O’so Brewing Company Beer List

Plover, Wisconsin, United States

Aleman The Hammer White Cedar Imperial Blonde
Brewed by/for Aleman Brewing
7.26/13/2013Rate 3.27
Funk Factory / O'so 43 Degrees N - 89 Degrees W
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
6.04/27/2015Rate 3.624
Funk Factory / O'so Bosbes
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
5.58/9/2016Rate 3.464114
Funk Factory / O'so Cassis
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
5.54/5/2015Rate 3.768112
Funk Factory / O'so Door Kriek
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
5.59/15/2014Rate 3.828061
Funk Factory / O'so Dweller on the Threshold
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
5.251/12/2014Rate 3.789324
Funk Factory / O'so Forest Festival
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
5.57/30/2014Rate 3.093
Funk Factory / O'so Saskatoon Berry Sour
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
5.511/8/2014Rate 3.093
Funk Factory / O'so Scarlet Letter
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
5.51/12/2014Rate 3.759428
Funk Factory / O'so Sikaru
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
12.751/12/2014Rate 3.328418
Funk Factory / O'so Something Blueberry
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
-5/23/2015Rate 3.151
Funk Factory / O'so Tart Blanc
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
5.51/24/2015Rate 2.982
Funk Factory / O'so The Fox and the Grapes
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
5.54/4/2015Rate 3.787027
Funk Factory / O'so Tradeship
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
6.08/12/2016Rate 3.647219
Funk Factory / O'so Tradeship - Blood Orange
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
6.012/1/2016Rate 3.14
Funk Factory / O'so Tradeship - Dry-Hopped
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
6.08/20/2016Rate 3.678316
Funk Factory / O'so Tradeship - Prickly Pear
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
6.010/17/2016Rate 3.58
Funk Factory / O'so White Lodge Reserve
Brewed by/for Funk Factory Geuzeria
6.510/15/2015Rate 3.85724
Lead Feather Hodag Wheat Ale 4.97/19/2010Rate 2.684
O’so Fuzzy Dream -10/18/2017Rate 35
O’so Hop Debauchery -11/24/2017Rate 3.354
O'so 8.78/20/2019Rate 3.211
O'so / Vintage Unbridled Tart 5.37/23/2017Rate 3.092
O'so 2 Milkshake Lunch 8.79/28/2019Rate 3.093
O'so Ace Deluxe -1/28/2017Rate 3.162
O'so AMC Lunchbreak IPA 5.08/4/2012Rate 3.176
O'so Arbre Qui Donne 7.011/29/2015Rate 3.668124
O'so Bamrique Smoked Lager 5.54/28/2012Rate 3.298
O'so Barrel Aged Hibiscus Saison 9.87/23/2017Rate 2.791
O'so Barrel Aged Liquid Soul 10.51/2/2019Rate 3.483
O'so BEER 5.06/28/2020Rate 3.042
O'so Belgian Brown Rye IPA -11/1/2014Rate 2.912
O'so Belgian Dark Ale 9.012/11/2007Rate 3.183013
O'so Belgian Pale Ale 6.812/11/2007Rate 3.036
O'so Berliner Weisse 3.09/25/2015Rate 3.615
O'so Bernheim Whiskey Aged Dominator 101/23/2014Rate 3.073
O'so Berry Gibb (alias) 7.012/3/2016
O'so Black Cocker Bock -12/10/2007Rate 2.743
O'so Black Currant Groove 4.05/7/2019Rate 3.171
O'so Black is the New Orange -3/20/2015Rate 3.133
O'so Black My Eye Pa -11/15/2013Rate 3.046
O'so Black Scotch Ale 6.312/13/2008Rate 3.334855
O'so Blackberry Berliner Weisse 3.08/4/2015Rate 3.43569
O'so Blood of the Cherry 5.31/8/2016Rate 3.839324
O'so Bourbon Barrel Aged Dominator -12/11/2013Rate 3.43829
O'so Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Night Train 10.511/8/2014Rate 3.236
O'so Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Night Train Blackberry 10.511/8/2014Rate 2.974
O'so Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Night Train Coconut 10.511/8/2014Rate 3.31310
O'so Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Night Train Poblano 10.511/8/2014Rate 2.68012
O'so Bourbon Barrel Aged Night Train Porter 6.78/2/2010Rate 3.437843
O'so Bourbon Barrel Aged Night Train Porter with Cocoa Nibs 6.78/5/2011Rate 2.932
O'so Bourbon Barrel Aged Night Train Porter with Coffee 6.78/5/2011Rate 3.195
O'so Bourbon Barrel Aged Night Train Porter with Juniper Berries 6.711/7/2012Rate 0
O'so Bourbon Barrel Aged Night Train Porter with Kenyan Coffee 6.711/7/2012Rate 0
O'so Bourbon Barrel Aged Night Train Porter with Toasted Coconut 6.78/15/2011Rate 0
O'so Bourbon Barrel Aged Night Train Porter with Tobacco 6.78/15/2011Rate 2.951
O'so Bourbon Barrel Aged Night Train Porter with Vanilla 6.710/20/2011Rate 0
O'so Bourbon Barrel Aged Spikes 9.211/8/2014Rate 1
O'so Bourbon Barrel Convenient Distraction 10.51/24/2015Rate 3.03211
O'so Bourbon Barrel Imperial Black Scotch Ale 9.51/23/2014Rate 2.871
O'so Bourbon Barrel Kartoffel Imperial Potato Maibock -5/23/2014Rate 2.871
O'so Brawndo 4.88/8/2017Rate 3.022
O'so Brett Dank -8/7/2011Rate 3.222410
O'so Brett Dominator 9.51/23/2014Rate 2.972
O'so Brett Pils 6.211/2/2014Rate 3.196
O'so Brett'n Dinger 5.511/7/2012Rate 2.791
O'so Brett'n Red (alias) 6.011/7/2012
O'so Brett'n Red 2 6.011/7/2012Rate 0
O'so Bring Me The Disco King 6.08/8/2017Rate 3.157
O'so Bruin in a Bramble 6.03/3/2018Rate 3.162
O'so Buck In Rut (alias) 5.011/2/2008
O'so Burnheim Wheat Whiskey Aged Dominator Doppelbock -8/6/2014Rate 3.041
O'so Cafe Ambre 7.111/17/2015Rate 3.072
O'so Casper The Friendly Brett 6.51/23/2014Rate 2.91
O'so Cerasus -1/28/2017Rate 3.061
O'so Chardee MacDennis 6.48/21/2019Rate 2.982
O'so Cocoa 'n' Coffee Night Train -8/11/2013Rate 31
O'so Coffee Night Train -5/23/2011Rate 3.296
O'so Coffee Sweet Lady 7.21/24/2015Rate 3.325
O'so Colada-ral Damage 6.46/3/2018Rate 3.234
O'so Convenient Distraction 10.54/3/2014Rate 3.677460
O'so Count to Blue 5.55/1/2015Rate 3.697
O'so Count To Two 6.05/27/2016Rate 3.476
O'so Cru De Gras 8.78/7/2012Rate 2.771
O'so Currant Eventualities -7/29/2018Rate 3.474
O'so Dank 12 -8/6/2014Rate 0
O'so Dank Imperial Red Ale 2008 (First Anniversary Edition) 9.012/13/2008Rate 3.262311
O'so Dank Imperial Red Ale 2009-2013 9.21/2/2010Rate 3.33768
O'so Dank Imperial Red Ale 2014+ 9.211/8/2014Rate 3.384
O'so Dank w/ Vanilla beans -2/10/2014Rate 2.911
O'so Dark Cherry Sour 128/4/2015Rate 3.072
O'so De Peche a la Mode 6.03/3/2018Rate 3.014
O'so Deca-Dank 101/13/2018Rate 3.33
O'so Doe In Heat 5.011/2/2008Rate 2.661422
O'so Don't It Make Your Brown Eye Blue Belgian IPA -11/8/2014Rate 0
O'so Dr's Bock 6.04/23/2015Rate 3.163
O'so Duzy Piwo 7.012/16/2007Rate 2.85
O'so Eis-Dank 171/23/2014Rate 2.861
O'so Eis-Dominator 1511/7/2012Rate 3.033
O'so El Smashem' SMASH IPA (alias) -11/8/2014
O'so Eldorado Single Malt & Single Hop (SMASH) IPA -5/19/2014Rate 2.893
O'so Elijah Craig Barrel Aged Spikes (alias) 9.28/6/2014
O'so ESB -8/6/2014Rate 2.671
O'so Fantome Brett -11/8/2014Rate 0
O'so Faster Than Dawn 8.08/8/2013Rate 2.771
O'so Flanders Red -10/21/2019Rate 3.182
O'so Floppin Opi 5.54/5/2008Rate 2.987
O'so Forbidden Hop 6.011/7/2012Rate 0
O'so Fruit Punch Groove 4.08/21/2019Rate 3.182
O'so Funky Lady -8/1/2014Rate 2.962
O'so Gift of Ida -4/5/2017Rate 3.47
O'so Goldilock's Revenge 10.88/7/2011Rate 3.655338
O'so Grand Cru 105/22/2013Rate 3.085
O'so Grandpa's Got a Gun 13.55/1/2015Rate 3.454916
O'so Grape Groove 4.51/27/2017Rate 3.165
O'so Great Northern Dominator 108/2/2016Rate 3.182
O'so Groovy Smoothie 5.010/21/2019Rate 3.322
O'so Hawaii 5-0 -8/2/2016Rate 3.122
O'so Hibiscus Honey Sour -8/9/2016Rate 2.955
O'so Hibiscus Wheel 6.511/7/2012Rate 0
O'so Hodag (alias) -6/14/2012
O'so Holiday in Aronia 6.08/8/2017Rate 3.111
O'so Holy Wa Belgian Golden Strong 101/23/2014Rate 2.995
O'so Hop Debacle 5.83/31/2017Rate 3.528314
O'so Hop Snack 5.55/2/2019Rate 3.096
O'so Hop Whoopin! IPA 7.07/21/2010Rate 3.6193227
O'so Hopdinger Pale Ale 5.512/11/2007Rate 3.0525174
O'so Imperial Black Scotch Ale 8.01/26/2013Rate 3.346
O'so Imperial Night Train 9.01/25/2014Rate 3.33
O'so In Case of FIRE 9.06/26/2020Rate 3.111
O'so Indonesian Coffee Train 7.21/23/2014Rate 3.215
O'so Infectious Groove 4.88/4/2015Rate 3.355261
O'so Jack-O-Lantern Harvest Ale -9/10/2009Rate 2.752813
O'so Jose Jalapeno 7.011/8/2014Rate 2.831
O'so Kartoffel Imperial Potato Maibock -2/19/2013Rate 2.954
O'so Keep Me Up Sammy (alias) 6.711/7/2012
O'so Kumquat Apricot Sour Blonde -5/23/2015Rate 3.061
O'so Lavender Lane 5.011/7/2012Rate 0
O'so Le TIgre 6.012/13/2015Rate 3.151
O'so Lemongrass Wit 5.57/17/2012Rate 2.866
O'so Liquid Soul Imperial Stout 9.212/28/2015Rate 3.685414
O'so Looking Good! 4.56/22/2020Rate 2.961
O'so Lupulin Maximus IPA 9.012/11/2007Rate 3.6167180
O'so Lupulin Psychosis 9.28/1/2016Rate 3.377
O'so Mango Groove 4.84/21/2018Rate 3.072
O'so Margroovita -5/5/2018Rate 3.158
O'so Memory Lane 5.010/2/2012Rate 3.18638
O'so Midnight Troll 103/1/2018Rate 3.131
O'so Nefarious 11.24/12/2016Rate 3.283
O'so Night Rain Porter 7.012/11/2007Rate 3.6197276
O'so Night Train Porter (alias) 7.05/2/2016
O'so Not Sure 108/8/2017Rate 0
O'so Oh! You Witty Things 5.15/7/2019Rate 2.961
O'so Operation Griswold: Audrey 5.05/7/2019Rate 3.041
O'so Operation Griswold: Cousin Eddie 5.06/16/2019Rate 3.072
O'so Operation Griswold: Eddie 5.05/7/2019Rate 3.072
O'so Operation Griswold: Rusty 4.512/2/2018Rate 3.073
O'so O-toberfest -4/9/2009Rate 2.984822
O'so Passionfruit Groove 4.82/4/2018Rate 3.111
O'so Peach and Jong 10.212/10/2016Rate 3.252
O'so Peanut Butter Soul-ution 9.212/14/2019Rate 3.111
O'so Picnic Ants 7.17/19/2008Rate 3.426276
O'so Plum Tamarind Sour 4.88/8/2017Rate 0
O'so Pomegranate Groove 4.05/7/2019Rate 3.122
O'so Pours Like Rain 5.05/22/2020Rate 3.041
O'so Prickly Pear Sour 5.08/9/2016Rate 3.415
O'so Project LO 6.48/11/2013Rate 3.251911
O'so Project LO (Citra) 6.66/17/2018Rate 3.042
O'so Project Lo (Galaxy) 6.63/31/2019Rate 3.262
O'so Project LO (Huell Melon) 6.67/25/2018Rate 2.985
O'so Qu Rosa Belgian Ale 6.91/29/2012Rate 3.367810
O'so RAYdient Sour Red -11/8/2014Rate 3.193
O'so Refresher Course 103 5.45/1/2015Rate 3.484716
O'so Restless Soul -7/6/2014Rate 3.343515
O'so Rhubarbarella 6.05/7/2019Rate 3.212
O'so Rusty Red Ale 6.012/11/2007Rate 2.883085
O'so Rusty Red on Brett 6.03/30/2012Rate 3.248
O'so Rye Whiskey Barrel Imperial Black Scotch Ale 8.09/22/2013Rate 0
O'so Sense of Direction Coffee Sour 5.08/6/2014Rate 3.363613
O'so Session Sour #1 4.26/22/2015Rate 3.155
O'so Silver Streak 9.012/22/2019Rate 3.313
O'so Sour Shine -4/14/2016Rate 2.871
O'so Space Ace Deluxe 5.55/7/2019Rate 3.061
O'so Space Ace Oddity 6.59/26/2016Rate 3.589014
O'so Spikes 2008 4.95/14/2008Rate 2.918
O'so Spikes 2009 6.75/21/2009Rate 3.238617
O'so Spikes 2010 9.04/19/2010Rate 3.167
O'so Spikes 2011 9.05/23/2011Rate 35
O'so Spikes 2012+ 9.48/7/2012Rate 3.27
O'so Sterling Hammer -11/29/2013Rate 2.712
O'so Summer Storm 4.55/14/2008Rate 3.023714
O'so Sweet Lady Stout 7.23/29/2013Rate 3.487417
O'so Tanenbaum-aholic (alias) 6.711/7/2012
O'so Tapped Out 6.655/7/2019Rate 3.041
O'so Temi Mild Dark English 3.56/13/2014Rate 3.25818
O'so The Big 2.0 4.65/7/2019Rate 3.052
O'so The Big O 5.512/11/2007Rate 2.853096
O'so The Big O Cranberry 4.68/12/2010Rate 3.144
O'so The Big O Strawberry 4.68/28/2009Rate 2.771
O'so The Continental 6.512/10/2016Rate 3.54717
O'so The Dominator 8.54/9/2009Rate 3.417953
O'so Theobroma (alias) 6.711/7/2012
O'so Third Wheel 6.55/16/2012Rate 3.257524
O'so Tuppen's Demise 7.05/27/2016Rate 3.657714
O'so Twerkin' For The Weekend 6.85/6/2020Rate 3.061
O'so Vanilla Gorilla (alias) 6.711/7/2012
O'so Vanilla Night Train 7.05/19/2013Rate 2.871
O'so Walk It 0ff IPA 6.57/8/2020Rate 3.393
O'so Wease the Juice 7.08/4/2015Rate 3.626919
O'so Wee-On-The-Lam Sour Brown -8/10/2012Rate 3.627038
O'so We're Coconuts (alias) 6.711/7/2012
O'so Wheat You Talking ‘Bout Willis Monster Wheat Wine 10.711/8/2014Rate 3.098
O'so Winds of Change Brett Pale Ale 5.51/12/2014Rate 3.677977
O'so Ya-Da Sun Hefe -8/21/2013Rate 3.027
O'so Your Favorite Sports Drink Sucks 6.011/12/2019Rate 33
Timer's Old Timer Bourbon Barrel Stout (2017) 11.51/9/2018Rate 3.041
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