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Dec 2021 Wolff90 He got me two very hard to find countries, thanks a lot!
Apr 2019 Palme Awesome trader! James sent me some impossible (for me) to get American bottles and cans - all perfectly packed. Thank you for the trade! Highest recommendations
Mar 2019 Grumbo Great country tick trade with James, first of what should be 2 maybe even 3 this year. Great comms. Looking forward to our next trade!
Feb 2019 omhper James sent me an amazing package with four new, almost impossible to find, countries. Thanks a million!
Jan 2019 CH-303 Another smooth trade, four new hard-to-get countries. Everything great as usual, thanks!
Dec 2018 Travlr Another fascinating in person trade to share country ticks with James. Thanks once again!
Dec 2018 rhoihessegold Country tick trade with James. He shipped first so that I could sample the beers in a tasting with Koelschtrinker and Beerhunter. Very solid packed samples, unfortunaly one leaked a bit but still fine. I then shipped a box back to US with country and region samples. Great trade! Thanks.
Jun 2018 Nisse666 Great box picked up today 3 new countries, 3 new states and loades of nice brews. Very well packed box, easy communication. Any time again man! Cheers and many thx James // Thomas
Feb 2018 CH-303 Country tick trade, three new countries. Very well packed, also got some rice to eat with it. Good communication, everything great. Thanks!
Jan 2018 shrubber85 Great box with tons of extras.
Dec 2017 Travlr Solid in person trade with John. We met at the halfway point, Richmond VA, and shared country ticks (I still owe him two countries!). We alse brewery-hopped, starting at Veil. Good times.
Dec 2017 Cuso Many thanks James. Today I received 3 new countries (Guam, Lesotho and Turks and Caicos. And Other Half Small Green Everything - Double Dry Hopped, Kane Wave Tank, Kane / Troon The Sea Stares Back Any times again. Recommended trader.
Nov 2017 Erzengel Many thanks to James! Got his parcel today - 2 new countries (Guam and Eritrea) plus 10 nice US craft beers! Thank you so much! Securely packed with even 3 bags of candy inside!
Oct 2017 Benzai A 2nd (or 3rd?) very gratifying trade with James who sent me new states, new countries and great beers. Absolutely awesome trade with James again! Thanks James!
Aug 2017 Grumbo In person trade with James whilst in New York. Brought him a selection of new country ticks in exchange for Guam and some US States leaving me only 4 to go once they’ve been rated. Good comms in run up to trade and pleasure to have shared a few beers with you too.
Jul 2017 RobertDale Quick trade of country ticks with James. Everything went perfectly. Highly recommended trader.
Jul 2017 JStax I reached out to James in response to his FT of a fine Malt Liquor brewed in his honor. He graciously accepted my trade offer and the deal expanded from there to a 12 for 12 deal. Shipping was done well and communication was solid throughout. Already have another deal in the works.
Jun 2017 Strykzone James and I both missed the deadline for a forums locals trade so we decided to do our own. I received a beautifully packed box that among others included the very rare jtclockwork Malt Liquor. Thanks James!
Jun 2017 Clownoisseur I reached out to James, looking to rate his Demented jtclockwork Malt Liquor, and this turned into a really nice local for local 12-shipper trade. Tons of fun looking barrel aged stouts and sours that I can’t wait to dig into! Cheers!
May 2017 AirForceHops James had super fast shipping. Got here before I was expecting it. Really great barrel aged brews and a few new breweries for me to try. Would trade with again, without a doubt,
Dec 2016 Leighton Did a nice little IP trade. James provided a rare commemorative malt liquor (brewed in his honor), and I reciprocated with a few London/UK locals. Cheers!
Nov 2016 CH-303 Received a very well packed six-box shipper. Two new CA provinces, and five interesting-looking beers, including two 750 ml Sour/Wile Ale bottles from Plan Bee! Great communication, fast shipping. Recommended trader! Thanks!!
Aug 2016 Homer321 James hit me back with a six pack shipper loaded with goodies from his trip to Ohio. Some nice Jackie Os stuff from the brewpub. Thanks!
Aug 2016 Cunningham Boomb proof box arrived across the Atlantic. A quite rare and difficult Canadian province, and a rare country ended up in my house. Along with some great hoppy stuff. Solid and reliable trader. Good communication! Highly recommendable! Any time again!
Jun 2016 wchesser James hit me up for an obscure CO gose tick (the man is driven) and I was able to track it down and we expanded the trade. Nice box of misc stuff from his neck of the woods (Tired Hands, Plan Bee) and some other East Coast brews. Thanks!
May 2016 Maakun Did a great trade with James, he took the trouble to find me some beers I was looking for, communicated very promptly throughout the process (way better than myself), send fast and packed well. I would absolutely trade with him again and can recommend him to anyone looking for a good trade partner. Thanks James!
Apr 2016 hackobock James sent me a box filled with east coast goodies, didn’t know beforehand what I would get but he absolutely killed it! Lots of amazing beers, thanks a lot!
Feb 2016 wchesser 2nd little trade with James. Got a great box of unique NE beers, packed like a pro. Easy going like the last time and good communication.
Dec 2015 jsquire We did a quick mead trade that sent me four nice bottles from Melovino and a couple of bonus beers. Easy trade with a generous guy.
Nov 2015 konstifik Did a nice IP trade with James when we met at Torst. Scored some cool locals a knocked a few beers off my WL. Good communication, no hassle, would trade with James again. Good to hangout for a while at Torst. Enjoy the julmust!
Nov 2015 mdg164 This was my first trade with James. I had some beer he was interested in, but wasn’t really looking for anything specific in return. So based on the styles I like, he put together a box, and he knocked it out of the park! I’m really glad we traded, and would recommend him to anyone.
Sep 2015 FlandersNed Another great trade with JTC - always good beers - will swap again!
Sep 2015 Unknown Excellent trader! Top notch on all accounts! Would trade with again!
Sep 2015 Travlr Easy in person trade over a few beers at Ginger Man. Local Bluejacket stuff for local New York stuff. Good comms. Pleasure drinking with you!
Sep 2015 wchesser Great little trade with James for some unique local goses on my end and a grab bag of great beer from his area including Grimm, Plan Bee, and Forest & Main. Easy going and generous trader.
Aug 2015 Martinus Very smooth trade with James (from his end - unfortunately my box got lost along the way so I had to replace it). Traded some nice sours and other goodies. Easy communication and James just seems a stand up guy. Would trade with him again!
Aug 2015 Benzai Superb trade with James who reached out and helped me to get to 10 beers from each style before reaching 10k ratings: 4 cream ales in there (which I needed) plus tasty looking hop bombs and Imperial Stouts! Many thanks James!
Jul 2015 JohnGalt1 Simple 3 for 3 trade with James. Easy as can be. Would happily trade with him again.
Jun 2015 HonkeyBra A great trade with James. Sent the agreed upon beers and communicated very well. Very nice guy, as well.
May 2015 Ontbeertaster Got hooked up right. He owed for the fantasy hockey pool he runs. Box was full of nice goodies. Quick to get the box out and good communication. Positive experience
Apr 2015 DrunkSanta410 Great trade with James. Good communication, great packing and a great assortment of beers from the northeast. Would definitely trade with you again!
Apr 2015 Art 6 bottle trade with James. Fair trader. We worked out a deal with no extras and he promptly shipped. No issues whatsoever. Would trade with James again.
Mar 2015 jsquire We worked out a quick bottle for bottle mead trade in the chat room one night. Good communication and now I have a Molovino Southern Berry. Easy trade.
Mar 2015 VastActiv Met jtclockwork (actually his friend) at my hotel in Manhattan. Short meeting and everything went as planned and in time.
Feb 2015 drowland Great in person trade at RBWG! Thanks again, James! Can’t wait to hang out again!
Feb 2015 Homer321 IP trade with James at RBWG2015. Knocked out a quick one for one trade and he helped me get more barrel aged coffee beer! Simple, easy, and a pleasure! Thanks!
Dec 2014 Keir James hooked me up with some Plan Bee and other tasty east coast goodies. Easy trade, great packing, great communication. This is late, as this trade was in September. I’ll have another posting in a week or so. Thanks James!
Nov 2014 Sammy IP trade with James. Friendly guy. Very precise in getting beers promised to me, which is a good thing. Good at getting lesser known but rising stars from this part of the NE.
Sep 2014 dtjager Nothing new to say that hasn’t been said before. Great trader, great guy, hope we can do more trades in the future.
Sep 2014 tryonqc IP trade at his place. Great meeting you & thanks for the invite at your tasting :)!
Aug 2014 Cuso My first trade with James. Excellent communication, great selection of beers nice combination between WL (Bells Expedition Stout, Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster Double IPA, Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout to name few) and NJ beers. Recommended trader. Thanks a lot!
Aug 2014 Cuso My first trade with James. Excellent communication, great selection of beers nice combination between WL (Bells Expedition Stout, Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster Double IPA, Southern Tier Creme Brulee Stout to name few) and NJ beers. Recommended trader.
Aug 2014 Prufrockstar James and I built a trade around a sahti which grew into a larger trade, including some highly desired wants of mine along with some cool locals. Well-packed, good communication, everything arrived safe and sound. Thanks!
Jul 2014 Ontbeertaster Acted as a proxy for the ratebeer fantasy hockey league he runs. Box was secured and everything was in order. He came through and good dude here.
Jul 2014 Clarkson Great trade and great trader. Took care of one of my biggest wants. Solid packaging, A+ communication and great taste in local extras. Thanks James.
Jun 2014 kbudd19 IP trade with James at RBSG, we did locals for locals, and when we met up we just kept giving each other more beer...when it was all said and done I think we each took home 20 or so beers to tick. Great guy to share beers with and a fantastic trader. Cheers!
Jun 2014 jandd1983 In person trade at RBSG 2014. We exchanged a few Missouri beers for a few New Jersey beers. Very generous and great to deal with. Thanks James!!!
Jun 2014 nimbleprop James and I worked out a deal that sent some DC beers his way for some New York and Boston beers. James was very easy to work with and the box was bomb proof. We’ll likely trade again soon.
May 2014 SpringsLicker In person trade at RBWG. I got a nice selection of interesting stuff from James. Fast & easy! Thanks!!!
Mar 2014 Homer321 James here hooked me up with two super wants and four other beers. All packed like a pro. Easy to communicate with and went out of his way to grab me one of the bottles. Cheers and thanks!
Mar 2014 andyctree Great trade. Quick communication, easy to deal with, and bomb-proof shipping. Thanks!
Mar 2014 shrubber85 Great trade. Sent me two of my biggest wants plus 4 extras for just an empty bottle. Owe him big.
Mar 2014 Prufrockstar Great trade with James for some Tired Hands, B Nektar meads, and an assortment of other goodies. Thanks!
Mar 2014 devman171 JT hooked me up with a free premieship for free beer week!
Feb 2014 Beerman6686 In another great trade with James, he hooked me up with RR T25, black damnation, and 2 captain Lawrence and 2 Tennessee beers as extras. Thanks again.
Feb 2014 blomster Good, easy swap during RBWG. Looking forward to these awesome looking beers! James is a great guy!
Feb 2014 cubs james came through big time bringing me a Michelob Cherry Lager (2007 vintage) @ RBWG. really chill bro. thanks!
Feb 2014 Drake Jtclockwork hooked me up with some cool NJ locals in an in-person trade at RBWG 2014 Asheville. Thanks!
Feb 2014 RobertDale My second trade with James, it keeps getting better! A small blurb on the forum turned into a great trade. Very well packed, and no hint of weather issues. Hope we trade again!
Feb 2014 ClarkVV James casually delivered a Boon Vat 44 and A MALVASIA ROSSA!!! Holy crap, never thought I’d find this beer. And a whopping 4 more locals. Rivertown Sour Cherry Porter, Fegleys Bourbon Imperial Stout, Captain Lawrence Winter Ale and Liquid Gold. Very phenomenal trade and awesome communication throughout! Cheers!
Jan 2014 jmagnus87 Awesome krampus trade! I got totally hooked up with some hand bottled malt likka and some awesomely retired brews including some longshot ans michelobe celebrate from 2007. Pro packing to boot! I don’t know where you found this stuff but you totally rock!
Nov 2013 Bvdubn I just completed a really easy trade with James swapping Spring House beers for some Big Alice and Kane beers. James was easy to communicate with and he shipped timely and packed very well. I would absolutely trade with James again in the future.
Oct 2013 bytemesis A slow brewing trade, but a great one in the end. We swapped six bottle shippers of goodness, each ticking a few wants. Great communication, great packaging, and we are already working a follow on.
Sep 2013 FlandersNed We took our sweet time with this swap (one of many) but James came through as promised! Already stashing some vintage and limited beers and meads for our next swap...
Sep 2013 soonerchamps Another great trade with James. Locals for locals. He sent some great bottles like always. Thanks again!
Sep 2013 Leighton I had another good in-person trade with James. He got me a few wants and other styles I like. Until next time!
Aug 2013 bgramer Professional packaging, communicates well and a solid and very reasonable trade! I’d trade with him again.
Aug 2013 AdamChandler Professional packaging, excellent communication. Our back and forth went on for a bit but we both got what we were looking for. Super nice dude and someone I look forward to trading with again.
Jul 2013 TDavEdMac Good trade receiving a variety of east coast brews
Jul 2013 Jesterdeal IP trade with James. Went Cascade for Cascade and I got a new beer. He made me feel good about hanging in his house and graciously offered to let me try the worst beers I’ve ever tried. Thanks again,
Jun 2013 Theydon_Bois IP trade with James at the Ginger Man, NYC. Brought James half a dozen or so Kernels and a few other London area locals in exchange for a mix of US goodies, largely east coast stuff I’d asked for. We split a few beers also during our sojourn in the GM. Look forward to meeting up again for more of the same on my next visit to NYC.
Jun 2013 bytemesis James was my sender in the Lambic/Wild BIF and he killed it with a great box of sours, including a want list Le Bleu, and some cool extras as well. Thanks man!
Jun 2013 IrishBoy James sent Jackie O’s Oil of Aphrodite and BBA Dark Apparition and bonuses a Maine Beer MO! Awesome James!
Jun 2013 jaIsPoAn1 Great communication and a pleasure trading with, thanks James
Jun 2013 BrewtopiaofPJ Another great trade, Cantillon, Three Floyds and many other delightful beers! Will trade with again and again!
May 2013 soonerchamps Amazing trade with James. He knocked several off my wants list and some fantastic extras. 2 of the greatest boxes I’ve ever opened. Can’t wait to trade with him again in the future. One of the best!
Apr 2013 preismj Another great trade with James for locals. Great trader and easy to work with. Can’t wait until the next trade.
Apr 2013 b3shine I was the lucky winner of James’ Free Beer Week contest, and he hooked me up with a Perennial Peach Berliner Weiss and a Black Xantus! We decided to make a trade for some locals too, and not only did he hook it up, but threw in a couple awesome extras. Communication and timing were great, and it was professionally packaged. Thanks a lot, James!
Mar 2013 deyholla James hooks me up with 8 awesome new ticks to me! Read my mind on a number of beers. Thanks again!
Mar 2013 preismj James is an amazing trader. A nice trade for Locals that was very smooth. Initiated conversation with him in on Wednesday and had received his side in just a couple days. Unreal fast. Thanks James!
Mar 2013 StefanSD Great box of locals from James. Two from the Maine beer co plus Feagleys, Hoffmann, Keegan and a Guillmot. Thanks a million, a pleasure to trade with you.
Feb 2013 blutt59 James sent me a box for locals chapter 2 trade of hard to find wants list beers. Shipped in a styro shipper. Great trader
Feb 2013 Phatdog1 First trade with James & what a success. Very detailed communication & expert packaging! Agreed upon beers arrived safe & sound. Looking forward to Trubble De Yards, Fegley’s Beerworks Space Monkey, most anticipated Grand Teton Wake Up Call and a nice surprise from Speakeasy Ales Scarlett Red Rye Ale! Thanks James!
Jan 2013 Perrin515 Just recieved and aweosme package from James. Everything was packed great! Would definitely trade again.
Jan 2013 mwbrady12 Great trade with James! Easy communication, GREAT packing and awesome extras! Hope to trade again with him soon!
Nov 2012 nimbleprop James and I set up an easy locals trade. We will definitely do this again.
Oct 2012 markwise James sent the agreed upon several beers in a six bottle shipper with all kinds of packing peanuts. Well packed, good communication, and a good trade. Thanks!
Sep 2012 Leighton Great in-person trade with James. I brought him some of beers from The Kernel and he set me up with a dynamic range of beers from NJ and beyond. We also shared a few brews at 508 in NYC. Would happily trade with James again.
Sep 2012 Overml01 Another great trade with James! In return for some local brews I sent his way, he hooked me up with an AMAZING asortment of beers. Many great Lost Abbey brews, some Cigar City and Jackie O’s... and the crown jewel, a parabola! As usual, James has blown me away with his generousity.
Sep 2012 Pawola22 Nice locals for locals trade with James. Well packed with a nice array of styles. Thanks!
Aug 2012 RobertDale Excellent trade with James. Superb packaging! Best of all a great selection of locals!! Thanks!
May 2012 Chargedgs James is a excellent trader, everything was sent packed very well and he shipped very fast! Would not hesitate to trade with James again. A++++ trader
Apr 2012 JStax Great trade with James. Nice packaging, beer off my wants list, and a new state. Couldn’t ask for more. Would definitely trade again.
Apr 2012 MacBoost Wow, I send him a couple of Le Bleu’s and he hooks me up with multiple Cantiloons, and loads of other bonus extras! James is the BEST!!! Would love to trade with him again.
Mar 2012 cubs I contacted JT about a trade for his La Muerta and we got a deal worked out in no time. I left most of the box up to him, just asking for a couple of B. Nektars to round it off. He sent me five when I was expecting two! What a generous dude! Definitely trade with this awesome guy!
Mar 2012 dimenhetfield Got hooked up big time!! Bourbonic and Mamouche!Well packed and sent super fast. Great trader.
Feb 2012 peteinSD Yet another great trade with James lands me a slew of Cantillon and some nice looking extras, including an unrated beer from Cigar City and some quality looking barrel aged locals. James is a great trader - thanks man!
Feb 2012 Gription79 Second trade with James and again it is flawless. A great trader in all aspects of trading. Thanks again James!
Dec 2011 bulldogp04 James is the man! Hooked me up with an Armand’4 Lente, Westy 12, and some great Troegs bonuses! Quite the box from quite the trader! Always recommended!
Dec 2011 peteinSD Another easy trade with James lands me a LP Kriek, Iris, Cantillon Gueuze and Kriek (x2), De Oude Cam, and some nice looking locals as extras. Thank you for another great trade James!
Nov 2011 Dobby James sent me a Flaming Fury and two bottles of LP Kriek along with extras. Great Trader thanks a bunch!!
Sep 2011 Gription79 James doesn’t mess around with his trades. Great communication. Sent the beers in a solid cardboard shipper. Everything made it with no casualties. Sent incredible beers with a few extras. Would trade with again. Thanks James!
Sep 2011 changeup45 Another successful trade with James. He sent Anchorage Whiteout Wit, a couple of BA Stillwaters, and a couple of pumpkin beers as extras. Thanks!
Sep 2011 chibuck James sent me 2 LP Kriek a regular Kriek and 3 extras. Excellent packaging. Thanks for a great trade.
Sep 2011 peteinSD James sent me three bottles of Cantillon and a large number of locals as extras. Very generous guy - thanks James!
Aug 2011 daknole Damn James is the man! Armand Lente and a ton of bonuses. James is a world class trader. THANKS! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 2011 Beerman6686 James hooked me up with 3 Fonteinen Straffe winter, Struise Mocha Bomb, Norroburg Northbridge Extreme, La Muerta, Epic Spiral Jetty, and Epic Imperial Red, Great packing too. Thanks again!
Jul 2011 peteinSD James came through with a very large box of beer including Lupulus (x3), Cuvee des Champions, Simple Malt Imperiale, Flying Mouflan, and a massive amount of great looking extras. Great trader!
Jun 2011 Glouglouburp A fantastic hook-up from my friend James. A bunch of rare Cigar City (Rurik, Marshal Zhukov’s Double Barrel Aged, Bourbon Barrel Aged Bolita) and a few other nice goodies. What a friendly nice dude. Hope we’ll do it again James. Thanks a whole lot James.
Jun 2011 Arch My first in-person trade with him, and hopefully not the last. I scored some great beers I never thought I’d get to try. (Dark Lord. ;]) A few great extras too. Just great. Thanks James !
May 2011 dionysus Another awesome trade with James. He hooks up some vintage bottles of Abbaye de Saint Bon-Chien as well as a couple extras from Weyerbacher.
May 2011 ygtbsm94 Put together a nice trade with James. After a few delays received a superb package with a bottle of 3F Malvasia Rosso, De Cam Lambik, and a couple of bonus brews. Thanks James for the outstanding brews and can’t wait to share a brew with you at the RBSG. “Beer is Good Food”
Apr 2011 hopscotch James sent me a fantastic box of beer. Highlights are Allagash Vagabond, Bullfrog El Diablo Deluxe, Flossmoor Station Collaborative Evil (2009), Xbeeriment Black Force One and Climax 15th Anniversary Ale... and a few others I haven’t tried. Heck, I only asked for the Bullfrog, Flossmoor and Allagash. Thanks so much, James.
Apr 2011 SP23 James sent me some amazing Jackie O beers and great extras. I would recomend trading with him if you get the chance.
Apr 2011 JAXSON Nice in-person trade with James for some Belgian geuze. Thanks man, we’ll do it again!
Apr 2011 Beerman6686 James hooked me up with several want list beers including Parabola, Avery 17, Weihenstephaner kristallweisse, Mikkeller Not Another Wit, 3 fonteinen Oude Gueze Vintage, Mikkeller beer geek bacon, and bonused me a cricket hill ipa, a river horse ipa, and ramstein classic wheat. Thanks Again!
Apr 2011 sisuspeed James sent some awesome beers including an ’06 Little Korkny Ale, Cuvee des Fleurs and two Weyerbacher extras. Great packaging too. Thanks for the trade!
Apr 2011 legion242 Excellent turna around and some extras that were far beyond generous. Excellent trader.
Mar 2011 DaSilky1 So James won one of my "Contest Week" Contests and inquired whether I wanted to step it up a notch to a $50 mystery local beer swap. I gladly accepted..Seconds later a box of 9 nicely selected east coast beers arrived at my office, packed to perfection..and before I could even get his beers out. 2nd Trade with James and a pleasure once again. Always Recommended!
Mar 2011 bobertkuekn Great trade! James was very easy to deal with and I’d welcome another trade with him.
Mar 2011 steelcitybrew James hooked me up with a Bourbon county Rare, Mikkeller beer geek brunch weasel, and a few local extras. will defiantly trade with again if the opportunity arises. thanks man!
Mar 2011 ksurkin james hooks me up with a sweet 6-bottle styro as part of ratebeer free beer contest week! hits on 3 of my wants including 2 750ml southamptons! thanks james!
Mar 2011 Cavie I approached James about trading and he came through most definitely! He sent Nøgne Ø Brown Ale, Imperial Stout and Dark Horizon 3, Struise Black Albert and bonused a growler of Climax IPA! Way cool!
Mar 2011 MaltOMeal James sent the agreed upon Blue Sunday, Long Trail Porter and Cricket Hill Bourbon Barrel barleywine. He also added extras of Sly Fox 113 IPA, Hop-a-lotamus, and Hop Hazard. Packed well and shipped promptly. Thanks for the trade.
Feb 2011 atxdelivery Excellent trade for some hard to get brews. Professional packing and very very prompt shipping. Would trade with this every week if I could.
Feb 2011 michael-pollack Another quick, easy trade with James. We got this one done in near-record time! I got several of my wants, and sent several things he wanted from my area. Excellently packaged and shipped, as always with James. I am sure we will continue to trade in the future. THANKS!
Feb 2011 arminjewell James sent an awesome box, centered around a Bells Batch 6000, with 8 other bottles including a North Coast Bourbon Old Stock. Great trader, easy communication, great packing.
Feb 2011 hopscotch Just opened a box sent by James. There were some very nice surprises in there... including a beer from my wishlist and a couple that should have been on it. Thanks so much, James. -Eric
Feb 2011 dionysus Great recent trade with James. Excellent communication and the beers were packaged well. Makes trading painless and I would definately do so again in the future.
Jan 2011 michael-pollack James shipped first, and sent my 3 of my wants, as well as a couple of nice extras. Well packaged. Thanks James.
Jan 2011 hamilton23 First trade with James and I hope to do more. An easy trade. Ichabod for a 2010 Dark Lord. I sent him some locals and he sent me some cool ones...Exit 13 Choc Stout, OAT and Choklate from ST and some other cool NJ and Philly beers. Thanks man!
Jan 2011 daknole James does it again. A quick and painless trade. James is a pleasure to trade with. Thanks. CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 2010 Cletus In another excellent trade with James, I received lots of big, roasty goodness. Thanks for another great trade!
Dec 2010 Drake James sent me a box of free beer for nominating him for Newbie of the Year, and it was a very thoughtful box. Boaks Monster Mash, Jolly Pumpkin Maracaibo Especial, Southampton Abbot 12 and my two favorite Dieu du Ciel beers. Hell yeah!
Nov 2010 Styles James hooked me up, and went overboard on extra’s! Quick, easy, trade again anytime.
Nov 2010 msante79 Another awesome box of beer from James. Don’t hesitate to trade with him. Awesome trader.
Oct 2010 5000 Just got a whole box of goodness from James, in it were several from Terrapin, Crickett Hill, River Horse, Weyerbacher, Magic Hat, Mikkeller, Bethlehem, and he tosses in a couple of freebies from Terrapin and Cricket Hill. Fast turn around, very professional. Thanks James! A++
Sep 2010 thebaldwizard Got some B. Nektar meads. Sent incredibly fast. This was a very quick and easy trade.
Sep 2010 michael-pollack My first trade with James. Everything went smoothly. Fast, efficient communication. Fast shipment. Excellent packaging. A couple of nice extras that make me feel bad I could not stuff more beer into my box. Thanks James!
Sep 2010 msante79 James sent me an absolute sick box of beer last month. Had him surprise and he did not disappoint. Bon Chein 2006, Brewdog Tokyo, Mikkeller Black Hole Red Wine and Rum to name a few. James is an awesome trader. Do not hesitate to trade with him. You wont be disappointed
Sep 2010 Rando7 Another good trade with James. Great beers, great communication, great packaging and great extras. You can’t go wrong.
Aug 2010 drowland Traded James a Hunahpu for Beer Geek Bacon and Bon Chien 09 Spirit Barrel and he tossed in lots of great beers that I specifically wanted to get more different styles. Even sent early holding out for me to get some growlers! Awesome trader!
Aug 2010 tyler_mn I had a trade fall through so I offered up the 3 bottle styro FT and James jumped all over it. In a very well packed box, he sent me two local growlers and a mix of 750’s and 22’s of tasty looking NE beer. Excellent communication and very speedily shipped. Thanks James!
Jul 2010 wnoble James and I made our first trade. He sent great east coast bottles. Shipped fast and packed like an expert. I look forward to trading again!
Jul 2010 IrishBoy James sent the Cricket Hill Brewmaster’s Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter that I requested and added a Cricket Hill Brewmaster’s Reserve Barleywine, Bethlehem Brew Works Insidious Imperial Stout, and a Allentown Brew Works Fegleys Bagpipers Scotch Ale all extremely rare brews in styles I love. Thanks James!
Jul 2010 Alen My first trade w/ James. Everything went smooth, fast shipment, and hope to trade w/ again.
Jul 2010 changeup45 Just completed a great first trade with James. He hooked me up with two want list brews; Flying Mouflan and Pannepot and added a couple of locals as extras that sound really good. Excellent communication, quick shipping. Would gladly do it again. Thanks!
Jul 2010 wavers1 james comes through with a great box of 4 b nekter meads, fegleys insidious is, crickethill bb porter, and some awesome extras like smuttynose is, old heathen, etc. packed great, good communication, excellent trader!
Jul 2010 drowland Asked for unrated IPAs and impy stouts, and boy did James deliver! Climax, Cricket Hill, Elysian, Boaks, Blue Point, River Horse, Yards, and Summit! As well as Choklat (WL), and extras of Pannepot and Olfabrikken Porter (top 50 and WL)! All superbly packaged - even sent first so I could use the materials to send back!
Jul 2010 SecretSanta Ho ho ho! James participated in the Summer 2010 Secret Santa at the $50 level and shipped his package the day after I gave him is recipient name. A very positive feedback was posted in the Trade Forum.
Jun 2010 DaSilky1 Worked a mystery box trade of unrated beers with James..received a shit-ton (15 to be exact) unrated beers in all my favorite styles...many of them I didn’t know existed, which is exactly what I was hoping for...This was one of the funnest trades yet..Need to do more of these mystery box trades. James was top notch in communication, packaging, and timeliness. Abso-fuckin-lutely recommend
Jun 2010 drfabulous James sent a fantastic East Coast box: Southampton, Sly Fox, Cricket Hill, Troegs, and then some! Excellent trader! Well packed. Hope to trade again.
Jun 2010 Rando7 Another good trade with James. Very nice guy, great communication, great beers, well packaged. A credit to Beerdom.
Jun 2010 AttitudeBrew Qiuck , Fast, And easy. James sent me some great beers , Plus some great extras. Thanks again James
Jun 2010 riversideAK Great trade with James. He sent some growlers from Climax and a bunch of unrated hoppy and strong beers! Thanks again man! Cheers!
Jun 2010 hopscotch James could not have been more generous. Extras out the ying yang. The new "trade feedback" format doesn’t allow enough verbiage for me to heap enough praise on him, but rest assured, I’m rethinking what I’ll send him in return to avoid guilt and embarrassment.
Jun 2010 daknole James is a kick ass trader folks. Serious generosity here. I was humbled by James! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 2010 Overml01 Wow, James hooked me up big time! Traded him for my wedding last weekend... unfortunately due to my hectic schedual, I was not able to pick them up until today (completely my fault.) He had the order shipped professionally and very quickly, and included many great extras as well. Thanks much James!
Jun 2010 Cletus James hooked me up with 6 new rates in a perfectly packed box. Thanks for the great trade!
Jun 2010 wedgie9 Awesome trade with James. Everything went well with excellent communication.
May 2010 Rando7 Great trade from James. Excellent communication, professional packaging and threw in a few unexpected extras which were much appreciated. Trade with confidence.