Roaring Brook Arctic IPA
Brewed by/for Roaring Brook Brewing
7.23/7/2014Rate 3.193
Roaring Brook Cougar Honey Blonde
Brewed by/for Roaring Brook Brewing
-3/7/2014Rate 2.961
Roaring Brook Gold Rush HPA
Brewed by/for Roaring Brook Brewing
7.13/7/2014Rate 3.387712
Roaring Brook Lost Cougar
Brewed by/for Roaring Brook Brewing
7.28/6/2015Rate 3.112
Roaring Brook Overtime Series 1: Red Alert Ale
Brewed by/for Roaring Brook Brewing
-3/7/2014Rate 0
Roaring Brook Shark Bite Extreme Pale Ale
Brewed by/for Roaring Brook Brewing
6.08/19/2015Rate 3.216
Rock Art / Roaring Brook Devil's Fiddle
Brewed by/for Roaring Brook Brewing
7.85/1/2016Rate 3.091
Rock Art / Cigar City / Roaring Brook DIPA 7.811/28/2015Rate 3.131
Rock Art / Prohibition Pig / Stillwater Artisan Rye Saison -10/29/2013Rate 2.935
Rock Art 120 Shilling Scotch Ale 9.05/8/2015Rate 2.92
Rock Art 2014 JD Barrel Aged w/cacao nibs Russian Imperial Stout 105/26/2016Rate 3.171
Rock Art 20th Anniversary Double IPA 8.010/15/2017Rate 3.658019
Rock Art 50 States 7.57/30/2016Rate 3.041
Rock Art 80 Shilling Export Lager -10/16/2004Rate 2.431
Rock Art A River Runs Gruit 5.257/19/2014Rate 3.08499
Rock Art Amarillo 6.010/26/2013Rate 3.224
Rock Art American Red Ale 4.811/26/2003Rate 2.8427102
Rock Art American-Belgo IPA 7.58/4/2009Rate 3.58152
Rock Art Azacca Double IPA 7.57/20/2017Rate 3.091
Rock Art Baltic Porter 7.353/14/2014Rate 2.911
Rock Art Barley Wine (alias) -12/9/2000
Rock Art Belvidere Big IPA 8.02/7/2009Rate 3.5556121
Rock Art Black Currant Saison 5.09/10/2014Rate 3.385215
Rock Art Black IPA 6.08/13/2013Rate 3.252510
Rock Art Black Moon IPA 1010/28/2010Rate 3.648968
Rock Art Blonde -10/21/2004Rate 2.664
Rock Art Bohemian Pilsner 5.29/1/2013Rate 3.419713
Rock Art Brown Bear Ale 4.58/15/2001Rate 2.831621
Rock Art Cascade Harvest 6.012/13/2009Rate 2.951
Rock Art Citra DIPA 7.512/13/2018Rate 31
Rock Art Citra IPA 6.04/2/2014Rate 3.488
Rock Art Dancin' DIPA 7.510/29/2019Rate 3.041
Rock Art Extreme Double Smoked Porter 8.01/14/2008Rate 3.46991
Rock Art Farmers' Simcoe IPA 6.08/16/2013Rate 3.134
Rock Art Ginger Beer 4.57/14/2019Rate 3.042
Rock Art Golden Tripple 8.010/29/2007Rate 3.346643
Rock Art Gose 4.58/11/2019Rate 32
Rock Art Grapefruit IPA 7.46/7/2016Rate 3.396
Rock Art Hells Bock 8.01/5/2007Rate 3.117361
Rock Art Humble Harvester 6.09/11/2014Rate 3.659814
Rock Art Infusco 8.01/21/2007Rate 3.132878
Rock Art IPA 5.03/16/2002Rate 2.85474
Rock Art IPA (II) Double IPA 8.06/22/2007Rate 3.353099
Rock Art Jasmine Pale Ale 5.03/29/2008Rate 3.044640
Rock Art Journey's End -5/25/2013Rate 2.853
Rock Art Kohatu IPA 7.51/20/2017Rate 3.262
Rock Art Limited Access 7.55/8/2015Rate 3.66951
Rock Art Limited Mercedes 7.310/8/2016Rate 3.021
Rock Art Magnumus ete Tomahawkus ESB2 Ale 8.08/31/2006Rate 3.5575156
Rock Art Midnight Madness Smoked Porter 5.07/24/2000Rate 3.112669
Rock Art Mosaic Single Hop Double IPA 7.57/28/2016Rate 3.476
Rock Art Mountain Holidays in Vermont 5.811/16/2004Rate 3.157169
Rock Art Nawch Hoppa Double IPA 7.58/2/2015Rate 3.596317
Rock Art Onion River Co-hoperator 8.010/27/2013Rate 2.911
Rock Art Peach Saison 5.02/14/2015Rate 2.871
Rock Art Pete's Greens Barn Raising Brown 5.03/19/2011Rate 3.086
Rock Art Pine Ale 5.02/9/2014Rate 2.81
Rock Art Poor Richards Ale -1/13/2006Rate 3.094
Rock Art Prohibition Pig Pale Ale -7/30/2013Rate 3.348011
Rock Art Red IPA -5/17/2014Rate 2.871
Rock Art Ridge Runner Ale 7.57/6/2001Rate 34259
Rock Art River Runner 4.59/14/2005Rate 2.541
Rock Art Route 4 Hip Hops 6.09/12/2015Rate 0
Rock Art Russian Imperial Stout 108/4/2013Rate 3.344
Rock Art Russian Imperial Stout (Bourbon Barrel, Orange Peel) 102/14/2015Rate 2.761
Rock Art Russian Imperial Stout (Bourbon Barrel) 1012/10/2013Rate 3.787631
Rock Art Russian Imperial Stout (Whiskey Barrel) 108/8/2016Rate 3.111
Rock Art Russian Imperial Stout (Wine Barrel Aged) 106/24/2015Rate 3.432312
Rock Art Saison 5.08/4/2013Rate 2.892
Rock Art Saison w/ Apricot 5.07/19/2014Rate 2.831
Rock Art Scotch Ale (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 9.03/6/2014Rate 3.274412
Rock Art Session IPA 4.07/19/2014Rate 3.294814
Rock Art Simcoe IPA 6.04/16/2013Rate 3.335210
Rock Art Sol Ale (alias) -7/24/2000
Rock Art Southern Cross Double IPA 7.53/15/2017Rate 3.131
Rock Art Stock Ale 5.012/9/2000Rate 2.822515
Rock Art Stowe Mountain Lodge Hourglass Ale 6.011/17/2009Rate 2.894
Rock Art Stump Jumper Gnarly Stout 5.82/19/2004Rate 3.317062
Rock Art Sun Rocked IPA 6.07/4/2017Rate 3.224
Rock Art Sunny and 75° ALE for FUN in the SUN! 5.11/20/2007Rate 3.044849
Rock Art The Riddler? 8.05/24/2007Rate 3.184068
Rock Art Trail Cutter 5.711/1/2005Rate 2.532
Rock Art Twin Tip DIPA 8.03/1/2015Rate 3.66818
Rock Art Vermonster 102/17/2007Rate 3.5764274
Rock Art Vermonster (Bourbon Barrel) 1010/3/2013Rate 3.384015
Rock Art Vermonster (Rye Barrel) 109/1/2014Rate 3.262
Rock Art Vermont Hop Harvest 6.010/9/2011Rate 3.213413
Rock Art Vermont Maple Wheat Ale 5.37/24/2000Rate 3.126145
Rock Art Vermont Spruce Stout 8.011/30/2006Rate 3.3817120
Rock Art Whitetail Ale 5.04/16/2001Rate 2.46105

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