Coast Range Brewing Company

(Not In Production)
Commercial Brewery
7050 Monterey Street, Gilroy, California, USA 95020
Out of business

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Alcatraz Pale Ale -12/16/2007Rate 2.653
Bagel Beer Blueberry Ale -6/4/2003Rate 2.779
Bagel Beer Everything IPA -3/24/2003Rate 3.091421
Bagel Beer Plain Pilsner 4.38/7/2002Rate 2.729415
Bagel Beer Poppy Seed 5.251/23/2002Rate 2.881612
Bagel Beer Pumpernickel Porter 4.510/30/2002Rate 3.437845
Beer On The Wall - Beer Off The Wall Holiday Ale 6.012/18/2001Rate 2.853
Cayucos Beach Ale 4.55/10/2006Rate 2.851417
Coast Range Barleywine -4/29/2005Rate 3.031
Coast Range Bavarian Style Hefe-Weizen 4.58/14/2001Rate 0
Coast Range Belgian White -9/18/2000Rate 2.691
Coast Range Best Bitter -5/18/2001Rate 2.752
Coast Range Big Sur Light 5.04/14/2002Rate 2.811
Coast Range Calcutta 420 -8/8/2005Rate 2.61233
Coast Range California Blonde Ale 4.58/14/2001Rate 2.864634
Coast Range Farmhouse Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter -12/21/2006Rate 3.142713
Coast Range Farmhouse Fresh Hop Ale -10/5/2006Rate 2.942
Coast Range Farmhouse Hayloft Pilsener 5.43/27/2006Rate 3.219435
Coast Range Farmhouse Kölsch Bier 5.24/10/2007Rate 2.934
Coast Range Farmhouse Liquid Courage 7.82/17/2007Rate 2.913
Coast Range Farmhouse Mure Sauvage -3/9/2007Rate 3.128216
Coast Range Farmhouse Oasthouse IPA 5.712/29/2005Rate 3.628992
Coast Range Farmhouse Saison 7 6.812/13/2005Rate 3.2642109
Coast Range Farmhouse Stone Fence Robust Porter 5.51/10/2006Rate 3.447867
Coast Range Farmhouse Two Tractor Ale 5.54/28/2006Rate 3.216034
Coast Range Gabba Gabba Red 5.03/6/2003Rate 3.022
Coast Range IPA -10/15/2002Rate 3.415422
Coast Range Irish Stout -4/22/2005Rate 2.771
Coast Range Maduro Porter 5.58/14/2001Rate 3.619056
Coast Range Marzen -10/15/2002Rate 2.961
Coast Range Merry Maker 5.78/14/2001Rate 3.648421
Coast Range Pale Ale 5.258/14/2001Rate 2.831535
Coast Range Red Sun -6/9/2008Rate 2.881
Coast Range Russian Imperial Stout 11.46/12/2005Rate 3.917447
Coast Range Scotch Ale 6.58/13/2001Rate 3.182745
Coast Range Strong Ale -1/30/2003Rate 3.111
Nude Beer -4/27/2003Rate 2.317651
Seabright Resolution Red 7.48/9/2001Rate 3.524227
Stripper Ale -6/12/2006Rate 2.712610
Treaty of Augsberg 6.211/18/2001Rate 31
Coastal Fog Bavarian Wheat
Brewed by/for Coastal Fog Brewing
5.17/6/2006Rate 2.71225
Coastal Fog Winter Ale
Brewed by/for Coastal Fog Brewing
-7/31/2001Rate 2.351

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