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These are the top scoring beers that have been entered in the last 90 days. The score is improved as a function of the number of ratings against the average rating.

  average score # style
118th Street Beast53.361Stout - Imperial Flavored
2Feral Besk Collab Friends West Coast IPA53.361IPA
3Mondo Micro IPA53.361Low / No Alcohol Beer
4Oakshire Harmonious Oat4.93.341Stout - Oatmeal
5Plank Town Barrel-Aged Princess Peach4.93.341Sour / Wild Beer - Flavored
6Launch Pad Cozy Christmas4.93.341Strong Ale - American
7La Fleurusienne Grande Cuvée4.93.341Tripel
8La Binchoise Spéciale Carnaval4.93.341Belgian Ale - Pale / Golden
9Lookout Farm 4.93.341Pale Lager - India / Hoppy
10BIIR Hong Kong - Classic ipa4.93.341IPA

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