Pips 46 + 2 1410/29/2017Rate 3.492
Pips A Man & His Mjød 144/10/2019Rate 3.442
Pips A Thousand Ships 141/6/2019Rate 3.394
Pips Apple Prestige 144/21/2019Rate 3.43
Pips Apple Turn Over 142/16/2020Rate 3.171
Pips Banana Walnut Bread 141/10/2018Rate 3.171
Pips Black Forest 142/12/2019Rate 3.352
Pips Blackberry Mechanic 126/3/2018Rate 3.171
Pips Blackjack 146/3/2018Rate 3.384
Pips Blue Suede Shews 147/25/2017Rate 4.169129
Pips Cali Cotton 1212/31/2017Rate 3.76969
Pips Call of the Void 142/11/2018Rate 3.98
Pips Crème Brewlée 148/12/2018Rate 3.46
Pips Dovetail 143/23/2019Rate 3.386
Pips Find The Lady 147/29/2017Rate 3.859814
Pips Hesitation 143/18/2019Rate 3.514
Pips Imprecation 149/3/2017Rate 3.211
Pips La Hire 147/25/2017Rate 3.919914
Pips La Hire - Cinnamon 1411/3/2019Rate 3.433
Pips La Hire - Marshmallow 1412/23/2017Rate 3.686
Pips Levitation 149/28/2018Rate 3.525
Pips Lights Out 147/1/2019Rate 3.483
Pips Malediction 147/25/2017Rate 3.211
Pips Maplefoam 144/7/2019Rate 3.565
Pips Meadery Blind 148/24/2019Rate 3.43
Pips Meadery I Stepped In Mud 1412/22/2019Rate 3.654
Pips Meadery Key Lime Pie 1211/23/2019Rate 3.584
Pips Meadery Plum Crazy 141/3/2020Rate 3.392
Pips Meadery Presto Chango 1411/9/2019Rate 3.361
Pips Meadery Royalty 124/26/2019Rate 3.422
Pips Meadery Snake Eyes -8/24/2019Rate 3.513
Pips Meadery There's A Snake In My Shews 144/29/2019Rate 3.845
Pips Moiety 143/23/2019Rate 3.454
Pips Old Timer Root Beer 146/28/2018Rate 3.191
Pips One Surprise Left 8.011/14/2019Rate 3.554
Pips Overboard 142/24/2019Rate 3.072
Pips Pancake: Blueberry 142/24/2019Rate 3.855
Pips Pancake: Banana 149/22/2018Rate 3.95999
Pips Pancake: Black Currant 142/24/2019Rate 3.493
Pips Pancake: Chocolate 144/7/2019Rate 3.433
Pips Pancake: Raspberry 148/12/2018Rate 3.988
Pips Pancake: Red Currant 145/3/2019Rate 3.74
Pips Pear Turnover 148/26/2018Rate 3.392
Pips Plum 148/26/2018Rate 3.647
Pips Presto 147/25/2017Rate 3.99713
Pips Razzamatazz 1410/15/2017Rate 3.583
Pips Tear Drop 121/6/2019Rate 3.182
Pips The Fool 149/19/2018Rate 3.624
Pips The Man With The Axe 149/15/2017Rate 3.644
Pips The Monte 147/30/2017Rate 3.849814
Pips There Is A Snake In My Bluet 149/15/2017Rate 3.553
Pips Torn & Restored 144/1/2019Rate 3.033
Pips Vanilla Blackjack 1411/6/2019Rate 3.341

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