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Jun 2014 Lectvay Ryan was looking for a few Plinys so his friend could compare them to his homebrew clone. Communication was super fast and easy, and we worked out an expanded trade that involved me getting a couple pretty amazing bottles. Generous with extras, too. A wonderful trading experience.
Mar 2014 jakejjj Manny was a wonderful trade partner! Package was shipped fast and plenty of bubble wrap. Communication was great and he was very generous with his offerings! Two thumbs up!
Mar 2014 mdg164 This was my first trade with Ryan, he sent me a bottle of Dark Lord and way too many extras for some Heady Topper. Packaging was top notch, communication and shipping were quick. I highly recommend trading with Ryan!
Mar 2014 ClarkVV Offered up some Heady in the forums and Ryan asked if I’d like a 750mL of Black Note. Yes....yes I would! Extremely easy and fast trader. Would love to do it again. Cheers and thanks!
Feb 2014 ReedM Great trade with Ryan! Was lucky to have something he though was worthy of some Zombie Dust, and then worked out some other stuff that I think we will both enjoy! Would not hesitate to trade with again!
Feb 2014 Sledutah Locals trade. Ryan sent me a box full of great beers. Thanks!
Feb 2014 OmegaX Awesome trade with Ryan. Sixer for a Sixer. Doesn’t get any easier than that! Awesome packaging. A+++
Jan 2014 pandableh Great extras, great communication, Very patient! Awesome Trader!
Apr 2013 jra1983 Great trade! Very good communication and the shipping was excellent along with the package. Thank you so much for another wonderful trade. Ryan included some great stickers as a nice extra! It’s great knowing that people are still decent and honest. Again thank you for a top notch trade!
Apr 2013 jra1983 Very good trade! Great communication am the packaging was top notch! Thank you very much for a great trade.
Mar 2013 djd07 Quick shipping. Good packaging of assorted Dark Horse beers. Thanks again!
Mar 2013 BrewtopiaofPJ Another great trade! Fast and easy to communicate with. Finally have a bottle of Black Note in my cellar. Let’s trade again!
Jan 2013 timfoolery My second trade with Ryan went as smooth as silk. He sent me a Black Note and FFF & Dark Horse extras for a CR. Excellent trader, communicator, and guy in general. Cheers bud! Can’t wait for round 3!
Jan 2013 zathrus13 Ryan sent me a Black Note, and two sweet extras. Well packed, and good communication. I hope we’ll trade again.
Jan 2013 Ed5388 Just recieved my bottle of Dark Lord from Ryan! Was a really enjoyable trade! Great communication and really well packed box! Ryan also sent some great extras!! Thanks you so much for the Alpha Klaus (one of my all time favorites!!).
Dec 2012 StefanSD Received an awesome box from Ryan yesterday. Five great looking brews that I can’t wait to try. Cheers.
Apr 2012 truckerock Everything arrived safe and sound. Good trade.
Mar 2012 hamilton23 Another great trade with Ryan. I missed out on a very limited release from the midwest...the kid comes through and just sends me one. He is one of the nicest, most generous guy on this site. Thanks my friend. Anytime, let’s do it again.
Mar 2012 mtjoseph Just had my second trade with Ryan and everything was top notch. Great communication and good packaging. He asked me for some Surly Smoke and he responded with some Speedway stout and cool MI locals not available in MN. Even threw in some cool bonuses. Would trade with again!
Feb 2012 TURDFERGUSON Awesome trade with Ryan landed me a Black Note, a lovely Alpine Nelson, and several Local Michican brews. Hope to do another one soon. Thanks Ryan.
Dec 2011 timfoolery Ryan is top-notch trading beers. I traded the full line of sours for a variety of midWestern beers, and he did not disappoint in adding in a few extras. I’m hoping to trade again.
Dec 2011 doppelthat Got an awesome box from Ryan filled with piles of Founders and Shorts beers. Awesome trade and highly recommend Ryan as a great trader. Hopefully we can work out another one soon.
Dec 2011 hamilton23 This is my third trade with Ryan. As usual, he just absolutely killed it. In addition to the 16 bottles of Backwoods Bastard, he hooked me up with some Three Floyds, Shorts, Bells, Surly and other great midwestern goodies. Thanks my friend. Let’s do it again soon.
Oct 2011 mtjoseph Completed my first trade with Ryan this week. We traded a Qfalls and Wild one for Darkness and Five. Everything went wonderfully. Ryan was very communicative and sent me some killer shorts bonuses. Would definitely trade with again!
Oct 2011 doubleo Ryan sent me a sweet box for Fantasy Baseball 2011. FFF Alpha Klaus, Broodoo, Blackbeard and Dreadnaught along with Shorts PB&J, Woodmaster, and Hangin Frank. Awesome and generous! Thanks again
Sep 2011 daknole Ryan is really a true asset to the RB community. Bells, Founders, New Glarus...some nice rarities included. Perfection! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 2011 Tanger I just received an awesome box from Ryan. A mix of 3Floyd’s hop beers and a Duet extra. Ryan was an excellent communicator and a quick shipper. I would definitely trade with Ryan in the future.
Mar 2011 hamilton23 This is my second trade with Ryan. Ryan kills it every time. He sent me a pre-trade box of a dozen 12oz beers a few weeks back and then follows up with 12 kick ass bombers...New Glarus, FFF Alpha Klaus, Shorts and JP. Great guy. Thanks Brotha. Let’s do it again.
Mar 2011 breaks808 Just received an awesome box from Ryan. Some fff behemoth and alpha klaus and a bunch of founders, shorts and bells singles. Thanks for the extras. Nice person to deal with and communication was excellent. Perfect
Mar 2011 davey101 Ryan is a great guy to deal with. Everything was wrapped extremely well and he threw in a lot of awesome extras. I was shocked when I started digging threw the box and it was three levels deep. I look forward to dealing with him again. Thanks!
Feb 2011 kiefdog Second trade with Ryan and it was a big one -- he sent me a 37 pound monster box of Shorts and Michigan goodness. Packed so well a nuclear blast couldnt have scratched a bottle. Ryan threw is a ton of local extras as well. Great trader. Thanks Ryan! Looking forward to the next one! Cheers!
Jan 2011 LtDan A wonderful quick trade. Sent me a beautifully packed 12 pack of Fresh Hopslam, as well as 8-9 bonus beers. Very impressed and look forward to trading again.
Dec 2010 Beerman6686 Ryan sent me the agreed upon Marshal Zhukov, 3Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf, Alpha Klaus, The Creeper and Poppa Skull. He also through in SEVERAL awesome Shorts extras as well. Would definitely trade with him again.
Dec 2010 PatBateman81 Had a perfect trade with Ryan. Good communication, great helpfullness. He sends me the agreed beers (Drednaughts, Bells and Founders) plus LOT of first-class extra like FFF stuff (Alpha King and Pride & Joy), Bells Oracle DIPA and Anderson Valley IPA. Recommended!!!
Nov 2010 hamilton23 Ryan frigging killed it. He sent me a huge box with 33 different beers in it. Tons of Founders, Bells, Shorts, some 3 Floyds, Arcadia and Dark Horse. Great communication throughout the trade. The box was bullet-proof. Ryan is one cool guy. Thanks man, good luck with the baby on the way. Can’t wait to trade again...I owe you big time!
Nov 2010 OCBeerSociety Sooooo many extras I was SHOCKED! This is a top notch trader and is the kind of guy that makes this whole thing worth while... I would highly recommended Ryan to anyone who wants a solid trade with great communication.
Oct 2010 StefanSD Ryan sent me a great box with some 16 beers inside, stuff from, Bells, Shorts, Saugautuck, 3F and CCB. Very nice, I owe you big time.
Oct 2010 cbkschubert Wooooo Weee! What a box of beer. Ryan sent me 26 beers from Michigan! They included beers from Shorts, New Holland, Arcadia, Bells, and Founders. Twenty four of which I have never had. Simply awesome. Good communication throughout and packaged well. Do not hesitate to trade with Ryan. Thanks my friend.
Oct 2010 kiefdog First trade with Ryan and he is off to a fantastic start! Excellent communication all around, and this guy can pack with the best of them. This trade was for a box of CCB goodness for a lot of local beers from Michigan. And Ryan really hooked me up with a slew of extras. Thanks for a great trade!
Oct 2010 DalzAle Ryan follows through with his first trade like a pro! I was only expecting a handful of bottles of Hangin’ Frank, but my box not only contained the bottles of HF, but also all of the following: 2 bottles Shorts Key Lime, 1 Magician, 1 Rich’s Rye, 1 Spruce Pils and a bottle of Strawberry Shorts Cake!!!! Thanks again Ryan!!