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Think of sending a beer to your friends as might think of sending flowers, poking them on Facebook or sending a card. It's easy, inexpensive and great way to keep in touch, show you care, spread some love and do something nice.

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For centuries, people have been buying drinks for each other. While the world has changed, that age-old tradition has not. Beer2Buds provides a secure, risk-free way to buy someone a beer from thousands of miles away. If your bar is part of the Beer2Buds network, someone on the other side of the US or even the world can drive customers through your door. Beer2Buds takes advantage of social media to promote your bar.

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  • Zero Cost to Join Only pay when we bring you customers

  • Free Advertising Get listed for free on Beer2Buds.com, which also advertises you for free on FaceBook.

  • No Risk, No Obligation If you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you, opt-out any time.

  • Easy to Implement It takes 2 minutes to start getting new customers; Easy to train staff with printable flyer.

  • New Customers = Increased Volume We bring you new customers; you just make them happy and keep them coming back (and telling their friends)

  • Customers Overspend the Coupon Amount and Bring Friends Note: We are proving this works, and customers are spending up to 400% more on average than the coupon amount, and bringing on average 2-3 friends

  • Be a part of the Social Media phenomenon Without spending your time or paying contractors

  • You Are Not Alone There are over 170 bars worldwide already benefitting from Beer2Buds.

  • Free Advertising on Apple.com With Beer2Buds iPhone app for Merchant coupon validation

  • And More Monitor transactions, get reports, learn how to integrate with your accounting process and much more!

What Others Are Doing
Check out our Locations page to find out how others are taking advantage of Beer2Buds http://beer2buds.com/location.php

One free beer in exchange for $5 coupon
Two free bottles of beer in exchange for $5 coupon
One free beer and 10% off your food bill for parties of 8 or more
$5 discount off your bar tab. Monday night chicken wings!

Offer a free beer in exchange for a beer card (if ‘free’ doesn’t apply in your state, but your state allows discounts, you may need to offer cash off tab, or you may need to combine with food, such as ‘free drink plus appetizer’, or just food ‘free appetizer’ (then you might suggest a beer ‘try our new IPA’). Contact us for help or see the website for examples.
Consider offering an additional discount or description of your bar to entice customers to come to your bar.

Questions? Feedback?
Email Libby Tucker or call 1-877-861-8474.