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Best Of The Beasts

The world's biggest breweries, all multinational corporations who spill more in a month than most craft brewers produce annually, slug it out for the top of the heap.

  score count style
1AC Golden Hidden Barrel Apricot 3.8247  Sour/Wild Ale
2AC Golden Troy’s Blend (Colorambic) 3.7813  Sour/Wild Ale
3Wiibroe Porter Imperial Stout 3.77337  Baltic Porter
4Ballantine Burton Ale 3.7242  Barley Wine
5AC Golden Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout 3.6640  Imperial Stout
6Guinness Special Export (Belgian version) 3.66697  Foreign Stout
7Guinness Foreign Extra Stout  3.641288  Foreign Stout
8AC Golden Hidden Barrel Peche 3.6244  Sour/Wild Ale
9Guinness The 1798 3.6124  Imperial Stout
10AC Golden Framboise Noir 3.6045  Sour/Wild Ale
11AC Golden Kriek 3.5628  Lambic Style - Fruit
12Carlsberg Julebock 3.545  Dunkler Bock
13Ballantine India Pale Ale 3.53160  India Pale Ale (IPA)
14AC Golden Checkpoint Charlie Berliner Weisse 3.5221  Berliner Weisse
15Small Town Not Your Father’s Root Beer (19.5%) 3.5015  Spice/Herb/Vegetable
16Carlsberg Imperial Stout/Gl. Carlsberg Porter 3.50344  Baltic Porter
17AC Golden Gooseberry Colorambic 3.476  Lambic Style - Fruit
18Carlsberg Semper Ardens Christmas Ale 3.47193  Belgian Strong Ale
19Guinness West Indies Porter 3.44431  Porter
20Small Town Not Your Father’s Root Beer (10.7%) 3.43102  Spice/Herb/Vegetable
21Guinness Draught  3.405232  Dry Stout
22AC Golden 4 Lovers 3.395  Sour/Wild Ale
23Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (Jamaica/Kenya/Tanzania) 3.38112  Foreign Stout
24AC Golden Dark Kriek 3.3716  Sour/Wild Ale
25Carlsberg Semper Ardens Criollo Stout 3.37130  Sweet Stout
26Guinness Extra Stout 3.367  Stout
27Carlsberg Avartia Stout 3.3432  Stout
28AC Golden American Wild Ale 3.327  Sour/Wild Ale
29AC Golden Crafty Crimson 3.315  Sour/Wild Ale
30AC Golden Hidden Barrel Blackberry  3.317  Sour/Wild Ale
31Heileman’s Old Style Oktoberfest  3.3014  Oktoberfest/Märzen
32Guinness The 1759 3.2942  English Strong Ale
33AC Golden Forgotten Fortunes 3.285  Sour/Wild Ale
34Carlsberg Semper Ardens Winter Rye 3.27100  Specialty Grain
35AC Golden Framboise 3.266  Fruit Beer
36AC Golden Plum Sour 3.265  Sour/Wild Ale
37AC Golden Hidden Barrel IPL 3.2516  India Style Lager
38Guinness Milk Stout 3.2413  Sweet Stout
39AC Golden Colorado Native IPL 3.2315  India Style Lager
40Carlsberg Semper Ardens Bock 3.2272  Dunkler Bock
41Tuborg Porter Double Stout 3.2218  Baltic Porter
42Small Town Not Your Fathers Root Beer (5.9%) 3.21478  Spice/Herb/Vegetable
43AC Golden De La Vigne 3.209  Sour/Wild Ale
44Carlsberg Semper Ardens Mathilde 3.1923  Sweet Stout
45Carlsberg Påskebryg 1847 3.1818  Doppelbock
46Rainier Pale Mountain Ale  3.1814  American Pale Ale
47Guinness Original 4.2% (Ireland/UK) 3.18490  Stout
48Strohs Dark Beer 3.1713  Dunkel/Tmavý
49Guinness Extra Stout 5.0% (Continental Europe) 3.17531  Dry Stout
50AC Golden German Pils 3.158  Pilsener