Left Hand #100 Proper 1420 10.41/22/2019Rate 3.231
Left Hand #84 Intergalactic Pale Ale 5.86/12/2018Rate 3.111
Left Hand #85 Planetary Pale Ale 5.86/25/2018Rate 3.091
Left Hand / Backcountry Bambi's Back-Handed Weizenbock 7.54/6/2015Rate 2.871
Left Hand / Green Mountain Longs Peach 5.66/23/2020Rate 3.021
Left Hand / Weird Beard Fade to Wit 5.02/27/2017Rate 3.194
Left Hand / Wibby Brandy Barrel-Aged Saul The Sticke 7.04/17/2016Rate 3.131
Left Hand 1265 Pilsner 5.28/1/2020Rate 3.178316
Left Hand 25 + One Anniversary Stout 14.52/13/2022Rate 3.211
Left Hand 25th Anniversary Imperial Stout 12.19/23/2018Rate 3.727240
Left Hand 4 Foodies Pumpkin Ale 6.010/11/2012Rate 2.964
Left Hand 400 Pound Monkey 6.88/20/2008Rate 3.248989
Left Hand A Blessing and a Curse 9.55/8/2017Rate 3.54740
Left Hand Agua Fresca 4.512/8/2021Rate 2.941
Left Hand Ambidextrous I 10.51/29/2012Rate 3.619627
Left Hand Ambidextrous II 7.311/21/2012Rate 3.387422
Left Hand Ambidextrous III - Great Juju (Imperial Good Juju) 8.03/24/2013Rate 3.267861
Left Hand Ambidextrous IV - Maibock 7.56/17/2013Rate 3.128
Left Hand Ambidextrous V - Sticke Alt 7.48/16/2013Rate 3.278724
Left Hand Ambidextrous VI - Smoked Doppel Weizenbock 7.51/13/2014Rate 3.295216
Left Hand Ambidextrous VII - Belgian Quad 11.412/13/2015Rate 3.332813
Left Hand Ambidextrous VIII - Olde Ale 9.23/2/2016Rate 3.366
Left Hand Angry Unicorn 5.26/16/2018Rate 3.021
Left Hand Auriferous 8.85/23/2016Rate 2.912
Left Hand Bards Ale 2.07/22/2005Rate 3.043519
Left Hand Barrel #6 Brown 4.82/28/2010Rate 2.743
Left Hand Barrel Aged Fade to Black 8.56/16/2018Rate 3.111
Left Hand Barrel Aged Whiskey Coffee Imperial Stout 9.53/19/2017Rate 3.111
Left Hand Beer Week Sauce 6.04/11/2011Rate 3.739995
Left Hand Beer Week Sauce 2014 (Nitro) (alias) 6.011/26/2014
Left Hand Belgian Dubbel 7.911/12/2017Rate 3.48827
Left Hand Berserker Öi 7.73/9/2018Rate 3.122
Left Hand Biggest Small Beer 5.05/23/2016Rate 3.212
Left Hand Bittersweet Imperial Coffee Milk Stout 8.910/30/2015Rate 3.7754159
Left Hand Bittersweet Nitro Imperial Coffee Milk Stout 8.92/19/2017Rate 3.663964
Left Hand Black Jack Porter 6.84/13/2000Rate 3.46861198
Left Hand Blackcurrant Nitro 4.76/9/2018Rate 3.218543
Left Hand Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Pecan Porter 10.21/14/2022Rate 3.32
Left Hand Braveheart Nitro 5.54/9/2017Rate 3.237545
Left Hand Brewer’s Test Kitchen Berliner Weisse 4.75/30/2018Rate 3.232
Left Hand Brewer’s Test Kitchen Black Forest Stout 7.73/7/2019Rate 3.474318
Left Hand Brewer’s Test Kitchen: Rosé Brut IPA 5.07/17/2020Rate 3.162
Left Hand Brewer's Test Kitchen 6.49/25/2018Rate 2.981
Left Hand Brewer's Test Kitchen Dunkel 4.812/15/2020Rate 3.184
Left Hand Brewer's Test Kitchen Milkshake IPA 7.05/17/2019Rate 3.044
Left Hand Brewer's Test Kitchen Moscow Mule Ale 5.55/26/2020Rate 2.94429
Left Hand Brewers Test Kitchen Pineapple Ginger Sour 5.09/16/2021Rate 2.891
Left Hand Brewer's Test Kitchen Southern Hemisphere Pils 5.58/22/2020Rate 3.084
Left Hand Brewers’ Test Kitchen: Thai Spice Kitchen 6.04/9/2022Rate 3.091
Left Hand BuffBJ 6.86/9/2014Rate 2.542
Left Hand Canadian Tuxedo 9.811/12/2017Rate 3.091
Left Hand Chai 5.06/18/2021Rate 3.042
Left Hand Chainsaw Ale (Double Sawtooth) 9.02/21/2006Rate 3.5572357
Left Hand Chocolate Starfish (alias) -9/19/2009
Left Hand Colorful Colorado Pale Ale 5.66/6/2018Rate 3.336717
Left Hand Death Before Disco 6.02/5/2018Rate 3.6197112
Left Hand Deep Cover Brown Ale 4.34/13/2000Rate 2.9832342
Left Hand De'Nile 5.83/15/2015Rate 3.33
Left Hand Dirty Girl -10/26/2012Rate 2.92
Left Hand Double Milk Stout 10.512/5/2021Rate 3.527
Left Hand Dry Hopped Kölsch 4.811/12/2017Rate 3.182
Left Hand Dunkelweiss 5.012/17/2013Rate 3.126
Left Hand Extrovert American IPA 7.14/20/2016Rate 3.4877149
Left Hand Fade To Black Vol. 1: Foreign Stout 8.510/5/2009Rate 3.7194614
Left Hand Fade To Black Vol. 2: Smoked Baltic Porter 7.811/26/2010Rate 3.7692354
Left Hand Fade To Black Vol. 3: Pepper Porter 7.210/5/2011Rate 3.5798312
Left Hand Fade To Black Vol. 4: Rocky Mountain Black Ale 6.510/30/2012Rate 3.6185215
Left Hand Fade To Black Vol. 5: Black Rye Ale 7.810/18/2013Rate 3.5698171
Left Hand Festival Ale -4/3/2002Rate 3.031
Left Hand Flamingo Dreams Nitro 4.71/1/2019Rate 3.329080
Left Hand Found Fortune 8.73/9/2021Rate 3.525219
Left Hand Galactic Cowboy Nitro Imperial Stout 9.02/17/2020Rate 3.727285
Left Hand Gettin' Tiki With It 7.55/12/2020Rate 3.499821
Left Hand Gettin Tiki With It Nitro 7.54/10/2021Rate 3.174
Left Hand Good Juju Ginger 4.54/13/2000Rate 2.8510856
Left Hand Goosinator Doppelbock 7.210/13/2002Rate 3.377394
Left Hand Gueuze -1/27/2005Rate 3.433
Left Hand Hard Wired Nitro Coffee Porter 6.01/20/2016Rate 3.6895165
Left Hand Haystack Wheat 4.911/19/2000Rate 3.1274513
Left Hand Hello, Gorgeous! 6.012/27/2015Rate 3.131
Left Hand Homefront IPA 6.67/8/2013Rate 3.334757
Left Hand Hopfen Weiss -10/11/2012Rate 2.935
Left Hand Imperial Stout (alias) 10.45/7/2011
Left Hand Introvert Session IPA 4.85/16/2015Rate 3.2946164
Left Hand IPA 6.62/1/2018Rate 3.334639
Left Hand Jackmans Pale Ale 5.25/22/2000Rate 3.1842544
Left Hand Java Lava 5.49/4/2012Rate 3.589020
Left Hand Je Ne Sais Quoi 10.311/12/2017Rate 3.171
Left Hand Juicy Goodness 5.54/1/2018Rate 3.229069
Left Hand Junior Black Belt Mild Ale 5.31/13/2011Rate 3.068
Left Hand Kellerbier 5.711/12/2017Rate 3.131
Left Hand Key Lime Pie 7.34/30/2022Rate 3.492
Left Hand Midnight Project Oxymoron India Pale Lager 7.28/26/2010Rate 3.3969115
Left Hand Midnight Project Terra-ryezd 6.610/3/2008Rate 3.5196141
Left Hand Milk Stout 6.02/20/2002Rate 3.65992756
Left Hand Milk Stout - Bourbon Barrel 5.31/25/2011Rate 2.812
Left Hand Milk Stout - Chai 5.01/21/2018Rate 3.597070
Left Hand Milk Stout - Coffee 6.012/17/2013Rate 3.322
Left Hand Milk Stout - Mint 6.03/7/2014Rate 3.046
Left Hand Milk Stout - Peanut Butter 6.04/13/2019Rate 3.619877
Left Hand Milk Stout - Raspberry 5.71/4/2019Rate 3.54768
Left Hand Milk Stout (Cascade Dry-Hopped) (alias) -8/18/2012
Left Hand Milk Stout Nitro 6.010/8/2011Rate 3.7499140
Left Hand Mint Chocolate Milk Stout 5.11/17/2022Rate 3.145
Left Hand Mole Milk Stout 6.010/8/2021Rate 3.476
Left Hand Moo-Tooth -9/26/2013 U  0
Left Hand Motherlode 5.810/29/2013Rate 3.218912
Left Hand Mr. Black 5.511/8/2013Rate 2.893113
Left Hand Munich Dark Lager 4.910/18/2013Rate 3.026
Left Hand Oak Aged Imperial Stout (alias) 10.47/30/2010
Left Hand Oak Aged Smoked Goosinator Doppelbock (alias) 7.72/8/2009
Left Hand Oktoberfest 6.610/28/2001Rate 3.2287651
Left Hand Peach Beerllini 4.14/26/2018Rate 3.169838
Left Hand Peach Fuzz -10/26/2012Rate 3.122
Left Hand Peanut Butter Milk Stout 6.212/25/2021Rate 3.136
Left Hand Peanut Butter Milk Stout Nitro 6.212/4/2021Rate 3.378
Left Hand Peppermint Patty 6.011/30/2014Rate 3.212
Left Hand Pilot #26 Keep it Kölsch 5.811/6/2016Rate 3.061
Left Hand Pixan Pepper Porter 7.210/15/2018Rate 3.659340
Left Hand Polestar Pilsner 5.510/3/2001Rate 2.9351711
Left Hand Pride Runs Deep 6.87/14/2016Rate 3.334711
Left Hand Pro Am Badger Brown -8/15/2009Rate 3.16699
Left Hand Pro Am Bière de Garde 8.28/27/2011Rate 3.146614
Left Hand Pro Am Jalapeño Cream Ale 6.210/18/2014Rate 2.813217
Left Hand Push Pop Party Nitro 5.45/24/2019Rate 3.218117
Left Hand Raspberry & Lemon Peel Gose 4.37/1/2017Rate 3.14
Left Hand Red Hot Chili Hefe 5.58/16/2016Rate 2.941
Left Hand Rum Barrel Aged Blackjack 6.83/29/2015Rate 2.962
Left Hand Rye Bock 7.71/8/2004Rate 3.5399237
Left Hand Rye on the Prize 8.07/11/2016Rate 3.69237
Left Hand S’mores Milk Stout 6.010/25/2021Rate 3.213319
Left Hand Safety Round 1 4.68/16/2013Rate 3.064719
Left Hand Safety Round 2 6.512/11/2013Rate 3.05629
Left Hand Safety Round 3 4.86/18/2014Rate 3.16398
Left Hand Safety Round 4 4.612/15/2014Rate 33
Left Hand Safety Round 5 4.512/13/2014Rate 2.952
Left Hand Safety Round 6 4.612/14/2014Rate 2.962
Left Hand Safety Round 7 4.612/15/2014Rate 2.962
Left Hand Safety Round 8 4.62/8/2015Rate 3.25
Left Hand Saison Au Blé de Minuit 6.811/12/2017Rate 3.436429
Left Hand Saison Au Genievre Juniper 6.89/3/2017Rate 3.334647
Left Hand Saison au Miel 6.84/12/2017Rate 3.243434
Left Hand Saison Aux Baies Ameres 6.86/2/2017Rate 3.213046
Left Hand Sawtooth Ale 5.310/9/2001Rate 3.21801363
Left Hand Sawtooth Ale (Peaches) 5.33/7/2014Rate 2.895
Left Hand Sawtooth Amber Ale 5.33/13/2021Rate 0
Left Hand Sawtooth Nitro (alias) 5.310/19/2013
Left Hand Season of Insanity 9.211/12/2017Rate 3.224
Left Hand Slayride 9.212/1/2017Rate 2.71
Left Hand Smoked Goosinator Doppelbock 7.710/6/2007Rate 3.6197228
Left Hand SmokeJumper Imperial Smoked Porter 8.810/18/2006Rate 3.8999776
Left Hand Snow Bound Winter Ale 8.64/13/2000Rate 3.3389354
Left Hand Sour Ale -10/14/2014Rate 2.861
Left Hand Space Werewolves 6.84/16/2022Rate 3.151
Left Hand Special Widdershins -2/1/2009Rate 2.756
Left Hand Spruce Tip IPA 7.58/29/2016Rate 3.091
Left Hand St. Vrain Tripel 9.36/24/2001Rate 3.3977340
Left Hand Starksky & Scotch 7.93/6/2011Rate 2.982
Left Hand StrangeBrett 5.06/19/2011Rate 2.966
Left Hand Stranger Pale Ale 5.02/19/2011Rate 38519
Left Hand Study Abroad 4.58/14/2017Rate 3.237038
Left Hand Sunryes Sunset 8.45/23/2016Rate 3.061
Left Hand Tea Bag -10/26/2012Rate 2.811
Left Hand Test Kitchen Pecan & Cranberry Brown Ale 6.56/1/2021Rate 2.811
Left Hand The Lotus Room 6.94/25/2019Rate 3.171
Left Hand TNT Weizen Doppelbock 7.93/17/2011Rate 3.1227144
Left Hand Trainard 8.311/12/2017Rate 3.151
Left Hand Travelin' Light 4.83/13/2017Rate 3.289494
Left Hand Twin Sisters Double IPA 9.64/17/2005Rate 3.5560613
Left Hand Upstairs and to the Left Hand 6.96/26/2017Rate 0
Left Hand Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout 10.25/22/2000Rate 3.7671508
Left Hand Wake Up Dead Imperial Stout - Barrel-Aged 10.22/12/2004Rate 3.7375732
Left Hand Wake Up Dead Nitro (alias) 10.210/18/2013
Left Hand Warrior IPA 7.311/24/2002Rate 3.5588810
Left Hand Well Played Red IPA 6.82/27/2017Rate 3.364245
Left Hand Wheels Gose ‘Round 4.46/15/2018Rate 3.384966
Left Hand White Russian Nitro 8.98/2/2019Rate 3.29389
Left Hand Wicked Juju 7.210/21/2014Rate 3.459536
Left Hand Widdershins 8.89/12/2002Rate 3.5151240
Left Hand Widdershins - Oak Aged 8.87/15/2005Rate 3.5455326
Left Hand Widdershins - Stranahan's Barrel 102/12/2012Rate 3.112
Left Hand Wook Bait IPA 6.06/12/2021Rate 3.29429
Left Hand WTF # 10 - Sour -12/27/2015Rate 3.192
Left Hand XXXmas Ale (alias) 8.611/9/2006
Left Hand You May Be On the B Squad, But You’re the B Squad Leader 6.911/12/2017Rate 3.151
Tabernash Dunkel Weiss 4.751/1/2002Rate 3.228863
Tabernash Golden (alias) 5.04/13/2000
Tabernash Kristall Weiss 4.91/18/2002Rate 3.17948
Tabernash Maibock 7.07/11/2002Rate 3.548
Tabernash Munich 4.96/28/2003Rate 2.913
Tabernash Oktoberfest (alias) 6.08/16/2006
Tabernash Pilsner (alias) 5.010/3/2001
Tabernash Rye Bock (alias) 7.07/18/2007
Tabernash Weiss (alias) 4.94/13/2000
Tabernash Weiss Bock 8.21/26/2003Rate 3.043
WoodVille #21 10.210/11/2005Rate 3.353288

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