Valley Brewing Company

(Not In Production)
143 W Adams St., Stockton, California, USA 95204
Sun-Mon: 11am-9pm
Tue-Thu: 11am-10pm
Fri-Sat: 11am-12am

Associated place: Valley Brew Family Restaurant

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Valley Brew 15th Anniversary Traditional Bock 6.77/5/2009Rate 3.148113
Valley Brew 15th Anniversary Traditional Bock (Bourbon Barrel) 6.79/22/2009Rate 3.318
Valley Brew 2009 Bill Brand-bic 6.511/10/2009Rate 3.768922
Valley Brew Apricot Ale 4.07/18/2005Rate 2.835616
Valley Brew Apricot Wit 4.510/3/2008Rate 2.863
Valley Brew Asparagus Wheat Ale 3.84/22/2005Rate 3.164
Valley Brew Aud Dubbel Kriek 8.24/19/2005Rate 3.589517
Valley Brew Barrel Aged Sour Barleywine -8/2/2015Rate 3.041
Valley Brew Berry Wheat 4.07/18/2005Rate 2.714612
Valley Brew Black Cat Nitro Stout 5.52/18/2003Rate 3.214612
Valley Brew Black Cat Stout 6.510/28/2007Rate 3.487331
Valley Brew Black Cat Whiskey Barrel Stout 8.04/3/2008Rate 3.214
Valley Brew Black Cherry Saison 4.252/15/2009Rate 3.222
Valley Brew Blueberry Wit 4.55/10/2008Rate 3.044
Valley Brew Bourbon Barrel Old Inventory Barley Wine 127/4/2009Rate 3.738926
Valley Brew Bourbon Barrel Stray Cat 6.511/15/2009Rate 3.26
Valley Brew Brandy Barrel Black Cat Stout 7.54/5/2010Rate 2.871
Valley Brew BRAVissimO IPA 6.57/15/2007Rate 3.162
Valley Brew Captain Webers Brown Porter 5.711/18/2004Rate 2.952
Valley Brew Celebrator 20th Anniversary Beer 10.52/15/2008Rate 3.528216
Valley Brew Central Valley Czech Pils 6.156/27/2008Rate 3.164
Valley Brew Cervesa Picosa Ahumada Roja 6.05/10/2006Rate 3.439425
Valley Brew Chile Wonka Sour 5.87/5/2009Rate 3.413118
Valley Brew Cobra-Hood India Pale Ale 7.311/13/2006Rate 3.396911
Valley Brew Collaborative Evil - Stockton 10.28/29/2009Rate 3.436412
Valley Brew Collaborative Evil (Bourbon Barrel) 10.59/22/2009Rate 3.497811
Valley Brew Cuvee de Evil (Collaborative Evil - Brandy Barrel) 10.59/22/2009Rate 3.649119
Valley Brew Decadence 10 10.86/18/2004Rate 3.537737
Valley Brew Decadence 12 124/14/2007Rate 3.688049
Valley Brew Decadence 12 Cuvee Speciale 1311/9/2007Rate 4.049973
Valley Brew Decadence 6 (-2010) 6.53/21/2007Rate 3.298945
Valley Brew Decadence 6 (2010-) 6.05/3/2010Rate 3.378941
Valley Brew Decadence 8 8.06/18/2004Rate 3.759947
Valley Brew Decadence Grand Cru 2007 124/19/2007Rate 3.959858
Valley Brew Decadence Grand Cru 2009 10.56/14/2009Rate 3.879532
Valley Brew Decadence Pomegranate Saison 5.512/3/2009Rate 3.359558
Valley Brew Decadent Darkness 10.53/14/2009Rate 3.879727
Valley Brew Decadent Evil 9.51/5/2010Rate 3.284959
Valley Brew Double IPA 7.52/10/2004Rate 3.222
Valley Brew Drooling Pumpkin Saison 6.011/4/2006Rate 3.071
Valley Brew DysFunktion-Ale 6.53/25/2009Rate 3.534615
Valley Brew Effingreat 8.010/30/2008Rate 3.595410
Valley Brew Effinguud 9.011/7/2006Rate 3.626763
Valley Brew El Diablo Pequeno Saison 5.34/15/2005Rate 3.255
Valley Brew Fat City Ale 5.2511/12/2006Rate 3.015
Valley Brew Fat Freddys Freiky Kriek 7.511/7/2007Rate 3.88872
Valley Brew Frogzilla 7.82/24/2005Rate 3.151
Valley Brew Hefeweizen 4.55/10/2008Rate 3.164
Valley Brew Hitman Gold Ale 5.02/18/2003Rate 3.24923
Valley Brew Holiday Spiced Pomegranate Saison 5.511/7/2006Rate 3.123
Valley Brew Home Honey Im High Holiday Bock 7.811/18/2004Rate 3.368714
Valley Brew Hoptimism - India Black Ale 8.09/20/2009Rate 3.183
Valley Brew India Pale Ale 6.62/18/2003Rate 3.096
Valley Brew Indian Red Ale 6.52/18/2003Rate 3.248832
Valley Brew In-Sanity Czech Pils 5.54/13/2006Rate 3.156
Valley Brew IPA 7.58/12/2005Rate 3.789998
Valley Brew Irish Red Ale 7.03/14/2009Rate 3.032
Valley Brew La Deuxieme Diablotin 9.012/2/2005Rate 3.375716
Valley Brew Late Harvest Wheat Wine 10.52/15/2008Rate 3.174
Valley Brew Late Harvest Wheat Wine - Port Barrel 1110/30/2008Rate 3.42419
Valley Brew London Tavern Ale 3.52/18/2003Rate 3.278376
Valley Brew Luna Blanca 5.811/1/2007Rate 3.39354
Valley Brew Marzen 6.910/5/2005Rate 3.221
Valley Brew Mr. Brown 6.83/14/2006Rate 3.352
Valley Brew Mutha-Pucka 8.58/3/2008Rate 3.274
Valley Brew No More Mr. Weize Guy 7.76/8/2006Rate 3.352
Valley Brew Not-Oberfest -11/13/2010Rate 2.831
Valley Brew Ocktoberfest 5.59/2/2006Rate 32
Valley Brew Olallieberry Sour 6.57/5/2009Rate 3.657233
Valley Brew Old Headbanger Ale 8.95/5/2008Rate 3.488130
Valley Brew Old Inventory BarleyWine 11.37/4/2009Rate 3.678696
Valley Brew Olde Inventory BarleyRyne 11.32/26/2004Rate 3.648525
Valley Brew Pale 5.24/9/2009Rate 3.114613
Valley Brew Pale Lager 4.012/1/2009Rate 0
Valley Brew Pale Wheat 4.52/18/2003Rate 2.864728
Valley Brew Port Barrel Chocolate Stout 7.83/5/2005Rate 3.082
Valley Brew Ports Pale Ale 4.34/27/2005Rate 2.976
Valley Brew Red Rocker Ale 8.010/28/2007Rate 3.132
Valley Brew Rockabilly Red Ale 6.58/2/2005Rate 2.661
Valley Brew Rodeo Red Ale 7.84/28/2004Rate 3.266
Valley Brew Russian Imperial Stout 9.58/13/2008Rate 3.87745
Valley Brew Russian Imperial Stout (Bourbon) -7/9/2010Rate 3.278
Valley Brew Saison #3 5.78/13/2008Rate 3.032
Valley Brew Saison d Muscat 5.88/4/2008Rate 3.456820
Valley Brew Santas XMAS Morning Breakfast Stout -7/17/2007Rate 3.295918
Valley Brew Santas XMAS Sleigh Wrecker 9.51/5/2007Rate 3.31
Valley Brew Something Good From the Brandy Barrel -4/24/2010Rate 3.064
Valley Brew Steamroller Wheat 102/16/2003Rate 2.722
Valley Brew Stockton Sour (Phils Wild Mild) 4.02/13/2008Rate 3.879228
Valley Brew Stray Cat Black Lager 5.57/5/2009Rate 3.218112
Valley Brew Summer Soulstice Wit Beer 5.57/1/2006Rate 3.082
Valley Brew Sunshine Daydream Saison 4.259/2/2006Rate 3.114
Valley Brew Tart Berry Saison 5.012/30/2006Rate 31
Valley Brew The End of Evil as we know it 1111/14/2010Rate 3.348
Valley Brew Thunder Ale 6.2510/28/2008Rate 3.165010
Valley Brew Uber Abbey 9.59/22/2009Rate 3.37599
Valley Brew Uberhoppy Imperial IPA 9.57/13/2004Rate 4.05100323
Valley Brew Whiskey Barrel Mr. Brown 7.53/17/2006Rate 3.261
Valley Brew WildCat Bourbon Barrel Sour Stout 8.011/7/2007Rate 3.575640
Valley Dirty Galaxy IPA 6.312/6/2018Rate 0

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