Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery Beer List

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

Town Hall "The Don" 8.03/6/2011Rate 3.076
Town Hall 10th Anniversary IPA 6.811/12/2002Rate 3.749827
Town Hall 11th Anniversary Tripel 9.09/25/2008Rate 3.19279
Town Hall 12th Anniversary Dark IPA -10/19/2009Rate 3.144
Town Hall 13th Anniversary Ale 6.510/27/2010Rate 3.15
Town Hall 15th Anniversary Ale 8.010/25/2012Rate 3.678717
Town Hall 16th Anniversary Ale 6.14/20/2015Rate 31
Town Hall 1776 6.856/29/2011Rate 2.931
Town Hall 17th Anniversary Ale 6.810/21/2015Rate 3.184
Town Hall 1800 DH 8.27/22/2012Rate 3.13
Town Hall 1800 Old English IPA 6.87/29/2004Rate 3.558786
Town Hall 20/40 Edel-Helles 5.24/12/2016Rate 3.214
Town Hall 21st Anniversary Ale 6.912/19/2018Rate 2.751
Town Hall 342 5.82/4/2012Rate 3.32819
Town Hall 900 English Ale 4.311/16/2011Rate 2.872
Town Hall '97 Masala Mama 5.72/11/2016Rate 3.125
Town Hall Abbey 6.94/14/2005Rate 3.49017
Town Hall Abominable 4.96/4/2010Rate 3.539412
Town Hall ACES -5/23/2013Rate 2.982
Town Hall Almighty 9.411/28/2003Rate 3.367
Town Hall Alpha Nimbus White IPA 6.88/19/2014Rate 3.57711
Town Hall Alpine Pedaler -1/18/2006Rate 3.247210
Town Hall Alt Country Sticke 6.49/27/2013Rate 3.042
Town Hall Alter Ego -11/24/2009Rate 3.238
Town Hall Amarillo Amber 5.24/16/2007Rate 3.379216
Town Hall Amarillo Smash 5.36/16/2017Rate 2.981
Town Hall Amber Falcon 5.18/7/2013Rate 3.257
Town Hall Ambrosia 4.98/8/2007Rate 3.098
Town Hall AmeriBelg Pale Ale 5.76/29/2010Rate 3.22779
Town Hall American Wheat -5/18/2010Rate 2.995
Town Hall Andys Ale 7.02/7/2013Rate 3.498112
Town Hall Angel's Abbey 7.012/17/2009Rate 2.975
Town Hall Anise Hopped Condition 7.01/20/2015Rate 2.92
Town Hall Anniversary Ale 6.811/2/2012Rate 2.962
Town Hall Anniversary Ale Global IPA 6.912/3/2017Rate 2.831
Town Hall Anniversary Belgian Wit 5.28/19/2014Rate 2.932
Town Hall Apricot Flight of the Falcon -9/13/2012Rate 2.841
Town Hall Apricot Mosaic -5/21/2014Rate 2.982
Town Hall Apricot Wheat Ale -7/26/2009Rate 3.22849
Town Hall Assertive 5.73/21/2016Rate 3.142
Town Hall Autumn Blaze 6.44/20/2015Rate 31
Town Hall Autumn Sunset -12/4/2004Rate 3.449
Town Hall Azacca Strong Ale 6.412/19/2018Rate 2.681
Town Hall Back Up Beer 9.38/6/2009Rate 2.91
Town Hall Backyard Rustic Rye Saison 6.76/9/2013Rate 3.278
Town Hall BAF 5.112/8/2017Rate 3.212
Town Hall BAF Pub Ale 5.13/24/2018Rate 3.13
Town Hall Balance IPA 7.53/24/2018Rate 2.972
Town Hall Ballpark Beer 5.24/3/2007Rate 36
Town Hall Baltic Red 9.02/1/2019Rate 3.171
Town Hall Banana Bread Beer 4.61/11/2006Rate 3.29018
Town Hall Banana Split 5.611/14/2014Rate 2.791
Town Hall Barley Vine -3/7/2019Rate 0
Town Hall Barrel Aged Batch 1000 -10/21/2009Rate 3.43417
Town Hall Barrel Aged Coffee Porter 5.210/26/2005Rate 3.335
Town Hall Barrel Aged Foolish Quadrupel 10.17/12/2007Rate 3.48
Town Hall Barrel Aged Grand Cru 9.610/29/2005Rate 3.598821
Town Hall Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 9.32/5/2008Rate 3.174
Town Hall Barrel Aged Northern Waters Smoked Porter 6.11/22/2006Rate 3.111
Town Hall Barrel Aged Odin 8.02/26/2010Rate 3.558223
Town Hall Barrel Aged Wee Heavy 8.710/29/2005Rate 3.699637
Town Hall Barrel Monkey -1/26/2012Rate 3.55543
Town Hall Batch 1000 8.52/6/2009Rate 3.29209
Town Hall Bavarian Express 5.22/4/2017Rate 3.153
Town Hall Beach Therapy 6.49/26/2013Rate 3.254
Town Hall Beer 24 9.32/27/2005Rate 3.261
Town Hall Beer Engine Brown Ale 4.110/7/2004Rate 3.335
Town Hall Belgian Blonde -4/26/2010Rate 2.92
Town Hall Belgian Brown Ale -12/28/2010Rate 2.91
Town Hall Belgian Raspberry Brown Ale 4.610/25/2007Rate 3.21818
Town Hall Belgian White 4.96/20/2003Rate 3.329410
Town Hall Big Ben Double IPA 8.62/22/2010Rate 3.54613
Town Hall Big Citrus -11/19/2013Rate 3.568
Town Hall Big Dog 8.22/23/2005Rate 3.948111
Town Hall Big No. 7 -4/18/2014Rate 3.123
Town Hall Big Ticket IPA 6.73/17/2004Rate 3.457
Town Hall Black Barrel Gold 9.110/16/2017Rate 3.485
Town Hall Black H20 Oatmeal Stout 6.25/15/2002Rate 3.6393173
Town Hall Black H2O Oatmeal Stout - Raspberry Infused 5.48/19/2014Rate 3.295
Town Hall Black Oat -12/19/2008Rate 3.272
Town Hall Black Snow Coffee Porter 5.012/9/2004Rate 3.689923
Town Hall Blackberry Bavarian Weizen 6.54/13/2018Rate 2.961
Town Hall Blackberry Black H2O 6.03/4/2017Rate 3.052
Town Hall Blackberry Bruin 6.42/17/2013Rate 3.158
Town Hall Blackberry Crimson Oat 6.06/26/2011Rate 2.881
Town Hall Blackberry Hope and King 5.412/5/2014Rate 3.153
Town Hall Blackberry Porter 5.74/26/2010Rate 2.861
Town Hall Blackberry Stout -8/1/2012Rate 2.932
Town Hall Blackberry Wee Heavy 8.57/4/2012Rate 2.871
Town Hall Blackberry Wheat 4.42/12/2004Rate 3.132
Town Hall Blackberry Wit 5.311/4/2017Rate 0
Town Hall Blonde Crush 9.12/4/2017Rate 3.162
Town Hall Blood Orange Lager 6.17/7/2016Rate 3.046
Town Hall Blue Label Barrel Aged Blend -10/18/2003Rate 3.276
Town Hall Blueberry Alehorn 6.04/14/2018Rate 2.941
Town Hall Blueberry Hefe 5.95/6/2011Rate 3.182
Town Hall Blueberry Hill 5.26/7/2006Rate 3.219010
Town Hall Blueberry Infused Thunderstorm Summer Ale 7.010/3/2007Rate 3.014
Town Hall Blueberry Milk Porter 5.010/18/2010Rate 3.255111
Town Hall Blueberry Milk Stout -10/17/2010Rate 2.881
Town Hall Blueberry Oatmeal Pale Ale 5.79/25/2008Rate 3.222
Town Hall Blueberry Sunrise Blonde -9/30/2009Rate 2.881
Town Hall Blueberry Tripel -12/26/2010Rate 2.982
Town Hall Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout 7.02/8/2004Rate 3.485
Town Hall Brewer Weiss 5.310/2/2007Rate 2.961
Town Hall Bright Spot Golden Ale 4.55/22/2002Rate 2.551760
Town Hall Broken Paddle ESB 5.19/28/2002Rate 3.439741
Town Hall Brown Label 9.22/17/2015Rate 3.486
Town Hall Buffalo Bock 7.21/26/2012Rate 3.669848
Town Hall Bug Dope Kolsch 4.56/10/2004Rate 3.229611
Town Hall CA Amber -10/5/2008Rate 3.071
Town Hall Cabernet Stout 6.64/13/2004Rate 3.466
Town Hall Calypso Pale Ale -6/9/2013Rate 3.135
Town Hall Cara Java Brown -8/2/2008Rate 3.446
Town Hall Cascade Pale Ale -6/12/2009Rate 3.043
Town Hall Cask IPA 7.212/2/2001Rate 3.789945
Town Hall Centennial Pale Ale 5.712/16/2003Rate 3.589826
Town Hall Center Sky 6.911/14/2014Rate 3.237
Town Hall Cherry Abbey -9/13/2010Rate 2.871
Town Hall Cherry Ale 6.55/16/2009Rate 3.024
Town Hall Cherry Amber -1/8/2013Rate 3.023
Town Hall Cherry Bruin -7/12/2013Rate 2.932
Town Hall Cherry Chestnut Elixir 8.45/3/2016Rate 3.224
Town Hall Cherry Chipotle Wee Heavy 8.63/10/2018Rate 3.162
Town Hall Cherry Chocolate Stout -2/17/2012Rate 3.042
Town Hall Cherry Chocoweizen -4/20/2015Rate 3.021
Town Hall Cherry Elves' Elixir 2014 8.52/17/2015Rate 3.033
Town Hall Cherry Eye 101/30/2013Rate 3.227
Town Hall Cherry Festivus 2012 5.312/21/2012Rate 2.973
Town Hall Cherry Grand Cru 9.57/19/2010Rate 3.256
Town Hall Cherry Kristall 5.69/21/2010Rate 2.931
Town Hall Cherry Oat Amber -6/5/2011Rate 2.911
Town Hall Cherry Porter -9/30/2010Rate 3.214
Town Hall Cherry Scotch 6.02/20/2011Rate 2.881
Town Hall Cherry Snow Doubt 5.52/7/2015Rate 2.871
Town Hall Cherry Stout 6.24/5/2010Rate 2.841
Town Hall Cherry Tripel 9.09/9/2009Rate 3.14
Town Hall Cherry Wee Heavy 8.52/4/2012Rate 3.538710
Town Hall Cherry Weizenbock 8.76/17/2013Rate 2.881
Town Hall Cherry Wit 5.48/6/2014Rate 2.932
Town Hall Chestnut Three Hour Tour 5.81/8/2016Rate 3.282
Town Hall Chicos Revenge -12/3/2006Rate 3.256
Town Hall Chili Hefe 5.010/18/2010Rate 3.124
Town Hall Chinook SMaSH 5.27/24/2017Rate 3.041
Town Hall Chipotle Wee Heavy 10.42/6/2009Rate 3.247610
Town Hall Chipotle-Infused Smoked Porter -5/2/2012Rate 2.862
Town Hall Chocolate Breakfast 5.67/25/2015Rate 3.091
Town Hall Chocolate Cherry Walloon -3/26/2012Rate 2.881
Town Hall Chocolate Coconut Jack Frost -3/26/2014Rate 3.011
Town Hall Chocolate Dunkleweizen -10/2/2011Rate 2.963
Town Hall Chocolate Java Porter 5.19/15/2011Rate 3.317
Town Hall Chocolate Oatmeal Stout 6.19/25/2008Rate 3.45
Town Hall Chocolate Porter 5.110/11/2003Rate 3.254
Town Hall Chocolate Pumpkin 5.511/30/2008Rate 2.586
Town Hall Chocolate Raspberry Bourbon Stout 9.22/5/2008Rate 3.577
Town Hall Chocolate Raspberry Milk Stout -4/28/2009Rate 3.012
Town Hall Chocolate Raspberry Vintage 9.03/16/2016Rate 3.322
Town Hall Chocolate Snow 5.43/7/2008Rate 3.495
Town Hall Chocolate Three Hour Tour 5.67/22/2015Rate 0
Town Hall Chubby Monk 7.311/21/2003Rate 3.225
Town Hall Cider 5.010/29/2005Rate 2.723610
Town Hall Citra Mania IPA 7.27/16/2014Rate 3.729714
Town Hall Citracade 6.36/2/2018Rate 3.091
Town Hall City Glow 5.43/25/2018Rate 33
Town Hall Classic American Pilsener 5.67/1/2012Rate 2.912
Town Hall Clipper Ship IPA 1.96/19/2018Rate 3.093
Town Hall Coco Three Hour Tour -11/17/2014Rate 3.163
Town Hall Cocoa Nut Brown Ale 6.32/2/2011Rate 3.357
Town Hall Coconut Jack Frost 9.06/2/2010Rate 3.486
Town Hall Coconut Mango IPA -9/30/2010Rate 3.38969
Town Hall Coconut Mango Tripel Vision 8.72/28/2015Rate 2.881
Town Hall Coconut Manhattan Reserve -3/13/2016Rate 3.163
Town Hall Coconut Mild -4/11/2009Rate 2.811
Town Hall Coconut Milk Stout 5.62/6/2009Rate 3.889980
Town Hall Coconut Pitstop 5.011/23/2017Rate 2.921
Town Hall Coconut Raspberry Festivus 5.82/2/2010Rate 3.093
Town Hall Coconut Raspberry Jack Frost 9.41/27/2014Rate 3.344
Town Hall Coconut Scotch 6.04/4/2009Rate 2.871
Town Hall Coconut Twisted Reality 10.311/20/2018Rate 0
Town Hall Coffee Festivus -12/13/2008Rate 3.111
Town Hall Coffee Porter -5/30/2010Rate 2.911
Town Hall Coffee Stout -10/18/2003Rate 3.518923
Town Hall Colonel Apricot -4/20/2015Rate 2.972
Town Hall Columbus Pale Ale 5.28/24/2003Rate 3.589915
Town Hall Combustion Junction 7.910/16/2017Rate 3.093
Town Hall Commander in Wheat 5.911/18/2014Rate 2.842
Town Hall Cow Tipper -8/3/2008Rate 2.953
Town Hall Cranberry Abbey 5.812/7/2013Rate 2.892
Town Hall Crimson Oat 6.06/14/2011Rate 3.198
Town Hall Cross Pond 5.22/4/2017Rate 3.133
Town Hall Crosstown Porter -6/27/2014Rate 2.861
Town Hall Crystal Weiss 6.06/6/2013Rate 2.977
Town Hall Curse of Jack -5/20/2011Rate 3.043
Town Hall Cuvee of Consequence 9.09/16/2015Rate 3.388
Town Hall Czar Jack Imperial Stout 9.510/21/2003Rate 4.0397264
Town Hall Czech Pilsner 4.53/15/2005Rate 3.25979
Town Hall Dark Belgium Chocolate infused Blackwater H2O Stout -11/29/2007Rate 3.142
Town Hall Dark Krystal 5.511/5/2013Rate 3.194
Town Hall Daylight Robber 4.511/9/2003Rate 3.164
Town Hall Deflate NE Lager 6.03/25/2018Rate 3.133
Town Hall Dortmunder Lager 5.48/5/2006Rate 3.089173
Town Hall Double 8 8.03/7/2019Rate 0
Town Hall Double Barrel Aged Jack Frost -2/20/2013Rate 3.392614
Town Hall Double Hefe 7.38/2/2003Rate 3.518620
Town Hall Double IPA 8.62/2/2010Rate 0
Town Hall Double Lager 8.52/5/2012Rate 3.064
Town Hall Double Milk Stout 8.42/4/2017Rate 3.193
Town Hall Dry Hopped Pilsner 5.111/3/2018Rate 3.041
Town Hall Dry Shine IPA 5.62/1/2019Rate 3.021
Town Hall Dubbel 8.02/12/2012Rate 2.963
Town Hall Duke of Wallonia 8.62/17/2015Rate 3.316
Town Hall Dunkleweizen 5.48/5/2002Rate 3.39214
Town Hall Düsseldorf Altbier 5.112/22/2002Rate 3.17
Town Hall Dutch Enkle 5.212/2/2009Rate 2.893
Town Hall E.T. Wee 9.42/20/2016Rate 3.384
Town Hall East Kent Dry Hopped Ale 5.68/27/2018Rate 3.061
Town Hall Eight Weizenbock 8.210/29/2005Rate 3.589527
Town Hall El Dorado 6.06/6/2013Rate 2.996
Town Hall Elves' Elixir 2010 4.812/14/2009Rate 2.943
Town Hall Elves' Elixir 2011 8.612/21/2011Rate 3.196
Town Hall Elves' Elixir 2012 8.712/21/2012Rate 3.568
Town Hall Elves' Elixir 2013 9.312/30/2013Rate 3.033
Town Hall Elves' Elixir 2014 8.512/31/2014Rate 32
Town Hall Elves' Elixir 2015 8.312/17/2015Rate 3.294
Town Hall Elves' Elixir 2018 9.012/19/2018Rate 3.131
Town Hall English Pale Ale 5.95/14/2014Rate 2.81
Town Hall Equi-Nelson 5.310/26/2016Rate 3.021
Town Hall Equinox 6.85/22/2015Rate 3.213
Town Hall ERB 6.58/12/2010Rate 3.073
Town Hall ESB 5.95/24/2012Rate 2.892
Town Hall Euphoric 7.24/12/2011Rate 3.234
Town Hall Evolution 6.712/6/2006Rate 3.559012
Town Hall Eye of the Storm 10.510/20/2007Rate 3.333732
Town Hall Eye of the Storm Ginger and Lemongrass Infusion 10.52/7/2013Rate 2.952
Town Hall Eye Wine -4/16/2014Rate 3.396
Town Hall Eye Wine Red 10.46/3/2017Rate 3.073
Town Hall Falconer’s Flight Smash 5.310/28/2017Rate 3.063
Town Hall Fallen Oats 7.05/16/2011Rate 2.91
Town Hall Fest Pale Lager 5.99/28/2002Rate 3.073
Town Hall Festivus 2004 4.712/14/2004Rate 3.428314
Town Hall Festivus 2005 4.112/15/2005Rate 3.238
Town Hall Festivus 2006 9.312/23/2006Rate 3.441719
Town Hall Festivus 2007 5.612/18/2007Rate 3.244
Town Hall Festivus 2009 -12/23/2009Rate 3.69511
Town Hall Festivus 2010 7.412/21/2010Rate 3.084
Town Hall Festivus 2011 5.212/20/2011Rate 3.246
Town Hall Festivus 2012 5.312/21/2012Rate 3.218710
Town Hall Festivus 2013 8.912/30/2013Rate 3.153
Town Hall Festivus 2014 6.112/31/2014Rate 3.047
Town Hall Festivus 2015 5.712/17/2015Rate 3.094
Town Hall Festivus XXX 2008 6.412/8/2008Rate 3.617
Town Hall Flight of the Falcon 6.17/24/2012Rate 3.37
Town Hall Foolish Angel 112/17/2015Rate 3.545813
Town Hall Foolish Angel - Single Barrel Reserve 102/20/2017Rate 3.495
Town Hall Foolish Quadrupel 10.12/15/2006Rate 3.45439
Town Hall Foolish Red 102/20/2017Rate 3.111
Town Hall Free House Standard 4.09/7/2005Rate 2.93498
Town Hall Fresh Hop 100 6.710/11/2012Rate 3.488416
Town Hall Fresh Hop 100 - 2014 5.610/16/2014Rate 2.771
Town Hall Fresh Hop 100 - 2015: 10th Anniversary 6.59/16/2015Rate 3.273
Town Hall Fresh Hop 100 - 2017 7.010/6/2017Rate 3.273
Town Hall Fresh Hop Ale 2005 4.810/6/2005Rate 3.519
Town Hall Fresh Hop Ale 2006 4.69/27/2006Rate 3.5810016
Town Hall Fresh Hop Ale 2007 5.49/25/2007Rate 3.459112
Town Hall Fresh Hop Ale 2008 6.49/24/2008Rate 3.669814
Town Hall Fresh Hop Ale 2009 -10/12/2009Rate 3.447
Town Hall Fresh Hop Ale 2010 -9/30/2010Rate 3.466
Town Hall Fresh Hop Ale 2011 6.110/10/2011Rate 3.334
Town Hall Frosted Vine 9.23/17/2018Rate 3.282
Town Hall Full Sun 5.64/13/2018Rate 3.091
Town Hall Galaxy 4.358/2/2015Rate 3.338
Town Hall Galena Pale Ale -6/1/2005Rate 3.47
Town Hall Garys Wheat Pale Ale 5.44/27/2005Rate 3.235
Town Hall Gem Pale Ale 5.45/4/2012Rate 3.076
Town Hall Ginger Mango Mama 6.02/1/2012Rate 3.191
Town Hall Ginger-Nutmeg Weizenbock -1/16/2012Rate 2.91
Town Hall Gobbler Pale Ale -11/20/2006Rate 3.078011
Town Hall Golden Cone 6.39/18/2017Rate 2.982
Town Hall Golden Leaf 5.04/28/2009Rate 2.862
Town Hall Good as Gold IPA 6.64/11/2019Rate 3.142
Town Hall Grand Cru 8.51/18/2004Rate 3.558859
Town Hall Granny Tripel 8.82/5/2008Rate 3.155
Town Hall Green Chili Ale 6.79/15/2007Rate 2.811
Town Hall Green Chili Hefe 5.29/16/2015Rate 3.041
Town Hall Grinchs Grog 5.312/8/2008Rate 3.619724
Town Hall Hamlets Curse 8.17/9/2007Rate 3.569722
Town Hall Harvest Amber 5.312/19/2018Rate 2.981
Town Hall Harvest Fresh 5.911/18/2014Rate 2.963
Town Hall Harvester Jim 6.52/25/2011Rate 3.157
Town Hall Haystack English Summer Ale 4.67/28/2005Rate 3.259613
Town Hall Hazed and Confused 5.88/22/2003Rate 3.385
Town Hall Hazy Sun Blonde -8/2/2003Rate 3.382
Town Hall Heather Ale 5.211/12/2004Rate 3.429338
Town Hall Hefeweizen 4.86/20/2003Rate 3.459850
Town Hall Hefeweizen with Apricots -5/24/2012Rate 2.952
Town Hall Hefeweizen with Mango -6/14/2012Rate 2.962
Town Hall Helles Spezial 5.81/30/2013Rate 2.93
Town Hall High Rye 8.54/11/2019Rate 3.131
Town Hall Highland Pale Ale 4.510/16/2007Rate 3.187
Town Hall Hillarys Step Strong Pale Ale 7.05/17/2007Rate 3.544111
Town Hall HMF 7.61/21/2011Rate 3.39429
Town Hall HMS Pilsner 4.910/26/2016Rate 2.964
Town Hall Holiday Cheery Stout -12/20/2003Rate 3.154
Town Hall Honey Brown -11/8/2002Rate 3.071
Town Hall Honey Oak Aged Wee Heavy (alias) -8/13/2006
Town Hall Honey Storm 7.05/17/2011Rate 2.931
Town Hall Honey V -2/22/2011Rate 3.238
Town Hall Honeymoon Ale 6.89/12/2006Rate 3.383
Town Hall Hood Pale Ale 5.41/17/2004Rate 3.324
Town Hall HoopSteiner Session IPA 4.36/27/2017Rate 31
Town Hall Hop Attack 5.32/17/2007Rate 3.255
Town Hall Hop Blossom 6.15/11/2015Rate 3.266
Town Hall Hop Completion 5.92/2/2018Rate 3.041
Town Hall Hop Index 6.17/26/2011Rate 3.214
Town Hall Hop It 5.29/12/2004Rate 3.348111
Town Hall Hop N' Cents 5.89/9/2014Rate 32
Town Hall Hop Ryeval 4.64/27/2019Rate 3.021
Town Hall Hope 5.04/23/2007Rate 3.264
Town Hall Hope and King - Raspberry -5/17/2015Rate 3.092
Town Hall Hope and King Scotch Ale 6.08/4/2002Rate 3.4977155
Town Hall Hopfen Konig 6.69/26/2013Rate 3.035
Town Hall Hopfen Ublich 5.29/15/2011Rate 3.08929
Town Hall Hopped Concession 4.63/28/2017Rate 3.386
Town Hall Hopped Condition 7.01/13/2015Rate 3.44215
Town Hall Hoppius Cascadium 5.25/16/2011Rate 3.266
Town Hall Hoppy Minded Fool (alias) -2/11/2011
Town Hall Hoppy New Year Amber 4.51/1/2004Rate 3.174
Town Hall Hull Mellon 6.312/31/2015Rate 3.144
Town Hall Imperial Pils 8.92/2/2010Rate 3.256
Town Hall Imperial Pilsner 9.63/3/2011Rate 2.971
Town Hall Imperial Stout -10/27/2005Rate 3.345
Town Hall India Brown Ale 6.05/11/2006Rate 3.649936
Town Hall India Wheat Ale 6.76/7/2006Rate 3.094
Town Hall India Wheat Lager (IWL) 5.41/27/2014Rate 3.253
Town Hall Inglenook 5.612/8/2008Rate 3.18319
Town Hall Irish Coffee Porter -10/16/2005Rate 3.25
Town Hall Irish Porter 6.55/7/2006Rate 3.455
Town Hall Irish Red 5.63/17/2008Rate 3.15
Town Hall Jack Frost - Chocolate & Raspberry 9.54/23/2015Rate 3.253
Town Hall Jesters Ale -10/8/2002Rate 2.771
Town Hall Jesters Reserve Imperial Porter 9.32/9/2003Rate 3.466
Town Hall Js Pale Ale 5.28/15/2007Rate 3.444
Town Hall Jubilation 6.812/8/2008Rate 3.164
Town Hall Juice Ghost 6.27/14/2019Rate 3.131
Town Hall Keller Lager 5.410/6/2017Rate 3.014
Town Hall Kentucky Dessert 9.28/10/2008Rate 3.887822
Town Hall Kevin's Ale 4.810/20/2015Rate 3.054
Town Hall Kevin's Mild -11/2/2015Rate 2.981
Town Hall Key Lime Pie 4.99/23/2014Rate 2.964
Town Hall Kristall Weizen 5.59/7/2005Rate 3.079114
Town Hall Lack-o-Tan Lager 5.21/10/2004Rate 2.833
Town Hall Lava Porter -10/7/2011Rate 3.37779
Town Hall Le Baltique 8.52/17/2015Rate 3.39439
Town Hall Le Grand Whiner 9.511/5/2013Rate 2.911
Town Hall Lemon Lager 4.96/28/2015Rate 2.981
Town Hall Lemon Sun Honey 6.89/16/2015Rate 2.842
Town Hall Lemongrass Honey Lager 6.58/6/2014Rate 2.881
Town Hall Liberator Doppelbock 6.52/27/2004Rate 3.315
Town Hall Liberty 4.97/6/2005Rate 3.24899
Town Hall Life 7.67/6/2005Rate 3.567518
Town Hall Lightning Storm 4.85/30/2007Rate 3.144
Town Hall Lil Stubby 5.74/12/2006Rate 3.124
Town Hall Little Dog -12/8/2005Rate 3.769112
Town Hall Lose Your Resolution 5.51/21/2017Rate 2.722
Town Hall LSD 7.29/9/2009Rate 3.399412
Town Hall Luthius 5.411/24/2014Rate 3.034
Town Hall Macaroon 6.56/29/2011Rate 3.145
Town Hall Maibock 5.75/22/2002Rate 3.389723
Town Hall Mango Belgian Blonde -4/14/2010Rate 2.881
Town Hall Mango Falcon -11/16/2013Rate 2.881
Town Hall Mango Habañero Citra Mania 7.22/7/2015Rate 2.982
Town Hall Mango Habanero Masala Mama 6.32/14/2016Rate 3.182
Town Hall Mango Mama 6.09/25/2007Rate 3.7598111
Town Hall Mango Pale Ale -7/5/2010Rate 2.711
Town Hall Manhattan Barrel 2013-2015 8.71/31/2013Rate 3.799836
Town Hall Maple Brownstone 6.92/20/2016Rate 3.124
Town Hall Marmalade Sky 4.95/18/2010Rate 3.458525
Town Hall Masala Mama IPA 6.05/15/2002Rate 3.94100484
Town Hall Masala Mama IPA - Blackberry Infused 6.39/9/2014Rate 2.831
Town Hall Meadow Fire 8.02/21/2019Rate 2.451
Town Hall Merlot Stout 6.08/5/2004Rate 3.669111
Town Hall Midnight Breakfast 5.65/22/2015Rate 3.216
Town Hall Midnight Howler 5.54/6/2005Rate 3.578917
Town Hall Midsummer Nights Dunkel 5.57/15/2004Rate 3.389611
Town Hall Milk Porter 4.26/24/2008Rate 3.224610
Town Hall Minneapple Smokin' 6.63/4/2017Rate 3.164
Town Hall Minner -1/21/2017Rate 3.092
Town Hall Minnesota Harvest 5.810/8/2005Rate 3.297822
Town Hall Minnesota Mild 4.04/9/2007Rate 3.177319
Town Hall MN Wildberry -4/29/2011Rate 2.83
Town Hall Mocha Java Double Brown Ale 5.46/14/2006Rate 3.489713
Town Hall Mocha Java Porter -2/23/2013Rate 3.012
Town Hall Monk's Beerd 5.81/6/2014Rate 3.073
Town Hall Morning Star 7.33/31/2009Rate 2.952
Town Hall Mosaic IPA -6/27/2014Rate 2.912
Town Hall Mosaic Mania 6.111/23/2017Rate 3.072
Town Hall Motueka Double Lager 8.53/13/2012Rate 3.256
Town Hall MPLS 5.17/22/2012Rate 3.135
Town Hall Musty Pete Scottish Export -12/22/2002Rate 3.022
Town Hall Near Gale 4.62/1/2019Rate 3.072
Town Hall Nelson Red -1/14/2014Rate 3.182
Town Hall Nelson Smash 5.26/16/2017Rate 2.982
Town Hall New Zealand Red 6.012/30/2013Rate 3.112
Town Hall Nitro Chocolate Milk Stout 5.53/7/2015Rate 2.871
Town Hall Non Berry -5/16/2011Rate 2.91
Town Hall North is Ryesing 5.15/13/2017Rate 3.084
Town Hall Northern Gale Sticke 5.511/3/2015Rate 3.014
Town Hall Northern Lights Mild -9/13/2012Rate 3.016
Town Hall Northern Waters Smoked Porter 6.18/21/2005Rate 3.254315
Town Hall Number 9 9.010/30/2006Rate 3.667223
Town Hall Nuptial 4.97/2/2015Rate 3.023
Town Hall NWA -3/17/2011Rate 3.123
Town Hall Oak Aged French Abbey Ale -10/8/2005Rate 3.225
Town Hall Oak Aged Twisted Reality 11.212/6/2006Rate 3.184
Town Hall Oak Porter 5.69/30/2008Rate 3.132
Town Hall Oat Amber 5.69/21/2010Rate 32
Town Hall Oatmeal Pale Ale 6.410/31/2008Rate 3.242
Town Hall Odin 8.09/9/2009Rate 3.136
Town Hall Oktoberfest Lager 7.210/26/2008Rate 3.097015
Town Hall Ol Jack Frost 8.91/22/2006Rate 3.858738
Town Hall Ol’ Blarney -3/31/2009Rate 3.137611
Town Hall Old Ale 8.89/12/2004Rate 3.416
Town Hall One Simple Pale 5.54/13/2015Rate 3.55969
Town Hall Organicale 6.06/20/2003Rate 3.222
Town Hall Pacific Jade 5.38/13/2013Rate 3.234010
Town Hall Pacifica Single Hop Pale Ale 5.49/15/2011Rate 2.912
Town Hall Pacifica Wheat 5.17/22/2015Rate 0
Town Hall Pale Amber -5/22/2002Rate 2.391
Town Hall Pale Weiss -5/16/2011Rate 2.871
Town Hall Palecific Wheat 5.39/3/2015Rate 3.313
Town Hall Palisades Golden Pale Ale 5.26/28/2006Rate 3.457
Town Hall Palm Buster Belgian Blonde -9/13/2012Rate 35
Town Hall Papa Wit 7.36/9/2013Rate 3.197
Town Hall Parkway Java - Cocoa Nibs and Vanilla 5.812/17/2015Rate 3.131
Town Hall Parkway Java Porter 5.811/12/2010Rate 3.69529
Town Hall Patio Pale Ale -4/23/2008Rate 3.174
Town Hall PDX 8.86/23/2015Rate 3.142
Town Hall Peach '97 Masala Mama 5.83/21/2016Rate 3.091
Town Hall Peach Lambic 5.08/4/2002Rate 2.692
Town Hall Peach Nectar 5.55/4/2005Rate 3.225
Town Hall Petunias Pumpkin Ale 5.010/13/2005Rate 3.549738
Town Hall Pick 6 Porter 4.911/23/2017Rate 0
Town Hall Pile Driver 7.311/20/2007Rate 3.163
Town Hall Pineapple Macroon 6.57/29/2011Rate 2.982
Town Hall Pink Eye 9.352/2/2011Rate 3.224
Town Hall Pint Club Ale (PCA) 4.812/4/2012Rate 3.437
Town Hall Piper Down Scottish Pale -1/6/2013Rate 3.023
Town Hall Pitstop 5.07/11/2017Rate 3.052
Town Hall Poblano Jalapeño Hefewiezen 5.57/24/2017Rate 0
Town Hall Pollen Party 7.35/10/2017Rate 3.144
Town Hall Poor Ben's Ale 6.18/23/2014Rate 3.14
Town Hall Port Frost 9.32/24/2011Rate 3.685725
Town Hall Porter -5/22/2002Rate 3.12919
Town Hall Pot Of Gold Potato Stout -4/8/2003Rate 3.134225
Town Hall Prestanda 5.41/28/2016Rate 3.295
Town Hall Prestanda - Chocolate and Vanilla 5.43/10/2016Rate 3.123
Town Hall Project 3106 9.51/27/2014Rate 3.51849
Town Hall Publican Porter 4.910/31/2012Rate 3.236
Town Hall Pursuit of Happiness 4.37/20/2005Rate 3.39210
Town Hall Raspberry "Don" 8.03/30/2011Rate 3.022
Town Hall Raspberry Belgian Ale 8.712/19/2018Rate 2.921
Town Hall Raspberry Bruin -4/25/2013Rate 3.113
Town Hall Raspberry Cocoa Nut -3/23/2011Rate 2.81
Town Hall Raspberry Crimson Oat 6.07/16/2014Rate 2.861
Town Hall Raspberry Dark Krystal -4/20/2015Rate 2.961
Town Hall Raspberry Hefe 5.94/30/2011Rate 2.932
Town Hall Raspberry Krystal -12/30/2013Rate 2.91
Town Hall Raspberry Milk Porter 5.110/9/2010Rate 3.013
Town Hall Raspberry Mocha Porter -8/19/2014Rate 2.941
Town Hall Raspberry Ol Jack Frost -5/21/2014Rate 3.012
Town Hall Raspberry Three Hour Tour -11/2/2015Rate 3.513
Town Hall Raspberry Wheat 6.05/26/2009Rate 2.831
Town Hall Razzilla 6.512/23/2016Rate 3.122
Town Hall Red Card 5.57/1/2014Rate 3.013
Town Hall Red Card with Blackberry and Mango 5.510/13/2014Rate 0
Town Hall Red Card with Peach 5.58/6/2014Rate 2.861
Town Hall Red Hall Lager 5.912/6/2016Rate 3.023
Town Hall Red Ochre Irish Ale 4.83/14/2007Rate 3.186
Town Hall Red Pale Ale 5.68/17/2010Rate 2.911
Town Hall Red Rooster -11/20/2006Rate 3.065
Town Hall Red Shamrock 6.23/8/2016Rate 3.093
Town Hall Red Sterling Lager 6.62/7/2013Rate 2.997
Town Hall Resuscitator 7.63/11/2015Rate 2.912
Town Hall Retreating Darkness 4.51/15/2007Rate 3.618515
Town Hall Rhenish Alt 5.012/3/2017Rate 0
Town Hall Rhubarb Harvest Fresh 5.912/31/2014Rate 2.881
Town Hall Rhubarb Wheat -3/12/2009Rate 2.783
Town Hall Rift 5.51/31/2015Rate 3.215
Town Hall Rift Raft Rye 6.03/6/2015Rate 3.112
Town Hall Rise of the Phoenix -4/16/2014Rate 3.267
Town Hall Roggen Bier 5.49/21/2005Rate 3.26809
Town Hall Roscommon Red 4.73/16/2005Rate 3.269511
Town Hall Royal Pale India Ale 8.89/26/2013Rate 2.931
Town Hall Rubicon Wheat Wine 10.32/26/2007Rate 3.414611
Town Hall Ruby Jack 10.36/23/2007Rate 3.666828
Town Hall Ruby Mild 4.62/2/2005Rate 3.038
Town Hall Russian Roulette 9.38/6/2009Rate 4.019652
Town Hall Russian Style Imperial Chocolate Stout 9.38/6/2009Rate 0
Town Hall Rustic Rye Saison 6.78/14/2013Rate 3.192
Town Hall Rye-PA 7.09/27/2010Rate 3.113
Town Hall Saaz Hybrid 5.78/29/2015Rate 3.192
Town Hall Saaz Noir 5.62/7/2013Rate 3.185
Town Hall Saaz Pilsner 6.33/12/2009Rate 3.399719
Town Hall Saison 6.55/31/2006Rate 3.476
Town Hall Saison Du Blanc 7.85/5/2019Rate 3.021
Town Hall Saison Grand 8.07/22/2015Rate 0
Town Hall SalmiVaara IIPA 10.33/28/2017Rate 3.015
Town Hall Sassafrass Trips -3/29/2015Rate 2.871
Town Hall Session Winter White IPA (SWIPA) 4.72/26/2016Rate 0
Town Hall Seven ESB 7.011/1/2004Rate 3.319311
Town Hall SFO 5.27/4/2005Rate 3.016
Town Hall Simcoe Double India Brown Ale -7/14/2009Rate 3.393
Town Hall Simcoe Pale Ale 5.92/23/2006Rate 3.799732
Town Hall Simcoe Smash 5.32/20/2017Rate 3.254
Town Hall Single Malt Ale 6.84/8/2003Rate 3.538919
Town Hall Six Hour Tour 8.510/16/2017Rate 3.841009
Town Hall Six Pale Ale 6.010/19/2003Rate 3.273
Town Hall Sky Blu 5.45/11/2019Rate 3.111
Town Hall Slamma Jamma Juice 5.83/23/2006Rate 3.045
Town Hall Smoked Dunkel Weizen 5.23/2/2006Rate 3.47
Town Hall Smoked Hefe 5.28/19/2007Rate 3.427721
Town Hall Smoked Helles Lager 4.88/14/2008Rate 3.315518
Town Hall Smokehouse -10/8/2002Rate 3.414911
Town Hall Snow Doubt 5.512/5/2014Rate 3.175
Town Hall Snow Thief 4.82/14/2016Rate 3.296
Town Hall Solar Eclipse -6/13/2005Rate 3.297
Town Hall Solstice Wheat -6/17/2005Rate 3.275
Town Hall Sparnfarkel Smoked Porter 5.38/26/2004Rate 3.559120
Town Hall Special 5.212/24/2004Rate 3.277111
Town Hall Spring 5.94/27/2006Rate 3.269
Town Hall Spring Wheat -4/15/2005Rate 3.276
Town Hall SpringFest 6.03/2/2008Rate 3.389814
Town Hall Sticke Alt 6.89/14/2019Rate 3.061
Town Hall Strawberry Infused Thunderstorm Summer Ale 5.59/9/2014Rate 2.912
Town Hall Strawberry Saison -8/19/2013Rate 2.881
Town Hall Strawberry Sunrise -8/30/2009Rate 2.871
Town Hall Strawberry Wit 5.37/24/2017Rate 0
Town Hall Summer Pale - Apricot 5.95/31/2015Rate 3.193
Town Hall Summer Silk 6.08/20/2018Rate 2.921
Town Hall Summer Wheat 5.38/15/2013Rate 2.875
Town Hall Sun Honey 6.89/15/2015Rate 2.963
Town Hall Sun Thief Pale 5.912/17/2011Rate 3.012
Town Hall Sunrise Blonde -7/15/2008Rate 3.278
Town Hall Sunshower Lager 6.38/19/2014Rate 2.82
Town Hall Super Alpha Pale Ale with Apricot -3/23/2013Rate 3.154
Town Hall Super Centennial 5.56/22/2007Rate 3.519821
Town Hall Super Strike Lager 4.27/10/2013Rate 2.979910
Town Hall Supersonic IPA 6.84/4/2013Rate 3.064
Town Hall Surreal Chemistry 5.83/23/2013Rate 2.954
Town Hall Tank Monkey IPA 9.08/9/2011Rate 3.072
Town Hall TC Porter -1/21/2011Rate 3.156
Town Hall Tennessee Dessert 9.33/29/2015Rate 3.737
Town Hall Tequipel (alias) 8.72/28/2015
Town Hall TH Wheatwine (alias) 9.99/15/2011
Town Hall The Sophisticated Fool 103/13/2016Rate 3.112
Town Hall The Walloon 5.412/17/2011Rate 2.941
Town Hall Three Hour Tour (alias) -11/5/2009
Town Hall Thunderstorm Summer Ale 7.08/12/2004Rate 3.298143
Town Hall Timmy's Kolsch 5.69/27/2013Rate 2.81
Town Hall Toothless Monk Dubbel 6.49/28/2002Rate 3.222
Town Hall Tradition Pale Ale 7.18/27/2009Rate 3.145
Town Hall Trequipel 102/11/2016Rate 3.14
Town Hall Trip'd Out 11.85/21/2018Rate 2.891
Town Hall Tripel Vision 8.09/2/2004Rate 3.568928
Town Hall Triquiple 9.410/24/2015Rate 3.252
Town Hall Trois Vie No. 1 9.02/15/2016Rate 3.395
Town Hall Trois Vie No. 2 10.42/15/2016Rate 3.45
Town Hall Trois Vie No. 3 10.42/15/2016Rate 3.44
Town Hall Trois Vie No. 4 8.52/15/2016Rate 3.363
Town Hall Tropical Wheat Lager -12/23/2016Rate 2.941
Town Hall Trouble -12/22/2002Rate 3.233
Town Hall Tumaltuous 9.910/28/2011Rate 3.074
Town Hall Tumultuous Rare -1/26/2012Rate 3.698728
Town Hall Twisted Jim 9.910/21/2009Rate 3.839588
Town Hall Twisted Reality - Blackberry 112/11/2016Rate 3.054
Town Hall Twisted Reality - Blackberry & Coconut 102/2/2018Rate 3.041
Town Hall Twisted Reality Barleywine 10.981/15/2006Rate 3.829536
Town Hall Twisted Trace 10.91/31/2013Rate 3.879739
Town Hall Twisted Trace - Star Barrel 9.73/10/2018Rate 3.061
Town Hall Uber Pale Ale -5/1/2007Rate 3.275
Town Hall Upright Session Pale Ale 5.010/13/2014Rate 34
Town Hall Van Houtte Stout -2/17/2005Rate 3.213
Town Hall Vanilla Porter -12/21/2011Rate 2.911
Town Hall Vernal Vine 7.54/12/2016Rate 3.46
Town Hall Vienna Pale Ale -9/6/2008Rate 2.983
Town Hall Wakatu 5.111/3/2015Rate 3.234
Town Hall Wally's Wit 5.48/27/2018Rate 2.961
Town Hall Warrior Double Dry -8/6/2008Rate 3.294
Town Hall Warrior Double IPA 8.05/25/2006Rate 3.328
Town Hall Warrior SPA 8.59/9/2009Rate 3.175
Town Hall Wee Heavy 8.51/20/2005Rate 3.9110089
Town Hall Wee Jack 9.02/24/2011Rate 3.6310047
Town Hall Weizenbock 7.83/30/2015Rate 3.162
Town Hall West Bank American Pale Ale 4.63/18/2010Rate 3.468729
Town Hall West Bank Bitter (alias) -5/22/2002
Town Hall West Bank Pub Ale 4.85/22/2002Rate 3.2391115
Town Hall Wheat Pale Ale -8/27/2007Rate 3.337812
Town Hall Wheat Shine 5.97/3/2017Rate 3.022
Town Hall When Bet Met Sally -2/28/2010Rate 2.831
Town Hall White IPA 7.17/10/2013Rate 3.375
Town Hall White Winter Belgian Ale 5.42/9/2003Rate 3.162
Town Hall Wine Barrel Brown Porter 5.210/24/2005Rate 3.194
Town Hall Wine Barrel Saison -4/8/2007Rate 2.967
Town Hall Winterberry -3/12/2009Rate 2.975
Town Hall Winterstorm -12/28/2006Rate 3.264
Town Hall Yakima Journey 7.712/15/2014Rate 3.114
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