Green Flash Brewing Company Beer List

San Diego, California, United States

Alpine Beer Company Duet 7.012/27/2005Rate 3.91100979
Alpine Beer Company Duet - Grapefruit Peel 7.04/2/2016Rate 3.122
Alpine Beer Company Hoppy Birthday 5.35/21/2010Rate 3.8100634
Alpine Beer Company Nelson IPA 7.08/14/2006Rate 4100777
Alpine Beer Company Nelson IPA - Grapefruit 7.02/18/2016Rate 0
Alpine Beer Company Pure Hoppiness 8.011/27/2002Rate 3.951001022
Green Flash / Alpine Handshake IPA 7.07/20/2015Rate 3.8199146
Green Flash / Cigar City / Great Divide Adambier 8.310/6/2016Rate 3.345
Green Flash / Cigar City Candela Rye Barleywine 10.910/15/2012Rate 3.6886116
Green Flash / Falling Rock We Were Here First 11.66/11/2017Rate 3.45
Green Flash / Founders Linchpin White India Pale Ale 7.05/2/2012Rate 3.798196
Green Flash / Founders Linchpin White India Pale Ale - Barrel Aged 7.09/25/2013Rate 3.26449
Green Flash / Insurgente Baja Tart 4.012/28/2018Rate 3.193
Green Flash / Nickel Beer / Star B Ranch WETtanomyces 9.211/18/2017Rate 3.434
Green Flash / Orchid Island Honey B 5.53/5/2016Rate 3.112
Green Flash / Parallel 49 What's Golden 6.66/11/2017Rate 3.223
Green Flash / St-Feuillien Belgian Coast IPA (alias) 7.56/27/2014
Green Flash / St-Feuillien Friendship Brew Black Saison 5.79/14/2012Rate 3.3137401
Green Flash / Trader Joe's Fearless Fifty 5.512/29/2016Rate 3.324476
Green Flash / Triple Rock Green Rock Red Rye 6.03/24/2009Rate 3.093
Green Flash 11th Anniversary Dry Hopped West Coast IPA 7.311/13/2013Rate 3.719233
Green Flash 12th Anniversary American Sour Pale Ale 5.911/21/2014Rate 3.524939
Green Flash 15th Anniversary IPA 6.55/9/2018Rate 0
Green Flash 20 Billion 6.28/25/2020Rate 3.021
Green Flash 20th Anniversary San Diego Fuego 8.56/15/2022Rate 3.131
Green Flash 2nd Anniversary Ale (alias) 1012/11/2004
Green Flash 3 Degrees of Celebration 10.57/25/2016Rate 3.688428
Green Flash 30th St Pale Ale (alias) 6.08/5/2016
Green Flash 3rd Anniversary Belgian-Style Tripel (alias) 8.58/18/2006
Green Flash 5th Anniversary Double IPA 9.512/2/2007Rate 3.617934
Green Flash 7th Anniversary Belgian Red Rye Ale 5.711/14/2009Rate 3.489654
Green Flash 8th Anniversary IPA (alias) 7.011/7/2010
Green Flash Açaí Berry BETER 4.28/25/2020Rate 2.943
Green Flash All the Hops! 6.52/13/2017Rate 3.122
Green Flash American ESB 5.65/17/2010Rate 3.399721
Green Flash American Strong Ale (alias) 9.312/8/2002
Green Flash Anniversary Strong Ale 8.912/7/2002Rate 3.476147
Green Flash Atypical Imperial Wheat Porter 10.26/19/2019Rate 2.941
Green Flash Baja Bound Lager -5/8/2019Rate 3.177
Green Flash Barleywine 10.912/11/2004Rate 3.7389981
Green Flash Barleywine - Bourbon Barrel Aged 10.94/30/2010Rate 3.759219
Green Flash Barleywine - Brandy Barrel Aged 10.910/19/2008Rate 3.638231
Green Flash Beach House Ale 5.011/23/2014Rate 3.288826
Green Flash Beach House Ale - Rose Hips 5.03/15/2016Rate 3.041
Green Flash Belgian Blonde 6.010/13/2012Rate 3.399326
Green Flash Belgian Brown 5.711/13/2009Rate 3.288324
Green Flash Black Flanders 117/21/2014Rate 3.012
Green Flash Black Freak 8.84/20/2010Rate 3.515514
Green Flash Black Tiger 8.83/5/2015Rate 3.519644
Green Flash Blanc Tarte 6.06/5/2015Rate 3.185
Green Flash Blanc Tarte Barrique (alias) 4.57/3/2015
Green Flash Blonde (GFB) 4.812/24/2016Rate 3.127483
Green Flash Brett Coast IPA 7.15/18/2017Rate 3.142
Green Flash Brightside 4.312/12/2015Rate 3.061
Green Flash Brilliant Sauvage 6.14/29/2017Rate 3.052
Green Flash Brugse Metten 7.1511/9/2015Rate 3.192
Green Flash Cacow 6.39/25/2017Rate 3.253517
Green Flash California Export 5.812/4/2016Rate 3.112
Green Flash Cellar 3 Natura Morta: Blood Orange 5.32/24/2019Rate 2.791
Green Flash Cellar 3: Baroque Belgique 7.011/23/2016Rate 3.649927
Green Flash Cellar 3: Blanc Tarte Barrique 4.510/23/2016Rate 3.586740
Green Flash Cellar 3: Divine Belgique 8.57/3/2015Rate 3.367032
Green Flash Cellar 3: Divine Enebro 10.84/6/2017Rate 3.328
Green Flash Cellar 3: Divine Sauvage 9.78/20/2017Rate 3.569519
Green Flash Cellar 3: Flanders Drive (alias) 6.94/27/2015
Green Flash Cellar 3: Ideal Belgique 9.011/21/2016Rate 3.413827
Green Flash Cellar 3: Ideal Sauvage 111/27/2019Rate 3.31
Green Flash Cellar 3: Illuminated Frumento 135/18/2017Rate 3.194
Green Flash Cellar 3: Lustrous Frumento (alias) 13.51/19/2017
Green Flash Cellar 3: Natura Morta - Boysenberry 5.53/26/2015Rate 3.799831
Green Flash Cellar 3: Natura Morta Plum (alias) 5.54/27/2015
Green Flash Cellar 3: Nouveau Tarte 7.71/10/2017Rate 3.474522
Green Flash Cellar 3: Ochre Frumento 17.51/29/2017Rate 3.322
Green Flash Cellar 3: Oculus Sauvage 10.18/29/2015Rate 3.698680
Green Flash Cellar 3: Oculus Sauvage - Black Currant 9.41/3/2017Rate 3.789329
Green Flash Cellar 3: Silva Stout 1010/4/2010Rate 3.9195415
Green Flash Cellar 3: Vivid Sauvage 115/18/2017Rate 3.638920
Green Flash Cellar 3: Vivid Sauvage - Black Currant 9.45/18/2017Rate 3.252
Green Flash Cellar 3: Vivid Sauvage - Pineapple & Passion Fruit 115/18/2017Rate 3.43
Green Flash Celtic Sun 6.210/5/2019Rate 3.316
Green Flash Cereal Showers 4.712/28/2018Rate 3.092
Green Flash Chuckvar (alias) 5.56/24/2011
Green Flash Citra Session IPA 4.57/1/2010Rate 3.6298372
Green Flash Coaled Ground 8.85/14/2019Rate 3.084
Green Flash Comet Hopper 5.312/19/2016Rate 3.398
Green Flash Cosmic Ristretto Baltic Porter 8.22/23/2014Rate 3.8195236
Green Flash Cosmic Ristretto Black Lager - Cocoa Nibs & Cinnamon 8.24/2/2016Rate 3.393
Green Flash Dia De Los Serranos 8.82/3/2016Rate 3.7750249
Green Flash Divine Frumento 9.68/31/2015Rate 3.358
Green Flash Double Columbus IPA 8.81/25/2013Rate 3.79070
Green Flash Double Stout 8.83/5/2008Rate 3.9941525
Green Flash Double Stout - Belgian Edition 8.89/12/2009Rate 3.664934
Green Flash Double Stout - Bourbon Barrel Aged 8.910/19/2008Rate 3.889243
Green Flash Double Stout - Coffee 8.88/24/2009Rate 3.676333
Green Flash Double Stout - Pumpkin 8.81/6/2016Rate 3.112
Green Flash Double Stout - Serrano Chilis (alias) 8.84/18/2012
Green Flash Dry Ace 4.53/14/2015Rate 3.274
Green Flash Dude, Where’s My Sleigh 6.012/26/2021Rate 2.924
Green Flash East Village Pilsner 5.38/27/2009Rate 3.2994146
Green Flash Extra Pale Ale 4.811/20/2002Rate 3.2290226
Green Flash Fearless Fifty (alias) 5.512/30/2016
Green Flash Fest Beer 5.510/13/2012Rate 3.015
Green Flash Fizzy Yellow Beer (alias) 5.311/28/2011
Green Flash Flanders Drive 6.911/8/2012Rate 3.8194119
Green Flash Flanders Drive - Black Cherry 6.96/17/2015Rate 3.434
Green Flash Fluthered Irish Red 7.88/29/2019Rate 3.063
Green Flash Four P American Pilsner 3.94/19/2016Rate 2.831
Green Flash Foxy Jock 6.412/28/2018Rate 3.092
Green Flash Fresco Sauvage 5.56/17/2015Rate 3.538424
Green Flash Friendship Brew (alias) 5.712/2/2011
Green Flash Funkless 6.27/3/2015Rate 2.952
Green Flash Genius Lab: B3K 8.13/30/2014Rate 3.135
Green Flash Genius Lab: Hops Down Under 6.612/11/2015Rate 0
Green Flash Genius Lab: Lager 4.05/21/2016Rate 3.041
Green Flash Genius Lab: NZ Single Hop - Nelson 4.29/25/2013Rate 3.398210
Green Flash Genius Lab: Saison Tart 3.66/30/2013Rate 3.272529
Green Flash Ghost Style 6.53/8/2015Rate 32
Green Flash Gig City Common 4.310/24/2018Rate 3.021
Green Flash Golden God 9.51/25/2018Rate 3.181611
Green Flash Golden Naked Promise 5.510/14/2015Rate 2.941
Green Flash Grand Cru 9.12/11/2008Rate 3.6371453
Green Flash Grand Mantis 9.06/14/2009Rate 3.427212
Green Flash Green Bullet 10.111/5/2011Rate 3.7494740
Green Flash Green Bullet - Mango & Pineapple 10.110/4/2015Rate 3.022
Green Flash Haller Hop Pils 5.33/8/2015Rate 2.842
Green Flash Hamilton's 10th Anniversary: Imperial Sour Brown 9.310/21/2016Rate 3.565
Green Flash Hamilton's 1st Anniversary: Tavern Cedar Plank 5.510/27/2007Rate 3.469231
Green Flash Hamilton's 4th Anniversary: Fire Roasted Pumpkin Ale 5.310/30/2010Rate 3.258413
Green Flash Hamilton's 5th Anniversary: Black India Pale Ale (alias) 7.011/28/2011
Green Flash Hamilton's 6th Anniversary: Junior IPA 6.610/24/2012Rate 3.376314
Green Flash Hamilton's 8th Anniversary: Crazy Eight 9.410/24/2014Rate 3.037
Green Flash Hard Count IPA 6.18/29/2016Rate 3.314518
Green Flash Hefeweizen -7/27/2004Rate 3.369415
Green Flash Hop Head Red (-2013) 7.03/25/2007Rate 3.74981411
Green Flash Hop Head Red (2014-2016) 8.15/12/2014Rate 3.6795198
Green Flash Hop Head Red (2017-) 6.512/8/2017Rate 3.142
Green Flash Hop Odyssey 30th Street Pale Ale 6.011/27/2008Rate 3.6197438
Green Flash Hop Odyssey Black IPA 7.22/15/2013Rate 3.7395252
Green Flash Hop Odyssey Cedar Plank Pale Ale 6.310/29/2013Rate 3.5594178
Green Flash Hop Odyssey Imperial Red Rye IPA 8.54/27/2013Rate 3.799958
Green Flash Hop Odyssey Mosaic Session IPA 4.511/23/2014Rate 3.5394216
Green Flash Hop Odyssey Nugget Single Hop Pale Ale 5.511/7/2016Rate 3.153
Green Flash Hop Odyssey Symposium IPA 7.04/12/2008Rate 3.7398221
Green Flash Hop Odyssey White IPA 7.06/26/2014Rate 3.5995110
Green Flash Hopalope -11/27/2017Rate 3.091
Green Flash Hop-less 5.711/1/2009Rate 3.388226
Green Flash Hoptimator 8.03/8/2015Rate 2.862
Green Flash I Plead the Fifth IPA 7.010/14/2011Rate 3.293111
Green Flash Ideal Sauvage 111/9/2018Rate 3.34
Green Flash Imperial IPA 9.06/12/2006Rate 3.86991493
Green Flash Imperial IPA (Summit) 9.011/12/2014 U  0
Green Flash Imperial Red Ale 8.010/28/2008Rate 3.628526
Green Flash Infinite Haze 8.18/10/2019Rate 3.253
Green Flash Jibe - Double Dry Hopped 4.010/17/2017 U  0
Green Flash Jibe Session IPA 4.09/13/2014Rate 3.3771208
Green Flash Jibe Session IPA - Simcoe, Cascade & Amarillo 4.02/1/2018Rate 3.021
Green Flash Jolly Folly IPA 7.712/15/2015Rate 3.719723
Green Flash Jugosa 7.02/13/2017Rate 3.111
Green Flash Le Freak 9.23/13/2007Rate 3.72971308
Green Flash Le Freak - Black Peppercorns 9.210/29/2014Rate 3.036
Green Flash Le Freak - Kaffir Lime & Key Lime Zest 9.210/29/2014Rate 2.682
Green Flash Le Freak - Pink Peppercorns & Tangerine 9.25/7/2016Rate 31
Green Flash Le Freak Barrique 10.73/26/2015Rate 3.669492
Green Flash Le Freak Barrique - Apricot 10.73/26/2015Rate 3.46
Green Flash Le Freak Barrique - Black Currant 10.75/16/2015Rate 3.619131
Green Flash Lemon Shan Diego 3.26/28/2021Rate 2.772
Green Flash Lincolnator Doppelbock 8.46/19/2019Rate 2.981
Green Flash Little Freak 4.511/9/2009Rate 3.79539
Green Flash Little Freak - Boysenberry 5.411/14/2014Rate 2.91
Green Flash Little Freak - Dark Cherry 5.411/14/2014Rate 3.022
Green Flash Little Freak - Strawberry 5.410/28/2014Rate 2.971
Green Flash Lustrous Frumento 13.57/10/2016Rate 3.869726
Green Flash Magic Rooster w/ Rosemary and Dates 11.24/11/2019Rate 2.92
Green Flash Mango Inferno 8.15/11/2015Rate 3.094
Green Flash Mariana Trench 7.59/12/2018Rate 3.111
Green Flash Matt's Bitter 3.67/1/2010Rate 3.129110
Green Flash Melon My Mind 5.411/8/2018Rate 2.792
Green Flash Mystic Blue Lady 6.01/7/2020Rate 31
Green Flash Natura Morta - Blackberry 5.56/15/2016Rate 3.322
Green Flash Natura Morta - Blood Orange 5.510/21/2015Rate 3.424519
Green Flash Natura Morta - Blueberry 5.56/17/2015Rate 3.33469
Green Flash Natura Morta - Cherry 6.51/6/2016Rate 3.687639
Green Flash Natura Morta - Cranberry 5.56/17/2015Rate 3.314410
Green Flash Natura Morta - Mojito 5.59/18/2015Rate 3.052
Green Flash Natura Morta - Peach 6.510/21/2017Rate 3.46
Green Flash Natura Morta - Plum 5.54/26/2015Rate 3.7195105
Green Flash Natura Morta - Raspberry 5.56/14/2016Rate 3.363
Green Flash Natura Morta - Strawberry 5.56/17/2015Rate 0
Green Flash Natura Morta - Tangerine 5.53/15/2016Rate 32
Green Flash Needs More Pumpkin 5.54/8/2022Rate 2.943
Green Flash Noir Sauvage 9.27/3/2015Rate 3.555212
Green Flash Nugget Single Hop Pale Ale 5.57/19/2016Rate 3.448548
Green Flash Nut Brown Ale 5.52/15/2003Rate 3.2872231
Green Flash Nutella Lustrous Frumento 13.512/10/2020Rate 3.151
Green Flash Oktoberflex 5.59/24/2021Rate 3.174
Green Flash Other World Irish Red 5.44/10/2015Rate 3.237
Green Flash Ouroboros 1211/9/2015Rate 3.111
Green Flash Pacific Gem Session IPA 4.54/3/2015Rate 3.437720
Green Flash Pacific Gem Single Hop Pale Ale 5.59/26/2015Rate 3.479140
Green Flash Pain Perdu 5.511/5/2019Rate 2.981
Green Flash Palate Wrecker 9.510/17/2008Rate 3.85981244
Green Flash Paradise Chandelier 5.56/27/2019Rate 3.021
Green Flash Park West Porter (alias) 5.811/28/2011
Green Flash Passion Fruit Kicker (2015) 7.77/6/2015Rate 3.256
Green Flash Passion Fruit Kicker (2016 -) 5.52/14/2016Rate 3.4194292
Green Flash Plum Freak 5.43/1/2014Rate 3.3489
Green Flash Pomegranate Kicker 7.73/1/2016Rate 31
Green Flash Protege Sauvage 9.17/3/2015Rate 3.627116
Green Flash Rayon Vert 7.011/15/2011Rate 3.6999803
Green Flash Rayon Vert - Peaches 7.011/11/2013Rate 2.741
Green Flash Rebel Bean Stout 4.111/9/2019Rate 3.061
Green Flash Remix IPA 6.212/14/2017Rate 3.375254
Green Flash Retro Extra Pale 4.96/11/2012Rate 3.13937
Green Flash Road Warrior 9.04/22/2014Rate 3.7297496
Green Flash Ruby Red Ale 5.33/13/2003Rate 3.359181
Green Flash Sailing Stone 4.110/24/2018Rate 3.061
Green Flash Sailing Stone - Coffee 4.110/24/2018Rate 3.021
Green Flash Saison Barrique 5.53/26/2015Rate 2.931
Green Flash Saison Diego 4.57/21/2007Rate 3.3955615
Green Flash Saturhaze 4.211/30/2019Rate 3.393028
Green Flash Saturhaze IPA (alias) 4.21/15/2021
Green Flash Sea to Sea Lager 4.04/15/2016Rate 3.2891141
Green Flash Segal Ranch Session IPA 4.510/13/2015Rate 3.427492
Green Flash Sepia Frumento 13.512/16/2016Rate 3.668212
Green Flash Short Shorts 6.312/28/2018Rate 3.162
Green Flash Short Stack 4.54/15/2016Rate 3.315
Green Flash Silva Stout (alias) 10.14/27/2015
Green Flash Silva Stout - Coffee 133/26/2015Rate 3.767513
Green Flash Sleepin' With Shaggy 12.511/28/2011Rate 3.698745
Green Flash Soul Style IPA 6.59/13/2014Rate 3.6596578
Green Flash Soul Style IPL 6.53/8/2015Rate 2.861
Green Flash Sour Blond 5.410/19/2014Rate 3.342832
Green Flash Spanish Trampoline 6.67/9/2017Rate 3.415724
Green Flash Spring Oasis 6.06/11/2017Rate 3.112
Green Flash Stout Of This World 5.012/4/2016Rate 3.052
Green Flash Styrian Golding Single Hop Pale Ale 5.510/28/2015Rate 3.326376
Green Flash Sugar Smack Dubbel 6.67/10/2011Rate 3.187
Green Flash Summer Saison (alias) -12/2/2011
Green Flash Super Freak (alias) 9.07/9/2008
Green Flash Super Freak - Apricot (alias) 10.611/14/2014
Green Flash Super Freak - Blackcurrant (alias) 10.74/26/2015
Green Flash Super Funk 118/22/2008Rate 3.151
Green Flash Swwtpants 5.86/29/2017Rate 31
Green Flash Symposium (alias) 7.09/2/2013
Green Flash Tangerine and Prickly Pear Soul Style IPA 6.59/29/2016Rate 3.061
Green Flash Tangerine Soul Style IPA 6.53/15/2015Rate 3.4866250
Green Flash Thai Imperial IPA 9.86/25/2015Rate 3.376
Green Flash Traditional Porter 5.83/6/2010Rate 3.438656
Green Flash Treasure Chest 2011-2012 7.06/21/2011Rate 3.318741
Green Flash Treasure Chest 2013 (alias) 5.710/19/2014
Green Flash Treasure Chest 2014 -10/12/2014Rate 3.649220
Green Flash Treasure Chest 2015/2016 5.77/8/2015Rate 3.6495105
Green Flash Treasure Chest 2017 6.510/11/2017Rate 3.438
Green Flash Trippel 9.712/4/2005Rate 3.4990649
Green Flash Trippel - Bourbon Barrel Aged 9.66/29/2014Rate 2.931
Green Flash Trippel - Brett Barrel 9.75/17/2010Rate 3.328
Green Flash Trippel - Special Cuvee 9.37/7/2011Rate 3.529332
Green Flash Tropical DNA 7.04/7/2018Rate 3.416054
Green Flash West Coast IPA - Chili & Mango 8.08/7/2014Rate 3.59747
Green Flash West Coast IPA - Pineapple 8.12/9/2017Rate 3.253
Green Flash West Coast IPA (-2013, 2019-) 7.13/13/2005Rate 3.871002094
Green Flash West Coast IPA (2014-2019) 8.13/28/2014Rate 3.790570
Green Flash Winter's Folly 7.512/1/2011Rate 3.4449
Green Flash Y-Not (Ynot) IPA 4.98/17/2014Rate 3.236
Green Flash West Coast IPA (European Edition) 8.18/14/2014Rate 3.4340227
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