Day IPA 6.13/21/2006Rate 3.2943403
O'Fallon Alright Already Amber Ale -9/15/2009Rate 2.962
O'Fallon Angry Irish Wife 5.61/18/2014Rate 2.912
O'Fallon Apple Cinnamon Pumpkin Beer 5.611/1/2015Rate 3.117
O'Fallon B.D.S. Belgian-Style Dark Ale 102/11/2012Rate 3.749733
O'Fallon Barrels Salted Pretzel 5.012/13/2018Rate 3.041
O'Fallon Big Walt Beer 5.012/30/2016Rate 2.947
O'Fallon Bissinger's King Louie Winter Stout 6.310/14/2014Rate 3.335159
O'Fallon Black Forest Cherry Stout 9.52/21/2019Rate 3.111
O'Fallon Black Hemp 5.81/27/2011Rate 3.318356
O'Fallon Blackberry Scottish Ale -3/25/2005Rate 2.926698
O'Fallon Borrowed Barrel Imperial Milk Stout 113/14/2019Rate 3.111
O'Fallon Bottlehouse Brown 4.93/7/2017Rate 3.1449
O'Fallon Bramble Wildberry Kolsch 4.04/10/2020Rate 2.811
O'Fallon Brown Eye PA 6.89/26/2011Rate 3.257
O'Fallon Brut Pale Ale 4.62/21/2019Rate 31
O'Fallon Cattywhompus 102/24/2018Rate 3.084
O'Fallon Cherry Chocolate 5.73/19/2004Rate 2.7332262
O'Fallon Chinook Me All Night Long 8.27/1/2016Rate 3.26
O'Fallon Chipotle Pumpkin Beer 5.611/1/2015Rate 2.943
O'Fallon Chocolate By The Barrel Cream Stout 5.56/14/2009Rate 3.538364
O'Fallon Chocolate Pumpkin Beer 5.611/1/2015Rate 3.133
O'Fallon Co'al Train 123/29/2015Rate 3.371723
O'Fallon Cocoa Cream Stout 5.511/18/2008Rate 3.253613
O'Fallon Cocoa Latte Ale 5.91/20/2013Rate 3.225
O'Fallon Dad's Oatmeal Cookie Stout 5.91/10/2020Rate 0
O'Fallon Dad's Original Oatmeal Stout 5.911/21/2019Rate 3.328
O'Fallon Daze Of Summer 4.84/30/2017Rate 2.934514
O'Fallon Dyn-O-Mite 8.011/1/2015Rate 3.093
O'Fallon Extra Pale Ale -10/16/2009Rate 2.962
O'Fallon Fallonious Monk 9.012/16/2016Rate 3.072
O'Fallon Ginger Jo Latte 6.53/7/2017Rate 2.941
O'Fallon Goat's Breath Bock Ale 6.410/25/2007Rate 3.024882
O'Fallon Gold 4.912/18/2002Rate 2.826110
O'Fallon Grape Escape 4.14/22/2017Rate 2.946
O'Fallon Green Hop IPA 6.011/3/2014Rate 2.841
O'Fallon Hand Pass No-Call Wheat Beer 5.112/21/2019Rate 2.981
O'Fallon Happy Holidaze 5.311/21/2004Rate 2.763323
O'Fallon Heads Up 5.512/21/2017Rate 3.072
O'Fallon Hemp Hop Rye 5.54/17/2010Rate 2.9229182
O'Fallon Holiday Ale -11/2/2002Rate 3.185
O'Fallon Hoppy Valley Fresh Hopped Octoberfest 5.311/2/2018Rate 3.021
O'Fallon Imperial Pumpkin 109/26/2014Rate 3.629920
O'Fallon Imperial Pumpkin Barrel Aged 1010/17/2016Rate 3.33
O'Fallon Jack O' Latte Pumpkin Cream Stout 6.59/6/2016Rate 3.34914
O'Fallon King Louis Toffee Stout 6.38/8/2016Rate 3.041
O'Fallon Kite Tail Summer Ale 4.55/1/2012Rate 2.843654
O'Fallon KiWiLi Kolsch 4.06/5/2019Rate 33
O'Fallon Knockout (5 For Fighting) -12/5/2018Rate 2.882
O'Fallon Knotty Pretzel Beer 5.34/10/2020Rate 2.974
O'Fallon K-SHE-95 Kolsch 5.05/17/2017Rate 2.937
O'Fallon Left Hook Lager 5.012/13/2019Rate 2.981
O'Fallon Light 4.110/10/2003Rate 2.333
O'Fallon Maple Baconator 9.72/7/2016Rate 3.111
O'Fallon MargarIPA 6.06/21/2020Rate 3.041
O'Fallon Megalopolis 5.012/21/2017Rate 2.981
O'Fallon Mexican Hot Chocolate Pumpkin Stout 5.99/7/2020Rate 3.274
O'Fallon Midnight Harvest 6.010/25/2010Rate 3.013
O'Fallon Monk It Up 102/21/2019Rate 3.091
O'Fallon Mo'Wheato 5.06/8/2018Rate 31
O'Fallon My Sour Face 4.86/17/2019Rate 2.891
O'Fallon Oak Aged Wee Heavy 10.48/17/2010Rate 2.931
O'Fallon O'Bar Amber Ale 5.58/15/2015Rate 3.063
O'Fallon O'Town Brown 6.010/2/2009Rate 2.982
O'Fallon Paradise Wit 4.68/6/2017Rate 3.021
O'Fallon Peach Pumpkin Beer 5.611/1/2015Rate 3.147
O'Fallon Pineapple Wheach 5.14/19/2017Rate 3.096
O'Fallon Pumpernickel Rye 5.49/2/2016Rate 3.092
O'Fallon Pumpkin Beer 5.510/9/2003Rate 3.1433342
O'Fallon Pumpkin Bread 5.49/6/2017Rate 3.072
O'Fallon Pumpkin Pecan Pie Beer 5.88/25/2019Rate 3.223
O'Fallon Pumpkin Whip 5.99/6/2020Rate 3.093
O'Fallon Quest for the Galaxy 5.112/21/2017Rate 3.122
O'Fallon Rager Red 5.51/23/2013Rate 2.913437
O'Fallon Red Ale -6/13/2011Rate 2.913
O'Fallon Round House Amber Ale 5.212/17/2019Rate 3.021
O'Fallon Russian Imperial Stout 9.512/30/2009Rate 3.164
O'Fallon Saison de Citrouille 5.39/6/2017Rate 3.052
O'Fallon Salted Caramel Pumpkin 5.410/12/2018Rate 3.087
O'Fallon Saure Trauben 3.97/1/2016Rate 2.941
O'Fallon Show Me Amber 4.63/15/2019Rate 33
O'Fallon Show Me IPA 6.510/15/2016Rate 3.213214
O'Fallon Smoke (alias) 6.05/11/2011
O'Fallon Smoked Porter 6.010/27/2002Rate 3.4749537
O'Fallon S'Mores Pumpkin Beer 4.98/25/2019Rate 3.14
O'Fallon Snow Bunny 5.12/21/2019Rate 2.981
O'Fallon Sour Belgian Dark Strong 108/6/2014Rate 0
O'Fallon Speed Bump 5.04/19/2018Rate 3.021
O'Fallon Spring Ale -3/31/2002Rate 3.065
O'Fallon St. Louis Dark Lager -5/11/2007Rate 2.613
O'Fallon Sticke it to the Man 7.59/27/2010Rate 3.369264
O'Fallon STL Red 5.63/20/2017Rate 3.126017
O'Fallon Strawberry Best 4.44/26/2015Rate 2.813927
O'Fallon Summer Blast 5.08/6/2017Rate 3.073
O'Fallon Summer Brew 4.7510/20/2003Rate 3.164811
O'Fallon Summer Wheat (alias) -7/17/2003
O'Fallon Sweet Nectar IPA -9/5/2010Rate 3.154
O'Fallon Taking Care of Rizzness 5.011/16/2018Rate 3.023
O'Fallon Tee It Up 4.87/27/2018Rate 2.982
O'Fallon Unfiltered Wheat 4.755/28/2002Rate 2.939100
O'Fallon Vanilla Pumpkin Beer 5.68/29/2015Rate 3.59723
O'Fallon Wango Tango Tangerine IPA 6.46/24/2018Rate 3.063
O'Fallon Wee Heavy Scotch Ale 10.45/25/2010Rate 3.416028
O'Fallon Westport Wheat 5.16/23/2015Rate 3.065415
O'Fallon Wheach 4.755/3/2005Rate 3.1166258
O'Fallon Whiskey Barrel Smoked Porter 6.05/9/2007Rate 3.5591149
O'Fallon Winter Brew -12/21/2002Rate 3.045
O'Fallon Zeke's Pale Ale 5.12/5/2014Rate 3.093253
Schlafly / New Albanian / O'Fallon C3 Collaboration Ale 4.08/22/2010Rate 3.215
Wild Ass Amber Ale 6.06/23/2010Rate 3.269110
WellBeing Heavenly Body Golden Wheat
Brewed by/for WellBeing Brewing
0.44/21/2018Rate 2.899216
WellBeing Hellraiser Dark Amber
Brewed by/for WellBeing Brewing
0.44/22/2018Rate 2.99949
WellBeing Intentional IPA
Brewed by/for WellBeing Brewing
0.41/24/2020Rate 3.122
WellBeing Intrepid Traveler Coffee Cream Stout
Brewed by/for WellBeing Brewing
0.44/15/2019Rate 2.657
WellBeing Victory Wheat
Brewed by/for WellBeing Brewing
0.48/27/2019Rate 2.92

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