Hops 4N Stout 6.52/12/2003Rate 3.072
Hops Alligator Ale 5.37/7/2000Rate 2.98111
Hops Batch 500 IIPA 8.38/15/2004Rate 3.347
Hops Beat The Heat Summer Wheat 4.27/17/2003Rate 2.734112
Hops Big Skeeter Pale Ale 4.93/4/2002Rate 3.094220
Hops Bumblebee Honey Bock 6.51/26/2004Rate 2.893510
Hops Clearwater Light 3.67/7/2000Rate 1.93085
Hops Flying Squirrel Nut Brown Ale 4.41/21/2003Rate 2.811416
Hops Fun Zen Bock 8.511/12/2004Rate 2.825
Hops Golden Hammer/Golden Thoroughbred -3/2/2009Rate 2.772
Hops Hammerhead Red/Thoroughbred Red 5.17/7/2000Rate 2.7518111
Hops Hang Ten Honey Wheat (alias) 4.97/23/2004
Hops Hefeweizen -5/18/2006Rate 2.691
Hops Hoptoberfest 4.510/12/2001Rate 2.621039
Hops IPA -4/15/2005Rate 2.924
Hops Leap of Faith Imperial IPA (alias) 8.39/2/2004
Hops Lightning Bold Gold 4.37/7/2000Rate 2.185987
Hops Love Handles -7/1/2004Rate 1.654
Hops Lumberjack Oatmeal Stout 5.02/15/2002Rate 3.173632
Hops Marzen (alias) -5/25/2009
Hops Mexican Cerveza -2/19/2012Rate 2.555
Hops Nectar -3/2/2009Rate 2.663
Hops Pale Ale -8/19/2005Rate 2.84
Hops Powder Horn Pilsner 4.84/1/2003Rate 2.897012
Hops Raspberry Gold -3/23/2016Rate 2.621
Hops Royal English Amber 4.712/31/2002Rate 2.966
Hops Scottish Ale 5.21/21/2005Rate 2.7789
Hops Single Hop Pale Ale 5.98/24/2003Rate 3.015
Hops Star Spangled Ale 4.96/22/2002Rate 2.481621
Hops Thoroughbred Red (alias) -5/2/2012
Hops Unfiltered Belgian White Ale 5.25/21/2005Rate 2.872
Hops Winter Amber Ale 5.11/11/2004Rate 2.782416
Hops Winter Pale Ale 4.511/13/2007Rate 2.922310

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