Dark Star Brewing Co. (Asahi)

Client Brewer
Unit 22, Star Road Trading Est., Partridge Green,, Horsham, West Sussex, England RH13 8RA
Places associated: Partridge (Dark Star), Anchor Tap
Commenced as Skinners Ales 1994 in the cellar of The Evening Star, Brighton. In 1995 Dark Star Brewery was formed and in 2001 the brewery was moved to Moonhill Farm, Ansty. At the end of 2009 the Plant was moved to Horsham and production capacity tripled. In 2018 the Brewery was bought out by Fullers who, in turn, were bought by Asahi. In 2022 the brewery was shut by Asahi and production moved to other plants including Fullers and Meantime.
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Dark Star / Anspach & Hobday The Summer Mild 4.59/30/2022Rate 2.955
Dark Star / Harbour Hopfenweisse 5.51/26/2018Rate 3.298715
Dark Star / Magic Rock Rock Star 6.011/13/2012Rate 3.449612
Dark Star / Saltaire Bock 5.61/16/2014Rate 3.258737
Dark Star / Thornbridge Thornstar 4.711/24/2010Rate 3.374214
Dark Star / Unbarred Unreal 4.710/12/2018Rate 3.415
Dark Star 1516 Märzenbier 5.55/20/2016Rate 3.126
Dark Star 1910 Porter 5.61/25/2013Rate 3.539425
Dark Star 80 Shilling 4.88/20/2013Rate 3.489912
Dark Star A Year On! 4.54/20/2011Rate 3.013
Dark Star American Brown 5.03/21/2017Rate 3.227
Dark Star American Pale Ale 4.73/17/2004Rate 3.5494303
Dark Star American Red 5.82/1/2015Rate 3.549811
Dark Star Amsinck Black 4.21/31/2007Rate 3.192
Dark Star Antares 4.21/19/2016Rate 3.269717
Dark Star Ardennes Pale 5.88/12/2012Rate 3.459817
Dark Star Autumn Equinox 4.59/30/2007Rate 3.168913
Dark Star Battlebridge 5.63/20/2009Rate 3.213
Dark Star Beer Essentials Dirty Rascal 5.012/26/2004Rate 3.412
Dark Star Belgian IPA 7.29/23/2012Rate 3.518754
Dark Star Best Bitter 4.010/22/2003Rate 3.259663
Dark Star Biscotti 5.98/3/2018Rate 3.192
Dark Star Black Coffee Pilsner 4.82/19/2012Rate 3.399520
Dark Star Black Pig Stout 4.310/25/2006Rate 2.822
Dark Star Blockhead 4.09/2/2015Rate 3.319816
Dark Star Bock 5.610/26/2017Rate 3.319011
Dark Star Breakfast Stout 4.43/14/2006Rate 3.151
Dark Star Brighton Rocks 7.04/3/2015Rate 3.237
Dark Star Carafa Jade 5.07/17/2011Rate 3.549947
Dark Star Cock & Hen Anniversary Ale 5.07/28/2008Rate 3.412
Dark Star Cocoa Nut 6.012/31/2017Rate 3.52899
Dark Star Coconut Porter 5.012/3/2013Rate 3.376123
Dark Star Craft Star 4.04/4/2014Rate 3.338
Dark Star Crème Brûlée 5.912/7/2014Rate 3.67097
Dark Star Critical Mass 7.812/11/2003Rate 3.619885
Dark Star Critical Mass Brewer's Reserve 2014 107/8/2015Rate 3.185015
Dark Star Critical Mass Brewer's Reserve 2015 7.47/23/2016Rate 3.327914
Dark Star Dark Star 5.06/11/2003Rate 3.4972133
Dark Star Dickhead 3.87/6/2008Rate 3.181
Dark Star Double Chocolate Stout 4.59/21/2006Rate 3.294719
Dark Star Durrants Ale 4.07/15/2006Rate 3.157
Dark Star Ecky Thump 4.210/28/2007Rate 3.343
Dark Star English Pale Ale 4.49/29/2005Rate 3.339824
Dark Star Equinox 4.09/23/2017Rate 3.184
Dark Star Espresso Fallout Stout 6.012/12/2004Rate 3.127
Dark Star Espresso Stout (Cask) 4.29/4/2003Rate 3.4845175
Dark Star Espresso Stout (Keg & Bottle) 4.23/7/2004Rate 3.3631334
Dark Star Extra Stout 6.012/12/2006Rate 3.285715
Dark Star Festival 5.011/24/2003Rate 3.2989134
Dark Star Fifty Not Out 4.33/22/2006Rate 3.267
Dark Star Galaxy Haze 6.56/28/2021Rate 3.131
Dark Star Gales Prize Old Ale 9.011/12/2022Rate 3.434
Dark Star Genesis 4.75/5/2013Rate 3.389722
Dark Star Golden Gate 4.510/15/2003Rate 3.458564
Dark Star Green Hopped IPA 6.511/1/2010Rate 3.6596100
Dark Star Greenwich Ivebin Piloct Ale 4.38/31/2006Rate 3.31
Dark Star Hackney Best Bitter 4.012/13/2006Rate 2.94
Dark Star Hop Over to Paris 5.23/13/2008Rate 3.365
Dark Star Hophead 3.88/23/2002Rate 3.599429
Dark Star Hophead Amarillo 3.81/27/2010Rate 3.567
Dark Star Hophead Azacca 3.82/21/2020Rate 2.981
Dark Star Hophead Citra 3.83/2/2011Rate 3.659817
Dark Star Hophead Dry 3.81/22/2016Rate 3.428215
Dark Star Hophead Extra 5.88/11/2007Rate 3.479948
Dark Star Hophead Galaxy 3.81/5/2013Rate 3.439113
Dark Star Hophead Loral 3.81/14/2018Rate 3.356816
Dark Star Hophead Mosaic 3.81/13/2017Rate 3.48015
Dark Star Hophead Pekko 3.82/14/2019Rate 3.163
Dark Star Hophead Simcoe & Ahtanum 3.81/14/2014Rate 3.36
Dark Star Hophead Vic Secret 3.81/10/2015Rate 3.319712
Dark Star Hylder Blonde 4.27/21/2008Rate 3.359792
Dark Star Imperial Oak Barrel Aged Stout 10.56/14/2017Rate 3.412216
Dark Star Imperial Stout 10.51/13/2006Rate 3.6658285
Dark Star India Pale Ale 6.25/31/2004Rate 3.416133
Dark Star Indian Summer IPA 6.09/11/2013Rate 3.33559
Dark Star Into the Mild 3.55/23/2019Rate 3.025
Dark Star Kiwi 4.09/14/2012Rate 3.358012
Dark Star La Tete d'Houblon 3.812/16/2010Rate 2.861
Dark Star Lager 4.28/13/2017Rate 2.976614
Dark Star Landlords Wit 4.16/11/2003Rate 2.983810
Dark Star Little Les 4.21/23/2008Rate 3.031
Dark Star London Brown Ale 4.21/21/2008Rate 3.054
Dark Star Luminuzu 4.28/12/2021Rate 3.042
Dark Star M&M Special Porter 6.51/25/2011Rate 3.377913
Dark Star M&M Special Porter (Mocha version) 6.52/9/2011Rate 3.053
Dark Star M&M Special Porter (Vanilla version) 6.52/9/2011Rate 33
Dark Star Mai Bock 5.64/19/2011Rate 3.148110
Dark Star Meltdown 4.86/21/2004Rate 3.148125
Dark Star Mild 3.65/31/2004Rate 3.175411
Dark Star Mild For May 3.65/5/2008Rate 3.146812
Dark Star Milk Chocolate Stout 4.51/9/2012Rate 3.559621
Dark Star Natural Blonde 4.56/21/2004Rate 2.427
Dark Star NHA Pale 5.58/12/2014Rate 3.559525
Dark Star Nørdland IPA 5.03/14/2021Rate 3.315521
Dark Star Not Into Yoga 4.57/11/2017Rate 3.397634
Dark Star Nut Brown Ale 4.53/30/2006Rate 3.034
Dark Star Oatmeal Stout 4.24/18/2004Rate 3.295916
Dark Star Oktoberfest 5.210/7/2009Rate 3.349823
Dark Star Old Ale (alias) 4.03/17/2005
Dark Star Old Chestnut 4.03/17/2005Rate 3.364767
Dark Star Orbiter 4.08/12/2021Rate 3.17
Dark Star Original (alias) 5.010/16/2004
Dark Star Over the Moon 3.86/11/2003Rate 3.539984
Dark Star Pale Moonlight 3.81/11/2010Rate 2.81
Dark Star Paradise Weiss 5.07/15/2010Rate 3.117915
Dark Star Partridge 4.01/22/2011Rate 3.2193104
Dark Star Planet Hop 4.75/13/2022Rate 3.11269
Dark Star Porter 5.512/8/2003Rate 3.579566
Dark Star Porter Vintage 2010 6.02/6/2011Rate 3.167
Dark Star Red Ale 5.010/15/2003Rate 2.961
Dark Star Red Shift 5.57/15/2013Rate 3.349519
Dark Star Redhead 3.77/9/2015Rate 3.036
Dark Star Revelation 5.71/22/2012Rate 3.5394235
Dark Star Rhubarb Rising 3.57/25/2022Rate 3.021
Dark Star Rockhead 6.011/16/2015Rate 3.459320
Dark Star Routemaster 5.06/7/2007Rate 3.272
Dark Star Rye & Juniper 5.23/13/2012Rate 3.155411
Dark Star Saison 4.53/18/2009Rate 3.436757
Dark Star Session IPA 4.28/19/2017Rate 3.377138
Dark Star Seville 4.08/8/2011Rate 3.449546
Dark Star Simcoe IPA 6.511/1/2010Rate 3.285
Dark Star Six Grain 4.811/17/2013Rate 3.02459
Dark Star Six Hop Ale 6.52/2/2008Rate 3.5888129
Dark Star Skinner's Pale Ale 3.711/8/2014Rate 3.016
Dark Star Skylab 4.26/8/2021Rate 3.184
Dark Star Smoke 5.011/28/2007Rate 3.377323
Dark Star Smoke on the Porter 5.512/10/2007Rate 3.243
Dark Star Smoked Porter 5.49/2/2010Rate 3.468243
Dark Star Solar Eclipse 4.511/16/2021Rate 3.485414
Dark Star Spiced Vice 4.16/21/2004Rate 2.636
Dark Star Spiced Wheat 4.18/15/2006Rate 3.187
Dark Star Spring Equinox 4.03/13/2007Rate 3.239416
Dark Star SS 8000 8.01/24/2006Rate 3.151
Dark Star Starbock 4.56/21/2004Rate 2.983
Dark Star Summer Meltdown 4.87/15/2006Rate 3.319666
Dark Star Summer Solstice 4.212/19/2005Rate 3.319640
Dark Star Sunburst (Bottle) 4.89/16/2004Rate 3.2290210
Dark Star Sunburst (Cask) 4.86/11/2003Rate 3.3898123
Dark Star Sunquake 4.87/14/2021Rate 3.143115
Dark Star Sussex Extra Stout 4.510/26/2008Rate 3.488740
Dark Star Table Beer 3.11/25/2018Rate 3.23612
Dark Star The Argus Ale 4.27/3/2010Rate 3.013
Dark Star The Art Of Darkness 3.51/13/2013Rate 3.376183
Dark Star The Brewer's Reserve 4.59/13/2010Rate 2.965210
Dark Star Tims Stag 4.04/24/2008Rate 3.254
Dark Star Trail Ridge IPA 5.59/4/2020Rate 3.487716
Dark Star Tripel 8.58/10/2010Rate 3.539322
Dark Star Tropical K.O. 6.27/19/2017Rate 3.436827
Dark Star Vice Beer 4.59/7/2014Rate 3.117
Dark Star Victorian Ruby Mild 6.02/13/2009Rate 3.5610050
Dark Star Wheat Purple 4.23/11/2016Rate 3.157322
Dark Star Winter Meltdown 5.01/21/2004Rate 3.187487
Dark Star Winter Solstice 4.21/22/2007Rate 3.289736

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