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We're happy to share that our rating system received critical praise from
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Beer Retailer Resources

Below are a set of RateBeer resources for beer retailers around the world. Shelf talkers, or shelf tags, provide a 100-point scale rating of the top beers at RateBeer. Preliminary reports are that the tags reduce shelf time and increase beer sales. Any interested retailer is welcome to print RateBeer shelftags, licensing waived entirely, through December 2012. Educated beer consumers help everyone in the craft beer industry!


1. Can I use RateBeer ratings in my store to help promote great craft beer?
Absolutely! You can either use the RateBeer shelftags mentioned above (just go find the beer and click on either icon to get and print the shelf tag) OR list the rating in your own design.

2. What are the requirements for listing RateBeer ratings in any offline or online materials?
  • The rating in numeric form, of course
  • A date the rating was taken in the form of Month/YY, Month/YYYY or mm/yyyy, e.g. May '20, May 2010 or 05/2010
  • A footnote indicating the rating source as RateBeer or

3. Can I create combination average ratings of RateBeer scores and other sources citing RateBeer?
Unfortunately this is something we do not allow. We believe in the quality and utility of the scores as we provide them and can't make the same endorsement of quality if other methods are used to adjust them.

4. How accurate and useful are your beer ratings?
Here at RateBeer, our rating system goals are that they best serve the craft beer community. With this in mind we've developed what we think is one of the best scoring and scales available today that reduces the effect of common negative quality adjusters and provides a good test of rigor. We are happy to share that Scientific American rewarded our hard work with an enthusiastic endorsement of what we do here.

5. I am writing my own mobile application or would like to use dynamic RateBeer beer ratings in my own application. Can I do this?
Yes, you can. But we are only offering access to our JSON API to registered developers. To register as a developer, please send me a message requesting a developer key. Please include a brief description of your proposal.

5. How do I associate my RateBeer account with my business at RateBeer?
ratebeer associate
You must first have an account at RateBeer. If you do not have an account, you can create one here.

Once you have an account, go to your business's page at RateBeer by using search at the top of any page. If your retail business is not listed in the search results, you can add it by going here. One you've located your business page at RateBeer, locate the link that reads "Are you affiliated with this place?" and click it. Then follow instructions for associating yourself with your place of business.

5. How do ushow my mail order store inventory at RateBeer?
This project is currently in beta. You can view the mail order beer sale page here. If you would like to upload your store's inventory, you must first have a RateBeer account and be associated with your store. One you have performed both of these tasks you may go to the My Retailer page and upload your inventory. If you require any help at all please ask for help using our Feedback system.

Questions? Comments? Please use Feedback to email, write or call us!