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Sep 2018 Frudel IP trade in Amsterdam. Chris is probably one of the most generous guy out there! Top A+ trader! We spent sometime drinking and talking at Beertemple, I had a great time! He included a nice extra as well! Can't wait to go back in Europe and maybe trade with Chris again! Thanks man!
Aug 2017 JefVerstraete I had an IP trade in Brussels with Kermis. Good communication. Friendly guy. Great trader.
Oct 2016 Mesjasz Trading with Kermis is a pleasure. I hope we trade again in the future :)
Oct 2016 sjogro Great IP trade, thanks very much
Sep 2016 tobiasbostrom Great trade with kermis! Great packaging and communication!!!
May 2016 bursprak Easy swap for some lambic. Communicative and generous. This is what trading beers should be like!
Dec 2015 AdmiralVernon Great trade with Chris! One hardcore bottle each and then Chris topped it up with some awesome extras, in my preferred style! Will definately trade again. Do not hesitate trading with this guy.
Oct 2015 b3shine AWESOME international trade with Chris, who not only packaged like a pro, but included fantastic extras, even though we agreed not to! Timing and communication were great too. An easy to deal with, generous guy that I hope to trade with again in the future. Cheers!
Jun 2015 rouhlas Great box from Chris!! Some big wants and great extras!! Excellent packaging, excellent communication, fast shipping. Thank you Chris!!
Apr 2015 Dedollewaitor Aboslutely perfect packaging. Nice extras. Fast , honest and positive communication! Yes!!!
Nov 2014 madseeg Met IP in Amsterdam, sat down to have a few beers. Easy trade and great communication! Thanks
Oct 2014 Inbreak IP trade @ Borefts. Nice guy, easy communication, would gladly trade with Chris again. Highly recommended.
Apr 2014 spdyfire83 Awesome trade with Chris! Effortless, fast, and great packaging with wonderful extra. Can’t wait for our next one!
Feb 2014 Alen Very well planned and completed intl trade w Chris. Communication was great, shipping fast and packed very well. Hope to do future trades again.
Jan 2014 cpetrone84 Great trade with Chris, well packaged and easy to work with.
Jan 2014 MacBoost Great international trade with Chris. He sent me some rare lambic and I sent him some barrel aged beer. Great communication, excellent packaging and pretty fast shipment for across the pond. Perfect!
Jan 2014 troganmi Great trader. Very good communication and fast shipping. Would gladly trade with again
Nov 2013 gEUS Chris and I worked out a great deal on some sours for nice vintage De Molen beers. Great guy, excellent communication and nice extras. Would definitely trade again.
Nov 2013 Dennoman Very awesome trader. Thanks so much!
Oct 2013 BelgBeerGeek Thanks so much for the IP-trade at Borefts Chris ! awesome supply of bottles that i’ve wanted for a long time and bottles i haven’t had before, very cool ! Cheers and hopefull we’ll trade again in future ;-)
Jun 2013 rlgk In-person trade during RBESG 2013. I got a Tilquin Oude Quetsche for a Midnight Sun Berserker. Got an extra as well. A good trader who I really can recommend.
Jun 2013 kraddel hahaha , WAAWTCH brought me back hel en verdoemenis 666-ish . for this alone --> epic hero ! not onley that, but he also fixed me a big bottle of both first batch 666, AND the black damnation ’ 0 ’ . some unfindable formats of my favourite beers ! the trade also included way more! we did a tasting along wioth the trade. his so called extra was a retired brewd
Jun 2013 PhillyCraft Smooth, in person trade last year at the Borefts Beer Fest in the Netherlands. Will trade with again.
May 2013 Dedollewaitor Great in person trade @ CBC. Happy about everything. Cheers!
May 2013 bierkoning Quick and easy Molen for Molen trade. Even threw in a great extra.
Oct 2012 MotherBrother Ip trade with Chris @ Borefest. Thanks for the brews, and for the DL. sample ;)