Top New Beers May 2018

name score count style
13 Sons Hug Hug Kiss Kiss 4.0920Imperial Stout
2Bottle Logic Beer Geek Observation 3.9720Imperial Stout
3Superstition Cherion 3.9617Mead
43 Sons JBM 35 3.9515Imperial Stout
5Cantillon Nuit Bruxelloise 3.9423Lambic Style - Fruit
6Omnipollo Noa Cocoalmondcoffee 3.8710Imperial Stout
7Cantillon Brabantiae (Draft) 3.8724Lambic Style - Unblended
8Cycle Vanilla Maple Dos 3.8623Imperial Stout
9Bokkereyder Vlierbloesem 3.8615Lambic Style - Fruit
10Cloudwater DIPA - v3 2018 3.8539Imperial IPA
11Bokkereyder Pjassel  3.8516Lambic Style - Fruit
12Bokkereyder Oude Ghost 3.8414Sour/Wild Ale
133 Sons Big Sxxxy 3.8417Barley Wine
14Bokkereyder Wijngaard Melange 3.8311Lambic Style - Fruit
15Hill Farmstead Citrus Coolship 3.8319Saison
16Cloudwater DIPA - v3.1 3.8237Imperial IPA
17Omnipollo / 3 Sons Gideon's Pancake Stack 3.7712Imperial Stout
18Bokkereyder Wijngaard Muscat & Riesling 3.7713Lambic Style - Fruit
19Mikkeller San Diego Double Vanilla BA Brunch 3.7517Imperial Stout
20Kane Picture In Reverse 3.7415Old Ale
21Casita Cervecería Southward 3.7415Imperial Stout
22Finback Oscillation 012 3.7332Imperial IPA
23Thin Man Bourbon Barrel Forever Cordial 3.7315Imperial Stout
24Crooked Stave Nightmare on Brett Fruit Party 3.7310Sour/Wild Ale
25BrewDog Pulp Patriot 3.7210Imperial IPA
26Superstition Saturnalia 3.7111Mead
27Superstition Meadery Bourbon BA Mourning of Adonis 3.6910Mead
28Cerebral DDH Cheat Code 3.6924Imperial IPA
29Magnify Infinite Verbiage 3.6814Imperial IPA
30Mikkeller NYC / Other Half All Royal Everything 3.6617Imperial IPA
31Angry Chair Red Puffs 3.6610Berliner Weisse
32L'Ermitage Temple Passion 3.6514India Pale Ale (IPA)
33Other Half Galaxy + El Dorado 3.6314Imperial IPA
34BrewDog Eight-Bit (AGM 2018 Collab) 3.6223Imperial IPA
35Bokkereyder Mutana Gueuze 3.6115Lambic Style - Gueuze
363 Sons Irie Vibes 3.6110Berliner Weisse
37BrewDog King of Eights V1 - East Coast IPA 3.5826India Pale Ale (IPA)
38Cloudwater DDH Pale Galaxy Citra BBC 3.5511American Pale Ale
39Warpigs Purricane 3.5416India Pale Ale (IPA)
40WRCLW Rye RIS Porto & Bourbon Double BA 3.5313Imperial Stout
41Sour Cellars Turn Turtle 3.5318Sour/Wild Ale
42Thin Man, Buffalo Ookla the Mok Double Barrel 3.5210Baltic Porter
43RAR Double Dragonistas 3.5211Imperial IPA
44Finback Four Years Anniversary 3.510Imperial IPA
45RAR / Magnify Two Hour Parking 3.511India Pale Ale (IPA)
46RAR Pickle The Beast 3.510Imperial IPA
47Mikkeller NYC Random IPA Generator  3.510India Pale Ale (IPA)
48American Solera America Funk Factory 3.4914Sour/Wild Ale
49Flying Couch Paf Daddy 3.4810India Pale Ale (IPA)
50Bellwoods / De la Senne Come What May 3.4721Sour/Wild Ale