Pizza Boy Brewing Beer List

Enola, Pennsylvania, United States

Arooga's Double Wingstinguisher IPA 104/24/2015Rate 3.254
Arooga's Wingstinguisher IPA 6.87/25/2014Rate 2.871
Arooga's Wingstinguisher IPA - Tangerine Zest 6.87/28/2014Rate 2.911
Intangible Ales Acidulated Hive 7.89/13/2014Rate 3.598920
Intangible Ales Au Ra 4.58/8/2015Rate 3.466
Intangible Ales Bad News Brew 6.03/20/2016Rate 3.282
Intangible Ales Chillaxis Of Evil 9.08/17/2015Rate 3.242818
Intangible Ales Future Primitive 7.26/19/2014Rate 3.548545
Intangible Ales Goose 7.05/4/2018Rate 3.325
Intangible Ales Jawn Of The Dead 9.09/25/2014Rate 2.91418
Intangible Ales Juxtapose 8.21/11/2015Rate 3.639222
Intangible Ales Planet Of Dreamers 6.09/7/2014Rate 3.54810
Intangible Ales Reverend Green 8.05/19/2018Rate 3.344
Pizza Boy #citywidelove 5.56/12/2019Rate 2.982
Pizza Boy / À l'Abri de la Tempête Collab Beer 7.87/31/2013Rate 3.076
Pizza Boy / DuClaw Raspberry Cream Ale 5.012/24/2013Rate 2.872
Pizza Boy / East End Pennsylvania Handshake 7.011/27/2017Rate 3.214
Pizza Boy / Liquid Hero - CitrusTITS 9.610/30/2014Rate 3.135
Pizza Boy / Vasbinder - Collab Beer 9.512/15/2014Rate 2.972
Pizza Boy / Voodoo Black Farmhouse Ale 6.01/11/2014Rate 3.467814
Pizza Boy / Yards George Jefferson 6.82/21/2014Rate 3.213
Pizza Boy 12 Brewery Collab 9.09/2/2017Rate 3.191
Pizza Boy 220 Pound Nap 5.19/2/2017Rate 3.151
Pizza Boy 2nd Place LIME IPA 6.17/24/2013Rate 3.335410
Pizza Boy 60 Day Sour Project (Saison Yeast / Red Wine Barrel) 5.212/14/2013Rate 2.911
Pizza Boy Abascio-Cell - Base 4.57/8/2014Rate 3.66416
Pizza Boy Abascio-Cell - Blush 6.010/10/2014Rate 3.78216
Pizza Boy Abascio-Cell - Colombard 6.010/10/2014Rate 3.596514
Pizza Boy Abascio-Cell - Mixed Grapes 6.010/10/2014Rate 3.799116
Pizza Boy Abascio-Cell - Pinot Grigio 6.010/10/2014Rate 3.789120
Pizza Boy Abascio-Cell - Zinfandel 6.010/10/2014Rate 3.698222
Pizza Boy Adjust The Tracking 6.88/5/2018Rate 3.578811
Pizza Boy Afternoon Delight 6.04/2/2013Rate 3.719927
Pizza Boy All The BITS! 10.35/22/2019Rate 3.212
Pizza Boy Alphonso 6.510/11/2020Rate 3.041
Pizza Boy Amore Shark - White Wine 9.56/26/2016Rate 3.57
Pizza Boy Angel of Death 13.94/11/2013Rate 3.28289
Pizza Boy Angel of Death - Toasted Coconut 13.912/1/2013Rate 2.871
Pizza Boy Apple Bottom Lager 6.57/30/2018Rate 2.851
Pizza Boy Apricot Smasher 5.27/15/2021Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy Apricotfunker 6.07/8/2014Rate 3.758917
Pizza Boy Apricots Wheat 4.84/11/2013Rate 3.167
Pizza Boy Arck Angel 4xIPA 13.98/6/2012Rate 3.474620
Pizza Boy Arck Angel 4xIPA - Bacon 13.912/14/2013Rate 2.861
Pizza Boy Arck Angel with Apricot and Peach 13.66/28/2021Rate 3.091
Pizza Boy Arck Angel with Blueberries 131/31/2017Rate 3.232
Pizza Boy Arck Angel with Passion Fruit 121/21/2018Rate 3.282
Pizza Boy Arck Angel with Peaches 134/6/2017Rate 3.093
Pizza Boy Arck Angel with Raspberry 119/21/2019Rate 3.243
Pizza Boy Armadillo Pale 5.012/8/2012Rate 3.257
Pizza Boy Armor Shark 104/24/2015Rate 3.474538
Pizza Boy Azazel 132/4/2014Rate 3.574512
Pizza Boy Azazel - Chocolate Mint 132/18/2014Rate 3.183
Pizza Boy Ballet IPA 9.16/24/2012Rate 2.975
Pizza Boy Ballet IPA - Chris Gray 9.17/10/2012Rate 2.792
Pizza Boy Bartlett Kaminski 112/24/2018Rate 3.385
Pizza Boy Bathmalts 9.53/18/2019Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Bean Dream 5.09/26/2012Rate 3.213942
Pizza Boy Bean Dream - Root Beer 6.01/9/2016Rate 3.112
Pizza Boy Bean Dream - Vanilla Bean (alias) 6.210/8/2014
Pizza Boy Benders Barleywine 1011/26/2014Rate 3.333014
Pizza Boy Benders Barleywine - Bourbon Barrel 114/1/2016Rate 3.131
Pizza Boy Big Smooch 7.82/22/2021Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy Birdbrain 6.012/2/2014Rate 3.454115
Pizza Boy Black Sour 6.04/24/2015Rate 3.545234
Pizza Boy Blackberry Coffee Latte 7.02/4/2018Rate 2.874
Pizza Boy Blackberry Sour 6.24/24/2015Rate 3.58
Pizza Boy Blackberry/Blueberry Sour 6.511/22/2016Rate 3.324
Pizza Boy Blackout Cake 119/28/2018Rate 3.333
Pizza Boy Blanc Slate 7.011/15/2018Rate 3.13
Pizza Boy Bleurbon Berry 6.07/8/2014Rate 3.718414
Pizza Boy Blue Collar Lager 4.36/24/2012Rate 3.264222
Pizza Boy Bock 5.68/22/2012Rate 3.277
Pizza Boy Bock Dafuq Up -9/13/2020Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Boss Kveiking 7.810/13/2019Rate 3.252
Pizza Boy Both Barrels Barleywine 118/25/2012Rate 3.064
Pizza Boy Boysenberries Are My Jam! 5.02/2/2019Rate 3.151
Pizza Boy Bream Dream 8.54/7/2018Rate 3.162
Pizza Boy Brewery Pilsner 4.68/20/2017Rate 3.22909
Pizza Boy Bright Club 7.09/19/2018Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy Brown Ale 5.24/29/2013Rate 2.822
Pizza Boy Brown Ale - Honey 6.02/24/2014Rate 2.871
Pizza Boy Brownout 5.510/25/2019Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy Bubblicious 8.58/12/2014Rate 2.953
Pizza Boy Buddha’s Backhand 6.010/4/2020Rate 3.091
Pizza Boy Bumblephuq 104/11/2013Rate 3.147
Pizza Boy California Uber Helles (alias) 5.312/23/2012
Pizza Boy Calvin’s 3rd Christmas 8.212/24/2017Rate 3.223
Pizza Boy Calvin's New Year 6.62/17/2019Rate 3.162
Pizza Boy Camp Counselor 6.6611/22/2020Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy Campfire Feels 5.04/25/2021Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Cantaloupe IPA 7.510/20/2016Rate 3.111
Pizza Boy Cat Scratch Fever 6.412/25/2020Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Cherry Hawbaker 7.42/24/2018Rate 3.194
Pizza Boy Chocolate & Nuts 5.04/11/2013Rate 3.519814
Pizza Boy Chocolate Porter - Pappy Van Winkle 145/13/2013Rate 3.092
Pizza Boy Chocolate Porter - Pappy Van Winkle (Egg Nog) 1411/12/2014Rate 2.881
Pizza Boy Chocolate Sour Ale 5.511/7/2014Rate 2.763
Pizza Boy Citra IPA (alias) 6.511/2/2014
Pizza Boy Citra Pils 4.08/2/2013Rate 3.459838
Pizza Boy Citrus Flip 6.05/27/2014Rate 3.568917
Pizza Boy Citrus Wheat (Hop Test #1) 4.59/2/2017Rate 3.191
Pizza Boy Coconut Cream Ale 5.011/30/2013Rate 2.871
Pizza Boy Cold slice -1/9/2020Rate 0
Pizza Boy Compounding Downtime 7.42/27/2020Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Conclusion 6.81/18/2014Rate 3.063
Pizza Boy Cool Vapors 5.810/25/2019Rate 2.981
Pizza Boy Crucial BBQ 4.28/3/2015Rate 3.294113
Pizza Boy Dairy Potter 9.511/12/2017Rate 3.171
Pizza Boy Deer Creek Saison 7.14/2/2015Rate 3.012
Pizza Boy Deez Nugz Hop Test #1 7.81/4/2018Rate 3.091
Pizza Boy Demon Drank 7.67/9/2017Rate 3.232
Pizza Boy DetrimentAL 9.58/8/2016Rate 3.194
Pizza Boy Dissin' Terry 106/11/2016Rate 3.046
Pizza Boy Distinguished Indistinguishability 6.412/30/2019Rate 3.142
Pizza Boy Dollars for Diabetes 5.012/1/2013Rate 3.44110
Pizza Boy Don’t Hop Believing 6.76/4/2018Rate 3.262
Pizza Boy Don't Carrot All 9.212/12/2016Rate 3.112
Pizza Boy Double Bean Dream 8.512/15/2016Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy Double Chocolate & Vanilla 9.56/2/2019Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Double Citra Pils 7.812/6/2019Rate 3.212
Pizza Boy Dough Boy 5.711/9/2017Rate 3.366
Pizza Boy Dub 56 Pale Ale (The Toasters) 4.88/11/2016Rate 3.328
Pizza Boy Echo Puncher 6.512/9/2017Rate 3.054
Pizza Boy Eternal Sunshine 5.211/29/2014Rate 3.89571
Pizza Boy Eternal Sunshine - Lemons 5.25/8/2015Rate 3.698118
Pizza Boy Eternal Sunshine - Tangerine 5.612/9/2017Rate 3.194
Pizza Boy Extra Crispy 9.58/31/2017Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Fabric of Time 7.88/20/2017Rate 3.184
Pizza Boy Faceplant IIPA 8.011/3/2013Rate 3.143
Pizza Boy Fantastic 5 Collab 104/9/2014Rate 3.196
Pizza Boy Ferhoodle 104/10/2021Rate 31
Pizza Boy Festbier 5.510/3/2019Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Finding Comfort In The End 8.56/18/2018Rate 3.091
Pizza Boy FLEMboyant 6.662/26/2017Rate 3.151
Pizza Boy Flight or Fight 6.62/12/2021Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy Float Along 7.06/6/2018Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy Floyd’s Yacht Club 7.85/10/2018Rate 3.033
Pizza Boy Flying Laserbeams 5.57/9/2017Rate 3.165
Pizza Boy Fractured Visions 8.08/5/2018Rate 3.555414
Pizza Boy Freefall 3.74/11/2013Rate 3.395424
Pizza Boy French Roasted Hazelnut 9.56/3/2017Rate 3.041
Pizza Boy Fresh Baked Rolls 113/22/2021Rate 3.111
Pizza Boy Fries With That Shake 5.66/28/2020Rate 3.091
Pizza Boy From India with Love 9.510/20/2016Rate 3.155
Pizza Boy Frontside Lipslide 106/14/2014Rate 3.79044
Pizza Boy Frontside Lipslide - Orange Zest, Amarillo & Citra 1012/21/2014Rate 2.911
Pizza Boy Frontside Lipslide Simcoe 104/16/2019Rate 3.151
Pizza Boy Frontside Mango 10.56/19/2017Rate 3.151
Pizza Boy Frosty Freeze 8.03/7/2021Rate 3.122
Pizza Boy Funky Apple Sauce 6.24/24/2015Rate 3.423814
Pizza Boy Get a Grip IPA 6.53/13/2018Rate 3.237
Pizza Boy Geuszki 6.02/2/2017Rate 3.111
Pizza Boy Golden Sour 3.77/11/2014Rate 3.879761
Pizza Boy Gooseberries 7.04/10/2018Rate 3.676
Pizza Boy Granachelands (alias) 8.26/10/2015
Pizza Boy Grapefruit IN UR IPA 4.67/24/2013Rate 3.638923
Pizza Boy Grapefruit IN UR IPA - Habanero 5.612/12/2014Rate 2.841
Pizza Boy Grasslands - White Wine 4.79/14/2014Rate 3.649224
Pizza Boy Grasslands Saison 7.06/24/2012Rate 3.314421
Pizza Boy Grasslands Saison - Grenache Grapes & Cherry Wood 8.21/25/2015Rate 3.467511
Pizza Boy Hampden Lager 5.49/1/2014Rate 3.042
Pizza Boy Harbinger of Sorrow 6.09/7/2017Rate 3.333
Pizza Boy Harvest Delight 2.710/18/2014Rate 3.55649
Pizza Boy Hater's Tears 5.47/11/2015Rate 3.478024
Pizza Boy Haters' Tears - Rye Me A River 5.48/20/2017Rate 3.282
Pizza Boy Haydens Way 4.87/11/2020Rate 2.941
Pizza Boy Hazelton Native 7.31/15/2018Rate 2.873
Pizza Boy Hazleton Alien 7.56/8/2013Rate 3.243413
Pizza Boy Hazleton Native 6.212/16/2012Rate 3.44668
Pizza Boy Hazy Fuckboi Juice 9.07/23/2019Rate 3.111
Pizza Boy Hearts of Pom 4.59/2/2017Rate 2.981
Pizza Boy Hide The Bannana 9.08/28/2015Rate 3.213
Pizza Boy High Beams 8.02/18/2020Rate 3.041
Pizza Boy Holy-F - Columbus 5.08/22/2012Rate 3.083
Pizza Boy Holy-F - Nugget 5.61/4/2013Rate 2.92
Pizza Boy Honey Crisp 13.021/29/2014Rate 3.448419
Pizza Boy Honey Crisp (Cinnamon & Vanilla) 11.512/19/2016Rate 3.212
Pizza Boy Hop For Teacher 5.55/12/2018Rate 3.041
Pizza Boy Hop Tart 5.49/25/2017Rate 3.091
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - 3rd Place 5.07/20/2014Rate 2.791
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Allergic Reaction 7.06/16/2014Rate 3.288
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Alphonso Mango 8.06/24/2012Rate 3.056
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Boo Berry 8.412/3/2014Rate 3.214
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Cascade -7/1/2015Rate 3.345
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Citra 6.08/26/2012Rate 3.318
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Cobbler 6.811/11/2014Rate 3.367
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Cobbler (Pecans and Cinnamon) 6.812/4/2014Rate 3.032
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Columbus 8.59/1/2014Rate 2.91
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Defibrillator 9.04/2/2015Rate 3.394
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Earl Grey IPA 6.212/3/2014Rate 2.841
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Galaxy IPA 7.54/24/2014Rate 3.022
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Galaxy Pale Ale 5.24/2/2015Rate 3.515
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Hoppy American Stout 5.59/18/2014Rate 3.396
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Lemon Mint IPA 6.52/24/2014Rate 2.913
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Mango (alias) 9.56/24/2012
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Mental 7.07/20/2014Rate 2.952
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Muscat Farmhouse IPA 8.012/15/2014Rate 3.144
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Ninja Snipa 9.73/5/2013Rate 3.221212
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Nugget IPA 6.39/8/2014Rate 2.881
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Simcoe 6.78/23/2012Rate 2.871
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Spanish Dynamite! 4.25/20/2014Rate 3.326917
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Stakem (alias) 8.77/10/2012
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Warrior 9.08/23/2012Rate 2.841
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Warriors Code 6.05/3/2014Rate 3.216
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - White Peach 6.04/25/2014Rate 2.963
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 - Zythos 6.08/23/2012Rate 2.881
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 (Black IPA) 9.57/27/2015Rate 3.424
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 (Double IPA w/ Raspberries) 8.09/7/2017Rate 3.32
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 (Gabagool W/ Capocollo) 7.57/27/2015Rate 3.185
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 (Ginger Red Ale) 7.82/12/2015Rate 3.043
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 (Hellnation Hoppy Maibock) 9.33/18/2015Rate 3.144
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 (Honey Wheat IPA) 6.56/30/2015Rate 3.091
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 (Little Cream Soda) 3.85/4/2016Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 (Murren River) (alias) 7.65/30/2015
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 (Nut Brown Ale w/ Toasted Pecans) 6.33/18/2015Rate 3.253
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 (Red Saison) 7.65/30/2015Rate 3.224
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 (Snipa Claussenii) 122/12/2015Rate 2.998
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 (Wonder Whine) 12.54/18/2017Rate 3.232
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 Hoppy American Stout / Vietnamese Coffee 5.59/24/2014Rate 3.213
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 Laced Ball 4.58/6/2017Rate 2.994
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 PB & Scotch Bonnet 9.98/6/2012Rate 2.994
Pizza Boy Hop Test #1 Scotch Ale 7.13/28/2015Rate 3.214
Pizza Boy Hopgasm - Amarillo 8.410/22/2012Rate 3.184
Pizza Boy Hopgasm - Citra 8.410/5/2012Rate 3.324
Pizza Boy Hopgasm - Sunset over Yakima 109/26/2012Rate 2.881
Pizza Boy Hoppy Fields 5.510/21/2012Rate 3.174
Pizza Boy Hoppy Fields (Sorachi Ace) (alias) 5.511/14/2012
Pizza Boy Hopricot Grove Apricot Wheat Ale 4.81/15/2016Rate 3.033
Pizza Boy HopTart 1.0 - Blush 5.49/21/2013Rate 3.678424
Pizza Boy Hoptart 1.2 (Blush) (alias) 6.011/4/2014
Pizza Boy HopTart 2.0 - Chardonnay 4.54/2/2014Rate 3.33349
Pizza Boy Hoptart 2017 6.010/2/2017Rate 3.13
Pizza Boy HopTart 3.0 - Colombard 4.55/21/2014Rate 3.879227
Pizza Boy Hopvision - Amarillo 5.04/8/2016Rate 3.559415
Pizza Boy Hopvision - Chinook 6.07/9/2019Rate 3.192
Pizza Boy Hopvision - Citra Lupulin 5.39/2/2017Rate 3.092
Pizza Boy Hopvision - Columbus 5.54/18/2016Rate 3.295
Pizza Boy Hopvision - Idaho 7 5.38/20/2017Rate 3.212
Pizza Boy Hopvision - Mosaic 5.37/18/2017Rate 3.423
Pizza Boy Hopvision - Motueka 5.36/17/2017Rate 3.384
Pizza Boy Hopvision - New Zealand Wai-iti -10/13/2019Rate 3.142
Pizza Boy Hopvision - Rakau 5.38/20/2017Rate 3.091
Pizza Boy Hopvision - Simcoe 6.03/21/2019Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy How To Disappear Completely 9.510/21/2017Rate 3.211
Pizza Boy Huma League IPA 7.012/11/2018Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy I’ll Have Another IPA 7.63/6/2020Rate 3.192
Pizza Boy Ice Dreams: Raspberry 5.05/22/2019Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Ice Dreamz: Blueberry Blackberry & Lime 5.08/17/2019Rate 3.182
Pizza Boy Ice Dreamz: Cranberries, Cherries, and Tangerines 5.012/29/2019Rate 3.294
Pizza Boy Intangible 6.04/2/2013Rate 3.484513
Pizza Boy InterplaneTerry Travel 9.510/14/2018Rate 3.091
Pizza Boy Intolerable Vibrations 6.810/26/2018Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Mex IPA 7.04/24/2019Rate 3.232
Pizza Boy Journeymen 4.510/7/2013Rate 2.822
Pizza Boy Juicifer IPA 6.612/11/2016Rate 2.96
Pizza Boy Just the Tidbits 7.87/10/2018Rate 3.213
Pizza Boy Kaesar-Haffner 6.25/16/2014Rate 3.214
Pizza Boy Kanye Zest 6.26/18/2016Rate 2.941
Pizza Boy Keystoner IPA 6.87/27/2015Rate 3.446920
Pizza Boy Kiwi Sour Ale 5.311/7/2014Rate 3.175
Pizza Boy Lacto Calrissian 8.23/26/2016Rate 3.534915
Pizza Boy Late Summer Pale 4.08/2/2013Rate 3.185
Pizza Boy LegenDairy Strawberry IPA 6.22/9/2017Rate 3.052
Pizza Boy LegenDairy Lemon 6.56/3/2017Rate 0
Pizza Boy LegenDairy Orange Juice 6.08/20/2017Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy LegenDairy Peach 6.512/8/2016Rate 3.486
Pizza Boy LegenDairy Pineapple 6.512/12/2016Rate 3.223
Pizza Boy LegenDairy Plum 6.29/7/2017Rate 3.264
Pizza Boy LegenDairy Pumpkin 6.011/6/2017Rate 3.336
Pizza Boy LemonDairy 8.25/30/2017Rate 3.475
Pizza Boy Liquid CUREage 7.06/8/2017Rate 3.33
Pizza Boy Low Hanging Fruit 7.28/16/2018Rate 3.64915
Pizza Boy Magic Under Where? 5.58/11/2016Rate 3.488815
Pizza Boy Mango Bomb 13.94/11/2016Rate 3.02216
Pizza Boy Mango River IPA 8.56/30/2016Rate 3.446917
Pizza Boy Mango Sourer 6.04/24/2015Rate 3.717622
Pizza Boy Mass Appeal 4.712/18/2016Rate 2.933
Pizza Boy Mass Appeal w/ Orange Juice 4.79/2/2017Rate 3.091
Pizza Boy Mayan Hopocalypse 13.94/11/2013Rate 2.923
Pizza Boy Maybe Next Time 6.67/3/2019Rate 3.072
Pizza Boy McBride's Wit 5.54/9/2014Rate 3.155
Pizza Boy Michael Meyer's Lemon IPA 6.669/1/2018Rate 3.344
Pizza Boy Midnight Delight 5.57/3/2014Rate 2.776
Pizza Boy Mirror of Confusion Wild Ale 8.02/1/2017Rate 2.974
Pizza Boy Monica Lupulinski 9.03/9/2017Rate 3.091
Pizza Boy Murren River 7.44/9/2016Rate 3.779969
Pizza Boy Nefarious Intentions 6.510/15/2018Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy Neon 5.36/24/2012Rate 2.833
Pizza Boy No End In Sight 6.59/29/2020Rate 3.091
Pizza Boy Nothing But Crickets 8.111/3/2017Rate 3.243
Pizza Boy NotMy Style, Might RateAnyway 7.010/2/2019Rate 3.182
Pizza Boy O.T.C. 4.49/21/2019Rate 3.041
Pizza Boy Octoberfest 4.49/26/2012Rate 2.812
Pizza Boy Old Denim 4.42/27/2021Rate 3.091
Pizza Boy Old School Amber 5.04/15/2013Rate 2.812
Pizza Boy On Such A Winter’s Day 7.02/27/2021Rate 3.111
Pizza Boy On the Fritz 6.07/14/2016Rate 3.136
Pizza Boy Orangatang 5.212/9/2012Rate 3.424411
Pizza Boy Orange Cinnamon Sour Ale 5.21/23/2015Rate 3.194
Pizza Boy Orange Juice Futures 8.09/7/2019Rate 32
Pizza Boy Oui Oui Ooh La La! 6.56/27/2020Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy Outta Here 107/27/2020Rate 3.131
Pizza Boy PA Mellow 6.07/25/2019Rate 3.131
Pizza Boy Pallet Mallet 11.94/11/2013Rate 3.556011
Pizza Boy Pappy 10.512/9/2012Rate 3.226
Pizza Boy Peach Around 8.19/25/2017Rate 3.387
Pizza Boy Peach Luna 5.37/10/2012Rate 2.872
Pizza Boy Peachfunker 6.07/8/2014Rate 3.555116
Pizza Boy Peanut Butthurt 8.09/25/2017Rate 3.192
Pizza Boy Peanut Butthurt Firkin 8.09/25/2017Rate 3.111
Pizza Boy Pedaling Upstream 8.27/7/2021Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Permasmile 5.010/25/2012Rate 3.899747
Pizza Boy Permasmile (Blueberry) 6.012/11/2020Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Permasmile (Single Barrel - Peach) 5.04/29/2013Rate 3.22
Pizza Boy Petulant Child 9.01/19/2020Rate 3.131
Pizza Boy Pine-Apple Sour 6.06/6/2013Rate 3.166
Pizza Boy Pink Collar Lager 2.710/23/2012Rate 2.652
Pizza Boy Pink Gold 6.02/2/2017Rate 3.232
Pizza Boy Pizza Chaser 5.27/24/2015Rate 3.13349
Pizza Boy Pizza Party with Sabatini’s Stone Fruit IPA 7.06/19/2018Rate 3.122
Pizza Boy Pizza Party with Sabatini's: HawaiIPA 7.010/2/2017Rate 3.192
Pizza Boy Plum Sour 4.59/14/2014Rate 3.657716
Pizza Boy Plummeled 7.53/3/2017Rate 2.921
Pizza Boy Polar Vortex 9.03/3/2017Rate 3.576
Pizza Boy Pomegranate/Rose-Hip Sour Ale 5.22/7/2015Rate 3.314
Pizza Boy Printemptuous Session IPA 5.05/17/2020Rate 3.163
Pizza Boy Profiles of the Future 7.06/13/2018Rate 3.364
Pizza Boy Punk'in Disorderly 6.010/16/2012Rate 3.14
Pizza Boy Punk'in Disorderly - Bourbon Barrel + Marshmallow 6.011/11/2013Rate 2.832
Pizza Boy Punk'in Disorderly - Rum Barrel 6.011/15/2013Rate 2.91
Pizza Boy Quad 11.34/11/2013Rate 3.395
Pizza Boy Quickest Forever 5.08/31/2016Rate 3.042
Pizza Boy Raspberry Sour 3.08/2/2013Rate 3.647229
Pizza Boy Raspberry Sour (2015) 6.26/11/2015Rate 3.657416
Pizza Boy Red Ale 5.02/18/2014Rate 3.177
Pizza Boy Regifted 10.23/17/2019Rate 3.433
Pizza Boy Reoccurring Nightmare 8.43/31/2018Rate 3.232
Pizza Boy Reverse Swirly 9.512/28/2016Rate 3.192
Pizza Boy Rickity Cricket 5.96/4/2018Rate 3.363
Pizza Boy Riesling 6.09/7/2020Rate 3.151
Pizza Boy Royal Tannin Bomb! 4.510/5/2012Rate 3.32310
Pizza Boy Royal Tannin Bomb! (White Wine Barrel) (alias) -12/27/2013
Pizza Boy Rye Beer Sucks! 6.04/11/2013Rate 3.599819
Pizza Boy Rye Fawkes 6.712/14/2018Rate 3.191
Pizza Boy Rye Me 7.57/30/2015Rate 3.163
Pizza Boy Sabuccino Sessanta 1110/19/2018Rate 3.232
Pizza Boy SaniTERRYyum 104/8/2017Rate 2.791
Pizza Boy Seasons After Spring IPA 4.65/16/2020Rate 3.122
Pizza Boy Seize The Brae 6.510/20/2018Rate 3.182
Pizza Boy SereniTEA 5.54/24/2015Rate 3.265
Pizza Boy Sergeant Romance 8.02/14/2017Rate 3.184
Pizza Boy Shabby Sheik 7.510/27/2019Rate 3.282
Pizza Boy Shaking The Trees 7.59/15/2016Rate 3.072
Pizza Boy Shamrock Shuffle 5K 5.04/5/2016Rate 3.112
Pizza Boy Shandalous -5/2/2016Rate 2.824
Pizza Boy Simcoe SamuRYE 6.89/26/2012Rate 3.79750
Pizza Boy Slope Sauce 7.31/20/2020Rate 3.162
Pizza Boy Smoked Liberty 8.77/10/2012Rate 3.095
Pizza Boy Smoked Porter 6.54/11/2013Rate 3.587
Pizza Boy Smurphs Blood Sour 5.83/28/2015Rate 3.464319
Pizza Boy Solid Gold Bock 5.312/9/2012Rate 3.076
Pizza Boy Some New Kinda Kick 5.56/25/2018Rate 3.122
Pizza Boy Soul Crusher 7.06/3/2017Rate 3.243
Pizza Boy Sour Ale - Grapefruit 5.83/7/2015Rate 3.36
Pizza Boy Sour Apple 6.54/11/2013Rate 3.556323
Pizza Boy Sour Brown 5.58/4/2013Rate 2.962
Pizza Boy Sour Chardonnay 5.37/24/2013Rate 2.881
Pizza Boy Sour Fractured Visions 8.05/22/2019Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Sour Frontside Lipslide 101/28/2018Rate 3.033
Pizza Boy Sour Murren River IPA 7.44/30/2017Rate 3.333
Pizza Boy Spandex Banana Hammock 6.03/3/2017Rate 32
Pizza Boy Spandex, Glitter and Ego's 6.010/25/2016Rate 3.385520
Pizza Boy St Thomas 1110/3/2019Rate 3.364
Pizza Boy Stainless Peach 7.35/17/2018Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Stainless Sour Series - Apricot Sour 7.310/27/2017Rate 3.171
Pizza Boy Stainless Sour Series - Cherry Sour 7.310/27/2017Rate 3.111
Pizza Boy Stainless Sour Series - Pineapple Sour 7.39/7/2017Rate 3.282
Pizza Boy Stanger Things 5.02/4/2018Rate 3.116
Pizza Boy Stay Handsome 7.28/25/2016Rate 2.932
Pizza Boy Stop Puncheon Yourself - Oranges 6.36/27/2021Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Straight Up Hefe 4.28/23/2012Rate 2.993
Pizza Boy Straight Up Hefe - Watermelon 4.28/23/2013Rate 3.19919
Pizza Boy Stromboli Chaser 5.02/11/2017Rate 3.182
Pizza Boy Sun Kissed - Chocolate Orange 8.04/24/2015Rate 3.523910
Pizza Boy Sun Kissed - Habanero & Cocoa Nibs 8.07/27/2015Rate 3.131
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Almond & Coconut 9.56/2/2019Rate 3.111
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Bourbon Barrel 10.57/30/2015Rate 3.796040
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Bourbon Barrel & Raspberries (I <3 U) 9.12/4/2014Rate 3.237
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Bourbon Barrel (Chipotle, Cinnamon & Vanilla) 9.57/19/2016Rate 3.352
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Bourbon Barrel (Vietnamese Coffee) 9.55/15/2017Rate 3.294
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Caribbean Christmas 11.512/15/2013Rate 3.463610
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Chocolate Covered Pretzel 9.53/8/2020Rate 3.162
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Cinnamon Bun 9.56/2/2019Rate 3.111
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Cocoa Nibs, Coffee, Vanilla Bean 1111/18/2012Rate 3.393
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Coconut 9.54/18/2016Rate 3.455
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Coconut & Vanilla Beans 9.51/15/2016Rate 3.584423
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Double Chocolate/Double Vanilla 9.57/6/2019Rate 3.162
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Double Coffee 9.510/6/2012Rate 49796
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Double Vietnamese Coffee & Vanilla 9.56/3/2017Rate 3.151
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Ghost Pepper 9.48/30/2016Rate 2.811
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Guajillo Chili & Cinnamon -4/6/2016Rate 3.624710
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Hazelnut 9.511/21/2018Rate 3.171
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Maple Bacon Doughnut 9.56/3/2017Rate 3.041
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Mexican Hot Chocolate 9.56/2/2019Rate 3.433
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Mint Chocolate 9.56/22/2017Rate 3.253
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Pappy Van Winkle 13.25/13/2013Rate 3.515
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Peppermint & Vanilla Beans 9.52/1/2016Rate 3.368
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Pumpkin 9.510/21/2017Rate 3.32
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Rum Soaked Oak, Orange Zest, Reaper Pepper 9.56/3/2017Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - S'Mores 9.56/2/2019Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up - Vietnamese Coffee 9.59/2/2014Rate 3.546
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up (Base Beer) 1110/5/2012Rate 3.533612
Pizza Boy Sunny Side Up Peanut Butter 9.56/28/2020Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Super Fast 4.04/5/2017Rate 2.92
Pizza Boy Super Tight 2.66/24/2016Rate 3.076310
Pizza Boy Swample 4.83/31/2016Rate 3.365815
Pizza Boy Swinglebeer - Passionfruit & Oats 6.26/14/2017Rate 3.192
Pizza Boy Swinglebeer - Pineapple Lager 5.83/25/2018Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy SwingleBeer - Smoked 4.21/2/2015Rate 3.397010
Pizza Boy Synchronicity 7.44/11/2013Rate 2.871
Pizza Boy Taste the Struggle 7.03/31/2018Rate 3.133
Pizza Boy Thai Pale Ale 6.011/7/2016Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy That Good Chit 6.912/24/2017Rate 2.71
Pizza Boy The Gin Mill Chocolate Steel Chocolate Stout 6.511/7/2014Rate 0
Pizza Boy The Handmaid's Ale 5.510/26/2018Rate 3.123
Pizza Boy The Hardest Part IPA 6.52/3/2015Rate 3.197
Pizza Boy The Hell That Is My Life 6.312/19/2016Rate 3.232
Pizza Boy The huma league 7.13/26/2019Rate 3.041
Pizza Boy The Luster of 10,000 Suns 7.08/7/2017Rate 3.174
Pizza Boy The Pen is Mightier 6.07/24/2020Rate 3.092
Pizza Boy The Pits 6.08/17/2014Rate 3.175
Pizza Boy The Seeker 7.16/11/2020Rate 3.091
Pizza Boy The Stranger 7.01/13/2017Rate 3.073
Pizza Boy The Winchester 6.22/24/2018Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy Toadal Devistation 11.210/7/2013Rate 3.225
Pizza Boy Together Weather 2.85/20/2014Rate 3.559518
Pizza Boy Trodac 5.410/16/2017Rate 3.074
Pizza Boy Tropical Depression 6.511/21/2018Rate 3.183
Pizza Boy Trung Latte Stout 5.510/30/2014Rate 3.548420
Pizza Boy Trung Latte Stout (2.7%) 2.75/8/2015Rate 3.447915
Pizza Boy TuMerica 7.63/31/2018Rate 3.021
Pizza Boy Turkey Burglar 3.66/24/2012Rate 3.162427
Pizza Boy Turkey Burglar - Caught Red Handed 3.512/19/2018Rate 2.842
Pizza Boy ÜberMurren - Cascade & Columbus 9.58/31/2017Rate 3.151
Pizza Boy ÜberMurren - Citra & Amarillo 9.58/31/2017Rate 3.231
Pizza Boy Uncommonly Common 4.93/9/2016Rate 3.22819
Pizza Boy Unwerthy Original 6.35/6/2014Rate 3.156
Pizza Boy Uptown IPA 6.89/29/2017Rate 31
Pizza Boy Valet Check The Pizza 6.85/22/2019Rate 3.061
Pizza Boy Visions of Yesterday 5.010/25/2019Rate 3.041
Pizza Boy Vitacider - Cuvee 8.212/29/2019Rate 3.091
Pizza Boy Vitacider - Vanilla Dessert 8.25/23/2019Rate 2.982
Pizza Boy Waiting for the Rapture 10.33/22/2019Rate 3.373
Pizza Boy Washed Up Bacon Smoked Porter with Chipolte and Guajillo 8.510/18/2016Rate 3.497
Pizza Boy West Shore (Hampden) IPA 6.06/24/2012Rate 3.558858
Pizza Boy West Shore IPA - Chipotle 6.58/23/2013Rate 2.932
Pizza Boy West Shore IPA - Double Dry Hopped (alias) 6.58/23/2013
Pizza Boy West Shore IPA - Habanero 6.58/12/2013Rate 2.71
Pizza Boy WET Hopvision - Sunny Brae Cascade 5.39/7/2017Rate 3.258
Pizza Boy Wet Shore 6.510/14/2014Rate 3.196
Pizza Boy What Is This Wizardry 5.29/25/2018Rate 2.941
Pizza Boy Whatever, Forever 6.06/3/2017Rate 3.072
Pizza Boy Wheezin The Juice 8.06/3/2017Rate 3.192
Pizza Boy White Bronco 6.011/3/2017Rate 3.158
Pizza Boy Winter Farmhouse (Cinnamon Sticks) 7.24/5/2016Rate 3.313
Pizza Boy Winter Warmer 8.54/5/2016Rate 2.913
Pizza Boy Witterfest -1/17/2018Rate 0
Pizza Boy Yellow Breaches Kriek 6.07/9/2014Rate 3.423810
Pizza Boy You’ve Got A Friend In IPA 7.57/9/2018Rate 3.367
Pizza Boy Young Blonde & Funky 4.52/2/2017Rate 3.142
Pizza Boy Your IPA is Like Bad Medicine 6.84/7/2018Rate 3.176
Pizza Boy Zesty Enterprise 4.37/15/2014Rate 3.168
Pizza Boy, Enola 440 Pound Nap 8.44/27/2017Rate 3.162
STOOP-IFIED 6.85/8/2015Rate 3.021
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