Lervig Aktiebryggeri Beer List

Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway

ABC Brewing Henrik Imperial Amber 8.53/22/2012Rate 3.789647
All In Brewing / Lervig Imperial Porter
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
8.53/25/2013Rate 3.8495193
All In Brewing / Lervig Pale Ale
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
5.03/25/2013Rate 3.579659
All In Brewing / Lervig Schysst IPA
Brewed by/for All In Brewing
6.39/2/2013Rate 3.69457
Buddelship / Lervig Sauer´d Krauts
Brewed by/for Buddelship Brauerei
7.510/29/2015Rate 3.2726102
Kissmeyer Smoked Baltic Porter
Brewed by/for Kissmeyer Beer
8.02/16/2011Rate 3.588164
Lervig / Amundsen Rackhouse - From Norway With Love 13.35/21/2022Rate 3.918822
Lervig / Arizona Wilderness Lawless 6.57/15/2016Rate 3.3447112
Lervig / Basqueland Pepper Johnson 11.512/2/2018Rate 3.755055
Lervig / Binday Shuffleboard 5.32/18/2022Rate 3.089218
Lervig / Boneyard Double Black Tide 8.411/19/2015Rate 3.6893114
Lervig / Boneyard Viking Blood 6.211/26/2016Rate 3.477455
Lervig / Boneyard West Coast Dank 7.112/3/2017Rate 3.679575
Lervig / Boxing Cat Norwegian Mauler Stout 7.96/30/2016Rate 3.5990141
Lervig / Brasserie de la Senne Soupe Du Jour 4.77/3/2022Rate 3.347
Lervig / Brewski Leif 6.311/14/2018Rate 3.125466
Lervig / Cloudwater I Got Pils, Now What? 5.712/3/2017Rate 3.437147
Lervig / Cloudwater There’s A Cold Beer In My Fridge, And I Need A Drink 7.212/3/2017Rate 3.8998110
Lervig / Collective Arts Patio Lanterns 5.46/12/2019Rate 3.494449
Lervig / Deya Group Dynamic 7.79/21/2022Rate 3.212
Lervig / Evil Twin Big Ass Money Stout 17.510/28/2015Rate 3.864231
Lervig / Evil Twin Big Ass Money Stout 2 164/12/2017Rate 3.9692156
Lervig / Finback Floating Upside Down 7.410/6/2019Rate 3.588822
Lervig / Fuerst Wiacek Aussie Freeze Pop 7.29/23/2019Rate 3.614326
Lervig / Hoppin' Frog Bourbon Barrel Aged Sippin' Into Darkness 124/8/2017Rate 4.2199195
Lervig / Hoppin' Frog Sippin' Into Darkness 126/30/2016Rate 4.0195370
Lervig / Lindheim / Mikkeller Pop That Cherry 6.59/24/2015Rate 3.4996114
Lervig / Lindheim Grisette 4.112/2/2015Rate 3.077
Lervig / Loverbeer Americano A Roma 6.812/19/2015Rate 3.487474
Lervig / Magic Rock Cherry Rustique 6.011/14/2014Rate 3.373340
Lervig / Magic Rock Farmhouse India Saison (alias) 6.02/17/2014
Lervig / Magic Rock Farmhouse IPA 6.02/17/2014Rate 3.5980327
Lervig / Magic Rock Rustique 6.04/30/2014Rate 3.5790131
Lervig / Magic Rock Rustique Chardonnay BA (alias) 6.04/10/2017
Lervig / Magic Rock Rustique Sauternes BA 6.05/19/2017Rate 3.096
Lervig / Mahrs Bräu Franconian Haze 5.511/22/2019Rate 3.479825
Lervig / Mikkeller NYC Beans & Berries 6.97/20/2019Rate 3.548436
Lervig / Nøgne Ø We Love Wheat 7.93/18/2014Rate 3.355171
Lervig / Other Half Nothing Is For Sure 1012/7/2019Rate 3.563222
Lervig / Oud Beersel Acid Crush 6.02/9/2018Rate 3.484887
Lervig / Oud Beersel Black Acid 8.55/7/2017Rate 3.6779177
Lervig / Oud Beersel Skogen 6.05/4/2019Rate 3.525943
Lervig / Pinta Hop Detour 7.41/7/2022Rate 3.649330
Lervig / Põhjala Rackhouse - Night By The Lake 13.31/7/2022Rate 3.899330
Lervig / Põhjala Staring At The Sun 6.311/6/2020Rate 3.281618
Lervig / Põhjala Walnut Porter 5.53/3/2016Rate 3.5780149
Lervig / Redchurch Softly Softly 6.67/15/2015Rate 3.3229108
Lervig / Redchurch Softly Softly (Brandy Barrel Aged) 6.663/9/2016Rate 2.972
Lervig / Redchurch Softly Softly (Cognac Barrel Aged) 6.68/19/2015Rate 3.343439
Lervig / Safteriet Cider (alias) 6.07/23/2013
Lervig / Shiga Kogen Yuzu Ragā 5.111/30/2019Rate 3.238313
Lervig / Stigbergets Zipper 5.64/12/2017Rate 3.6989142
Lervig / Stillwater Nordic Lean 7.41/22/2017Rate 3.34265
Lervig / Stillwater Times 8 165/3/2019Rate 4.039683
Lervig / Stillwater Times 8 Bourbon BA 168/30/2020Rate 4.099848
Lervig / Surly 1349 Black Ale 13.4910/24/2014Rate 3.6687172
Lervig / Surly 1349 Black Ale Bourbon Barrel & Sour Cherry Edition 13.492/26/2015Rate 3.819634
Lervig / Surly 1349 Black Ale Bourbon Barrel Edition 13.492/26/2015Rate 3.839731
Lervig / Surly 1349 Pale Ale 6.667/23/2015Rate 3.428354
Lervig / To Øl Kentucky Uncommon 6.04/26/2015Rate 3.3632114
Lervig / Track Cheap Lunch 145/14/2020Rate 3.949134
Lervig / Verdant It's Not Me, It's You 6.512/10/2019Rate 3.688851
Lervig / Voss Fandens IPA 6.51/10/2014Rate 3.568663
Lervig / WarPigs Socks 'N' Sandals 4.57/28/2017Rate 3.599683
Lervig / Way 3 Bean Stout 127/15/2015Rate 4.0798582
Lervig / Way 3 Bean Stout 2018 (alias) 122/11/2019
Lervig / Way 3 Bean Stout Bourbon BA 127/3/2016Rate 4.0195149
Lervig / Way 3 Bean Stout Rum BA 13.49/8/2019Rate 4.019555
Lervig / Yeastie Boys The New Style 6.38/26/2018Rate 3.399233
Lervig / Young Master Hug Life 4.34/3/2020Rate 3.125
Lervig / Zombier Summer 7.75/10/2019Rate 3.514811
Lervig 10th Anniversary Special 4.76/14/2013Rate 3.129154
Lervig 17.mai pils 4.75/15/2022Rate 2.891
Lervig 3 Bean Stout (2019-) (alias) 121/10/2020
Lervig A Passion for Sour 7.43/3/2016Rate 3.54749
Lervig Accidental Vacuum 1011/13/2019Rate 3.252
Lervig All Together 4.74/24/2020Rate 3.499115
Lervig APA 5.59/25/2014Rate 3.488997
Lervig Årstid Black Saison 6.99/25/2015Rate 3.283169
Lervig Art Collection Funky Moi Rye Saison 6.53/29/2014Rate 3.395768
Lervig Art Collection IV Konrad Cherry Port Barrel Edition 1311/2/2014Rate 3.767593
Lervig Art Collection Protester DIPA 108/13/2014Rate 3.555672
Lervig Art Collection Skull & Cross Blades Belgian Black Ale 8.03/29/2014Rate 3.589065
Lervig Art Collection V Iconoclast Quad 9.511/21/2015Rate 3.5452103
Lervig Bad Haircut 7.56/20/2020Rate 3.566451
Lervig Barley Wine 2015 Jack Daniels BA 133/28/2015Rate 3.859629
Lervig Barley Wine 2016 12.54/3/2016Rate 3.8897109
Lervig Barley Wine 2017 BA Bourbon 12.912/20/2017Rate 4.11100212
Lervig Barrel-Aged Granddad Graham's Butter Coffee Stout 12.19/30/2018Rate 3.98736
Lervig Barrel-Aged Molten Double Chocolate Fudge Cake Supreme 12.19/26/2020Rate 3.979331
Lervig Barrel-Aged Salted Caramel Cookie Dough Crunch 12.210/3/2020Rate 3.928829
Lervig Bayer 4.75/6/2022Rate 3.094
Lervig Betty Brown 4.77/21/2011Rate 3.0740232
Lervig Big Mouth 4.69/2/2020Rate 3.417927
Lervig Binky IPA (alias) 6.511/18/2015
Lervig Blåbær Tonka Sur 7.94/7/2016Rate 3.534941
Lervig Black Cat Rye Pale Ale 5.45/15/2013Rate 3.559426
Lervig Blastfest IPA 6.04/13/2015Rate 3.365
Lervig Blurry Eyes 4.011/16/2018Rate 3.223
Lervig Bokk (alias) 6.52/12/2009
Lervig Borefts Kellerpils 4.59/24/2016Rate 3.158132
Lervig Bourbon BA Choclate Fudge Supreme 128/7/2018Rate 3.151
Lervig Bourbon Barrel Cinnamon Bun and Pecan Pie Stout 1210/6/2018Rate 3.618
Lervig Bourbon Barrel Tiramisu Cappuccino Stout 1210/22/2017Rate 3.616
Lervig Bourbon Vanilla Wow 129/10/2018Rate 3.767215
Lervig Brett Dog 4.88/17/2015Rate 3.423837
Lervig Brewers Reserve #GrapefuloatIPA 6.02/7/2015Rate 3.477572
Lervig Brewers Reserve Barley Wine Aged in Bourbon Barrels (10%) 103/24/2011Rate 3.638050
Lervig Brewers Reserve Barley Wine Aged in Bourbon Barrels (13%) 132/5/2013Rate 4.0599228
Lervig Brewers Reserve Blonde Ale 4.37/8/2015Rate 3.157063
Lervig Brewers Reserve Galaxy IPA Mosaic Dry Hopped 6.59/18/2014Rate 3.444
Lervig Brewers Reserve Galaxy IPA Single Hopped 6.51/15/2013Rate 3.582311
Lervig Brewers Reserve Kjellerpils 5.47/8/2015Rate 3.128557
Lervig Brewers Reserve Konrads Stout 10.43/23/2011Rate 3.8288766
Lervig Brewers Reserve Lervigs Jul 6.811/2/2011Rate 3.1143114
Lervig Brewers Reserve Oat IPA 7.26/22/2015Rate 3.5688173
Lervig Brewers Reserve Rye IPA 8.55/27/2011Rate 3.6594394
Lervig Brewers Reserve Rye IPA - Barrel Aged 8.54/21/2015Rate 3.091
Lervig Brewers Reserve Saison 6.67/8/2015Rate 3.436396
Lervig Brewers Reserve Sverd i Fjell 10.57/7/2016Rate 3.6483177
Lervig Brewers Reserve White IPA Wit & IPA Fusion 6.44/26/2014Rate 3.4874217
Lervig Brewers Reserve Winter Ale 8.311/1/2010Rate 3.3276172
Lervig Bringebær Wit 4.76/7/2012Rate 2.28132
Lervig Brut Nature 7.01/9/2019Rate 3.437473
Lervig Café Sur 4.02/17/2016Rate 3.176469
Lervig CAPO 4.45/27/2018Rate 3.377211
Lervig Cardinal Brun & Blid 5.55/11/2011Rate 3.067
Lervig Cardinal Flower Power 5.86/16/2011Rate 3.048
Lervig Cardinal Kristenmannsblod 9.010/15/2012Rate 3.393561
Lervig Cardinal Sigmunds Herbarium 6.33/14/2012Rate 3.136912
Lervig Cardinal Winter Wine 1011/8/2010Rate 3.334019
Lervig Cascadian Gold IPA 6.94/30/2015Rate 3.416431
Lervig Cassis Suzy (alias) 4.06/3/2016
Lervig Chair Beer 4.05/7/2013Rate 3.285533
Lervig Check In IPA 6.012/19/2015Rate 3.4980185
Lervig Cherry Blaster 3.811/7/2021Rate 0
Lervig Christmas Cream 4.710/30/2020Rate 3.344032
Lervig Christmas Crush 1010/27/2019Rate 3.637218
Lervig Christmas Shake 5.910/27/2017Rate 3.486695
Lervig Coconuts 12.53/17/2018Rate 3.9994217
Lervig CocoNutz Kake Bourbon Barrel Aged 1210/29/2017Rate 3.989454
Lervig Crocs N' Sandals 4.73/11/2021Rate 3.111
Lervig Cucumbeer 4.78/26/2017Rate 3.074836
Lervig Dark Orbit 7.010/22/2018Rate 3.6598104
Lervig Darker Into Darkness 124/8/2019Rate 3.675715
Lervig Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Smores Stout 115/22/2020Rate 3.724710
Lervig Easy 4.52/21/2018Rate 3.5897178
Lervig Ein Te Pils 4.58/28/2005Rate 2.336
Lervig Ein Te Sommerøl 4.57/9/2003Rate 2.277
Lervig Emörstrand Brujeria Julegjøk 6.511/1/2013Rate 3.055
Lervig Farmhouse Stout 10.61/12/2013Rate 3.615047
Lervig Fat Earl 4.54/15/2016Rate 3.118078
Lervig Felt O Pils (alias) 4.711/20/2021
Lervig Field Trip 7.47/7/2021Rate 3.444119
Lervig Fiine Lervig Premium 4.74/5/2006Rate 2.11523
Lervig Fish & Cow Berliner Weisse with Ginger and Mint 3.89/13/2015Rate 3.146
Lervig Fjordly Apple Cider 4.78/27/2022Rate 2.92
Lervig Forsommer 4.25/5/2013Rate 2.937
Lervig Freakshake 6.510/4/2019Rate 3.548442
Lervig Fully Evolved 4.54/25/2019Rate 3.28739
Lervig Galaxy Citra Flicker 5.511/25/2018Rate 3.586790
Lervig Gledelige Lervig Juleøl 4.711/11/2003Rate 2.593826
Lervig Godshot 7.59/21/2016Rate 3.559341
Lervig Going Nowhere 4.45/31/2018Rate 3.619712
Lervig Grand Cru (alias) 9.011/28/2012
Lervig Grapefruit Serendipity 9.212/22/2019Rate 3.719242
Lervig Greengate (alias) 4.79/4/2017
Lervig Grusomme Lervig Pilsner 4.72/25/2008Rate 2.251950
Lervig Hazy Days 4.76/30/2017Rate 3.6297156
Lervig Heat Wave! 4.06/10/2018Rate 2.973
Lervig Heavy Hitter 10.51/25/2022Rate 3.666018
Lervig Helles Yeah 4.52/5/2020Rate 3.269549
Lervig Hipster For Christmas 13.111/2/2019Rate 3.565736
Lervig Holiday Haze 4.710/30/2020Rate 3.444124
Lervig Holmen Quist 9.57/22/2013Rate 3.644847
Lervig Hop Drop Sour 6.22/4/2017Rate 3.6187182
Lervig Hop Locker DDH Simcoe IPA 6.06/2/2017Rate 3.619146
Lervig Hoppy Birthday Oat IPA 6.23/19/2012Rate 3.669516
Lervig Hoppy Joe 4.77/21/2012Rate 3.3593462
Lervig House Party 4.04/6/2018Rate 3.3571196
Lervig Human Nature 4.512/20/2019Rate 3.384841
Lervig I Remember My First Check-In 4.51/27/2021Rate 33
Lervig Idaho Picnic 5.88/6/2019Rate 3.599777
Lervig India Wheat Lager 6.310/6/2015Rate 3.259323
Lervig Infinite Timelines 7.54/8/2019Rate 3.668137
Lervig Johnny Low 2.55/24/2013Rate 3.0922206
Lervig Jule Bock 4.710/21/2021Rate 3.188426
Lervig Juleøl 6.511/11/2003Rate 2.573730
Lervig Juleøl 4.7% (2011 -) 4.711/5/2011Rate 2.873881
Lervig Just A Little Peachy 4.02/28/2018Rate 2.791
Lervig Kanelsnegle 1212/1/2019Rate 3.785417
Lervig Killer Kebab 4.710/2/2022Rate 3.061
Lervig Konrad’s Stout Bourbon Barrel Aged 117/11/2020Rate 3.696612
Lervig Konrads Imperial Stout (alias) 10.49/29/2018
Lervig Konrads Stout Exclusive Barrel Aged Narbo Portwine 10.412/29/2015Rate 3.56
Lervig Kringly Kris Brand Norwegian Juleporter 4.710/20/2014Rate 3.3354144
Lervig Kringly Kris Norwegian Spice Ale 4.711/2/2016Rate 3.187344
Lervig Kulturhuset IPA (KIPA) 6.612/6/2015Rate 3.223412
Lervig Legacy Lager 4.710/26/2021Rate 3.057
Lervig Liquid Sex Robot 7.912/20/2017Rate 3.9498268
Lervig Local / Basqueland The drinker 6.91/22/2022Rate 3.333
Lervig Local / FrauGruber Brewing Enzo Wanted a Triple IPA 9.310/27/2021Rate 3.171
Lervig Local / Moersleutel Skiftenøkkel 9.66/11/2022Rate 3.253
Lervig Local / North Brewing Co Pope Mosaic 6.52/4/2022Rate 3.131
Lervig Local / Salikatt Smells Like Hillevåg 5.18/16/2020Rate 3.092
Lervig Local / Staggeringly Good No Drama 5.82/18/2022Rate 3.264
Lervig Local / Vault City Kveik Kriek 6.28/27/2022Rate 3.224
Lervig Local / Yeastside Chillaxy 5.07/9/2022Rate 2.941
Lervig Local / Yeastside Stavanger Ripple 5.511/6/2020Rate 3.094
Lervig Local 11:34 6.312/20/2020Rate 3.111
Lervig Local 1349 #3 9.49/15/2021Rate 3.25
Lervig Local Aloha Berries 3.97/20/2021Rate 2.941
Lervig Local Alt Inn 4.53/8/2021Rate 3.335
Lervig Local Awa 5.511/21/2020Rate 3.021
Lervig Local Chinook Is The King 7.21/22/2022Rate 3.193
Lervig Local Coffee Bomb 7.09/9/2021Rate 3.444
Lervig Local Cold IPA 5.08/27/2022Rate 33
Lervig Local Dave's Pale Ale 5.28/30/2020Rate 3.224
Lervig Local Froot Loops 4.53/11/2021Rate 3.111
Lervig Local Good Craic 5.010/4/2020Rate 2.71
Lervig Local Green Machine 7.25/19/2021Rate 3.212
Lervig Local Hans Hoppy Accident 6.28/27/2022Rate 3.092
Lervig Local Hard Times Bock 6.28/16/2020Rate 3.162
Lervig Local Hop Dipped 10 PM Rainbow 5.510/19/2021Rate 3.131
Lervig Local I've Never Been to Köln 6.04/2/2022Rate 3.294
Lervig Local Jæren's Best Kolsch Collab 6.09/21/2022Rate 2.831
Lervig Local Kung Fu Master 5.011/6/2021Rate 0
Lervig Local Kveik IPA 7.010/4/2020Rate 0
Lervig Local Local's Only 6.38/29/2020Rate 2.912
Lervig Local Logger Lager 6.06/2/2021Rate 2.921
Lervig Local Nitro Dry Stout! 7.24/2/2022Rate 2.964
Lervig Local NZDDH KIPA 8.312/9/2020Rate 3.32
Lervig Local Pumpkin Harvest 6.011/14/2020Rate 3.212
Lervig Local Sour Yuzu 6.010/4/2020Rate 3.131
Lervig Local Super Blanc 6.610/27/2021Rate 3.131
Lervig Local Tapp & Kork - Taking out the trash 5.33/8/2021Rate 3.131
Lervig Local The Great Stavanger Oreo Crisis 14.910/24/2020Rate 3.447
Lervig Local Wheat Street USA 4.53/8/2021Rate 3.021
Lervig Local Zimm’s Legacy (alias) 6.85/19/2021
Lervig Local. 4.74/3/2020Rate 3.111
Lervig Loudspeaker 5.27/24/2021Rate 3.418023
Lervig Low Key 2.22/3/2021Rate 3.133012
Lervig LSD (Little Sour Delight) 6.87/23/2015Rate 3.332815
Lervig Lucky Jack 4.77/28/2010Rate 3.3978583
Lervig Lucky Jack Black Edition 4.79/22/2016Rate 3.3333124
Lervig Lucky Jack Extra Hard 6.05/12/2017Rate 3.4980152
Lervig Lucky Jack Extra Hard Grapefruit 6.55/17/2018Rate 3.243
Lervig Lucky Jack Gluten-Free 4.75/6/2020Rate 3.194214
Lervig Lucky Jack Grapefruit Edition 4.73/3/2016Rate 3.483243
Lervig Lucky Jack Mango 4.712/4/2017Rate 3.113128
Lervig Lychee Beer 3.510/11/2018Rate 3.327
Lervig Magellanic Clouds 3.510/11/2018Rate 3.335875
Lervig Mango Bang 7.22/17/2017Rate 3.565536
Lervig Mango Squirt 7.09/27/2017Rate 3.075
Lervig Mango Tang 7.06/11/2022Rate 37
Lervig Marky Ramone's Hoppy Pilsner 5.54/15/2015Rate 3.118434
Lervig Märzenbier 4.710/5/2017Rate 3.183
Lervig Medgangs Villskot 4.76/5/2012Rate 3.177312
Lervig Medicine 10.58/25/2018Rate 3.7784115
Lervig Modern Antique 7.05/19/2021Rate 3.639531
Lervig Mom Jeans 4.25/25/2019Rate 3.264911
Lervig Mosaic IPA 6.59/3/2014Rate 3.225
Lervig Nærbøl Pale Ale 4.78/26/2011Rate 3.346431
Lervig Naughty & Nice 8.010/26/2019Rate 3.559285
Lervig Neon Friday 4.210/26/2019Rate 3.398
Lervig Nitro Christmas 6.011/8/2020Rate 2.882
Lervig Nitro Latte 6.03/29/2019Rate 3.423844
Lervig Nitro Peanut Better Stout 11.29/1/2022Rate 3.313
Lervig No Worries 0.55/17/2019Rate 3.19483
Lervig No Worries - Driving Home For Christmas 0.511/7/2020Rate 2.867430
Lervig No Worries - Grapefruit 0.512/18/2019Rate 3.189640
Lervig No Worries - Lemon 0.52/3/2021Rate 3.129510
Lervig No Worries - Mango 0.52/3/2021Rate 3.129523
Lervig No Worries - Pineapple 0.59/9/2020Rate 3.039225
Lervig North Nitro Hot Chocolate 106/23/2020Rate 3.98617
Lervig Northwestern Lager 4.78/1/2010Rate 3.279528
Lervig Not So Juicy 6.010/14/2016Rate 3.377515
Lervig Not So Juicy 2 6.32/4/2017Rate 3.118
Lervig NZDDHDIPA 6.910/7/2020Rate 3.586845
Lervig Once You Go Black 13.55/3/2014Rate 4.029655
Lervig Orange Velvet 5.58/3/2017Rate 3.3842149
Lervig Original Sin 13.512/9/2020Rate 3.898571
Lervig Pants Optional 5.56/5/2020Rate 3.484311
Lervig Paragon (2018) 13.58/31/2019Rate 4.13100102
Lervig Paragon (2019) 13.512/31/2020Rate 4.1510063
Lervig Paragon (2020) 12.610/24/2021Rate 3.444119
Lervig Passion Tang 7.06/30/2016Rate 3.4436219
Lervig Perler For Svin 6.32/4/2017Rate 3.791400
Lervig Pils (2018-) 4.710/13/2021Rate 2.965223
Lervig Pilsner (-2005) 4.59/18/2003Rate 2.121210
Lervig Pilsner (2005-2018) 4.79/26/2005Rate 2.5725148
Lervig Pilsner (unfiltered) (alias) 4.72/25/2017
Lervig Pineapple Slice 7.611/11/2020Rate 3.352920
Lervig Prickly Pete 5.912/26/2019Rate 2.961
Lervig Procrastinator 8.05/21/2021Rate 3.579414
Lervig Pulp Pineapple Cider 4.74/17/2020Rate 2.621811
Lervig Rackhouse - Ambience 6.06/8/2021Rate 3.687
Lervig Rackhouse - Black Forest Picante 138/22/2021Rate 3.828827
Lervig Rackhouse - Blue Plate Special 13.58/22/2021Rate 3.989731
Lervig Rackhouse - Canadian Lunch 14.110/1/2021Rate 3.879233
Lervig Rackhouse - Coconut Coffee Stout 12.86/5/2022Rate 3.595
Lervig Rackhouse - Dulce De Leche 15.16/16/2022Rate 3.778
Lervig Rackhouse - Foeder Abricots 6.510/19/2021Rate 3.585418
Lervig Rackhouse - Foeder Bleuets 6.13/4/2022Rate 3.575111
Lervig Rackhouse - Hipster For Christmas (alias) 13.111/6/2021
Lervig Rackhouse - Le Grand Mélange 8.01/30/2022Rate 3.829531
Lervig Rackhouse - Off The Rack #1 14.56/8/2021Rate 3.939532
Lervig Rackhouse - Off the Rack Australian Dark Rum 2021 13.24/16/2022Rate 4.069925
Lervig Rackhouse - Off the Rack Kentucky Bourbon Barrel 159/3/2022Rate 3.332
Lervig Rackhouse - Off The Rack Paragon 13.110/19/2021Rate 3.939834
Lervig Rackhouse - Original Sin Bourbon Barrel 12.57/29/2022Rate 3.514
Lervig Rackhouse - Original Sin Québécois Maple Barrel 12.27/29/2022Rate 3.73489
Lervig Rackhouse - Stoutella 134/23/2022Rate 3.688914
Lervig Rackhouse - Vanilla Dreams 13.111/14/2021Rate 3.929520
Lervig Rainbow Road 6.49/2/2020Rate 3.494416
Lervig Ranglejus 4.16/28/2018Rate 2.986
Lervig Ranglerock (alias) 4.19/6/2018
Lervig Red Eye Coffee Stout 6.712/1/2017Rate 3.252
Lervig Renewable Energy - ONS Festival 4.08/26/2018Rate 3.091
Lervig Rubinstep Apple Cider 5.41/21/2020Rate 3.115214
Lervig Saison du Soleil 6.34/16/2012Rate 3.197820
Lervig Saison IPA 6.25/31/2012Rate 3.364915
Lervig Salted Rhubarb Vanilla Sour Cream Crumble 3.95/12/2020Rate 3.15720
Lervig Saskatoon Cheesecake Stout 122/2/2019Rate 3.7449107
Lervig Saskatoonberry Cheesecake Barrel Aged 128/3/2018Rate 3.463
Lervig Sawa Yuzu 4.26/7/2015Rate 3.253571
Lervig Simcoe Smack (alias) 6.05/16/2017
Lervig Singularity 8.04/10/2019Rate 3.675227
Lervig Siste Dans (alias) 5.69/8/2013
Lervig Smokes Like Christmas 7.311/3/2016Rate 3.472738
Lervig Smooth Talker 6.011/6/2020Rate 3.31720
Lervig Sommerøl 4.75/22/2007Rate 2.135262
Lervig Sorachi Ace Lager 6.58/13/2014Rate 3.28529
Lervig Sour Cassis 4.09/2/2015Rate 3.399410
Lervig Sour Suzy 4.03/28/2015Rate 37289
Lervig Sourhead Cider 6.05/9/2013Rate 3.27920
Lervig Stolen Chair 4.09/19/2013Rate 3.034
Lervig Supa Sawa Yuzu (alias) 7.412/28/2018
Lervig Super Fluff 6.66/25/2021Rate 3.548719
Lervig Super Sawa Yuzu 7.43/3/2016Rate 3.454252
Lervig SuperSonic 8.54/21/2017Rate 3.9799381
Lervig Sweet Wheat 4.52/3/2021Rate 3.085529
Lervig Tailgater 2.510/4/2020Rate 2.936
Lervig Take Away IPA 4.612/16/2017Rate 3.315
Lervig Take It Easy (alias) 2.77/12/2012
Lervig Talisman Explore Me IPA 4.72/16/2011Rate 3.015
Lervig Tasty Juice - Citra 6.012/18/2016Rate 3.8799458
Lervig Tasty Juice - Mosaic/Ekuanot/Citra 6.012/18/2019Rate 3.759676
Lervig Tasty Juice Extra Juicy 6.25/24/2022Rate 3.48459
Lervig Tasty Juice Tropical Milkshake 6.15/20/2022Rate 3.424917
Lervig Toasted Maple Stout 124/28/2017Rate 3.9491278
Lervig Toasted Maple Stout Bourbon Barrel 1212/24/2017Rate 3.795421
Lervig Tou 20 år 5.49/8/2021Rate 3.213
Lervig Triple Hop Sauce 7.75/19/2019Rate 3.596925
Lervig Umami Stout 10.44/8/2017Rate 3.315111
Lervig Unfiltered 4.52/19/2017Rate 3.014643
Lervig Valberget Stavangerøl 4.73/25/2011Rate 2.762136
Lervig Vellagret Julebrygg 6.511/8/2007Rate 2.974237
Lervig Wet Your Whistle 4.110/17/2019Rate 3.395
Lervig White Dog Brand 4.76/18/2009Rate 342203
Lervig Why Not 8.110/1/2021Rate 3.598932
Lervig Would you like a Cookie? 1110/3/2017Rate 3.211
Lervig Zimm’s Legacy 6.88/22/2021Rate 3.436631
Lervig Oot & Aboot 6.07/7/2019Rate 3.091
Mikkeller / BrewDog / Nøgne Ø Black Tokyo Horizon
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
161/24/2014Rate 3.9295140
Mikkeller / Lervig Double Eye PA
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
146/4/2012Rate 3.4947219
Mikkeller Barrel Aged Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Shake
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
135/13/2017Rate 3.878035
Mikkeller Beer Geek Bacon
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
7.54/30/2010Rate 3.8498794
Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
7.512/5/2005Rate 4.081002594
Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast 10.7% (Bourbon Edition)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
10.73/1/2010Rate 3.8788183
Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast 7.5% (Bourbon Edition)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
7.52/23/2015Rate 3.897102
Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast BA Cherry Wine
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
7.52/26/2015Rate 3.649767
Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast BA Tequila
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
7.52/26/2015Rate 3.6496119
Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast Brunch Big Blend
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
8.08/3/2015Rate 3.7595191
Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
10.96/25/2018Rate 3.898556
Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
10.912/23/2008Rate 4.231001851
Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (Bourbon Edition)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
10.92/4/2010Rate 4.0697266
Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (Brandy Edition)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
10.912/19/2014Rate 4.0395121
Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (Calvados Edition)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
10.93/1/2012Rate 4.0296240
Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (Cognac Edition)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
10.92/18/2012Rate 4.0797375
Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (Highland Edition)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
10.99/29/2009Rate 3.9494173
Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel (Islay Edition)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
10.99/7/2009Rate 3.9491302
Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel BA Slyrs
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
10.92/22/2015Rate 4.1599117
Mikkeller Beer Geek Cocoa Shake
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
121/3/2015Rate 3.9592466
Mikkeller Beer Geek Cocoa Shake Phantom Spirits
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
113/21/2020Rate 3.734620
Mikkeller Beer Geek Dessert
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
1110/3/2014Rate 3.9792516
Mikkeller Beer Geek Fudgesicle
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
126/22/2018Rate 3.7963119
Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Cocoa
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
1311/30/2017Rate 3.9387145
Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Maple Shake
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
11.86/20/2017Rate 4.0296252
Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Shake
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
135/22/2013Rate 4.0898833
Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Shake (Black Sensation Edition) (alias)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Shake (Bourbon Edition)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
1311/27/2013Rate 4.24100304
Mikkeller Beer Geek Vanilla Shake (Whiskey Edition)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
122/16/2019Rate 3.826931
Mikkeller Beer Geek vs George BA Calvados
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
11.511/28/2014Rate 3.796118
Mikkeller Beer Geek Waffle Breakfast
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
7.55/14/2019Rate 3.07059
Mikkeller Beer Hop Breakfast
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
7.53/1/2010Rate 3.92100823
Mikkeller Beer Weak Brunch Weasel
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
4.84/30/2014Rate 3.5966183
Mikkeller Erik The Red
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
6.02/5/2015Rate 3.469793
Mikkeller George (Cherry Wine)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
12.1212/22/2013Rate 3.929591
Mikkeller George meet Beer Geek Brunch BA Calvados (alias)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
Mikkeller George vs Brian Calvados
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
156/21/2014Rate 3.9697102
Mikkeller George vs Brian Cherry
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
156/21/2014Rate 4.0697120
Mikkeller George vs Brian Tequila
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
156/21/2014Rate 4.0799145
Mikkeller George!
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
12.124/28/2010Rate 4.0598740
Mikkeller George! Barrel Aged (Blåbaer Sherry Edition)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
12.123/16/2014Rate 3.458
Mikkeller George! Barrel Aged (Bourbon Edition)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
12.1210/27/2010Rate 4.17100452
Mikkeller George! Barrel Aged (Calvados Edition)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
12.1211/17/2012Rate 4.0699255
Mikkeller George! Barrel Aged (Cognac Edition)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
12.1211/3/2012Rate 4.1299349
Mikkeller George! Barrel Aged (Danish Calvados Edition)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
148/21/2013Rate 3.818630
Mikkeller Göran (alias)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
Mikkeller Rauch Geek Breakfast (alias)
Brewed by/for Mikkeller
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