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Apr 2017 NameBeer00 Great trade with Brett. He sent me superb box full of big american beers. Very good communication and quick shipping, everything was very well packed. Highly recommended! Thank you so much and I hope we can do it again some time :)
Oct 2016 Disco_boeg I just made another trade with Brett. He provided diffrent US beers and I provided mostly omnipollo stuff and lambics. The box was wery well packed and also contained local extra beers which always is appreciated. Highly recomended!
Oct 2016 PDXAmbassador Awesome trader! Did a trade via BA and he was patient, accommodating, clear on his wants, and helped me obtain some long time wants. Would trade again any time.
Jul 2016 PatBateman81 Completely forgot to leave a feedback on Brett, sorry if I’m doing this just now. He is an AWESOME trader and person. Excellent communication and reliable. Glad to have known him in person at CBC, having great beers together.
May 2016 Disco_boeg Nice ip trade in Copenhagen at CBC. Brett had an impressing list of beers to trade with. Great communication. Nice guy. Got an extra local beer which always is appreciated. Highly recommended!
May 2016 hallinghansen Great ip trade with Brett at CBC in Copenhagen. Really generous and friendly man, great communication. We chatted a few times afterwards when we ran into each other at bars around Copenhagen. Let’s do another one next year:-)
May 2016 AdmiralVernon Met Brett for a IP trade at CBC. Easy communication and Brett was nice enough to give up a bottle he had been holding on to. Definately recomended!
May 2016 Fashawn Great, fantastic International Trade with fullobs, a fast expedition with a lot of Lovely extra, very easy comunication, we found a deal in a very little time. would love to trade again!
Mar 2016 rich182 Received a great box from FullObs, bulletproof packaging too. Great comms. Would definitely trade with again. Cheers
Sep 2015 Orson0368 Great ip trade at Kulminator where we shared some great beers to on a very nice evening. Great trader!
Aug 2015 Martinus Great guy, solid trade, fast and clean. ;) IP trade in Brussels, we met up at Cantillon and shared a few beers, visited some other places near Brussels as well. Nice to hang out with, and good access to beers that are more difficult to obtain for me. Would easily trade again!
Aug 2015 Samme Brett is a great guy. Met up in Copenhagen to make a trade. And then went out to grab a beer. Thx for a nice trade and hope we will trade some stuff again.
Apr 2015 Ednolb Good trade, nice packaging. Cool extras!
Jul 2014 ciocanelu Took some time to get the package but was totally worth the wait. Very nice, high rated beers, worth much more than the ones I sent. Thanks a lot!
Apr 2014 umich03jm Brett helped me out again with some of my wants in the Chicago Area. Took me a little while to ship back and he was very patient. Thanks again for another great trade.
Aug 2013 umich03jm Brett hunted down a few recent Pipeworks releases for me and threw in a couple awesome extras! Great, quick trade. Thanks!
Jun 2013 umich03jm Great trade with Brett. I seeked him out to get Pipeworks and FFF and he delivered big time. I think he had to do some searching and even make a local trade to get me what I was looking for. Thanks! Would definitely trade again.
Jun 2013 BrewtopiaofPJ Another great beer received, Cascade Noyaux with Earthmonk bonus! Great trader, communication and packing perfect.
May 2013 JCB Massively cool trade with Brett. Everything arrived as agreed on in a bomb-proof styro shipper. Super cool guy, great trader.
Mar 2013 courtneysux Great trade! Hooked me up with some GI stuff I wanted, in addition to Bells and DH BA brews. Thank you!
Jan 2013 KingCecil Trading with Brett is always the best! thanks again my friend for one nice package! I am looking forward to our next trade...
Nov 2012 lionsandbeer Quick and easy trade, I sent shorts beers he refilled box with 3 floyds beers. Good communication and prompt shipping, I would trade again .
Oct 2012 claaark13 Brett and I met up for an IP swap and to share a beer. Great and easy swap, good to share a beer with as well. He even tossed in a fantastic retired extra from my Wants!
Oct 2012 BigTomZ Great trader. Shipped quickly and included some really cool extras. Would be happy to trade again.
Aug 2012 mcberko Great trade with Brett involving mostly Surly, Three Floyds and New Glarus stuff. Excellent communication, extremely well-packed and very reliable. Thanks so much, Brett!
Aug 2012 Boutip Great trade with Brett. Easy communication and quick shipping. Glad I can try tohose Pipeworks beers now.
Aug 2012 kabsetter I’m in awe, all very high expectations were blown away with Brett, on every level! Hit so many wants, and some Im very excited to try. 12 much appreciated gifts. We feel fortunate to have traded with him, and look foward to many more. Thank you Brett- Max and Kim
Jul 2012 KingCecil I recived a perfect wrapped package with some nice brews that I really wanted :) FullObs was easy to communicate with and quick shipment..... Thanks my friend just let my know when you are up for another trade ....
Jul 2012 kazin Awesome trader! Good communication, great negotiations for the trade, and even though I bonused a bottle I knew he wanted he totally crushed the trade with three awesome extras, one of which was a registered want and the other two wants that I hadn’t yet entered. Everything was very well packed and the package arrived very fast. So satisfied, thanks man!! :)
Jun 2012 ryanfolty Trade number 3 with Brett. Like before, got some great beers and awesome extras!
May 2012 wchesser Just got the first of two boxes in a mega-trade with Brett. Some great Bruery stuff, tough FFF, and a bunch of misc. Founders for a bunch of BA Great Divide and Averys and small-time Colorado operators. Easy going and fair trading with some great GI extras. Look forward to future trades. Just got the second half: all as promised, well packed and shipped with more nice extras.
Dec 2011 ryanfolty Another fantastic IP trade with Brett. Got some amazing stuff from the Bruery and he threw in some nice bonus items, including a hard to find GI that was on my want list! Got some tips on places to check out while I am in town. Great guy and I am excited for future trades.
Oct 2011 KingCecil The most amazing box just arrived from Brett ! ( after it have spend a very long time with Danish customs ) ......Dreadnaught IIPA, Founders KBS, Hair of the Dog Fred, Surly Furious, FFF Zombie Dust, Bell´s Kalamazoo Stout, Two Hearted Ale, New Glarus B. Coffee Stout, Goose Island Big John and FFF Behemoth...... 10 lovely beers ! I hope we can do it again some time....
Sep 2011 jckp64 Brett helped me out in landing some much wanted half acre. Thanks a ton! Great communication and quick shipping. Can’t wait to trade with him again.
Sep 2011 ryanfolty In person trade in Chicago suburbs. I brought in some Surly and received GI, FFF and Flossmoor. It was a great trade and I look forward to trading in the future. Thanks Brett!
Jul 2011 tkrjukoff Trade in April 2011 f-2-f in Chicago. Got excellent beers from him, more than I had expected. 100% satisfied and if I get another chanse I’ll trade with him again.
May 2011 fbm115 Well it turns out Brett is not "FullObs." We set up a trade after a few messages. Then added to the trade right before boxes were about to go out. Brett is a good trader. Quick shipment and great pack job. Let me know if you ever want anything I can get. Would do it again. Cheers
Apr 2011 bensbrews Brett did a great job! He really knows how to hook ya up with some great brews and packaging is top notch. 100% would trade with again.
Apr 2011 LeopoldStoch Very smooth first trade with this gentleman. Easy to work with, sent great beers, fantastic packaging that could survive a bomb, and sent it quickly. Highly recommended! Thanks for the trade!
Mar 2011 Glouglouburp Brett sends to Montreal 6 really cool bottles. Two nice Goose Island sours (Lolita, Madame Rose) and four Flossmoor beers (Hi-Fi Rye IPA, Barrel Aged Hi-Fi, Killer Kapowski, Black Magic). All stuff I really wanted. Excellent communication. Excessively well packed. Thank-you so much for the trade Brett.
Mar 2011 Bigmmartin Brett just recently started trading on RB. He sent a NB La Folie, NB Le Terroir, Flossmoor Station Killer Kapowski, LA Deliverance!!, Boulevard Sixth glass... and also threw in a HOTD Ruth and HOTD Adam (an all time favorite and perfect bonus beer). He made sure my box arrived in time for my tasting! A great trade that was extremely generous and quick!
Feb 2011 ygtbsm94 Quick and easy trade put together with Brett. He sent a bottle of BCS Rare along with a few tasty IPA’s; Bells Hopslam, Two hearted ale, and Founders Double Trouble. Great communication, prompt shipping, and one helluva generous Ratebeerian. Thanks Brett for the tasty brews and can’t wait for our next trade. “Beer is Good Food”
Feb 2011 GT Brett’s first trade on RB goes infinitely well- super fast extra packaging arrives way ahead of schedule. I traded just for BCS Rare and also got BCS Vanilla, NG Raspberry Tart (a perennial favorite), and Thornbridge RIS. Awesome box!!! Definitely a pro trader on BA and hopefully we can snag him for some more on RB.