Aussies Versus Kiwis

These are the top beers from Australia and New Zealand as rated by long form reviewers at RateBeer.

Rank  Name Score Rate Count Style
1Boatrocker Ramjet Whisky Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 4.1174Stout - Imperial
2Garage Project Cockswain's Courage Double Barrelled Edition 4.0625Porter - Imperial
3Moon Dog Jumping The Shark 2015 4.0622Stout - Imperial
4Garage Project Mutiny on the Bounty 4.0316Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
5Garage Project Chocolate Beer 4.0311Stout - Flavored / Pastry
6Kaiju! Where Strides the Behemoth 3.9957IPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian Dark
78 Wired iStout 3.98726Stout - Imperial
8Mornington Peninsula Russian Imperial Stout 3.9774Stout - Imperial
9Garage Project / Trillium Hāpi Sessions Vol. 1 - Aro Street  3.9628IPA - Hazy / New England (NEIPA)
10Liberty Prohibition Porter 3.9612Porter - Imperial
11Garage Project / Other Half Hāpi Sessions Vol. 3 - No Dreams Til Brooklyn 3.9516IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double Hazy (NEIPA)
12Boatrocker Coffee Ramjet 2016 3.9422Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
138 Wired iStout Unchained 3.9428Stout - Imperial
14Feral Tusk 3.9327IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
15Bridge Road B2 Bomber Mach 4.0 3.9220IPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian Dark
168 Wired iStout Affogato 3.9276Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
17Liberty Citra Double IPA 3.9299IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
18Epic Lupulingus 3.9170IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
198 Wired Batch 18 - Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 3.91205Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
20Bridge Road / Nøgne Ø Aurora Australis 3.91250Quadrupel / Abt
21Modus Operandi Former Tenant 3.9184IPA - Red
22Nail Clout Stout 3.942Stout - Imperial
238 Wired Batch 2.18 Oak Aged Imperial Stout 3.8978Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
24Epic Hop Zombie 3.89345IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
25Wildflower Good As Gold 3.8913Lambic - Gueuze
26Moon Dog Jumping The Shark 2013 3.8827Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
27Murray's Wild Thing Imperial Stout 3.88140Stout - Imperial
28Tuatara XV 15th Anniversary Russian Imperial Stout 3.8826Stout - Imperial
29Panhead Black Sabbath 3.8836Barley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye Wine
30Garage Project Unconditional Love Mix Tape IPA 3.8739IPA
318 Wired Lord of the Atlas 3.8763Barley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye Wine
328 Wired Gypsy Funk 3.8655Sour / Wild Beer
33Dainton Blood Orange New England Rye IPA 3.8639IPA - Flavored
34Garage Project Party and Bullshit 3.8643IPA - Hazy / New England (NEIPA)
35Wildflower Gold 3.8548Sour / Wild Beer
36Hop Nation The Kalash 3.8531Stout - Imperial
37Six String Triple Dark Red IPA 3.8513IPA - Red
38Kereru Imperial Nibs 3.8552Porter - Imperial Flavored
398 Wired Lokomotiv Merlot 3.8528Stout - Imperial
40Pirate Life Vanilla Malt Thickshake 3.8411IPA - Milkshake / Smoothie
418 Wired HopWired IPA 3.84724IPA
42Tuatara Double Trouble 3.84159IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
43Garage Project Demus Favorem Amori (DFA) 3.84254IPA - Flavored
44Garage Project Cabbages and Kings 3.8471Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
45Wig & Pen Russian Imperial Stout 3.8319Stout - Imperial
46Epic / Fork & Brewer / Hallertau / Liberty Four Horsemen Of The Hopocalypse 3.8311IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
47Garage Project Lupus the Wolf Man 3.8319IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
48Epic Magic Dust 3.8323IPA
49Mountain Goat Barrel Breed Imperial Stout 3.8218Stout - Imperial
50Garage Project Triple Day of the Dead 3.8237Flavored - Other
51Tuatara Tu-Rye-Ay Midnight Rye IPA 3.8244IPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian Dark
52BentSpoke Cluster 8 3.8231IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
53Pirate Life IIPA 3.82171IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
548 Wired Superconductor 3.82397IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
558 Wired Wild Feijoa Sour Ale (2016+) 3.8227Sour / Wild Beer - Flavored
56Tuatara X1 Belgian Black Ale 3.8211Belgian Ale - Strong Dark
57Boatrocker Banshee Barleywine 3.8130Barley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye Wine
58Kaiju! Aftermath  3.8186IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
59Murray's / The Crafty Pint Auld Bulgin' Boysterous Bicep 2013 3.8115Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
608 Wired Bumaye 3.81188Stout - Imperial
618 Wired Barrel Aged Smoked Imperial Porter (2011) 3.8134Porter - Imperial
62Pink Elephant Imperious Rushin Stowt 3.8126Stout - Imperial
63Fox Hat Full Mongrel 3.8121Stout - Imperial
64Bridge Road B2 Bomber Mach 7.0 3.8113IPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian Dark
65Garage Project Boss Level  3.826IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double Hazy (NEIPA)
66La Sirène Saison 3.888Saison / Farmhouse / Grisette
67Stockade Old Money 3.814Stout - Imperial
68Hawkers IIPA  3.820IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
69Mountain Goat Rare Breed IRA 3.830IPA - Red
70Stockade The Mountie Maple Imperial Stout 3.838Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
718 Wired / Renaissance / Nøgne Ø - Ø For Awesome Imperial Amber Ale 3.8154Red Ale - Imperial
72Redoak Baltic Porter 3.849Porter - Baltic
73Emerson's Bird Dog IPA 3.846IPA
748 Wired Le Fut Flanders Red Ale 3.7939Sour Flemish Ale - Flanders Red / Oud Bruin
75Two Metre Tall Original Sour Ale 3.7921Sour / Wild Beer
76Cassels & Sons Double Cream Milk Stout 3.7933Stout - Imperial
778 Wired Black Wired Black IPA 3.7946IPA - Black / Brown / Cascadian Dark
78Canhead Hardtail Henry Oaked Stout 3.7937Stout - Imperial
79Garage Project Pernicious Weed 3.79287IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
80La Sirène Avant Garde Reserve Saison 3.7923Saison / Farmhouse / Grisette
81Garage Project Cockswain's Courage Blended Porter 3.7926Porter - Imperial
82Hargreaves Hill Russian Imperial Stout 3.7933Stout - Imperial
83Moon Dog Captain Raisin Beard 3.7811Stout - Imperial Flavored / Pastry
84Nail Clayden Brew Imperial Porter 3.7838Porter - Imperial
85Garage Project Los Lobos 3.7843IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
86BentSpoke Sprocket 3.7846IPA
87Thorogoods Billy Bs Golden Malted Apple Beer 3.7896Flavored - Fruit
88Wildflower Amber 3.7831Sour / Wild Beer
89Epic / Steam 10 Years 1000 Celebration Ale  3.7725Barley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye Wine
90Boatrocker Roger Ramjet 3.7716Stout - Imperial
91Modus Operandi Zoo Feeder 3.7726IPA
928 Wired Snakecharmer 3.7721Sour / Wild Beer - Flavored
938 Wired Grand Cru (2011) 3.7795Sour / Wild Beer - Flavored
94Modus Operandi Future Factory IIPA 3.7730IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
95Stockade Double NEIPA Berries & Cream 3.7715IPA - Milkshake / Smoothie
96Liberty Yakima Monster 3.7780Pale Ale - American (APA)
97Riverside 777 Imperial IPA (2014-) 3.7739IIPA DIPA - Imperial / Double IPA
98Garage Project Dark Arts 3.7612Bock - Doppelbock
99Redoak Special Reserve 3.7613Barley Wine / Wheat Wine / Rye Wine
100Liberty Yakima Scarlet 3.7656IPA - Red