Beau's Brewing Co. / Halcyon Barrel House Beer List

Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada

Beau's Feed The Jukebox Milkshake IPA 6.57/8/2021Rate 34
Beau's / Big Rig Peppermint Porter 5.412/11/2014Rate 3.35399
Beau's / Central City Upper Reaches 6.06/1/2020Rate 0
Beau's / Crannóg Ales Blackstrap Bootstrapper 5.84/7/2017Rate 34
Beau's / De Koningshoeven Vrienden 5.05/23/2010Rate 3.238715
Beau's / Flying Bison Great Planes 7.03/16/2018Rate 3.091
Beau's / Gigantic La Formidable 6.92/25/2015Rate 3.5790102
Beau's / Gigantic Two Tonnes of Fun 10.57/2/2016Rate 3.454420
Beau's / Great Lakes Yours to Rediscover 4.05/12/2019Rate 3.092
Beau's / Halcyon Sour Raspberry Stout 8.512/3/2020Rate 0
Beau's / Half Pints Killer Kvass 2.59/28/2017Rate 2.715
Beau's / Henderson Mot the Hopple 6.63/9/2016Rate 0
Beau's / Kissmeyer Nordic Pale Ale 5.66/25/2013Rate 3.5997154
Beau's / Kissmeyer Nordic Saison 5.27/23/2014Rate 3.33018
Beau's / Kissmeyer Old Skål 8.07/2/2016Rate 3.514920
Beau's / Kissmeyer Venskab 9.66/18/2012Rate 3.619639
Beau's / Oshlag Iron Shirt 6.81/21/2017Rate 3.285530
Beau's / Side Launch Slideway 7.04/7/2017Rate 3.142
Beau's / Tooth and Nail Lock Monster 5.73/6/2017Rate 3.092
Beau's / Trou du Diable Fous Alliés 6.15/25/2012Rate 3.556873
Beau's / Unfiltered Brewing EPH Bomb 9.09/11/2017Rate 3.182
Beau's / Weird Ninho do Corvo (Barrel aged) 5.61/28/2018Rate 3.56617
Beau's / Wild Rose Over Throne 6.010/30/2017Rate 3.112
Beau's 49° 54° Fogo Island Gose 6.71/6/2017Rate 3.217514
Beau's A Capital Idea 7.28/18/2014Rate 3.083
Beau's About Time IPA (alias) 6.79/3/2021
Beau's After Dark 7.53/22/2014Rate 3.237
Beau's Altbier 4.72/14/2019Rate 3.3388132
Beau's And Boom Gose The Dynamite 4.610/1/2012Rate 3.163263
Beau's And Boom Gose The Dynamite (Special Funk Night Edition Gose) 4.59/20/2015Rate 3.13
Beau's Ashnan 9.83/8/2014Rate 3.383841
Beau's Ballot 4.110/17/2014Rate 3.025
Beau's Banana Moloko 5.16/1/2020Rate 0
Beau's Batch 5000 7.07/2/2016Rate 3.416128
Beau's Beau Jack 5.41/31/2020Rate 0
Beau's Beaver River IP Eh (alias) 5.65/8/2009
Beau's Beaver River IP Eh Barrel-Aged Blend 5.67/12/2012Rate 3.284622
Beau's Big Impin' 10.62/13/2016Rate 3.414413
Beau's Black Forest IPA 7.012/13/2015Rate 3.414531
Beau's Blood Simple 5.31/21/2017Rate 3.298832
Beau's Bog Water 6.62/15/2008Rate 3.1845139
Beau's Bogfather ( Bourbon Barrel Aged) 107/8/2011Rate 3.549714
Beau's BogFather!!! 8.01/23/2011Rate 3.499640
Beau's Boghopper 6.310/4/2014Rate 3.439740
Beau's Boomerweiss 5.212/12/2010Rate 3.063
Beau's Bottle Imp (alias) 9.02/18/2014
Beau's Brew the Change -6/1/2020Rate 0
Beau's Bride of Fronkensteen 8.74/29/2016Rate 3.58
Beau's Brut I.P.A. 6.63/9/2019Rate 0
Beau's Buenas Noches 9.08/28/2016Rate 3.266
Beau's Buenos Dias 4.57/9/2016Rate 3.298748
Beau's Burnt Rock 5.612/25/2012Rate 3.58667
Beau's Burnt Rock (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 5.411/24/2013Rate 3.072
Beau's Bush Fire 5.87/14/2015Rate 3.479744
Beau's Canada C3 (alias) 5.26/1/2020
Beau's Canis Dirus 7.210/22/2015Rate 2.941
Beau's Castorgeist 8.35/9/2016Rate 3.436
Beau's Casual Monday 4.32/3/2019Rate 3.061
Beau's Cavalier Bleu 6.01/28/2018Rate 3.172324
Beau's CDN Pale Ale 5.89/21/2016Rate 3.326310
Beau's Channel Gogo 10.53/17/2015Rate 3.32
Beau's Channel Ocho 8.94/7/2014Rate 3.298633
Beau's Cherry Revue 4.51/28/2018Rate 3.173310
Beau's Coffee Mild 4.97/3/2012Rate 3.075
Beau's Collabrrrewator (Bourbon Barrel Aged) / Winterbrewed Coffee Blend 7.010/13/2012Rate 2.894
Beau's Collabrrrewator Coffee Doppelbock 8.02/1/2012Rate 3.327327
Beau's Collabrrrewnaut 5.01/28/2014Rate 3.359132
Beau's Countdown 5.010/22/2019Rate 3.082813
Beau's Country Vibes 4.73/27/2020Rate 3.328616
Beau's Cranberry Derby 6.39/6/2017Rate 3.228122
Beau's Cross Pollination 5.66/27/2017Rate 3.243
Beau's Crysler Farmhouse Ale 7.56/30/2012Rate 2.965
Beau's Dampf Punk 5.39/26/2013Rate 3.198
Beau's Dark Helmüt 7.310/1/2012Rate 3.7310095
Beau's Dark Helmüt (Barrel Aged) 7.78/19/2013Rate 3.346
Beau's DAVIDsTEA London Fog 5.39/12/2019Rate 3.259217
Beau's De Berry’s Treasure 4.55/30/2018Rate 3.11119
Beau's Definitely Contains Nuts 6.710/28/2016Rate 3.092
Beau's Dial Z for Zwickel 5.78/31/2014Rate 3.39352
Beau's Dinosaur Sr. 5.88/29/2016Rate 3.14912
Beau's Do No Evil 6.01/28/2018Rate 3.129210
Beau's DOA Hardcore 8.1 8.19/24/2014Rate 3.169822
Beau's Doble de Acción 5.04/3/2012Rate 3.023
Beau's Doc's Feet 7.69/22/2012Rate 3.439041
Beau's Doc's Feet (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 8.411/24/2013Rate 2.92
Beau's Double Hockey Sticks 8.010/14/2018Rate 3.021
Beau's Double Identity 9.010/30/2017Rate 3.678728
Beau's Doublewide 8.01/15/2012Rate 3.343117
Beau's Doublewide (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 9.57/26/2012Rate 3.176
Beau's Dr. Jekyll 5.210/3/2011Rate 3.047214
Beau's Dry Irish Stout 4.13/11/2015Rate 3.385
Beau's Dubbel Koyt 6.81/24/2013Rate 3.267921
Beau's Dunkel Buck 6.89/2/2011Rate 3.549981
Beau's Dunkel Buck (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 7.81/15/2012Rate 3.28
Beau's Dunkel Weizen -7/3/2012Rate 2.943
Beau's E.S.B. - ESB 5.610/30/2017Rate 3.449727
Beau's Elephant Monsoon 6.71/16/2016Rate 3.345726
Beau's Ellsmere's Regret 5.51/28/2014Rate 3.193622
Beau's Embittermint 6.71/16/2016Rate 3.313534
Beau's Emmerbier 5.212/31/2018Rate 0
Beau's Explosion 4.56/1/2020Rate 0
Beau's Farm Table: 80 Shilling 4.711/2/2015Rate 3.359471
Beau's Farm Table: American Brown Ale 5.66/1/2020Rate 0
Beau's Farm Table: Belgian Pale Ale 4.54/26/2012Rate 3.449335
Beau's Farm Table: Belgian-style Black Ale / Ale Noire Belge 5.61/28/2018Rate 3.287513
Beau's Farm Table: Cali Common 5.03/16/2018Rate 3.248618
Beau's Farm Table: Dortmunder 5.59/8/2017Rate 3.249615
Beau's Farm Table: Dry Irish Stout (alias) 4.16/1/2020
Beau's Farm Table: Dunkel 5.71/21/2017Rate 3.459830
Beau's Farm Table: ESB (alias) -6/1/2020
Beau's Farm Table: Grisette 4.911/6/2015Rate 3.328347
Beau's Farm Table: Helles (alias) 4.77/16/2015
Beau's Farm Table: Hopfenlager 6.69/8/2017Rate 3.457924
Beau's Farm Table: IPA 6.04/13/2016Rate 3.4366152
Beau's Farm Table: Märzen (alias) 5.59/1/2015
Beau's Farm Table: Mild Ale 3.71/19/2015Rate 3.044110
Beau's Farm Table: Motueka Pilsner 5.31/8/2019Rate 3.237
Beau's Farm Table: Patersbier 4.74/27/2016Rate 3.216859
Beau's Farm Table: Pils 4.91/16/2016Rate 3.39314
Beau's Farm Table: Saison 4.75/20/2017Rate 3.518131
Beau's Farm Table: Vienna-style Lager 4.78/29/2016Rate 3.259733
Beau's Farm Table: Weissbier 5.011/12/2016Rate 2.994
Beau's Farm Table: Zwickel (alias) 5.76/1/2020
Beau's Festivale (alias) 4.74/17/2008
Beau's Festivale Plus 7.08/24/2008Rate 3.369144
Beau's Festivale Plus (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 116/25/2011Rate 3.238
Beau's Festive Alt (alias) -8/1/2012
Beau's Fifty Shades of Gris 8.93/3/2017Rate 3.459312
Beau's Flying Elbow Drop 7.910/22/2015Rate 3.171
Beau's Four Flower 5.67/27/2018Rate 3.12509
Beau's Full Time IPA 6.74/29/2017Rate 3.6997103
Beau's Gastro Kimchi Brau 6.76/19/2012Rate 2.922
Beau's Gilgamesh 8.93/8/2014Rate 3.487340
Beau's Ginger Wolf 6.58/29/2016Rate 3.222639
Beau's Glacial Gruit 6.311/24/2017Rate 3.214
Beau's Golden Vox 6.06/14/2015Rate 3.324659
Beau's Good Night Nurse Quadrupel -4/12/2012Rate 2.982
Beau's Good Time 4.03/21/2019Rate 3.183524
Beau's Goodnight Moon 9.52/6/2017Rate 3.385
Beau's Grandmaster OG -3/23/2015Rate 3.317510
Beau's Grapefruit Radler 2.55/12/2019Rate 3.17989
Beau's Grumpiest of All Time 7.01/8/2019Rate 3.167
Beau's Happy Pilsner 5.310/2/2010Rate 3.39244
Beau's Haters Gonna Hate 8.09/29/2014Rate 3.489976
Beau's Hell Hop Imperial Red Ale 8.510/30/2012Rate 2.881
Beau's Helles 5.06/1/2020Rate 3.349860
Beau's Hibernal Solstice 7.15/12/2015Rate 3.194
Beau's Hogan's Goat 6.912/29/2011Rate 3.439339
Beau's Hogan's Goat (Barrel Aged) -6/1/2012Rate 3.053
Beau's Ich Bin Ein Bearliner 3.59/29/2014Rate 3.23329
Beau's Iron Arse Ale 4.86/26/2011Rate 2.976
Beau's It Lives 6.93/9/2019Rate 3.021
Beau's Jänis 7.09/8/2017Rate 3.072912
Beau's Juiced Up 4.54/26/2020Rate 3.275010
Beau's Kölsch-Bock -8/20/2006Rate 2.65
Beau's Koru 6.010/1/2012Rate 3.529655
Beau's Kotbusser (alias) 5.610/31/2012
Beau's Kremlock 6.79/30/2015Rate 3.429010
Beau's Kveik - Pilot Batch 4.83/9/2019Rate 2.941
Beau's Lamb’s Wool 6.511/24/2017Rate 3.378717
Beau's Late Night Sneaky Dunkel 6.310/2/2010Rate 2.975
Beau's Le Coeur Noir 7.11/19/2015Rate 3.618664
Beau's Life on Juniper 6.38/29/2016Rate 3.212
Beau's Life The Universe and Everything 4.24/19/2016Rate 2.941
Beau's Local Organic Lagered Ale 4.03/4/2021Rate 3.063
Beau's Lug Tread 5.26/19/2006Rate 3.1375273
Beau's Lug Tread 2.5% 2.510/1/2020Rate 2.797
Beau's Lug-Sicle 5.28/20/2018Rate 2.941
Beau's MaddAddamites NooBroo 5.26/15/2014Rate 3.255859
Beau's Maple Rush 5.89/8/2017Rate 3.417012
Beau's Match Made 5.66/1/2020Rate 0
Beau's Mates with Dates 7.72/1/2012Rate 3.249418
Beau's Matt's Sleepy Time 9.04/15/2010Rate 3.5135104
Beau's Matt's Sleepy Time (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 9.07/8/2011Rate 3.579315
Beau's Matt's Wakey Time Stout - Pilot Batch -6/9/2019Rate 0
Beau's May Contain Traces of My Nuts -4/3/2012Rate 2.963
Beau's Mission Accomplished 6.71/28/2014Rate 3.69247
Beau's Mission Accomplished (Chardonnay Barrel Aged) 6.79/24/2014Rate 3.061
Beau's Mother McGintey's 4.41/31/2020Rate 0
Beau's Mr. Hyde 7.010/3/2011Rate 3.348546
Beau's Mr. Hyde (Bourbon Barrel Aged) meets Roggenbier -4/19/2012Rate 3.178
Beau's Mr.Hyde Barrel Aged (2013 Wine Barrel) -1/28/2014Rate 3.385
Beau's Mutineer 8.01/24/2013Rate 3.198431
Beau's My Burning Heart 8.75/14/2015Rate 3.252
Beau's My Community Brew 5.511/21/2010Rate 2.831
Beau's New Lang Syne 9.011/18/2015Rate 3.589549
Beau's Night Märzen 5.52/1/2020Rate 3.2791129
Beau's Night Märzen (Oak aged) -11/15/2009Rate 2.923
Beau's OG: Original Gruit 6.31/19/2015Rate 3.286924
Beau's OHOM! 6.611/22/2018Rate 0
Beau's Oktobock 7.010/1/2012Rate 3.279145
Beau's Oktogon 7.75/4/2014Rate 3.033
Beau's Old Ale 8.910/5/2013Rate 3.137
Beau's One Ping Only 7.89/22/2015Rate 3.668247
Beau's One Ping Only (Bourbon Barrel Aged) (alias) 8.54/8/2017
Beau's Opa's Gose 5.09/24/2010Rate 3.356362
Beau's Osmium 7.010/30/2017Rate 3.45524
Beau's Paint Yur Fence Pale American Mild 5.87/3/2012Rate 2.883
Beau's Pale Lips 5.23/9/2019Rate 0
Beau's Paper Chase 5.61/8/2019Rate 3.38614
Beau's Parliament of Trees 6.09/11/2017Rate 3.211
Beau's Party Line 9.09/21/2016Rate 3.228
Beau's Party of Five (Barrel Aged Blend) 5.07/22/2014Rate 3.162
Beau's Party Time Beaver Wild Ale 4.43/27/2013Rate 2.912
Beau's Patio Saison 5.94/14/2012Rate 3.426480
Beau's Pilot Beer June 2019 5.26/9/2019Rate 0
Beau's Pilot June 2019-2 (Dark Czech Lager) 5.26/23/2019Rate 3.021
Beau's Polaris Pale Ale 5.08/29/2016Rate 3.377315
Beau's Porter Porter 5.610/17/2021Rate 3.317
Beau's Punch Clock 3.510/11/2016Rate 3.175
Beau's Quads & Rockers 10.511/18/2016Rate 3.586344
Beau's Rachel’s Revenge 5.110/17/2021Rate 3.014
Beau's Raise A Little Helles 4.78/7/2011Rate 2.674
Beau's Rauchstack 6.98/18/2014Rate 3.478247
Beau's Ravishing Patrick Rude 9.49/21/2016Rate 3.215
Beau's Red, White (Wine), and Blue 8.05/12/2015Rate 3.313
Beau's Return of the Mumme 5.89/22/2015Rate 3.398942
Beau's Roggenbier 5.59/8/2011Rate 2.984
Beau's Rudolphus VI 6.95/30/2013Rate 3.619847
Beau's Rumtopf 5.59/30/2015Rate 3.176
Beau's Saison de Versailles 5.63/9/2019Rate 3.021
Beau's Sargon 6.03/7/2014Rate 3.338933
Beau's Schwarzwälder 6.99/29/2014Rate 3.295
Beau's Screamin' Beaver 9.95/7/2010Rate 3.383262
Beau's Screamin' Beaver (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 1211/14/2011Rate 3.434121
Beau's Screamin' Beaver (Oak Aged) (alias) 9.912/3/2012
Beau's Sergeant Stripes 7.99/3/2017Rate 3.547017
Beau's Shane's Addiction -12/17/2012Rate 3.023
Beau's Sheriff Lobo 6.47/14/2015Rate 0
Beau's Siduri White Pepper Saison (alias) 10.23/8/2014
Beau's Silver Fern 6.38/29/2016Rate 3.346
Beau's Small Batch #10: Spiced Rye Pilsner 6.31/20/2021Rate 0
Beau's Small Batch #2: Wai-iti Pale Ale 5.44/1/2020Rate 3.122
Beau's Small Batch #3: Rosehip & Hibiscus Spring Weiss 4.66/17/2020Rate 3.182
Beau's Small Batch #4: Dark Czech Pilsner 6.011/3/2020Rate 0
Beau's Small Batch #5: Lime Ginger Saison 6.27/31/2020Rate 0
Beau's Small Batch #6 Helles 5.010/2/2020Rate 0
Beau's Small Batch #7 Smashed Orange Imperial Stout 8.010/2/2020Rate 3.041
Beau's Small Batch #8: Weizenbock 8.011/3/2020Rate 3.223
Beau's Small Batch #9: Sour Raspberry Stout 8.51/20/2021Rate 0
Beau's Small Batch Release #1: Salted Vanilla Porter 6.74/1/2020Rate 3.234
Beau's Smoked Helmüt 9.05/12/2015Rate 3.231
Beau's Smokin' Banana Peels 4.910/3/2011Rate 3.244340
Beau's Sorrel (alias) 4.312/31/2018
Beau's Sour Dreams -9/7/2011Rate 2.825
Beau's St. Luke's Verse 5.71/28/2014Rate 3.235262
Beau's Staghorn 6.49/15/2012Rate 3.13579
Beau's Strong Patrick 6.73/2/2012Rate 3.3898124
Beau's Strong Patrick Sour 6.19/18/2013Rate 2.912
Beau's Strong Patrick/Festivale Sour Bourbon Barrel Blend -12/18/2012Rate 2.841
Beau's Super SMASH Beau's -4/12/2012Rate 2.762
Beau's Tagwerk: Witbeer avec Coings 6.95/3/2018Rate 3.288718
Beau's The Abominable Imp 8.210/22/2015Rate 3.162
Beau's The Astromancer 5.712/31/2018Rate 3.16409
Beau's The Beer That Shall Not Be Named 9.912/13/2015Rate 3.549113
Beau's The Big Sleepy 8.65/9/2016Rate 3.48329
Beau's The Bottle Imp 9.012/17/2013Rate 3.775394
Beau's The Bottle Imp (Barrel Aged) 9.95/11/2014Rate 3.51369
Beau's The Monkey's Paw 5.211/7/2014Rate 3.28010
Beau's The Spice Principle 5.39/7/2017Rate 3.338818
Beau's The Spruce Moose 6.28/6/2013Rate 3.227216
Beau's Thirty-Three and A Third 9.45/13/2015Rate 3.126
Beau's Three Knocks 7.09/8/2017Rate 3.449529
Beau's Tikkatee 6.03/9/2019Rate 3.128
Beau's Time Crystal 4.83/9/2019Rate 0
Beau's Tin Ceiling 4.18/29/2016Rate 3.073
Beau's Tmavé 5.99/3/2019Rate 3.131
Beau's Tom Green Beer 5.06/23/2013Rate 3.3449146
Beau's Tom Green Beer (Bourbon Barrel Aged) 6.011/24/2013Rate 2.792
Beau's Tom Green Cherry Milk Stout 5.69/8/2017Rate 3.46632
Beau's Tom Green Summer Stout 5.05/9/2017Rate 3.249734
Beau's Tommy Gun Pale 5.511/1/2009Rate 3.134812
Beau's Treading Water 6.61/11/2010Rate 3.167418
Beau's Triceratops Tripel 9.01/21/2017Rate 3.348127
Beau's Two Weeks Notice 6.09/23/2011Rate 3.475434
Beau's Two Weeks Notice (Barrel Aged) -1/28/2014Rate 3.257
Beau's Tyrannosaurus Gruit 5.81/16/2016Rate 3.083435
Beau's Universal Gravitation 5.19/30/2015Rate 3.176
Beau's Vambrace 5.09/8/2017Rate 0
Beau's Vassar 6.79/30/2012Rate 3.074820
Beau's Vilnius Schoolmaster 8.72/18/2017Rate 3.384
Beau's Wag the Wolf 6.03/21/2013Rate 3.5689109
Beau's Walloon Dragon -12/30/2012Rate 3.222014
Beau's Weiss O'Lantern 5.610/3/2011Rate 3.389363
Beau's White Pepper Saison 10.26/1/2020Rate 3.536236
Beau's WinterBrewed 6.02/19/2011Rate 3.479580
Beau's With Love, Gerdy 5.412/31/2018Rate 0
Beau's WTF LugTread 5.210/4/2010Rate 3.095914
Beau's Zins Jo Kokot! 5.610/1/2012Rate 3.094721
Halcyon + L'autre Oeil Tome 2 -12/28/2017Rate 3.112
Halcyon + Matron Invisible Ink 7.86/21/2019Rate 3.45
Halcyon + Stone City Brett Friends Forever II 8.59/10/2017Rate 3.498
Halcyon 7 Years Bad Luck 7.46/28/2018Rate 3.445
Halcyon Adventures In Symbiosis 7.02/23/2020Rate 3.333
Halcyon Curse of Knowledge 5.810/11/2018Rate 3.426415
Halcyon Dark Designs 1210/18/2019Rate 3.265
Halcyon Echo Chamber 4.87/7/2018Rate 3.546723
Halcyon False Memory 5.39/16/2020Rate 3.061
Halcyon Fear is the Mind Killer 7.88/17/2018Rate 3.092
Halcyon Gravity Well 9.010/15/2017Rate 3.718631
Halcyon Gravity Well (Cherry) 8.76/21/2019Rate 3.475
Halcyon Infinity Mirror 6.55/18/2017Rate 3.789858
Halcyon Life Advice 3.59/10/2017Rate 3.47
Halcyon Nix Olympica 6.48/17/2018Rate 2.972
Halcyon Parallel Realities 6.25/26/2019Rate 3.265
Halcyon Rheasilvia 7.310/26/2019Rate 3.111
Halcyon Shifting Sands 6.010/23/2017Rate 3.182
Halcyon Shifting Sands (Cherry) 7.62/14/2019Rate 3.445
Halcyon Shifting Sands (Currant) 7.35/26/2019Rate 3.66
Halcyon Shifting Sands (Peach) 7.012/29/2017Rate 3.487
Halcyon Shifting Sands (Raspberry) 6.25/30/2018Rate 3.344
Halcyon Still/Thirsty 8.09/21/2019Rate 0
Halcyon Tunnel Vision: El Dorado 6.21/31/2020Rate 3.434
Halcyon Waking Dreams 6.55/30/2018Rate 3.465
Halcyon Wintermute 6.72/14/2019Rate 3.445
Halcyon Year One 7.95/30/2018Rate 3.466
Halcyon Year Two 8.25/26/2019Rate 3.424
OCB Pan-Ontario Collaboration Ale 2011 -6/21/2011Rate 3.232710
OCB Pan-Ontario Collaboration Ale 2012 -6/18/2012Rate 3.344013
OCB Pan-Ontario Collaboration Ale 2013 8.06/19/2013Rate 3.33710
Pan-Ontario OCB Collaboration Ale 2014 8.07/19/2014Rate 3.16
Beau's / Elysian Oiseau de Nuit 5.110/29/2012Rate 2.974628
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